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Amelia: Lin Manuel Miranda x Reader

This is based off of @ourforgottenboleros series ‘Amelia’, which is AMAZING and you should go read it RIGHT NOW because oh my god it’s just so quality. ( @amelialuzmiranda )

My thing takes place seven years later, two months after Hamilton has premiered on Broadway. Yes, I wrote fanfiction of fanfiction but shhhh.

Warnings: None

Disclaimer: I know nothing about subways :)

Word Count: 1945

Hamilton took seven years for Lin to write, and you were there every step of the way. Five years ago, the two of you were married. Amy was the flower girl and a bridesmaid. She insisted on being both and you could you say no to that? Three years ago, you opened a second gallery in Brooklyn. It focused on more modern art pieces while your original focused on photography. You had never seen Lin so proud of you in your entire life. You were building a brand name.

One year ago, Hamilton opened at the Public Theater. Two months ago was Lin’s opening night on Broadway. Everything moved slowly, but at the same time was passing you by in an instant. You had always been pretty good at taking things slow.

On this particular Friday, Amelia had been talking about going to the theatre from the moment she woke up in the morning.

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Fresh Start - Part 6

Pairing: Barry Allen x Reader

Featuring Cisco Ramon, Felicity Smoak, Oliver Queen and Thea Queen.

Words: 1412

Warnings: none

Tags: @onceuponateenpanwolfian@gothesimplethingsinlife @writingsofagirlintomanyfandoms  @kindfloweroflove @moonlightbae14 @jade-cheshire

Request: none

Notes: this one takes place in Star City so there will be no Reader-Barry moment but both of them are named of course! 

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PART 1  /  PART 2  /  PART 3  /  PART 4  /  PART 5

That morning Barry tried to call you a thousand times and all of them he was sent to your voicemail. At the beginning he just tried to call you again, but then he started leaving messages, apologising over and over again for leaving you, trying to meet up with you again but you wouldn’t return his calls.

“What’s with you today man? You’re completely off” Cisco asked.

“It’s…” he sighed. “It’s this girl I met at the station” he shrugged looking at his best friend.

“(Y/N)?” He asked. Barry nodded as he leaned against the table. “What happened?”

“I was on a date with her last night when the robbery took place” Barry explained. “I…left her there alone and now she’s not returning my calls or my messages” he said.

“You’re screwed” Cisco chuckled, earning a serious look from his friend. “The second time you meet up with her and the second time you leave her alone. It’s not me talking. It’s the facts” he shrugged.

“I know” Barry sighed as he took his phone out and tried to call you again.

Once again, you didn’t pick up the phone but at least you sent him a quick message saying you were in Star City.

“She left” Barry frowned as he read the text message.

“What?” Cisco asked confused.

“She’s back at Star City” the speedster replied looking at Cisco. “Did I really mess it up that bad?” He frowned.

Cisco sighed looking at his friend, wishing he had an answer that would make him feel better. But he didn’t.

By the time you got to Star City, you went straight to the hospital, not wasting any time. Once you found out in which room your sister was you hurried upstairs to find Felicity waiting at the door.

“Felicity!” You exclaimed running over her.

“(Y/N) what are you doing here?” She asked surprised when she saw you.

“Oliver told me” you replied giving her a quick hug. “What happened? How is she?” You asked.

“She had a…car crash” Felicity frowned. “She will be fine but they had to perform a surgery due to an internal bleeding” she explained.

“Oh god, where’s Oliver?” You asked.

“In there with her, you can go as well” she said rubbing your arm.

“Thanks” you said.

Taking a deep breath, you opened the door of the room and walked in quietly. When you looked up, you almost started crying as you saw your sister unconscious on the bed, her hear bandaged and cuts and bruises all over her face and arm. Oliver was seated next to the bed but when he saw you, he got up and walked over you to hug you tight.

“What happened?” You asked hugging him back.

“Car crash” he whispered not letting you go. “Thanks for coming” he added finally pulling away.

“Nothing to thank for” you replied shaking your head before walking to the bed. “Oh my god, Thea…” you teared up. Seeing her up close was even worse.

“It’s not as bad as it looks” Oliver said behind you.

“That’s something I guess” you whispered taking her hand carefully. “Has she been unconscious the whole time?” You asked while Oliver sat down again.

“Yes” he nodded looking at her.

“But she will be ok, won’t she?” You asked.

“Of course” he replied looking at you. “She’s strong. You know she is” he added. With a gulp you nodded your head and looked down at her again.

You two stayed silent just looking at her. Her breathing was constant and her heartbeat was normal as well, but seeing her like this was too much for you. And your phone constantly buzzing with Barry’s calls and messages wasn’t helping at all. You weren’t in the mood to think about him and what he had done at the moment. Thea was more important.

“It looks like someone really wants to talk to you” Oliver commented when you took your phone out after it buzzed for the third time in ten minutes.

“Indeed” you sighed typing and quick text and turning off the phone.

“Who is it?” He asked curious.

“No one important” you replied. The last thing you needed was Oliver taking on his protective brother role.

Back in Central City, Barry felt so guilty. He knew what he had done was so wrong but he never thought you would take it so personally. Of course, he couldn’t blame you. You didn’t know a thing about his double life so for you, all he had done was leaving you alone. But what excuse could he say now? Work again? It wouldn’t work and you didn’t deserve it.

“What am I going to do?” Barry asked.

They were waiting for Caitlin to find out where Black Siren might be to help Gypsy. She had come to this world chasing her after the meta from Earth-2 killed the chief of the police department back in Gypsy’s earth. Meanwhile, Barry couldn’t keep his thoughts away from you.

“Don’t worry, those earbuds I built won’t be affected by the Siren cry” Cisco said.

“I meant about (Y/N)” Barry replied. “It’s not like a can tell her I’m The Flash but every time we’ve been out, something came up. What am I supposed to tell her?”

“I think right now you need to be focused on this, Barry” Cisco advised him. “(Y/N) will be back and you will be able to make it up for her. Right now…we have another problem” he said looking at the screen. Barry nodded and walked to stand next to him and look at the computer.

“You’re right. Sorry” he said looking at Cisco.

“No problem” he smiled and patted Barry’s back. “But she hit you hard huh” he added with a smirk.

“You have no idea” Barry sighed, not really understanding where all those feelings about you came from.

Somehow, Oliver had convinced you to go the cafeteria at the hospital to grab something to eat with Felicity. You didn’t really want to. All you wanted to do was being with Thea and being there when she woke up, but Oliver insisted and you didn’t really have the strength to argue with him.

So there you were, with a sandwich in front of you as you told Felicity about your few days in Central City.

“And who’s the guy?” She smiled.

“What?” You hadn’t said anything about Barry so it kind of confused you that she asked.

“Since you turned on your phone, that thing hasn’t stopped buzzing. I don’t think a friend would be that interested on reaching you. Plus, it says Barry on the screen” she said pointing at the phone.

“I hate you” you laughed putting the phone away. “It’s nothing. He was helping me with an article I had to write” you shrugged. “Then we went on a date and he literally left me there alone so I’m not returning his calls”

“He left?” She frowned.

“Yep” you chuckled. “He got a phone call, went out to talk and never came back in” you shrugged. “Don’t tell Oliver, please. He would freak out if he knew that there is a guy around” you asked her.

“Don’t worry about it. My lips are sealed” she winked at you.

“Thank you” you smiled at her. “You will always be my favourite Oliver’s ex-girlfriend” you smirked.

“Shut up” she laughed.

Your phone buzzed again but you didn’t even look at it since you supposed it was Barry but since it didn’t stop you looked at it and got up. It was Oliver. Thea was awake. Felicity and you hurried upstairs without even finishing your food.

“Thea, thanks god” you said when you walked into the room and saw your sister awake.

“(Y/N) what are you doing here?” She frowned.

“Oliver told me. I wasn’t going to stay at Central City knowing you were here” you told her.

“Oliver’s an idiot” she sighed taking your hand. “But I’m glad you’re here” she smiled a little at you.

“I’m here” Oliver said.

“I know. Still an idiot” Thea smirked making you laugh.

“I’m so glad you’re ok” you sighed squeezing her hand.

“I’m a Queen, of course I am” she winked at you. “But really, you didn’t have to come all the way here” she repeated.

