god knows what i will wake up to lmao


infodumping about the ocean

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Beronica obviously lmao

Woah I wasn’t expecting this at all wtf
Who is the night owl? Veronica, Betty has always had a set bed time in place by her mother since she was born so she is always asleep by 10, Veronica however is used to staying up and doing god knows what

Who is the morning person? Betty honestly. Betty loves to wake up and cook Veronica breakfast and watch the sunrise, sometimes she’ll just go for a walk if there is enough time before Veronica wakes up (there almost always is)

Are they cuddlers? Oh my god yes! Even in public you’ll find Veronica sitting so close to Betty she’s nearly on top of her. Betty secretly loves it. Veronica is the perfect height to rest her head on Betty’s shoulder so you’ll see them walking through the halls with Veronica clinging to Betty’s waist with her cheek squished against the taller girls shoulder.

Who’s the big spoon and who’s the little spoon?
(Me 3 weeks ago would have said Veronica as the big spoon 100%) Betty is about 80% of the time. Betty feels Veronica is always protecting Betty and being the big spoon is Betty’s way to feel like she’s protecting Veronica

Who steals all the blankets? Veronica does but she always feels bad about it and denies it. She often wakes up in the middle of the night to throw some of the stolen blankets over a shivering Betty. Although soon after Betty wakes up and gives the blankets back to Veronica because she doesn’t care if she’s that cold.

What they wear to bed: Veronica used to wear athletic shorts and tank tops but for Christmas Betty got her a unicorn onesie as a joke but Veronica now wears it to bed every single night. Betty just wears what ever t-shirt she wore that day and shorts

Who likes to see the other wearing their t-shirt: Veronica, Betty likes it too but whenever Betty wears one of Veronica’s shirts there is always 2 inches of Betty’s stomach revealed and Veronica loves it.

Who falls asleep mid-conversation: Veronica usually does, she loves to fall asleep to Betty’s voice so she’ll ask some science question and listen to Betty rant about the subject as she falls asleep. Betty knows exactly what she’s doing.

Who wakes up in the middle of the night because of nightmares? They both do. Betty is always having nightmares about her sister and her parents and Veronica is the one to calm her down and cuddle her (this is when Veronica becomes the big spoon) and Veronica sometimes has nightmares about her father, Betty calms her down by tracing hearts down Veronica’s arms with her pointer finger.

Who accidentally punched the other in their sleep? Veronica, she is crazy while sleeping and Betty sometimes gets hit with one of the flying limbs

Who can’t keep their hands off the other? Also Veronica. Veronica wants everyone to know that Betty is hers and only hers. And everyone got that a long time ago but Veronica will still hold Betty close in any situation. Betty doesn’t mind it one bit

Wow I wrote a lot more than I thought it did.

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multiples of 10!

Thanks so much for asking!😋

10. Do you like the way you grew up?
Yea definitely! I have wonderful parents and moving a lot molded my love for traveling and meeting new people!
20. What was the last thing you watched on tv?
I think it was Elena of Avalor. My niece rly likes that show lmao
30. How’s the weather right now?
It’s peaceful outside from what I can see!
40. What was your first thought when you woke up this morning?
Probably “god it’s too early to be waking up”
50. 5 random facts about yourself:
1. I have an older sister that’s older by 8 years
2. I’m half Chamorro and half white
3. I tried auditioning to sing We Know the Way for choir but instead the advanced choir is singing it (and pronouncing the Polynesian words wrong)
4. I can’t sleep without music
5. We’re moving into a new house this weekend!

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Give me all the nsfw headcanons!!! They've been amazing so far and I totally accepting then as canon. (Came off anon because you're so nice, hello.)

omg i have reached a new level in life. hello fame. and hey!

- Let’s start here: Jason and foreplay should be a fucking sin. His whole body should be a sin tbh.

- He’s hella flexible (thank training) and he’s good at doing it pretty much anywhere. table? on it. wall? done. anywhere.

- This man is a treasure. He just completely worships their body all over and he loves the sound of them moaning/gasping his name.

- He’s great at teasing but he’s so impatient oh my god. Tease him at your own risk. If he gets too impatient, he’ll just flip you on your back and just have his way with you and let’s be real i sure as hell wouldn’t mind that

- like I said before, this boy’s mouth is made for oral. He knows just what points to hit and just how to drive you wild and he can’t help that stupid sexy smirk.

- magic hands are magic y'all. he’s good at multitasking too.

- also when you pull on his hair? 10/10

- lube is necessary bc this boi is thicc. Like everyone knows he’s cocky but you didn’t know he was THAT cocky y'know what I’m sayin 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾

- he loves leaving hickeys. loves. it.

- strength in the bedroom. I was not forgetting this. if you’re into that, he can hold you down with ease. he knows how to hold back bc he doesn’t wanna break you but he also knows how to use just enough strength to make it hurt in a good way you feel me?

- He’s incredibly loving. I mean this boy takes time to admire every part of you and leave kisses and hickeys everywhere.

- also the sounds that Jason can make?? oh holy lord don’t even get me started. if I haven’t stressed this enough, his mouth was crafted by God himself

- Jason knows how to be a sub and a dom if you’re into that but God he makes a sexy dom. But also who wouldn’t wanna have their way with him I mean this boi….MMM

- He loves to be able to watch you reach your climax bc that’s what sends him over.

-he’s got stamina for fucking days but he also knows that not everyone has that so he stops when you’re ready. He’s considerate and respectful like that.

- he likes to be able to hold you close to him too afterward.

- bonus! imagine waking up to his head between your thighs. imma stop it there.

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You say "oh my god" a lot lmao

haha i know omg bc my brother is just the type of person that there is like no other response to say to what he does apart from oh my god

like the first one was bc he poked me on fb and i was like let me live and he was like “i’m poking c*nts that need to wake up” and i was just like oh my god

like everything is just oh my god im constantly rolling my eyes but laughing