god look at these two precious babies

Branwens and Babies Don’t Mix

I’m just imagining the scene of Yang’s birth. Raven, Taiyang, and Summer are in the room. Qrow is standing outside, waiting patiently. The doctors finally produce a brand newborn baby Yang. Raven holds her daughter while Summer and Taiyang crowd around.

Taiyang: Look at my baby daughter! She’s so beautiful!

Summer: She’s the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life!

Raven looks at them both, then stares at the wailing infant.

Raven: Are we looking at the same thing? ‘Cause this is an ugly-ass baby.

Summer (sighing deeply): Raven, oh my god.

Qrow walks in.

Taiyang holds Yang up to Qrow.

Taiyang: Isn’t Yang the most precious little girl ever?

Qrow: Are we looking at the same thing? ‘Cause that’s one ugly-ass looking baby.

Raven: That’s what I said!