“I’m here and there is nothing you can do to change it” you shrugged.

“You’re so stubborn” she sighed.

“I’m a Queen, of course I am” you smirked.

“Fuck you” she laughed making you laugh as well.

After a while the doctors came in to check on your sister so the rest of you were told to wait outside. Felicity said she had to take care of a few things and, after saying she would be back later, she left, leaving you and Oliver alone.

“How are you?” He asked after you took a seat.

“Better now” you smiled at your brother while he sit next to you. “I’m just happy she’s ok” you added with a shrug.

“Me too” he nodded after letting out a huge breath. “I’m also glad you’re here. We miss you, you know?” he said looking at you.

“And I miss you too. Every single day” you smiled at him.

“How’s college?” He asked leaning against the seat.

“Really interesting!” You told him with a big smile. “I love most of my classes and people is really nice and helpful” you said.

“I’m glad you like it” he smiled. “But I still miss you” he said making you laugh.

“You can visit anytime you want” you shrugged.

“Believe me, I will. Specially to find out who’s that guy that won’t stop calling you” he said pointing at the buzzing phone in your hand.

“Stop that” you laughed throwing the phone in your bag.

mightylettuce  asked:

HELLO MY FRIEND GOOD LUCK WITH THE BLOG <3 Can i request headcanons on how woud Jonathan, Jotaro and Josuke react on accidentally walking on his s/o while they're changing their clothes?

THANK YOU OH MIGHTY LETTUCE ♡ I hope these turned out alright!

EDIT: I don’t know why Josuke turned out to be full of lust but please bear with me, I was very sleepy and I had no idea what I was typing…


- This boy wouldn’t be able to comprehend what was happening for the first few seconds. He would walk in and see his s/o getting changed but wouldn’t be able to get his mind around it. He’d stare at them for a good 3 seconds.

- Once he recognises what was going on, he’d be a blushing mess. Basically a tomato. He’s a pure boy and he’s very affectionate and doesn’t think about kinky things as much.


- He’d have to sit himself down on the couch and let himself cool down. He’d be very scared because he disturbed his s/o’s privacy and would think that they would hate him forever. (Give this boy some hugs and kisses and tell him he did nothing wrong!!)


- This boy would just have a straight face. He would act like nothing happened and would close the door without saying a word. Not even a sorry.

- He wouldn’t think much of it, but would definitely try to keep the sight he saw of his s/o getting changed into his mind. (Especially if they were wearing something to do with the ocean)

- After his s/o comes out of their room, he would try not to make eye contact with them. Not because he was embarrassed, but because he thinks that his s/o would want to forget that Jotaro saw them getting changed. (I don’t know how to explain this IM SORRY IT SOUNDS WEIRD)

Josuke (This turned out really bad)

- Josuke, like Jonathan, would take a few seconds to comprehend what was going on and would blush. That would change very quickly though..

“Were you waiting for me to walk in, babe?” (Oh my god my brain just exploded this is kinda KINKY IJOIWJDIOWDJ)

- Since he’s a nice guy and he knows his s/o needs her privacy, he would close the door. But he’d be smirking. S/o better be prepared when they finish getting changed. (WHAT AM I TYPING UAHWFOIWH)

- If his s/o was wearing something purple, he’d be extra happy! 

Secrets & Betrayal - Part 3 (Requested)

Note: I had never planned to do another part to this (which had originally started off as a request) but when you guys ask you shall receive so here is Part 3! I actually think there will be 1 or 2 more parts to this before it ends. Not sure if this part is heading towards what you guys thought it would but I had fun with this so I hope you do reading it :)

Peter Pan x Reader

Words: 1957

Warnings: Some controlling behaviour, sadness, and sexual attention (not always wanted).

Originally posted by pan-imagines

It has been three weeks since Killian left you here. Twenty-one long days in which you felt like your heart had been ripped from your body. You are empty, a shell of who you once were, the boys know it…..Pan knows it. But that doesn’t stop him from visiting you on a nightly basis. It’s like you have become his pet. You are no longer a person. You know it’s a punishment for what you had allowed yourself to get into with Killian but that doesn’t make any of this easier.

Your appetite was the first thing to go and after four days straight of having nothing to eat Pan started to sit with you until you did. It wasn’t a gesture of kindness though, he was incapable of such a trait, it was all down to the fact that he needed you to have some kind of energy….it took a further three days of defiance but eventually you gave him when you grew tired of him constantly being by your side. His sharp green eyes boring into yours the whole time that he was sat there.

He is looking at you even now as you place a small piece of bread into your mouth. It sickens you to your stomach but, ironically, it wasn’t him you hated. Not right now anyway. There is only one that you felt such a negative emotion towards and it was the very person who had left you here in the first place. The one you thought loved you.

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The Run Through - Smut

 Author: mystic-biscuit
Series Rating: NSFW 18+


Notes: I started this fic when the picture below first was released and I was over come (pun intended) with rage lust I needed to get it out. I things I would do I tell ya. *wipes brow* and I’m applying for the film union here so this gives me extra rage lust. 

I dont know how the casting in film works, so I made it all up.

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The Monster Inside of My Head (Part 8)

Bucky x Reader

Summary – As a young child, you see your parents murdered in front of you. What happens when the monster from your nightmares comes back into your life?

Warnings – Language

Word Count - 605

Notes – This one is pretty short, but I’m so excited to finally get here!!  It’s going to be a roller coaster ride from here on out.  Be prepared for angst, lots of angst!!  As always, I appreciate all of your feedback and questions!!!

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9 

Series Masterlist


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You weren’t sure what you were expecting.  Of course he wouldn’t be dressed all in black, a gun in hand, with the mask covering his face.  What you did see caught you completely off guard.  He wasn’t doing his iconic “murder strut” as you had dubbed it.  His shoulders were slumped as though he were trying to make himself as small as possible.  His long, dark hair was hanging loose, covering most of his face. His eyes were darting around the room, assessing it as only a soldier would, looking for the quickest exits.

You didn’t move, but something must have alerted him to your presence. Maybe it was the anger radiating off of you in waves, or maybe it was the fear seeping from your pores.  Either way, it was a magnet to him, drawing his attention to the shadowed doorway where you lurked.  Before you had time to prepare yourself, those icy blue eyes had zeroed in on you and your world went black.


Tony was by your side in a second, but thankfully you didn’t pass out completely.  He led you through the common area toward the hallway.  The new arrivals didn’t say anything as he rushed passed them, his arm around your shoulder to shield you from their view.  He took you to your room and sat you on the bed, sitting beside you and rubbing your back as you bent over, your head between your knees.

“I’m so weak,” you moaned. “I couldn’t even look him in the eye, Tony!”

Tony attempted to comfort you, but it wasn’t his strong suit.  “It’s okay, kid.  I didn’t expect the two of you to become besties today.  Maybe tomorrow.”

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Nothing Left To Say

Inspired from: Imagine the 11th Doctor finding your suicide note and him running to go find you. Only for him to realize he was too late. + Imagine the 11th Doctor saving you from Weeping Angels and him inviting you inside the TARDIS where he realizes he might love you + Imagine the 11th Doctor stopping you from killing yourself and he tells you he loves you. + Imagine Dragons – Nothing Left To Say

Characters: Reader, 11th Doctor, Ben [OFC (But not a important one)], Reader’s Mother

Reader Gender: Not specified

Pair: 11th Doctor x Reader

Word Count: 2231 (With the song) And here I thought it was going to be too short.

Warnings: Fluff, some swearing, a timey wimey story line, mention of self-harm, suicide, reader’s death, attempt to suicide, suicidal thoughts, depression, might be triggering
(I know it looks bad but there’s a happy ending)

Notes: (Y/F/S//B): Your Favourite Singer/Band

Hope you like it.

| I can’t lose you. Because if I ever did I would’ve lost my best friend, my soulmate, my smile, my laugh, my everything.|

(_____’s POV) ||2013||

You slowly made your way home as you tugged your sleeves again, maybe 50th time that day.

            You thought seeing your friends would cheer you up. Well, you couldn’t be more wrong. Unlike you, they were happy. They had their own troubles, of course. But they weren’t depressed. Yes, being jealous of your friends’ lifes wasn’t good, not at all. But how couldn’t you be jealous?  They talked about how happy they were and you just sat there fake-smiling, trying to hide your freshly cutted wrists.

