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Can you please write 72 with Jimin? ^^

send a number + an idol and i’ll write you a drabble :)

72: “You deserve so much better.”

Jimin can’t believe what he’d just said to you, his lips pursed and eyes closed as he takes each hit to the chest you give him, every swear word you scream at him and every tear you cry for him. He’d been debating it for weeks now, he just couldn’t give you the attention and love you deserved because god, you were amazing and deserved the world but half of the time he’s on the other side of the world and sometimes face time calls just aren’t enough.

“We just can’t do this anymore, I can’t give you what you deserve.” He breathes out and you’re frozen before him, eyes wide and arms still against his chest as you take in the words.

“That’s your excuse?” You’re seething, the words spat out like venom. Stepping away from him you storm down the hallway into the bedroom and reach for his gym bag, rummaging through the drawers and shoving the first items that belong to him you see into the bag.

Jimin follows you soon after, his footsteps echoing through the silence in the house as he watches you from the bedroom doorway. You’re hectic, hands shaking and breath heavy as sobs wrack your body and you feel strong arms wrap around you, stalling your movements and holding you still and of course you wrap your arms back around him, dropping the stupid gym bag and breathing in his scent for what could be the last time.

It’s all a blur as Jimin moves you both towards the bed, laying you down and tucking you in before walking around and doing the same for himself, stroking the back of your head as you shut your eyes in hopes that he’ll be there when you wake up.

The sun streaming through the window is what wakes you and you’re left feeling groggy after last night as everything comes back to you. You sit up quickly, looking beside you to see a small yellow sticky note where Jimin should be.

Rubbing at your eyes as if you were imagining things, you shake your head in denial and feel the lump in your throat form because deep down you knew he wouldn’t stay. You pick it up hesitantly and the tears from the night before come straight back as you read the messy handwriting he’d left for you.

“I’m sorry, you deserve so much better. 

I’ll love you forever.

- Jimin.”

If you want to find a reason to not love someone, you can easily find one. But I think that while I was living out every reason to be unloveable, I was loved by God, and that inspires me to love those the world considers as unlovely.


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this chapter gave me so many feels okay