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3 LITTLE WORDS... || starter pack

Send me one to see how my muse reacts. Some are fluffy, some are angsty, some are smutty, some are something else entirely…

Some of these may be triggering or NSFW!

  • “I love you.”
  • “I hate you.”
  • “Go fuck yourself.”
  • “I guess so…”
  • “I guess not.”
  • “Love me, please.”
  • “Don’t say that.”
  • “Don’t do that.”
  • “Don’t touch me.”
  • “Please, hold me.”
  • “Pain changes people.”
  • “You haven’t changed.”
  • “Please don’t go.”
  • “Look behind you.”
  • “Go kill yourself.”
  • “I can change.”
  • “Don’t ever change.”
  • “Want a hit?”
  • “Do you smoke?”
  • “Fuck me now.”
  • “Take my hand.”
  • “Lead the way.”
  • “Duck and cover!”
  • “Just go home.”
  • “Take me home.”
  • “Walk me there?”
  • “Everyone, shut up!”
  • “Just shut up.”
  • “Please stop it.”
  • “Please don’t die.”
  • “I need you.”
  • “I want you.”
  • “Want a hug?”
  • “Want a kiss?”
  • “Are you sure?”
  • “Are you lying?”
  • “That’s the truth.”
  • “I’m not lying.”
  • “Oh my God.”
  • “For fuck’s sake!”
  • “I got it.”
  • “I found it.”
  • “Call me later.”
  • “Text me later.”
  • “Don’t call me.”
  • “Are you crying?”
  • “I wasn’t crying.”
  • “Please don’t laugh.”
  • “Please don’t cry.”
  • “That’s a lie.”
  • “What’d they say?”
  • “What’ll it be?”
  • “It’s last call.”
  • “It’s almost midnight.”
  • “Do you promise?”
  • “That’s a promise.”
  • “Are you serious?”
  • “Don’t bullshit me.”
  • “I punched him.”
  • “I killed him.”
  • “I kissed him.”
  • “I love him.”
  • “I hate him.”
  • “I lied before.”
  • “I’m so sorry.”
  • “I’m not sorry.”
  • “I’ll come over.”
  • “Can you come?”
  • “Want to cuddle?”
  • “Maybe we should.”
  • “Maybe we shouldn’t.”
  • “You don’t say.”
  • “Make me come.”
  • “Did you come?”
  • “I stole it.”
  • “I broke it.”
  • “Any bones broken?”
  • “Are you okay?”
  • “Are you hurt?”
  • “That must’ve hurt.”
  • “He was lying.”
  • “It’s our song.”
  • “Can I help?”
  • “Help me out.”
  • “Please, for me?”
  • “Anything for you.”
  • “I doubt it.”
  • “I believe you.”
When you not prepared to get pussy...

Me: Masturbates multiple times in 1 day out of boredom😒  

(Later on that day, Took a Shower, now chilling with homies)

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Me: (Gets a Call from GF)

GF: Want to come over so we can have sexy time? 😏😊

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Me: Nah babe, I’m good, we can just chill another time. 

GF: What bitch you been fucking?! I’m about to come over & smell your dick! Is my pussy not good enough?! 🔪🚬👿 

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Me: oh my god… 


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Me: Bruuuuh just chill it ain’t like that, 😕 

GF: I’m outside, open the door! 

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Me: (sends homie outside to tell her calm down)


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Homie: I tried man, you have to face her now…

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Me: (Opens the door)

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Me : Oh My Fuck….

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All because i kept my hands to myself…

GF: I just wanna talk babe

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Me: Nah I’m good (runs back in the house)

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GF: (Busts the door down)

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GF: Give me my dick right now

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Me: (Dick gets hard but is still sore from earlier)

My Dick: We were not prepared for this!, but we have no choice…

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Me: Lets get it!

