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“You really wanna head back out there, huh?”


Useful posts on how to write comments for fanfics - [here] & [here]

On a personal note. I’ve met wonderful people throughout fandoms and by leaving comments. I’ve made great friends, some even on comment sections, as we shared our enthusiasm for the same story. 

People who like the same ships often hold similar character traits and life experiences; they’re people who would get you. The bonds in fandoms only strengthen when people meet other people as humans - and there are fantastic humans waiting to meet you. 

Leave a comment. :)

((Methodology For Data Collected

For this, I’ve used AO3, currently the most popular fanfiction website. 

I’ve taken the first ranked story in each ship, completed, rated by kudos - since bookmarks on AO3 can be set to private so the counters don’t reflect the real numbers - to reflect the stories that had the most positive feedback in their category.

For the comments, I’ve (falsely and intentionally) assumed the numbers represented are singular comments from singular, different users (tipping the scales in favor of the commenters). For Destiel, Johnlock and Spirk I had to pick the second story by kudos, since for the first the deviation error (assuming the author haven’t replied and there aren’t discussion threads included in the comments) was far too high for the ratio to be accurate, and my initial assumption couldn’t be applied. My apologies to the authors. 

The data was collected on May 2nd , 2016.))

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You think root has BPD too? I seem to be the only one who thinks so...

ohh yes and i know a lot of people do, here’s a post about it

i headcanon her with other stuff too but i also hc she doesnt identify with any diagnosis in the way that shaw does. everytime she’s asked shes like ‘since when is that relevant’ and ‘we’re just random bad code’. she also has her reasons to dislike psychiatry after being forced hospitalized… but yea if we’re gonna put a name to it shes borderline


Damn it Papy you will catch a cold standing in the rain like that!

Don’t mind me, just had a sudden urge days ago to draw Papy all angsty standing in the rain for no reason ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

couldn’t decide if I liked the coloured or the greyscale one more, so posting both~

Liz Phair

every time I see your face I think of things unpure unchaste

Mom bought me a new drawing notebook and this is the first thing I got to doodle in it! I’m like super proud of this XD

This guy is an idea I had for a D&D character a long time ago but never got around to drawing. He’s a Minotaur that has a pretty successful career as a composer, but he invents things on the side. (I.e. He made himself a dubstep gun basically except it plays classical music) and his name is Monolith Memecore.

(The things on his ears are earmuffs/headphones…I think? I tried.)

@boyonetta It just occurred to me that some day, eventually, this overly literal,  peppy, and suggestible harpy child is going to encounter Cheese.

And all I can think is that together they ride on The Beacon determined to milk the Lightweaver herself.

don’t u hate when one day you’re a normal functioning member of society and it’s like yeah! I’m gonna wash some dishes and cook a meal and talk to friends do like normal things while still maintaining a normal level of energy 

and then the next day u can’t get out of bed, dissociate thru most of your routines like making ur only comfort meal, don’t actually remember eating it, and can barely speak out loud


Welp. This is it, guys, Time to move to a remote uninhabited island, become a cave lady and slowly go mad scratching gay comics into the sand until I return to some degree of sanity. It was a good run, guys.


i was tagged by mujibro​ + blacksoapbaby​ in the innovative ass beauty products tag so leggo

🌿 coconut oil - me: *is fake deep* but honestly i love using coconut oil on my body and my hair !!! (not my face i’ve learned my lesson but i’m still in the process of suing the shea butter side of tumblr) before i shave i exfoliate with a sugar scrub and then slather coconut oil on my legs to shave with which provides for such a smooth shave (almost like i’m using a “men’s” razor) and when i say my legs feel like marble when i hop out the muhfuckin shower ??? i’ve also noticed that hair grows in a lot less quickly when i use coconut oil as a substitute for a standard shaving cream

not only that but coconut oil makes detangling my hair so much easier (especially when you spritz with a liquid product beforehand) like the slip is so wonderful and my hair always feels like butter afterwards