            To avoid rest of the world you take your phone and headphones.

“To lower your risk of hearing damage, do not listen at high volumes for long periods.”
So? Like I give a damn about it.

You sighed as song started. Absent-mindedly you tried to tug your sleeves even more. Like it was possible.

“Who knows how long
I’ve been awake now?
The shadows on my wall don’t sleep
They keep calling me
Beckoning, beckoning, beckoning”

Depressed thoughts, depressed music. Daily basis of a wild (Y/F/N).

After awhile someone called your name. You heard it even (Y/F/S//B) was making it impossible to hear. You took your headphones off as a strange man held your arm.
“_____, please don’t do it!” He looked at you with worry. His eyes were red and wet. He probably just stopped crying. You realized he was holding a paper.
“I’m sorry but… Who are you?” He stopped a moment for thinking as he dropped your arm.
“Oh… What time is it? As year?”
“2013. Look I don’t know you. How the hell do you know my name?” He started to walk backwards.
“I’m sorry. Right person, wrong time. I better go. See you later.” And he just run away. You thought he was drunk or mad. So you didn’t care what happened. Oh, if you knew who was that man with that silly bow-tie. If you knew…


(Doctor’s POV) ||Tomorrow (Yeah, tomorrow. It’s Doctor Who.)||

Who knows what’s right?
The lines keep getting thinner
My age has never made me wise
But I keep pushing on and on and on and on

“Come on! I need to stop her from doing it! Be the right time.”
When TARDIS landed I ran out. I looked around, trying to understand where I was. Then I realized.
Sad faces, crying, black clothes, graveyard.
I pushed everyone on his way to see whose grave was it. They whispered to each other, asking who was that man. I didn’t care about them. When I pushed the last person I saw the name that I hoped I wouldn’t see.


“First it was too early and now… too late. I’m too late.”
“Are you the Doctor?”
I turn to see who was talking. But I didn’t recognize who was she.
“Sorry, do I know you?”
“No. But I heard about you.”
When I looked carefully I saw similar, not same but similar, eyes.
“Are you…”
“Her/His mom? Yes.”
I swallowed. “What happened?” Like I didn’t know.
She turned to her/his grave. “Suicide. She/He jumped from her/his apartment.”
“I’m so so sorry. Forgive me.” She turned to me again.
“Forgive? What for?”
“No-Nothing. Sorry for your lost.”

            I ran back to TARDIS. “No! She/He’s not gonna die! Time can be rewritten. What’s the point of being a Time Lord if you can’t save the woman/man you love.”


(_____’ POV) ||2014||

“_____! Can you bring more of these from basement?”
Basement? I call it dungeon. “Alright!” You slowly went down stairs. You opened the lights only to find out that they were flickering and not helping you.
“For fucks sake, Ben. Change these bulbs.” you murmured while taking your phone to use it as light. You walked as you remembered but something blocked your way.
“What a statue is doing here?”
You looked it carefully using your phone’s light.
“Well, aren’t you ugly.” Before you could understand someone pushed you and you fell on your butt. Hard. “What the hell are you doing mate?! Careful!” He turned around and smiled apologeticly.
“Sorry.” He helped you get up. “But I just saved your life.” You eyed him suspiciously. You didn’t knew him and he looked weird. For a moment you thought you met him before but couldn’t find when and where. What he meant by saving you seemed more interesting.
“From what? A statue?”
“Not just a statue.” You ignored him and walked to statue to see what had he done. You laughed when you realized only difference was a mirror in front of the statue.
“You saved me with a mirror. Wow. You are my hero.” He rolled his eyes and pulled your arm. “What are you doing?!” you shouted. He was taking you somewhere and you were scared. Who the hell was he? What was going to happen? You shouted Ben’s name. And of course he didn’t showed up. “Where the fuck is he when it’s needed?” you mumbled.
“Calm down. I’m not going to harm you but it’s annoying when you humans don’t believe me.” He let go of your arm when you two came in front of a blue box. You looked at it with shock.
“How the hell you found a police box? What is it doing here? Who are y– Did you just said you humans?!” You couldn’t believe you’ve not realized it the moment he said it. He just smiled and snapped his fingers. And box’s doors opened you gasped when you inside.
“I know.” he said with a grin and go inside. “Come on!”
You walked in with wide eyes and a hanging jaw. “It’s… It’s… God!.. What the fuck?! It’s…”
“Bigger on the inside.” he finished for you.
“H–How? It’s not possible. Am I high? No… Am I that high?”
“Alien tech. Well, Time Lord tech to be more spesific. And no, you’re not high… I guess.” Finally you looked at him. With a brighter light you could saw his face properly. And you realized he was looking good. Something must done about clothes anyway.
“Time Lord?”
“An alien race. Like me.” You raised your eyebrows.
“You’re an alien. Wow. O–Okay. What was that thing? That statue. Was it also an alien?”
“A Weeping Angel.”

Then he told you everything he knew about about them. And it was… facinating. They scared the crap out of you, yes, but it was impressing. Not the part where they send you back in time or worse where they killed you. But their speed and how successfully they hide was wonderful.

After he finished he go outside to make sure no one would touch the angel or remove the mirror. You didn’t know how but you simply didn’t care. You looked around, trying to memorize this beautiful machine. When you were thinking about going outside Doctor came in. That was what he called him. He didn’t told you exactly why.
“Done! No one will ever get harm by that angel. So…” He stopped in front of you. You waited him to go on.
“Would like to come with me? To travel.”
Your eyes widened. “What the f–” He hushed you with his hand.
“Do you really hear yourself or do all those swears come out bt themselfs?” You pushed his hand.
“Don’t do that and sorry. I can’t stop it sometimes.”
“Anyway, are you coming?” He smiled warmly, eyes filled with hope.
“I don’t understand…” Why would he want me?
“Understand what? I want you to travel with me. All time and space! Anywhere and anytime we like!” You smiled. For some reason he wanted you. And for some reason you trusted him. Also who could say ‘no’ for time and space travel.
“Anywhere and anytime? Or you sure you can handle it?” He grinned.
“Is that a yes?” You grinned too.



There’s nothing left to say now
There’s nothing left to say now
I’m giving up, giving up, hey hey, giving up now
I’m giving up, giving up, hey hey, giving up now

It didn’t mean anything. This life. I wasn’t going to get any better. Not even Doctor could helped you. Not even the life you had with Doctor didn’t mean anything.

Below my soul
I feel an engine
Collapsing as it sees the pain
If I could only shut it out

You had fallen for him hard after all that time. He was charming, funny, adorable, kind, heroic… He was the guy you always dreamed of. But he was The Doctor. An Time Lord. Oh, and the huge age gap.

You knew he loved you. But as a friend. It wasn’t what you wanted. It wasn’t enough. A platonic love was the last thing you needed. It hurt you more than ever. Your depression became even worse. And you thought it was impossible

You knew what you should do. Finish it. End the pain. Go for the short cut.

I’ve come too far
To see the end now
Even if my way is wrong
I keep pushing on and on and on and on

You were at the roof of your apartment. You bit your bottom lip. Closed your eyes. You were ready to take the last step but you heard that voice. That sweet voice. Voice of the TARDIS. You heard the doors open. You heard Doctor running.
“Stop! _____, please! Don’t!” You looked over your shoulder and see the man you loved most. He was holding a paper. Your suicide note. His eyes were watery and red. He probably just stopped crying.
“Don’t come any closer, Doctor. Go away. I don’t want you to see this.” Tears started to fall down. You knew he wouldn’t go. But you also knew you would do it at the end. One way or another.

There’s nothing left to say now
There’s nothing left to say now
I’m giving up, giving up, hey hey, giving up now
I’m giving up, giving up, hey hey, giving up now

            “You can’t do this, please. Please…” his voice turned into a whisper. You could still hear him though. He kept saying ‘please’ over and over again.
“Why not?” You swallowed. You didn’t like this. Making him cry. It was hurting you like you were in hell.
Soon you’ll be there.
“’Why not’? What?.. There’s a lot to see! You should go on!” he screamed.

