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So anyway in case there still are bakushima fans that aren’t reading acceptance and denial by @kisecchinosedai do a thing and go read it I’m in love with that fic

do u ever want affection,,, but u only want it from one person. like anyone else in the world can give u affection but it doesn’t mean anything bc all you want is to be w that one person. it don’t even gotta be affection they could call u a fucking cheese curd n ur heart gets all hot n heavy n means the world 2 u


whew! the batch of ml fashion requests, finally! these took so long for me to spill out you can actually see my style change. thank you to everyone who requested, you all have the best ideas i swear. also sidenote: if you don’t see your request here, that’s because i have bigger plans for it >vo+


Pairing: Guzma/Reader
Plot: After interfering in official Team Skull business one too many times, the grunts take you back to their boss to see what he wants to do with you. He quickly figures it out, and sends the grunts on their way.
Warnings: Smut, rough sex, possible dubcon
Notes: More smut since ya’ll are so thirsty for this man lmao. Also Idk if it’s related or not but after I posted my first smut fic with Guzma I saw a ton of others posted on AO3 so God bless ya’ll, keep the porn coming

“Let go of me!” You snarl at the men holding your arms, trying to keep you from thrashing. A pink haired women in front of you only laughs, holding up your bag like a prize. “Whatever, bitch! You keep fuckin’ with us, now we gonna fuck with you,” she says, laughing and turning to walk down the dirt path, the two blue haired men dragging you after her.

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♢ Otabek had friend crush on Yuri for years before he found the courage to talk to him. 

♢ Yuri have also noticed Otabek before and secretly thought he looked cool.

♢ After Otabek finally spoke to Yuri, they basically became besties the very same day.

♢ Otabek meeting Yuri’s cat was a big deal for Yuri. The cat instantly took a liking to him.

♢  They have been friends for over 2 years before they started dating.

♢ They both kind of knew after only a few months of friendship that they would eventually become something more, but they didn’t rush. Yuri didn’t really feel ready for it and Otabek was not comfortable with dating someone so young, so they waited. They’ve never talked about it, but either of them minded.

♢ It all started after their first kiss. Which was very much unplanned and just kind of happened. They’ve been hanging out at Yuri’s apartment late in the evening, watching some action movie, both dead tired after all day of training. Yuri was kind of lying on Otabek’s shoulder, which wasn’t unusual for them at all, but for some reason, it was different that day. Yuri was about to fall asleep when Otabek hugged him tighter and nuzzled his hair. They both looked at each other and somehow knew.

♢ The kiss was unhurried and chaste and ended with Yuri yawning. They both laughed at it and decided it’s time to go sleep. They fell asleep in each other’s arms that night.

♢ They haven’t talked about it the next morning. There was no need to.

♢ First time they called each other boyfriends was when they were hanging out with other skaters before a competition. They weren’t really doing anything special like kissing or even holding hands, but everyone knew. Of course, JJ just had to tease them “Oh look at our lovebirds. What are you now, boyfriends?” Yuri just grabbed Otabek’s hand and yelled “We are, jackass!”

♢ Them meeting Viktor and Yuuri as a pair was basically like meeting Yuri’s parents.

♢ Speaking about Yuri’s family, his grandfather knows. Yuri haven’t told him yet, but he knows his grandson too well. He came to Otabek before a competition once and told him “You look like a good kid and I can see you make my Yurochka happy. Please, be good to him. He may look tough, but he has a gentle soul.” He also asked him to not tell Yuri he knows, because he wants to him tell himself when he is ready. Otabek was really touched (he may cry inside… in a manly way) and promised he won’t hurt him or tell him anything.

♢ They are not fans of PDA. Otabek is very private person and Yuri spends too much time around Viktor and Yuuri to know how annoying it is to other people. Because of this, people usually assume they are just best friends. They don’t mind.

♢ They are the fashion boyfriends™.

♢ Their relationship is long-distanced because of their professions, but except them constantly missing each other, it’s not such a problem for them. For example, neither of them is a jealous, so they never fought for of hanging out with other male skaters. They completely trust each other.

♢ Otabek was insistent about waiting for Yuri’s 18th birthday with sex. No matter how much Yuri yelled at him because of it.

♢ When Otabek retired, he moved to Russia for Yuri and became coach there.

♢ They got engaged the next year after that. It was Otabek who proposed and unlike their first kiss, it was planned. Otabek was so nervous about it he couldn’t sleep for weeks.

♢ Yuri said yes. Also, he cried a little, which he’d never admit.

but then you’ll come across someone with a kind and gentle soul who’s going to make your heart feel soft and whose voice will make you feel so safe that you can’t help but wonder if it’s real or a dream

because in the past it just always felt like settling

he will understand you without even having to try and he will be able to tell when something is on your mind and you think back to the times when your friends told stories about boys who were so rough with their hearts that you’ll just start thinking oh god you have no idea how much you deserve more than that because you know the feeling of knowing someone who makes you feel so safe and warm 

someday someone will be so gentle with your heart, i promise

someday God Himself will lead you to someone who is so kind and wonderful, someone you’re going to have a real connection with that you won’t be able to even explain it. you won’t have to force a thing. it’s going to feel so easy and right, like it’s the most natural thing in the world

no mind games. no wondering. 

when it’s right, you’ll just know it, and it’s all going to make sense why it never worked out with anyone else 

you will remember the times you wondered why you ever thought it was a good idea to quiet your heart, why you thought you were going to be better off alone, why you were so resentful of God saying no, because now you can’t believe how you were so wrong

because he will understand you like no one ever did before–both your silences and your words

his presence alone can make everything feel lighter

he’s going to feel like safety and warmth, but also of fireworks and ocean waves, and you wouldn’t have it any other way

you’re going to meet him at the right time, i promise. don’t settle–please don’t settle–and don’t give your heart away to just anyone because you’re lonely. let God satisfy your loneliness, because ultimately He is the only one who can truly satisfy. don’t forget that. guard your heart, surrender it to God, and let Him keep it. one day He will give it to someone worthy. just keep your eyes on Jesus and seek His face and don’t be anxious about it

if God says it will be, it will be

nothing good gets away.