🌿 african black soap - so i know i said that african black soap wasn’t for me because i found it really drying but i think over time my skin has become more combination than dry so i revisited this recently because i wanted to replace one of the products i was using because 1. the product was becoming really lackluster and 2. i wanted my skin care routine to be completely natural (”natural”) and honestly i can’t believe ??? i’ve only had it for maybe two weeks and my skin tone is evening out + this one stubborn blackhead i’ve had for forever is finally coming to the surface + i have seen god like let this product into your life if you already haven’t in my opinion 

🌿 lush vanishing cream - honestly my fave part of my skin routine is using this moisturizer because it’s fantastic !!! i’ve had this product since valentine’s day and i have yet to actually dip my finger into the pot bc i only have to collect what’s in the lid like a little truly goes a long way !!! it’s super light and when i use it and look at my face afterward it almost looks like i put a primer or a concealer on my skin because everything just becomes so matte and it truly looks like i’ve taken eraser to skin or something it’s wild !!! like the whole lavendar + witch hazel + grapeseed oil combination goes awf !!!

🌿 cucumber facial peel off mask - i use this at the end of the week (usually a sunday) just so i can really get a deep clean and refresh my skin for the week ahead and it’s truly so relaxing and there’s something so gratifying about peeling it off and seeing the impurities stuck on the mask !!! it also leaves your skin feeling really soft and glowy 


🌿 wet n wild color icon eyeshadow collection (comfort zone) - so i have some “higher end” eyeshadow palettes but i always return to this one because the shadows are just gorgeous and so versatile !!! they’re super pigmented + buildable + amazing for transitioning and i never get any creasing when i use them !!! i also use the top corner shadow as a highlight on my cheekbones and ya girl stays poppin in the sunlight !!! 

🌿 maybelline color sensational lip color (mauve it up) - so ignore the fact that this literally looks purple but honestly it’s hard for a black girl to find a nice neutral/pink lipstick that looks good with her skin tone in this here society but i have found…..the one…..it has such a smooth application and it adds a little bit of tint without overdoing it which is especially great when i do a more dramatic eye !!! (also from looking at different swatches on makeup blogs i think this will look good on virtually anybody)

🌿 nature’s bounty optimal solutions hair, skin, & nails with biotin - i’ve been taking these for about three weeks i think because i felt like i needed to start taking vitamins again and yas gawd !!! my nails are so much stronger and truly growing at irrational speeds and i’ve also noticed less breakage in my hair and my skin is on glow goals: lupita nyong’o !!! they also taste so good like i would truly sit there and eat the entire bottle if i didn’t feel like that would have adverse affects (however everyone is different + i recommend looking at the reviews to see if it’s something you would be interested in) 

🌿 shea moisture’s jamaican black castor oil strengthen, grow & restore treatment masque - honestly tbh this is my holy grail hair product like wash day is truly the bane of my existence but i love the way this makes my hair feel !!! after i shampoo i use this deep treatment masque and honestly !!! honestly !!! first of all i love the way it feels like; it’s like a clay or play-doh or something and when i put it on it just makes my hair feel so soft and moisturized !!! i leave it on my hair under a plastic cap and continue with what i normally do in the shower and then rinse it out leaving my curls just bouncy and beautiul !!! 

also: breakage where ??? this does wonders for any kind of healthy hair journey 

🌿 water w/ lemon - me: *is still fake deep* but honestly water with lemon is the best thing in the world after eating something particularly unhealthy like it just truly flushes the toxins out my body and i can feel my skin rejoicing 

and also because ya girl’s mood swings are wild i’ve read that the smell of lemon juice brightens the mood and this is deadass tru bc i always feel better after a glass or two 

ALRIGHT SO I TAG: fakedeep1996 yveszaynslaurent beforerains discoangelic yunghydratedho nourrice (y’all just stay so nice + radiant and i’m trying to steal your youth) + anyone who wants to share their beauty tips with me so i can also steal your youth

*is a usurper*

One Bad Day: Major Awkwardness

Chapter 1 2 3

Crossposted from my AO3 here.

This is a story of @clairelutra‘s and @caprette​’s Treat Me Like a Princess!AU.  Inspiration for this story is taken from here and here.

It is recommended that you first read the oneshot that started it all here.

Summary: Bad luck can strike even Paris’s Lady Luck, but it’s less that and more the consequences that worry Marinette today.  Consequences that are leading to a lot of awkwardness for all involved.

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