I keep falling, I keep falling down
I keep falling, I keep falling down
I keep falling, I keep falling down
I keep falling, I keep falling down
If you could only save me
I’m drowning in the waters of my soul

“You said, I mean in the note, you said ‘I think we’re here to suffer. At least that’s why I’m here.’ But there’s much more. I’ve showed you much more I want to show more. Please, let me. Let me show you there’s more than suffer.” This answer wasn’t enough. Everyone was saying this. A lot to see? Like what? Go on? For what? More than suffer? Like what?
“Yeah? Like what? Hope? There’s no hope. Not for me! Love? I haven’t seen it for a long time.”

“I can show you.” he said and you laughed bitterly.
“And how are you going to do that, Doc?” you shouted then took a deep breath. He paused for a second.
I knew it. There’s nothing he can say. I’m definitely doing it.

There’s nothing left to say now
There’s nothing left to say now
I’m giving up, giving up, hey hey, giving up now
I’m giving up, giving up, hey hey, giving up now

Before you could even move he shouted back.
“I love you!” You froze. He just didn’t said that. He didn’t. He didn’t mean it. Not that way.
“I love you, (Y/F/N)! And I can’t live without you. You want a reason to not to this? Then I’m the reason. Because if you go, I’ll come with you. Do you want this?”

Hell no!

“D– Doctor…”
“Yes?” you could hear the hope in his voice.
“I think I need a little help to get down.” He quickly ran to your side, helped you get down. And pulled you for a tight hug.
“Don’t you ever do that again. I meant it when I said I can’t live without you. I can’t.” You smiled against his neck. You never thought this would happen. He pulled back and cupped your cheek and smiled. Then you realized.
“You’re that weird guy!”
“What?!” he asked with confussion.
“Before I met you, you came along and told me not to do it. I didn’t understand what it meant. Or I didn’t remember you when I met you. But I remember now!” He looked at you with a mock-hurt expression
“Weird guy? That’s how you remember me?” You rolled your eyes.
“That really bothers you?” you asked, eyebrows raised. He pretend to think for a moment.
“Not really.” Before you could respond he leaned in and crashed his lips on yours. Your breath hitched with shock but you responded quickly. When you realized you forgotten something you pulled back. He looked at you puzzled and a little hurt.
“I forgot to say something.” He raised his eyebrows, waiting for you to continue. You licked your lips then smiled. “I love you, too.” He grinned. You snapped your fingers and TARDIS’ doors opened. You grinned too. “Shall we?”

Do Not Scan my Balls

Originally posted by galaahaad

Title: Do Not Scan My Balls
Summary: Dorian razzing John about sex with the reader.
Rating: PG-13, R
Word Count: 1,234 (WHAT THE FUCK MAN)
Warnings: Sexual content
Tags: @outside-the-government @dolamrothianlady @yourtropegirl @imagineangryspacegrump @medicatemedrmccoy @imoutofmyvulcanmind @imaginenterprise

A/N: You all are some lucky ducks cause this goes against my policy but its been such a crappy day that I hope this will lifts spirits. Also the block print is Dorian speaking in your voice

John looked over at Y/N and kissed her head before pulling his shoes on for work. The night before had been the most fun and relaxing nights he had in a while. In the early hours of the morning John had just laid in bed and watched the woman next to him. The way her hair fell across her face and the way her nose wrinkled up when a piece would run over. He was so peaceful and happy that he didn’t want to go to work but duty calls.

           John and Y/N had been together for six months before last night happened. It was his secret, his beautiful secret. But with a partner like Dorian, that secret could only last so long. John knew he was in for it when he picked Dorian up and started on their way to a crime scene. “Your humming and smile suggest you did something different last night.” Ignoring him was working and John doesn’t hum, does he? “The scans of your hormones and testicles suggest the same, that you had company last night.”

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Come Back To Me

[Pairing Dean Ambrose X Reader]

Originally posted by totaldivasepisodes

[Notes; Requested by @writergrrrl29. Please.. Don’t read this. Just.. don’t do this to yourselves.. Feedback’s always welcome & appreciated, though. I say “feedback is”, you say “appreciated”.]

    A double moonsault- a move set I’ve done a million times before. A million times. I don’t know what it was. I don’t know what caused Summer to miss her que to catch me, but Jesus, I was paying for it. The impact struck in my darkening haze, and I heard the ring of a bell. Everything fogged and faded away.

    In and out. Conscious. Unconscious. I woke for the first time in the MRI machine. Beep. Beep, beep. Blurry. I couldn’t bring myself to hold my eyes open, no matter how hard I tried to. A distant “There it is.” played through the machine’s speaker and into my ears. I was gone.

    Before I could open my eyes again, a smell of.. daises excited my sense, and only one person knew that they were my favorite. A weak “Dean..” wept and whispered not far past my lips. “I’m here. I’m here, baby. I’m here.” My orbs still shut, I felt a strong hand grab mine. Enough in me fought the ever-lasting urge to stay asleep, and I creaked my eyelids. Reds. Purples. Pinks and Yellows. Whites. Light’s and dark’s filled my room. Orchids. Roses. My daises and sunflowers. I was already overwhelmed with the amount of color beaming into my vision, the “Get Well Soon” balloons and bears weren’t helping.  

    “Ah, you’re awake! Good! Just in time.” A white coated man yelled, a little too loudly- as he forced the privacy door out of his way. “I know I won’t have you for long, so I need you to listen to me very carefully.” Fight, dammit. Fight your heavy eyelids. “Okay.” was all I could offer. A flip of a switch later, a glowing screen was clothed with sheets. “We’ve run a few tests, and I have some.. unfortunate news.” He said, turning his attention back to the board. “This.” He said- pointing to a sack-like figure in the picture. “This is bleeding of the brain. It is very dangerous and needs to be taken care of, immediately.” The man faced me again, leaning both hands to the foot of my bed. “Meaning surgery.”

    An almost identical “Okay.” from before spilled out. Weak. I’m not sure if I exactly understood him, what he was saying. All I knew was the lights were all too bright, everyone was speaking too loud, and if Dean’s hand gripped mine any tighter- I’d need surgery on that, too. “Thank you, Doc.” came from his lips, dismissing the educated man. A click of the door latch later, we were alone.
    That’s when I felt it. Surgery. Brain Surgery. I’m not sure if it was the teary wetness on my knuckles from the love of my life, or the delayed reaction fro what I figured was just a concussion. I swallowed harshly, closing my throat. “(Y/N),” Dean said, speaking into my knuckle. Hm. His beard tickled. “I have no choice.” The next few hours- that I was coherent, at least- was spent emptying my system and signing waivers.

    “She’s going into surgery, Summer. She’s going to be okay, though.” My red-headed man shushed through my phone. “She’s awake, she’s okay right now but she’s exhausted. I’ll tell her you’re sorry.” He said, throwing one palm to his forehead- swiping it backwards over his hair. “You’re sorry and you love her, okay. I’ll tell her.” Dean finished. “Let me talk to her.” I whimpered. “Dean.”
    “(Y/N)! (Y/N), oh my God- I am so sorry!” Ow. “Summer, please.. stop yelling.” She exhaled through the speaker, as if she lifted a weight off of her chest. “I know you’re sorry. I know you didn’t mean it. I love you. It’s going to be okay. This isn’t your fault.” I gave up, saying the most I had since the injury. “I have to go. I’ll have Dean call you when I’m out.” She understood, apologized and apologized again, then hung up.

     “It’s time, (Y/N). They have to do this, now.” Dean said, sadly. He placed both hands over his nose, in a praying position- inhaled, and exhaled slowly. “It’s going to be okay, I promise.” I paused. “I’m ready.”

    “This is as far as you can go, Dean.” The doctor from earlier said, laying a hand on his shoulder. I was awake, barely- but awake. I knew I needed to push through at least this much to see him off. “Babe.. I swear to God.” Dean said, leaning down to my bedside, grabbing my hand again. His lips grazed my forehead, planting a kiss before pulling back to where they were just skimming my skin. “You come back to me. You better fucking come back to me, understand?” I shook in the lightest, just enough to where my brain didn’t rattle. “I need you to be okay, because I can’t do this with out you. So, you come back to me. I love you.” He finished, before setting another warm kiss on my temple.