Ace Keith Headcanons
  • He didn’t know it back then. He didn’t care about it. Ignored all his classmates who were passing around lewd magazines and just continued browsing why on earth pluto was no longer a planet. The injustice! 
  • When his classmates at the Garrison asked him if he ever had a girlfriend 
    “Never had one.” 
    “A boyfriend then?” 
    “Nope. None of that either.”
    “But why?”
    “I was not aware it was a requirement, Charles.”
    Others thought he was a snob and a bit snarky after that.
  • At night he just read books. Sometimes he drew things like spaceships and alien warships. He loved outer space and he was going to be an ace pilot and be the youngest pilot to go on a mission. His roommate gave up inviting him to parties to meet possible mates. “Have fun.” “You too.”
  • When he wanted to be alone, he snuck up to the rooftop just so he could trace the constellations and get more inspiration for his drawings. He liked the quiet and the natural light the moon gave him to see what he was drawing on his skethpad.
    “What are you doing in a place like this at this hour, cadet?”
    Keith looked up to see the one and only Garrison Golden Boy.
    “I could say the same for you, Sir.” He got back to drawing.
    Shiro sat beside him and just watched him draw in silence. 
  • It became a thing. Shiro finding Keith on the rooftop, reading or drawing. They usually didn’t even talk, until Shiro broke their usual silence.
    “How come you’re always up here? Why are you not with your friends? It’s not everyday you get to be in the city and have fun.”
    Keith shrugged. “Hmm. Not really my type of fun or thing.”
    “Huh. Interesting.”
  • They became friends after that. Their feet dangling on the rooftop as Shiro would tell Keith a joke or something that happened to him in class. Keith didn’t draw all the time, he’d have the sketchpad on his lap and just laugh and tell Shiro things too.
  • Their conversation led to talking about crushes one time, because that topic was always interesting.
    “Had my first crush back in elementary,” Shiro laughed. “A bit silly to be honest. Then she liked me back and we became a couple.”
    “Wow. That’s so… young.” Keith chuckled.
    “How about you? Who was your first crush?”
    Keith furrowed his eyebrows. “I’ve never had one.”
    “What?” Shiro asked, a bit scandalized at the revelation. “No way!”
    “I just haven’t seen anyone that way, I guess. If it happens, then it happens. But to be honest, I don’t think anyone will even like me since I’m not into that or see anyone like that.” Keith forced a fake cough. 
    Shiro was silent for a while and then he smiled. “Keith, do you know the word for that?”
    “The word for what?” Keith looked confused.
    “The word for what I think you are,” Shiro smiled fondly. “It’s asexual. Or ace for short. It’s basically someone who doesn’t experience sexual attraction.”
    Keith blinked. “Oh.” Then he smiled. “I like that. Ace. What a nice word.”
    “It is. You’re literally an Ace Pilot.” Shiro laughed.
    “Oh, shut up.” Keith nudged Shiro playfully, causing his skethpad to fall.
  • The next few months they were on the rooftop, Keith started the talk.
    “I think I have my first crush now.”
    “Oh really? Who is it?” Shiro raised an eyebrow, curious.
    “It’s basically someone you admire, right?”
    Keith nodded. “Okay, I’m sure it’s a crush then.”
    “Keith! Who is it? Oh my god. Don’t kill me this way, man. I must know!”
    Keith laughed. “Oh, I’m pretty sure you’ll know one day, Shiro.”
    Shiro sat back, thinking that was probably enough of an answer. “Okay, so you have this crush on someone now. What do you want to do?”
    “I might want to hold his hand one day. If he’d let me.”
    Shiro smiled at his friend. “I hope you get to hold that boy’s hand, Keith.”
  • A few months later, Keith asked Shiro if he could hold his hand.
A Half God with Daddy Issues

Some backstory: It was a homebrew campaign. We got finished fighting a Dragonborn who killed our half deity friend, Tristan. He was brought back to life by an NPC Priest, Kailee, later that night our half God visits her and…we didn’t expect what would happen next.

Tristan: “I need your help..”

Kailee: “Sure, what do you need?”

Tristan: “You brought me back from death once, right?”

Kailee: “Um…yes? Why do you need?”

Tristan OOC: I pull out my skinning knife. And hesitantly stab myself through the temple. 

Tristan: “I have to talk with my dad.”

DM: -Silence- 

DM, now Tristan’s Father: Hello My Son.

Tristan OOC: I punch him.

Our Party Erupted into laughter.

