god look at her ugh


saved by the bell meme [½ otps]: Zack & Lisa

Here is the absolutely stunning commission of Anders I got from heavensong at Metrocon!

Just learned that my mom’s best friend, who I grew up knowing and loved and knew would take me in if something ever happened to my mother,
1. Voted for trump
2. Is posting videos on facebook about how the ‘alt right’ people marching are nothing like nazis.

ruby and phoebe: phoebe on ruby 

“What don’t I love about Ruby? Oh my God, everything. That smile, look at that smile – ugh! Her sense of humor: she makes me laugh all the time. Every single hour it’s just joke, after joke and we’re just always laughing. And I miss her a lot when she’s away – that’s what I miss most.”

pretty boy, pretty girl

AN: warning, some drunk ppl and barfing in a modern school AU, as if I’ve ever been to a party in my goddamn Big Nerd life. hopefully will have sequels.

Sakura meets Pretty Boy on a Friday evening, when finals are over and Ino knows a guy who knows a guy who’s having a party.

“Casual,” Sakura clarifies when she peers at Ino’s floral skirt and chiffon blouse. “Wait, casual?”

Ino snorts, and throws on a modified blazer. “Don’t worry. You know I just like to look nicer than everyone, all the time.”

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