   “And you.” He said, facing my surgeon. “You touch any of her hair.. You cut that and she’ll kill you.” Dean laughed through the tears streaming down his boyish cheeks. The surgeon returned a laugh before slapping his shoulder and pushing us through the doorway, leaving Dean alone.  

    Not knowing it’d be the last time he saw her alive.

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OK LISTEN. I have no friends, no life, and bad health but I love to read and love harry potter. Therefore, I follow you. I also happen to love Greek Mythology, its what I was going to study before I stopped college due to illness. I am in a flare up of tonsillitis right now and have not left my room all day. YOUR CONSTANT POSTING OF PATROCILLES AND THIS BOOK MADE ME GO OUT OF MY HOUSE DRIVE 20 MINUTES TO A DIFFERENT TOWN JUST TO BUY IT AND DAMMIT YOU NEED TO KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE IT AND LOVE YOU!

MY GOD I LOVE YOU TOO. I also hope you are feeling better!!! I send you soup and ice cream (don’t know if you prefer hot or cold when your throat hurts)


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I'm soooo curious about what your next fic is gonna be!! Like! Ugh I will love it with whatever it would contain in itself, but like, dammit, will it be vmin fic? Or another yoonjin fic? Or something completely different?? What AU could you go with?? So much to looking forward it's amazing I'm so excited ~QuQ~ Sorry sorry, I know I'm rumbling, but like just when I think of it I go like !!! Exclamations marks!!! Yay!!!! But do not feel pressure, dear god, I'm just one simple excited bubble

Buddy I am just as curious as you. I thought I was really locked down on this most recent vmin one that i’m working on but i’m 27k in and feeling overwhelmed by the scope of it. Then I accidentally word barfed 10k of Jinkook this last weekend? Not to mention I really fuckin need to finish that massive 45k and only half-done Jihope/yoonjin?? I dunno, I’m feeling really meh about everything I have right now, really irrationally insecure, like my other fics were just a fluke and all subsequent works are going to massively disappoint. Typical impostor syndrome bullshit u know. But yeah I just need to focus and finish something but that is WAY easier said than done. And hey man, thanks, no pressure felt, just encouragement!

A Love Across Time Part 7/14

Warnings: Swearing

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Y/N - Your name, Y/L/N - Your Last Name, Y/B/Y - Your Birth Year

Anonymous Request: Idk if you’re taking in request but i have one of you could possibly do a reader X Bucky ? She has cosmic powers and can show a universe in her hands and one day he was testing her limits and she went back in time to the 40s ?

Part 1 II Part 2 II Part 3 II Part 4 II Part 5 II Part 6 II Part 7 II Part 8 II Part 9 II Part 10 II Part 11 II Part 12 II Part 13 II Part 14

Bucky looked at the weird item in his hands. It had a bright screen and on the screen was a picture of Y/N and him. But he looked so different.

“I don’t understand. What is this?” He pushed it back across the table as if he was scared of it. Y/N sighed, picked it up and then pulled her chair so she was sitting next to him. She held it up again for him to see and she swiped through the various pictures she had of the two of them together. She stopped at one where her head is thrown back laughing and he was sticking his tongue out.

“It’s you and me Buck. Not now but…… God I know this is going to sound completely insane, but it is you and me together in the future.”

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Andy Biersack Imagine

Y/N p.o.v

I was in the crowd for the Black Veil Brides concert waitinng for them to come on stage. It was my was my first time at Warped Tour and I could already tell it was going to be a good day. I was snapped out of thought from the screams of wild fangirls as the band come on stage. They started to play Faithless and while Andy was singing I could have swore he was staring at me.

__________________________TIME SKIP___________________________

I was now waiting in line for the meet and greet. I kept getting pushed to the back of the line though. By the time I even got to even close to the front the boys were rushed off to get prepared for the next concert. I saw Andy looking at me once again but this time instead of just staring I smiled at him and he smiled back at me.

Andy’s p.o.v

I saw her while I was singing and now I saw her again and she smiled at me. I can’t believe that my little sister is here at my concert screaming our names and not even knowing that the lead singer is her older brother.

“Andy, why do you keep looking at that girl?” Jinx asked, snapping me out of my daze.

“You guys know how my mom had to put my little sister up for adoption?” I asked them.

“Yea, she was adopted when she was 2 or 3 right?” Ashley asked in confusion.

“That girl is my sister.” I told them while staring at the ground.

“How do you know that dude?” CC asked wwhile looking up from his phone.

“I kept in contact with her adoptive parents. They told me that she was coming here and sent me a picture of her. I wonder if she knows.” I answered while pulling out my phone and showing them the picture.

__________________________TIME SKIP___________________________

Y/N p.o.v

After the fail at the meet and greet I decided to walk around and saw some of the bands preform. But something has been on my mind all day.  Why was Andy staring at me? I then realized that he wasn’t, he was staring at the crowd and he was staring and smiling at the crowd of people leaving the meet and greet. I was so in thought I didn’t realize that I was going to walk into someone until I did it and fell to the ground.

“Oh my god, I am so sorry.” I said before looking up at the person.

“It’s alrig-” Andy didn’t finish that sentence and he just stared at me.

“What is my face that ugly?” I asked him in a joking manner.

“No, it’s just…are you Y/F/N?”

“Yes, yes it is. How in the hell do you know my name?” 

“Are you adopted?”

“Yea, my birth parents gave me up when I was 2.” I answered in a confused manner.

“I know this is gonna be a lot to take in but-”

“What the fuck do you mean by alot to take in?”

“I’m your brother.”

The last thing I saw was him looking at me in a panic before I passed out.

________________________TIME SKIP_____________________________

I started to wake up expecting to be laying in my bed but that wasn’t happening. I woke up to whispers. I opened my eyes and saw something I was not expecting.
“It wasn’t a dream.”  I said while looking at the 5 men in my room.

Andy chuckled before saying,”no i guess it wasn’t.”

I smirked and said,” So I guess sexyness runs in the blood then.”

The boys started to laugh while Andy said,”Yea, I guess it does.”

—————————————————————————————————-So yea this happened. I hope you guys liked it. I wrote it in math so i don’t know if it’s to good. But yea the requests are the same: The creatures, 5sos, Sidemen, Harry Potter, Criminal Minds, Johnnie Guilbert, Black Veil Brides. No boyxboy or girlxgirl. smut, fluff, and regular imagines plz. and tell me if you want visuals plz.

Panic attacks

Part 3: It’s getting worst

I sighed and finally sat down on the couch. I don’t know why I’m just so scared, it will be fine. Justin isn’t a baby to feel afraid to let him go alone. Staying at the hotel was his idea and I didn’t want to make him think about his panic attacks by telling him that I can’t leave his side so I just let him go alone. Saying that I regret it is something understandable. I shouldn’t have left him go alone and sit here so nervous and worried like that.

I threw my head back and sighed hoping he just does he show and come without anything. I already wish for this tour to be done already because yesterday was enough for me to loose all my patient for the people that do this to him.

I got up and went on twitter. Seeing everyone talking about yesterday’s scene was horrible because the rumors were so much away from what really happened.

“I really hope you all sop with the pressure you put on Justin and open your eyes to see how much you hurt him.” I almost pressed tweet. It took everything in me to not tweet what I wrote thinking what it could do to Justin. I didn’t want him to deal with more drama. I just deleted everything and shut my phone to not see anything that could piss me off and make me me tweet something that I will regret later.

I opened the TV and looked through the channels then shut it when I didn’t find anything interesting. Why the fuck was I so nervous? Everything is going to be alright. Just when I was going to get up to go take a shower to calm me down my phone started to ring. Seeing Mike’s ID made my heart drop. I answered the call.

“YN.” He called. I could hear wind around him and his loud breathing meaning that he was running or walking fast.

“Mike! What’s wrong?” I called but nobody answered and I just heard him yelling hurry to someone. “Mike!” I stood up yelling. I didn’t know what to do and panicking won’t give me the chance to do anything. “Mike. What’s wrong?”

“Justin.” He said through the phone then I heard doors shutting.

“What is happening?” I yelled. “Mike, what happened to Justin?” I screamed. I kept walking around the house not knowing where to go or what to do. I was in a hotel in a country that I visit for the first time in my life.