  • I just survived a mob hit and swam a mile down a river just to escape them so no, I’m not in the goddamn mood to play nice-–give me your fucking car or I’ll blow your head off ok?
  • you shoved a giant bag of cash and drugs in my arms while running from some people and tracked me down later to take it back but oho boyy fuck that I’m not givin this back. serves u right to thinking I’d be too innocent to do anything with it
  • I stole ur car to outrun these assholes but we got t-boned and now both of us are staring down 7 gun barrels-–don’t worry babe ok I totally have this handled
  • all I’m trying to do is capture this fucking guy but you just busted in here like such an ass to try and kill the mofo and I swear to god I will shove my foot so hard up your ass if you kill him—
  • I apparently pissed of the ‘fate committee’ by not dying when I was supposed to so now I’m stuck in some fucken final destination shit by avoiding all these attempts to off me–🖕🏽 fucku you’ll never get me
  • I have searched for years, gone through seven disguises, and am LAYERS deep in lies, ALL to get to the bottom of this mystery and claim my reward and here you come fucking EVERYTHING UP-–either you leave and wipe that goddamn grin off your face or I blow your brains out, go ahead and choose. 
    • *freezes when they say youll have to kill them to get rid of them*
    • *sees them smiling at it* aight fuck yuo
  • *record scratch* yes, some might wonder how I got in this situation: me, here, with a broken nose, few fallen teeth, my entire apartment complex on fire, lipstick all over my neck and ten cocked guns pointed straight at my head, but let me tell you– it’s actually a funny story.
  • yes I am gonna be fucking bitter about being stranded in space with an alien army chasing after us, I signed up for space rocks and neil degrasse tyson not the spacetime fucking oddessy

And now you’re blind!

I’m really hoping that if we ever get to see how was Rose with the Gems in the past, she get’s to be as dorky, clumsy and loveable as Steven. Some trails are hereditaryafter all.

Also, thanks to artemispanthar for the gif and some of the inspiration too  I suck at make them xD

So, we’ve just managed to stumble onto a cult, and I decide to push the statue of their God on top of them to try and kill them all - this, however, doesn’t go well with our Sociopathic Druid.

Me - “I roll to push the statue down on them”


Me - “Yes!”

Druid - “I swear, if you break that statue I’ll break you”

Me -“…I roll to catch the statue”


DM - “You… Catch the statue, and are now holding it”

Me - “I… Roll to set it down gently?”


DM - “… Everyone has just watched you push the statue forwards, catch it then gently put it down”

Later in the day, I went back and broke off a piece of the statue, just to spite the druid. My rogue now wears it as a necklace.

Shit That Happened Sophomore Year of College

since my crazy freshman year post was a big hit, I thought you guys might enjoy a list of some of the weird things that happened this year! Enjoy!