Heavenly Father, please forgive me when I waste, miss, and whine away the blessings You freely give. Help me to focus on You instead of how I think things should be. Help me to let go and let You be God.
—  Unfailing Treasures

anonymous asked:

i disagree with the argument that sansa “bullied” arya or made her feel less. 1. arya was confident in herself in a way poor sansa wasn’t. 2. they’re /siblings/ and siblings fight in a way that can’t be immediately taken as bullying unless escalated a lot. sansa loves arya and would never bullied her !!!!!!!

I’m sort of unsure how to proceed since you’re on anon. My gut reaction when I read this was “oh boy” and then I remembered that the books and the show portray the Stark Sister’s relationships very differently from one another.  So if you’re a show-only type, I’d say that a lot of the way that I talk about their relationship and think about their relationship misses the mark–and will continue to miss the mark–for you.  My preferred canon is the book canon, my default canon when discussing things will always be the book canon and that’s never going to change.

Sansa is harsh to Arya in season 1, but expresses hope and excitement and love very frequently when confronted with the fact that her sister is alive.  Arya is confident and beloved in Winterfell, a devious darling who is warmly received when she bests Bran at archery, and whose brother appreciates her throwing food at Sansa (Sansa, meanwhile, was humiliated by this, but that humiliation isn’t given weight).  After the Trident, Arya is depicted as enraged–and practices stabbing Joffrey while Sansa berates her.  Both girls repeatedly call the other stupid, and tells the other to shut up.  And then they split and you get Arya saying “I have to find my sister” and Sansa’s joy at “Arya’s alive?” when Littlefinger tells her so, and her delight in hearing Brienne’s story of the show-only encounter with Arya.

This is not how the books portray their relationship at all.  

And if you’re a show-only person, I encourage you to either skip the rest of this post because it doesn’t pertain to you and your engagement with the series–unless you’re curious about why I–and others–are insistent that Sansa was an active participant in the emotional abuse and bullying of her little sister.

arya was confident in herself in a way poor sansa wasn’t.

In the books this is just not true.  Sansa is confident in many things: confident that the world is going to be good to and for her, confident in her status, confident in her intelligence, confident in her birth, confident in her looks.  Many of these facts are shaken when she is in the custody/under the abuse of the Lannisters and Petyr Baelish, but when she and Arya are children in Winterfell, Sansa is the darling.  Arya, meanwhile, feels like an outcast in her own home, never able to live up to the standards of beauty and grace that her sister meets so easily.  Arya is routinely made to feel inferior–specifically to Sansa: she is called horseface by Sansa and Jeyne Poole (to the point where Arya conceives of herself as ugly even though she very much is not), she is constantly negatively compared to Sansa by Septa Mordane and at times her own mother.  Her confidence comes externally: she is confident in what is right (defending Mycah from Joffrey) but frequently feels horrible.  Sansa exacerbates this after Mycah’s death, and makes Arya feel to blame for Mycah’s and Lady’s deaths though neither is Arya’s fault, and rather than wanting to stab Joffrey, she feels excluded by her sister and she wants to cry and run away.  Sansa meanwhile is expecting to be queen, and rather than viewing her sister as an equal views her as someone who will be fundamentally inferior by virtue of not being queen.

they’re /siblings/ and siblings fight in a way that can’t be immediately taken as bullying unless escalated a lot. sansa loves arya and would never bullied her

Quite apart from this being wildly reductive of the ways in which siblings–beyond Arya and Sansa–can engage with one another, it’s also not true.  Sansa emotionally abused Arya fullstopThe effects of Sansa’s bullying on Arya are profound.  She is the main source of pain in Arya’s thoughts about her own inadequacy, the root symbol of the pressure Arya felt as a child to efface what made her her so that she could be more like Sansa

I maintain this: it is not Sansa who gets to decide whether or not Arya was bullied by Sansa–it is Arya.  From Sansa’s perspective, she didn’t bully Arya even a little; meanwhile, as noted above, from Arya’s perspective she absolutely did.  An important part of the way that Sansa engages with life–beyond Arya–is to lie to herself and to live in denial.  This is something that can–and likely will–come to a head in the coming books.  But as it pertains to Arya, she frequently thinks about Arya in a way that doesn’t acknowledge Arya’s personhood.  Arya is a symbol in Sansa’s head, and a giant question mark because Sansa, reliant as she is on narratives, doesn’t know what became of the sister who disappeared before their father’s death.  She is conflicted and contradictory about how she thinks about Arya; meanwhile Arya is pretty straightforward about the pain that Sansa caused her, though her memories of her sister soften after the Red Wedding when she assumes–to spare herself pain–that her sister is dead like the rest of her family.  These two perspectives contradict one another.  Both girls have been through a lot, and to say that their futures are defined by their pasts does neither credit.  However to pretend that they don’t–as Martin himself has said–“have deep issues to work out,” is denying what is written in the text.