“He…had a panic attack like yesterday,” He started then I heard another door shutting. the people around him saying go go go. “But this time it was worse and he blacked out.”

“What?” I yelled, widen my eyes.

Then I heard an ambulance siren making my heart skip a few beats. Tears fell down my cheeks.

“WHERE IS HE?” I yelled then ran to the room to get ready.

“e are taking him to a hospital.” Mike.

“Where? Where? Send me the address.” I said. My heart was beating fast and my hands were shaking to the point that I almost dropped my phone twice. I put it on speaker and threw it on the bed.

“You can’t come YN.” He said.

“Mike! Send me the fucking address.” I said taking off my pj and put on a shirt and pants.

“You won’t be able to come alone! At least wait until I take him to the hospital then I will come take you.” He said.

“I am not waiting until you finish. Plus you have to stay by his side so text me the address and I will find a taxi.” I took my phone and started to run out of the room.

“I don’t…know.” He hesitated.

“MIKE I CAN’T LEAVE HIM ALONE!” I yelled. I had a lack of patient for everyone at the moment. I am stupid. I am so stupid to let him go alone. “Mike fucking send me the address or I swear to god I will find it myself.” I said.

“Fine, fine.” He said then paused for awhile. When I heard him asking where they were going I sighed.

I probably looked crazy running out of the building but I didn’t care. I looked on my two sides not knowing where to go to find a taxi.

“Hey, uhm..excuse me?” I tapped on some girl’s shoulder that was standing there next to the hotel. “Do you know where to go to find a taxi?” I asked when she looked at me.

“You have to pass the other way and walk for about five minutes to find the taxis parking area.” She said.

“Okay thank you.” I said then started to walk where she pointed me. I looked at the cars but didn’t care and passed ignoring them honking at me. I ran to the other side then kept walking straight just like this girl told me.

“Okay I sent you the address.” Mike send then my phone vibrated on my ear.

“Okay. Bye.” I said.

“No, stay on the phone until you get in a taxi.” He said and I nodded even though I new he couldn’t see me.

I finally saw a taxi sign which made me hurry to the place. I saw a lot of taxis parking so I walked to one of them. I got in and gave him the address after I hung up with Mike.

When I got there, I forgot that I didn’t have money. “Hey uhm my friend is inside so I will go get money from him.” I said. He hesitated at first but when he saw how scared and worried I am he agreed.

I ran in while looking for Mike’s number. He answered on the second ring. “I’m in the hospital where are you?” I asked.

“Wait, I will come get you.”

I sighed and rubbed my thumbs together while looking right and left hoping for him to be okay. After a few second I saw him walking toward me.

“Where…Where is he?” I straight up asked.

“Calm down. He is okay and awake now. Come I will take you there.” He said.

“No, I didn’t have money to give to the taxi so go give him his money.” I said. “Just tell me what’s his room number?” I impatiently asked.

“672. Second floor.” He said. I nodded and didn’t even wait for him to say anything else, I started to run to the elevator.

I pressed second floor and looked up calling God’s name. When the door opened I hurried out then started to look for the rooms. My heart dropped when I saw his room number on one of the door. I quickly opened the door to find scooter in front of the bed.

“Justin!” I called grabbing everyone’s attention. I ran to his opened arms and hugged him tight.

“Hey, it’s okay. I’m okay.” He said as I shook in his arms. I finally let relives tears down my eyes as he rubbed my back. “Please don’t shake like that.” He said.

I pulled away and wiped my tears. “Are you okay?” I asked him nodding.

He smiled nodding. I shut my eyes and sighed. “You scared the shit out of me.”

He gave me a sorry look as I sighed.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” I asked again. He nodded rubbing my hand. “What happened?”

“It’s getting worst.” He whimpered and looked away.

Part 4

The twin (Joe request)

“Corr the Maynard’s are killing it tonight!” Mikey jokes, handing Conor back his phone.
“Of course!” Jack grins.
“Even though you’re adopted” You comment quietly and your twin glares at you.
“We shared the womb. You adore me” Jack winks
“Alright sure” You roll your eyes, “What time is everyone else getting here?”
“Any minute now” Conor, your elder brother, answers, “Someone missing their boyfriend?” He questions, referencing to Joe.
“Yeah of course" You reply sarcastically and notice as Joe, Caspar, Josh and Oli walk into the restaurant.
“Hey guys!” Mikey smiles, going over to greet them all.
All of you hug each other and go to sit at the table you had saved. Joe come over to you and leans down to give you a quick kiss on the lips.
“Alright guys keep the PDA to the moments when I’m not here please” Conor comments.
“Yeah yeah lonely asshole” You joke, knowing Conor loved you and Joe being together.
“So when do you two go away?” Oli asks as you and Joe sit down next to each other.
“Next Monday” Joe answers, “Mykonos here we come”
“That seems like the destination for YouTube couples recently” Caspar points out with a laugh.
“Get ready for the cute daily vlogs” Josh wiggles his brows.
“I need a video before we leave though” Your boyfriend says.
“Yeah alright we’ll think of something” You smile.
“How about twin vs boyfriend?” Oli suggests, looking through the menu in front of him.
“That’s not a bad idea” Joe nods.
“I was gonna do that for my channel!” Jack says though you know full well he is only saying that because he knows its a good idea.
“Maybe it should be (y/n)’s first video” Conor nudges you. Though you had been in plenty of the boys videos and vlogs and always helped them out with their channels, you had never made your own. There wasn’t really a reason you had just never thought of doing it. And they regularly joked about it.
“Hmm that won’t be coming just yet” You chuckle, “I’m preparing for the big reveal though boys”
“To be honest guys, put (y/n) in any video and your views will just go right up anyway” Mikey laughs, “I’ve certainly used that to my advantage”
“Thanks for the respect guys. Means a lot” You roll your eyes.
“I’m gonna miss you when you go live with Joe” Jack changes the subject back.
“I’m just down the road. I’m sure you’ll live”
“But that means I have to cook for myself and I can’t deal with that” Your twin pouts jokingly.
“Is that all I am ay?” You raise your brows, kicking him under the table.
“But we share everything!” He exclaims and you finish for him.
“Even the womb” You laugh, “I know Jacky! You remind me every day”
“Ahh the memories” Conor reminisces.
“Shut up you ancient ass” You chuckle.
“God you can’t take these three anywhere together can you?” Oli shakes his head, “If anyone didn’t realise, we came here for food and I’m bloody starving”
“Odds on me guessing exactly what she’s going to order” Jack wiggles his brows.
“Mate that’s easy” Mikey reminds him and all of the boys recite your normal order perfectly.

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Wolfstar headcanons where Remus sends dirty messages to Sirius in class???????


  • Jesus fucking Christ
  • That was the only thought circulating through Sirius’ head.
  • Well, that and lots of ‘fuck’
  • He jumped every time his phone buzzed softly from beneath his desk, making James send him curious looks.
  • Each time he told himself not to open the message, that he was only making things harder for himself (literally)
  • And each time, he did.

(11:14 am) Moons:

You see McGonagall’s desk? All that shit all over it?

(11:14 am) Moons:

I want to shove all of it off and bend you over the top of it so I can fuck you until you can’t see straight.

(11:15 am) Pads:


(11:15 am) Moons: 

Hm, you don’t like the desk thing? Well, why don’t we try the prefect’s bathroom?

(11:15 am) Pads:


(11:15 am) Moons:

I’d push you up against the wall… Kiss you… Bite at your neck - I know you like that… Think I’d make you beg a little though.

(11:16 am) Pads:

Fuck, Remus I’m not kidding… I can’t take this- not in these pants.

(11:17 am) Moons:

Think I’d leave those on for a while then… Tease you through them. Mouth or hand, what do you prefer? That’d make you beg, wouldn’t it?

(11: 17 am) Pads:

That’s it.

  • “Professor? May I be excused I have to use the loo.”
  • McGonagall would just wave him off, “Yes, yes. Now, as I was saying…”
  • The second Sirius is through the doors he’s whipping his phone out again,

(11:20 am) Pads:

Bathroom. You have two minutes.

(11:21 am) Pads:

You have one minute.

(11:23 am) Pads:

You’re late.

(11:24 am) Pads:

You’re very late. I swear to god Remus, I’ll finish myself off.