  • someone yelling “BALL SACKS” at the tops of their lungs in the dorm hall while the clock tower chimed ominously in the distance
    • update: door slams five hours later, accompanied by a very annoyed “ball sacks, again”
    • update: week and a half later, someone slammed open the stairwell door, shouted “SUNDAY MORNING! BALL SACKS!” and then slammed it shut and ran down the stairs
    • update: it’s been 8 months. Every time I think the ball sacks guy is finally done, he shows up again at a random hour on a random day and shouts “BALL SACKS” down the hall for no known reason. I am frightened to try and learn more at this point.
  • those two semi-drunk guys on a Tuesday evening that were on a third floor balcony serenading some guys on a second floor balcony with Bohemian Rhapsody
  • that person who was laying face-down on the sidewalk in front of the University Center while crying and his friend was sitting next to him, gently patting him on the back (#same)
  • 2turmt
  • my first real injury in a sword fight
  • people slingshotting shirts off the roof of the English building
  • this conversation with my friend
    • “Get turnt. But get turnt responsibly.”
    • “Life motto.”
    • “Get it embroidered on a throw pillow.”
  • overheard in the library
    • “I dunno, I just don’t think I want to catch them all.”
    • “But you GOTTA catch ‘em all, bro! Don’t make me sing at you!”
  • the guy sitting in the parking lot outside of my dorm, smoking a joint in his car with a plastic skeleton wearing a bridal veil in the passenger seat
  • the RedBull guerrilla marketing teams that would wander around campus giving out free drinks because the campus store only has Monster
  • “You don’t understand, this malleophone is more valuable than my life.”
  • my ASL professor using a picture of Kanye West to teach us the sign for egotistical/big-headed
  • the former Swiss Army Knife CEO subbing for my management class and going on a small rant about Google buying and selling Motorola so much
  • The Smoking Bandit who almost killed me on a Tuesday night, and who cussed me out at 3:30 am a week later, but ended it with “love you!!!”
  • The Sexy Lumberjack Twins
  • conversation a day before the presidential election with my section leader
    • “What are you doing?”
    • “Crocheting. Avoiding news outlets.”
    • “Solid plan.”
  • overheard in line to get breakfast the Sunday before finals
    • “So then he calls me at like 3 am looking for weed and I’m like? Oh my god, no, let me finish this paper I don’t have any weed right now.”
  • “I know he’s kind of a fuckboi, but like… a fuckable fuckboi, you know?”
  • the beer stash in the locker room during spring semester that was liberally used before 10 am
  • “There’s pizza being neglected over here!” -instant mad scramble for the table-
  • overheard on the shared balcony attached to my room
    • “Siri, what the FUCK”
  • before a painfully early class
    • “I can’t recall where my phone is.”
    • “There’s a pun in there somewhere, who wants to take it?”
    • “Give me 20 minutes to finish my coffee first.”
  • LGBT Studies professor: “my gay agenda is maple syrup”
  • “I’m an American college student, I point and laugh at serving sizes.”
  • that time I slowly and dramatically flipped the bird at a classmate in the middle of my big presentation and the prof couldn’t even get mad about it because i had good reason
  • that theater teacher who still wears a kilt every day getting a tandem bicycle for no discernible reason
  • “It’s the oboe… of love.”
  • the Numa Numa song echoing across campus on a Monday afternoon like the ghosts of memes past
  • that time I’m 80% sure someone got a blowjob in the bathroom stall while I was taking a shower. It was 9:30 pm on a Thursday.
  • me to my friend with 3 stitches in his arm: “please be more careful on future midnight cheese runs”
  • the heated discussion between some of the music majors in the row in front of me before a faculty concert on the best butts in the department
  • actually this would be a good time to mention that some of the music business majors put together one of those Sexy Guys calendars (you know the kind, usually featuring firefighters and/or puppies) made up of the Hottest Guys™ within the music dept. I’m will waiting to find out where I can order one because I want to laugh at them all.
  • my music appreciation prof: “Using similes with toddlers is wild, I tell you. I was sick over break and told me 3 year old that I felt like I had been hit by a truck, and he asked me what color it was.”
  • this conversation I had with a wind player
    • “Why are you calling [the oboe professor] Bilbro Baggins?”
    • “Because we realized that the mocking name we used to call him had the same number of syllables as Bilbro Baggins, and he seems to respond to Bilbro even worse than to Obro.”
  • the tenors trying desperately to sing a bass part from a YouTube clip of an opera and failing miserably
  • the day of a big concert
    • And I have to go to goddamn Portland this weekend!”
    • “Which one?”
    • “The goddamn one!”
    • “…I meant which coast but yeah, okay.”
  • that Eastern European guy who just… shows up sometimes in front of the UC to sell overpriced posters
  • #laundryday
    • “Wow, you look really nice today! I like your leggings!”
    • “Thanks I ran out of clean pants this morning.”
  • “If you’re going to whistle something in this [the music] building, I’m gonna have to request something more original than Vivaldi’s Spring.”
  • “The art majors are trying to burn down the soccer field.”
    • “What, again?”
  • LGBT Prof: “Can you guys rec me some modern gay songs because all of my gay songs are from the 70s and 80s.”
  • Also LGBT Prof: “I’ve got sixty years of lesbian exes coming through for me, and most of them aren’t even my exes, actually.”
  • overheard in the library: “The gender neutral term for sugar daddy is glucose guardian.”
  • LGBT Prof brought in rainbow goldfish on the last day and the entire class cheered
  • “Shakespeare was a punk-ass bitch and, as an English major, I feel it is well within my rights to say that whenever I damn well please.”
  • I almost walked straight into a pole during finals week because I was falling asleep while walking. Don’t let the internet make you think sleep deprivation is cool and trendy, kids.
  • “Okay, so while you guys are taking the final, I’ll be up here on my computer. It’s gonna look like I’m writing comments on reports, but really I’m just surfing the web.”
The process of writing
  • *Has an idea for a fic after 674893 years*
  • Me: Oh thank god, maybe I can write through this block
  • (10 minutes later): How do I words?
  • (An hour later): Hey, remember when you could write without stopping every 2 minutes?
  • (Half an hour passes): I WILL WRITE THIS FIC IF IT KILLS ME
  • (Closing document): Now's a good time to say goodbye to my followers because nothing is ever getting written
  • (Opening the doc again): Great, now what about the rest of the damn thing?
Years from now
  • [about 15 years later Ed and Oz are now friends and they have kidnapped batman]
  • Ed: It's sweet Detective that you can still love people. I remember years ago there was a woman named Kristin. She was my first girlfriend.
  • Oswald: Don't take love advice from someone who killed his first girlfriend.
  • Batman: oh my god just kill me

