god loves me for not making this a manip

Someone come up with some context for this one, because I’m not too sure. I happened to see Allura cross her arms and I instantly thought of the iconic Crossed Arms Shiro™.

I swear to god, these just happen on accident. I don’t really plan these out.

Shallura Manip Collection

starwarsgirl23  asked:

I love your projects moon, they always make me laugh, i should have a box of shame too. Btw, i love your manips, they look so realistic ^^

I will always recommend acquiring a Lunatic Box of Shame! mine is full now, so maybe I’ll start a new post-RO box ;) and thank you, I’m happy you like my manips! god, this fandom is excellent and just keeps feeding me ideas, flaming the fire my my obsession, so to speak :D thanks again!

They say she’s the kind of woman who bends men to her will, wrecks them to pieces with a single bite of that smile.

They say she collects their hearts barehanded, taking names and not looking back at the bodies she’s left to burn and fade behind her.

Yet still they will come begging for more in the end, knowing no limits to the ways she can ruin them.

Dedicated to our dear friend, Hayley htoria, for no other reason than we love you - art by me and writing by the incomparable ninzied

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do you have any blog recs (you seem like a nice middleman between the cool and other blogs)

Not gonna lie I kinda wanted to say, “Excuse me I’ll have you know that follower wise I’m bigger than most of the esteemed ‘cool blogs’ but I decided not to because I could just get it out in this passive way, and also we’re not cool people, we’re all nerds, and also I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt, Nonnie.

That being said, I’m a little bit torn between a rock and a hard place with what you just asked me because I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. So before I answer this, I just want to say your blog matters, whether you post original work, whether you reblog and flail in the tags, whether, you just kind of float by on this site, your blog matters and you matter and being on a rec list doesn’t determine that. Because if I don’t know you? How could I rec you? Ya feel? I can only rec what I know, that’s like asking a scientist to do a study on a universe they don’t know exists. They can’t.

So this is my rec list and I’m going to say it, it’s based 99% on who I know and talk to and chat with, and 1% on people who I just admire from afar (because I talk to most people I admire). Also life tip: life is about networking, it’s not fair, but it’s who you know, who you know, who you know. (Wise words from my acting coach).

Soley Hailey’s Rec List Based on Hailey’s Opinions & Friendships 

Organized by contributions to fandom (as I’ve witnessed). If I’m wrong you can kick me in the shins.

and the key is this:

bolded = SQ shipper

italicized = CS shipper

OQ shippers are nothing and if they’re multishipping trash (like myself) they get a * by their name. (And only for the ones I’m 100% confident in, not jumping the gun.)

Fic writers

Graphics/Manips/Gifs/Fan Art (same key applies) 

People You Should Follow Bc They Meta/Are Good People 

I am so sorry, I know someone is going to see this and they are going to be left off and I am so so so truly sorry. But it is 4am and I have been working on this since midnight with foreveroutlawqueen (HOLY FUCK ALMOST FORGOT YOUR SHOUTOUT go follow Lindsay, my ex wife!) and I am exhausted. I have listed god knows how many blogs, I have tried to include as many people, I mean I basically gave you my blog roll, I went through the oq ff tag to find writers who weren’t seen by the masses enough to give them a s/o, I don’t know. I have tried my best to give you a rec list and avoid waking up with a Hitler comment in my askbox because that’s the point fandom has reached. If this isn’t enough than I can’t give enough, but I tried. But when you see this list and you aren’t on it, know it’s not because I don’t think you’re awesome, because you are SO awesome! I love your blog, keep doing what you’re doing, but you’re not on here because I’m human, I’m tired and I’m going to bed. 

I love these blogs, I love these people, you should follow these people. But I’m going to bed now. Goodnight, Nonnie! 

And again, huge s/o to foreveroutlawqueen who stalked all of your blogs for me, team work is dream work. 

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okay this one may sound funny but ere we go. you're in your own band and you're their opening act, but one of them develops a bit of a crush on you but doesn't tell anyone. but the fans kind of click on and how do you think they would find out? if that makes any sense can you do 4/4 or just ash, take your pick lovely.