(11:24 am) Moons:

Bet you’d picture me the entire time though. I know you like the way I look up when I go down on you. Bet you could get off on just the thought alone.

(11:24 am) Pads:

Moons, please. Just come. I don’t want to do it myself.

(11:24 am) Pads:

I want you. Please.

  • And not two minutes later, Remus was slipping through the bathroom door, placing a locking charm on it and wasting no time in pinning Sirius to the nearest wall.
  • “What took you so long?” Sirius breathed, trying desperately to create friction between their bodies.
  • Remus just smirked, pressing a soft kiss to Sirius’ lips before sinking to his knees, 
  • “Told you I’d make you beg.”
Imagine #2 La Tortura

Originally posted by neyney-bartra

Neymar and I have been friends since he started playing for FC Barcelona. If it wasn’t for Dani Alves’ sake, we would’ve never met. I happened to be his favorite cousin and spent a lot of time with him back when he still lived in Brazil. When he moved to Barça, I promised him to finish my school and then go to an University in Barcelona, so I could be with him again. Thank god my family trusted him enough, so here I am in Barcelona. I moved in with him, because he insisted on it. No matter what I would say, he wouldn’t have let me live somewhere else, that’s how stubborn he is. You gotta take it or leave it.

Neymar on the other hand, in the beginning he always came over because he didn’t know anyone else. Him and Dani have been bro’s since forever. So that way I got to meet him and we always hang out and have a good time. Of course, not very often, because my Uni is giving me shit loads of work. But the times I have some spare time, I mostly spend it with them.


Today we’re going out for dinner, but it’s a restaurant where they have a dance floor and so on. So basically a club where you can eat good food, if that makes sense. And you know, Brazilians always love to dance and be happy.

It was 8:00 pm and I was getting ready. I put on a lace, tight red dress, combined with some black, classy heels. I straightened my long, black hair and let it loose. I kept my make-up minimal. To finish off the whole look I threw on some accessories.

“Y/N! Are you done yet?” Dani yelled from downstairs

Right in time, I looked at myself in the mirror for the last time and was satisfied with the result.

“Coming!” I yelled back

I grabbed my clutch and put my phone and some gum in it. I quickly walked down the stairs, still being careful I wouldn’t fall.

As I looked through the living room my eyes met Neymar’s. I quizzically looked over at Dani.

“I thought it would just be us two?” I asked my cousin, who was more like the brother I never had.

“I know, but he felt lonely, because his friends left yesterday.” He replied

“Oh, okay, no problem.” I smiled at Neymar

He let out a deep breath.

“What?” I asked him

“I thought you would be mad.” He chuckled

“Why would I be?”

“I don’t know, for ruining the whole family dinner…” He trailed off

“Well, you definitely thought wrong! We enjoy your company!” I winked, “You’re so tense today, loosen up dude.” I told him.

He smiled and his eyes lit up. He let his arm rest on my shoulder as we walked out of the house and Dani locked the house. We reached the car. Dani was driving, Neymar sat shotgun and I was in the back. I started playing games on my phone because I was bored. After 15 minutes we arrived at the restaurant and stepped out of the car. Dani and Neymar both offered me their hands, so I linked each arm to one of theirs and walked in the middle. Perks of having a sweet cousin and a nice friend, I guess.

We walked inside and a couple fans recognized the boys, so they took some pictures while I was already sitting at our table. The music was blasting through big speakers and there were people dancing on the dancefloor. After a couple of minutes they came back.

“So, what’s the schedule for the upcoming week?” I asked

“Nothing big, just some Liga games.” Dani said

We continued talking about their games and ordered our food. Time had passed and finally our food came. I finished it quickly, because I was hungry, probably because I hadn’t eaten much at home.

Even Ney and Dani weren’t done yet! They looked at me with wide eyes, then looked at each other and laughed.

“Oh my god, stop laughing! I was hungry, okay? Damn. Can’t a girl finish before boys? God.” I complained

They laughed even harder and minutes later they finished theirs.

We went over to the bar and took a seat.

“Let’s do shots!” I yelled enthusiastically

“Sure” Neymar agreed

“How ‘bout you?” I looked at Dani

“Nah, you guys go ahead. I still need to drive!” He exclaimed

Neymar and I both took one shot at the same time. I felt the liquor burning in my throat and I’m pretty sure Ney felt the same as he made a weird face.

We talked a bit more until I heard my favorite song ever come on.

“OH MY GOD!” I screamed

Neymar looked at me as if I was crazy and I think I even startled him. I chuckled at that.

Dani on the other hand muttered “Here we go again…”

He probably knows.

“Let’s dance!” I shouted

“How about you two go, I’m not really in the mood.” Dani yelled over the music

Hmm… weird. What’s up with him today? I decided to ask him later and just shrug it off for now.

I nodded and grabbed Neymar’s hand. But he pulled it back.

“I don’t want to dance either!” He whined like a baby

“Oh hun, it’s cute how you think I’m not gonna make you dance.” I winked

His eyes grew wide and smirked, he whispered something to Dani. He nodded and Neymar stood up.

“Let’s go!”

“Really?” I said happily

“Definitely!” He reassured

We walked towards the dancefloor and we started dancing to the beat and Shakira’s beautiful singing.

Que te fueras sin decir a dónde
Ay amor fue una tortura…
Perderte” I sang along and moved my hips like Shakira does, she taught me that.

“Yo sé que no he sido un santo
Pero lo puedo arreglar, amor” He sang Alejandro’s part

“No sólo de pan vive el hombre
Y no de excusas vivo yo” I continued

“Sólo de errores se aprende
Y hoy sé que es tuyo mi corazón” He continued

He grabbed my waist and turned me around so my back was against his front. I started dancing again but then the song ended so I turned around again. I smiled at Neymar who was biting his bottom lip.

Another song came on, one I didn’t know, but it had a salsa beat so I just moved my feet back and forth again. He did the same and then spun me around a couple times. We were laughing and having a great time. Soon a slow song played. He pulled me closer to him and put his hands on around my waist, right above my ass. I smirked and put my arms around his neck. We swayed to the beat and my gaze met his. He was staring intensely in my eyes and I did the same.

“You know you’re a pretty good dancer, right.” I told him

“Same goes for you. Even better.” He winked

I slightly felt my cheeks heat up. He leaned in close, his eyes fixed on my lips. I wanted to do the same until someone had to ruin the moment.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Dani asked Neymar and poked his shoulder, he immediately pulled back

“Uhh…I…Nothing?” He stuttered looking lost

“We were just dancing!” I exclaimed, upset he ruined the moment

“Well, it was about to go to a whole new level, wasn’t it?” He asked slightly pissed off

I groaned.

“I’m sorry, blame me for it.” Ney said, an apologetic look on his face

“Let’s just go home.” I told them and grabbed my clutch from Dani

I walked in front of them, because I wouldn’t dare to look them both in the eye, that would just be awkward. Dani unlocked the car and I quickly sat in the back. The car roared off. I pretended as if I was asleep, so I wouldn’t have to talk and answer awkward questions.

“We’re here.” Dani slightly shook me

I stepped out of the car and made my way towards the front door. I walked in and saw Neymar standing there talking with Dani.

“Why is he still here?” I asked Dani confused

“He’s staying over.”

Perfect. Just perfect timing.

“Can you give me and Dani a minute?” I asked Ney

“Sure, I’ll be upstairs in the guestroom.”

I nodded my head.

“So, what’s up with you?”

“I’m sorry for everything I did today, but this morning I found out my girlfriend cheated on me.” He explained

“Oh my god, no way! Why didn’t you tell me earlier?” I said, walking up to him to give him a comforting hug

“I don’t know, I didn’t want to ruin your mood, I guess.”

“Just know that I am here for you, Neymar too, the whole Barça team. Everyone!” I hugged him tightly

“Thanks.” He said hugging me back, a weak smile on his face

“Anytime, big bro.”

“I’ll get some sleep now, it’s been a long day.” He sighed

“Yeah, good night irmão!” I gave him a kiss on the cheek and walked to my room

“Oh and Y/N! Go get him!” He winked as he pointed at the guestroom.

I blushed and laughed, “I will.”

I entered my room and changed into my pj’s, removed my make-up and brushed my teeth. I decided to text Neymar, hoping he was still awake.

