god like human

can i just have a scene where Georgie refuses the boat from Pennywise and runs back home, and at night where everyone’s asleep Pennywise just stalks Georgie into his room and all of a sudden Georgie’s like,

“how do you eat in the sewers?” and it’s just a truckload of questions but Pennywise doesn’t care, and he tries to scare Georgie but he’s all “dude you must be so hungry”

So then begins the process where Georgie tries to teach Pennywise how to make a sandwich quietly at night in the kitchen and he’s so determined to demonstrate how to construct a sandwich but then… Pennywise is trying to eat Georgie or kill him and whatever but every time he does Georgie just lightly smacks him on the head with a frying pan and is like, “shhh pay attention I’m trying to teach you how to make a  s a n d w i c h”


“You know, you don’t have to do this right now. It can wait, if you’re not ready.”

“It’s ok… Thanks for coming with me.”

Docks: Holding Area - in which many feels were had. These two tho, amirite??

Please pray and help in any way you can Puerto Rico and Mexico. Neither of our economies/governments are really very good, so we really need both the support of our people and the support of our foreign allies (and colonizers) to get us through these devastating disasters. Both Mexico and Puerto Rico are experiencing two back-to-back of the same disasters and it’s horrible. Please think of us, even if you just spread the news in whatever way. Share links to donation sites, give some food cans to a donation center, anything. 


nine in the afternoon // panic! at the disco

sometimes I go like ten mins without seeing a pic of Onew and I just think of him like oh wow he’s handsome and then I SEE a pic and I’m like FUCK ? I don’t remember him being that beautiful ?! clearly our minds cannot truly comprehend Lee Jinki’s beauty enough to form a memory that does him any justice because each time I’m just…blown away. whatta man.

Anyone else here feel like the seven days of creation in Genesis aren’t literal? We do have to take into account that the Bible was written over thousands of years, and people back then could not possibly comprehend the scientific knowledge we have today…

whenever lance and hunk stay up late together they make some profound realization about life and tell everyone. some things the others have heard: “donuts are the reincarnation of god,” “dogs are like humans but with less hands,” and “time doesn’t exist so go ahead and drink seven gallons of red bull, it can’t affect you in the future because there is no future.”

a list of summer-themed AUs for you to consider
  • “i’m at the beach and some kids thought it was funny to bury me in the sand when i dozed off can you please dig me out” au
  • “it’s unbearably hot and we’re both fighting over the last handheld electrical fan at the shop at the amusement park” au
  • “hey i just met you, and this is crazy, but i get sunburned really easily so can you please help me put sunscreen on my back?” au
  • “i’m alone at the open-air bath and you noticed and scared off someone who tried to steal my bag while i was in the pool, how do i demonstrate my undying gratitude to you” au
  • “thunderstorm after a menacing heatwave and we’re both getting weird looks for dancing in the rain” au
  • “i have no idea who you are but you just fainted right in front of me holy shit dude you need to drink more in this heat” au
  • “we both chased after the leaving ice cream van like ten-year-olds and now we’re both out of breath and a bit embarrassed” au
  • “i clearly reserved this deck chair by putting a towel on it why on earth are you lying on it who the fuck do you think you are” au
  • “everyone else is on vacation and we’re both stuck in our boring home town wanna hang out and mope about it together?” au
  • “i accidentally crashed your campfire party at the lake when i just wanted to go for a swim but you were really great about it and invited me” au
  • “i lost my swimming trunks while performing the world’s greatest ever cannonball dive and now i can’t find them at the bottom of the lake and i’m stuck in the water PLEASE HELP ME” au
  • “i don’t know you but you fell asleep in the sun next to me without putting sunscreen on and you’re slowly but surely turning an alarming shade of lobster red, i guess i better wake you up” au
  • “some asshole left their dog in the car in the blistering heat and we both noticed and are debating on what to do” au
  • “i just dove into the water right next to you without thinking much about it and didn’t realise you were skinny-dipping holy shit this is awkward” au
  • “we’ve been running into each other in the graveyard while watering the flowers all summer i guess it’s time i introduce myself” au
  • “hey neighbour, i bought loads of stuff for this barbecue but all my friends canceled on me, wanna come over and eat with me” au
  • “you’ve been camping in a crappy tent next to my really comfortable caravan/motor home and it’s been raining cats and dogs for ages, do you want to come in and have a hot cocoa to warm up?” au