nah babe i love these pls ill do 4/4

i want u to know that this killed me okay

okay so ashton is probably the one who even wanted you guys to open for them in the first place. like, maybe he saw some of your videos on youtube and thought you guys were good and thought that you were *cough* really fucking hot. so you guys start talking about your band opening for them and he starts tweeting that maybe he has a lil surprise and he’s hoping it’ll all fall through so he was like !!!!! when you guys agreed to come on tour with them. And you would be sososo grateful bc your band was finally getting the recognition they deserved so you came up to him and hugged him and was like “thank you for giving us this opportunity. i can’t even begin to say how much this means to me” and he’d kind of just stutter and be like “y-yeah no problem.” (kill me shy ashton uMPH) and pictures of you guys hanging out would leak and you would constantly tweet each other and the fans would be like “totally ship them!!!!” or s/t like that and then the boys would start teasing him and you and aw pls luke would probably be really hesitant because he didn’t really know your band like at /all/ but he thought you guys had a decent sound so he was like okay okay we’ll give them a shot so he only signs you on for half of the tour but you literally pump up the crowd so much and you’re actually better live so he’s like damn. and after the first show he comes up to you and is like “you were really great out there” and you smile and are just like “so we’ve got your stamp of approval?” and he just nods and smiles and you smile back and you guys start talking and he just thinks woah because he’s never really met a girl like you before and he really likes talking to you so you guys start to bond and hang out and the fans notice and it isn’t until one of your band mates tweets a picture of you guys sleeping together on the couch all cuddly that the entire fandom as a whole is just like “they need to date omg OTP !!!!!” im gonna puKE micheal is such a little shit i feel like right from the get go he’d be hitting on you like if you were the drummer he’s be like “you can bang on my drums any day” or the lead singer like “damn, you tap those notes so well, now I just wanna tap you.” or sOMETHING idk and he would somehow just pull you in and then like you guys had just finished your last song for opening and you’d run off stage and all the guys would high five ur entire band and then they would walk on stage and micheal would kinda just be like “wow!!! that was a great opening, don’t you think???” and the fans would scream so loud and micheal would just keep going on about ur band and then calum would be like “okay, mikey, we get it, now can we pls do our own show???” or something and micheal would stick out his tongue. and later on in the show when they were about to start kiss me kiss me he’d go “this one goes out to y/n!” and after the fans would just be like “I SHIP THEM SO HARD I WANT THEM TO MAKE BABIES” pls  oh god don’t even get me started on calum he’d probably start freaking out when he heard because he’s been in love with your band for AGES and he can’t wait to meet you so he’ll tweet a bunch about it like “listening to y/n’s soundcheck!!! sounds amazing” or something and you guys would have pictures of you two on both your insta’s making kissy faces and stuff and there’d be candids of you two all over the internet and fans would manip you two together, and nobody really knows why but your ship would storm the fandom and everyone would ship you two and you don’t know why because you’ve only ever been friendly to each other (okay, maybe a lil more than friendly but it’s because you’re so drawn to each otherand when you guys would finally get together the entire fandom would throw a parade  i may have gotten a lil carried away whoopsie daisies doing some blurbs so hMU
Believe In SwanQueen

First of all thanks to Ethan and Dakota for making this amazing project! Swen needs more love and positive messages , you rock guys!


Hi everybody! My name is Gise and I’m 25 andI finished college one year ago and I am a software engineer.
I’m from Mexico, I’m straight and I have a boyfriend since 3 years ago, I’m a geek at heart and I love listening to music there is not a day that I don’t have my headphones on. I love dance and sing (in the shower, in my car, in the office… everywhere). My favorite color is purple and All my family loves SwanQueen ;).


I have to say that first I refused to see OUAT, but one of my best friends so insistent that I agreed to give it a chance to see him. And you know what? I regret nothing because I found the best ship ever.
The first episode where SwanQueen caught my attention intensely was 1x05 “That still small voice” with that “almost” kiss between Emma and Regina. 

From there shipping SwanQueen have been a rollercoaster of emotions, but certainly I would not change anything because the way this relationship between these two women was beautiful almost poetic we need to see from the first season where they hated to die, in season two saw an understanding and almost respect for each the other, season three the bond created between Emma-Henry-Regina was growing stronger were now Henry’s moms, Regina herself sacrificed for Emma and Henry and now season 4, the beautiful 4b where we saw the love, respect, understanding, similarities, concern for each other to end with thee sacrifice of Emma for Regina.

SwanQueen is unique, special and so important to me that I would fight for this ship to the end of my days. SwanQueen has been my first ship and I’m so proud of that.


You guys I love every single of you, I love how talented you are. I enjoy all your edits, manips, fics (oh my god the fics are the death of me), playlists, vids, positive posts, projects and sincerely enter to tumblr and see your posts makes my day.

I’m very grateful with this ship because I found very kind and respectful people, some of they are dear friends, I can say that there isn’t other ship like this, for me SwanQueen is the best