*Oii, you still awake?*

I pressed send and hoped for the best. Just seconds later I got a reply. He was probably on his phone, as always.

*Yeah, can’t fall asleep*

Same here. Then I heard another 'ding’.

*Can I come to you, like right now?*

*What, whyy??*

I heard a silent knock on my door. Ugh, he didn’t even bother to answer me. I opened it, he stepped inside and slammed it shut.

“What the hell? You can’t just barge into my room like that. It’s 23:30, I bet you have no reason to come here.”

“Oh, believe me. I have a reason.” He said in a husky voice

He grabbed me, pushed me against the wall, pinned my hands above my head and kissed me aggressively, but still passionate. I put my legs around his waist and he carried us to the bed. He dropped me and laid on top of me.

We pulled away breathlessly.

“I really like you, Y/N. And I would do everything to give us a shot.” He sweetly smiled

I flipped us over so I was on top.

“I like the sound of that… us.

He kissed me again and then I crawled under my blankets.

“Stay please?” I begged him

“Oh, I ain’t going nowhere.” He winked

He laid down next to me.

“Boa noite, my soon-to-be girlfriend.” He smirked

I rolled my eyes playfully and laughed, “Boa noite, prince charming.”

I turned around, turned off the lights and he wrapped his strong arms protectively around my body.

Damn, this boy is torture.

La Tortura.


Hii guyss!!! Here is my second imagine, sorry if this sucked, I just really wanted something with La Tortura since it’s one of my fave songs and btw I don’t know if such a restaurant exists, i just made it up. Tell me what you think of this and pls feel free to give me feedback. love y’all ❤❤ 

Imagine waking up next to Dean <3

“Morning beautiful” Dean says, his voice still tired. “Goodmorning handsome” you say laying your hand on his chest. He gives you a small smile and wraps his arms around you. “This is a really nice way to wake up” he says and kisses the top of your head. “Yeah I know…” you say and close your eyes. You don’t ever want to forget this. It’s not so often you get to wake up together like a normal couple on a sunday morning. 
He starts to pull away and you make a groan. “Where are you going?” he smiles at you. God I am one lucky man. “I’m coming back. Go back to sleep” and with that he went out of his room.

After he was gone a while you fall back to sleep. Last night you finished a hunt and this was not one of the easy ones. Dean never likes it when you come with him and Sam on hunts, but he isn’t the boss of you. You want to come. You know that he doesn’t want you to come because he cares about you, but you want to come because you care about him too. 
Dean comes in with a tray in his arms and puts it down carefully. He wakes you up and ones again you groan. “What are… mhm… Pancakes” you notice the pancakes on the tray and your whole face lights up. He chuckles. He made them just for you. He knows the hunt was hard on you, and he knows pancakes is your favorite. “Deeeean. Thank you so much. I love you” you put your hand on his cheek and give him a kiss. “You’re welcome” he says and you spent the rest of the morning in bed eating pancakes. 

being a full time student and running an art blog means choosing between taking a nap bc you got 5 hours of sleep last night and finishing the rough sketch for a major illo bc god knows when you’ll have time with all the homework this weekend haha amirite guys

the question is am I going to turn this into a painting or lineart+shaded flats


Imagine #80 Give his heart a break

I was at a party that Neymar made for all his friends, now that he came back for a week in Brazil. I met him about four months ago when he was in Brazil for the international break and I was having an interview with him so we talked even after it and became good friends.

For me he was not just a friend anymore, as I started liking him a lot. However, he was not showing as much interest as I was. All of my friends said that he does like me that it is obvious, but to me I could see that he was not sure about it. I knew he recently broke up with Bruna for some reason, but I didn’t ask him anything. However, he did told me that he is not planning to fall in love anytime soon.

I was happy that he invited me, because it meant that he does count me as a good friend and because I was dying to see him after four months.

I decided to wear just some shirts and a non-sleeved shirt, because I knew that it was not a high-class party. When I finally came to his house, my heart started beating faster than ever. I was nervous to meet him again, we talked face to face just once and even if we did skype sometimes, to see him in front of me was making me scared but excited at the same time.

When I walked inside there were already people drinking and dancing, I felt so stupid because I didn’t know anyone. As I walked around to find Neymar, a girl stopped me.

“Hey! You’re (y/n) I guess?”

“Yeah, that’s me” I smiled and recognized it was Rafaella, Neymar’s sister.

“You’re so pretty! Neymar just walked outside” She smiled and made me feel a little less nervous.

“Thank you, I’ll go find him” I said and walked to the garden he had in front of the house. It was big and there was an awesome pool with people already diving and dancing around.

Then I noticed him. He was in just his swim shorts and talking with his friends, then they all took a selife. I didn’t know how to approach him, how to start talking with him, but then I saw he walked away from his friends and he was finally alone.

I walked towords him and he smiled as he noticed me. When I was in front of him he hugged me and kind of lift me up laughing.

“You came” He said and then let me down.

“I couldn’t let you leave again before seeing you” I smiled and he hugged me once again then placed a kiss on my head.

“I would not even leave before seeing you” he said and walked me inside with his arm around my shoulder. I was happier than ever, I had an enormous crush on him and hearing him say things like that were making me smile.

As we came inside he made me a drink and we started talking. He told me about living in Spain and how his games are going then I told him about my job and school. While talking us had, some more shots and I started feeling the alcohol.

“Let’s dance” I smiled and took his hand to drag him where people were already dancing. Neymar rolled his eyes laughing, but I could see he was enjoying it. As we, danced people started screaming and staring at us, I was closer and closer to him then he kind of step away.

I was embarrassed, he moved away from me as I almost kissed him. I danced until the song finished pretending I was okay. He walked me outside and we sat on a sofa alone.

“You’re a good dancer,” Neymar laughed as he placed his arm on the sofa but around my shoulder. His acting confused me. He was the entire afternoon with me, we danced, he didn’t let me go, but he stepped away from the kiss.

“You’re not bad yourself” I smiled and couldn’t help but stare straight in to his eyes and so did he. We were in silence for about four seconds lost in our eyes until he moved away his look.

“I’ll go talk with Gil now” He said and walked away.

I was there alone confused and upset until Rafaella came and gave me another drink, “Here you go”.

“Oh God, I think this is the last drink I’m having” I said and Rafaella laughed as she finished her drink.

“So, are you having fun?” She asked and looked around the place to see what everyone is doing.

“I am yeah; Neymar knows how to organize a good party”

“Yeah, when he comes back home, he wants everyone to have fun and just enjoy together”

“He’s perfect,” I said quietly but she heard and laughed.

“Am I missing something?”

“What? No, no. I just like him as a person, he is not even interested.” I said once again embarrassing myself.

“He is interested, but somehow he is not the same with girls since Bruna cheated on him”

“How could she cheat on Neymar, he is all a girl could ask for”

“Okay, he is my brother so I can’t have this conversation with you, but yeah he is amazing.” Rafaella laughed and got up and then took my hand and lifted me up, “Go get him” she winked and walked away.

I felt bad that Neymar broke up because of Bruna cheating. However, I wasn’t like her, I would never do that to him, so I decided to walk to him. Mostly because I was drunk and felt invincible.

“Ney” I said as I placed my hand on his arm while he was talking with some of his friends.

“Oo preta, having fun?”

“Can we talk?” I said and noticed his face lost his smile.

“Someone is in trouble,” One of his friends said jokingly and the others laughed.

I walked him away from everyone, on the next floor to talk in peace.

“What’s wrong?”

“I’m not like her, I’m not like the others,” I said not even explaining him what I wanted, but he understood.


“Neymar, trust me.” I said and placed my hand on his cheeks.

“I am having a hard time with trusting people”

“I like you Neymar. My heart beats the second I see your name on my phone, when you touch me or just look at me. I have feelings for you”

I waited for an answer but he stayed there in silence. He clearly didn’t know what to say, so I walked a step away from him with tears in my eyes.

“Wait” He said and I turned around to see him, but I didn’t say anything.

“Hope I won’t regret this” Neymar said as he grabbed my face and pulled me in a kiss. I couldn’t believe he actually let me in, he let me in to his heart.

“I’m not going to break your heart” I whispered and then kissed him once again.