just-a-cute-little-kitty  asked:

I absolutely loved your Gods and Monsters stories!!! Your writing flows beautifully and it transmits feelings so well ❤ Are you considering writing anything about Zeus? They way you've retold the other myths is amazing, and now I'm curious about what you'd do with him :) Have a good day and thanks for sharing your stories with us!

Their hold loosens on the earth. Gods aren’t needed like they were before, their names are not chains like they were before. Some embrace this. Ares eagerly shakes off the power he’d never wanted, and Athena lets it pass through her hands like water, wise enough to know that attempting to hold onto it will only hurt her in end.

Some do not embrace this.


Demeter’s skin used to be dark.

It was the rich brown of potting soil, it was the fertile black earth that washed up from the Nile River. Her skin was deep, life-giving brown.

It’s not like that now.

It’s pale desert sand, cracks all along it like baked earth and tree roots searching for water that they can’t find. Her hair hangs thin and grey against her temple, and her dark eyes have turned milky.

She clings to her power over the earth by her fingertips, and she knows that she’s just delaying the inevitable. There’s no coming back from this, not really, the strings of her fate have long been woven. But she will not go quietly. The mortals may take the earth from her grasp, but she’s never been one to cross without consequences. She still isn’t.

Demeter goes to the sea. She hasn’t dared step foot in there since her birth, but now she has so little left to lose. The water’s barely to her knees before a wave rises up from the smooth ocean and drags her below.

Poseidon has long been absent from the sea, yet his palace stands as tall and imposing as ever. Because it was never really his palace, his kingdom, his power.

It was always hers.

“Well, well,” Amphitrite says, circling her with curious green eyes, “Time has not been kind to you, I see.”

“It has to you,” she says tightly. Amphitrite looks the same as Demeter saw her last, has aged even better the goddesses who shed their mantels of power the moment they became too heavy. Then again, Demeter expected nothing less. “I want to make a deal.”

“You have nothing I desire, Sister,” she says, smiling even though it feels like she’s mocking her.

Demeter almost laughs – oh, if they could see them now, if Hera or Hestia could see them now, see her now. How they would laugh, to see how low she has fallen. How they would shudder, to see the truth of what she is, what she has always been. “I have this.” She cuts open her chest and pulls out her heart – rich red, a heart that has not failed her, a heart that can feel love and pain and desire and fear and happiness.

“Sister,” she whispers, eyes wide, unconsciously moving away from her, “what are you–”

“I already know I don’t get to see how this ends,” she says, “I’m not someone he’s interested in saving and I’m certainly not someone she’s interested in saving. You have faired far better than me in that regard.”

Amphitrite’s hands are shaking. Demeter likes the way she’s gone impossibly pale, the fear in her eyes, the way she was so arrogant the moment before and know she isn’t. She has power over so little these days. She’ll take what she can get. “Give me your heart,” she says, “give me power over the sea, and I will grant you a heart with the capacity to feel all the emotions you are so fond of.”

The queen of the sea shakes her head, “Don’t do this, you don’t need to do this.”

“I am Gaia,” she says, hard, speaking a name she hasn’t used in a long, long time. “I am Mother Goddess to all, the first to walk this plain, and your elder sister. You will not deny me.” They call her Demeter. She was born Demeter. But she was something else, something far greater, before she risked it all to be born a lowly goddess. “I gambled, and I lost this game. But I will not go out without a fight.”

“You were second to walk this plain, technically,” Amphitrite says softly, eye lowered, showing vulnerability to Demeter that she wouldn’t show to anyone else. “Thinking this was a game was your first mistake. He never thought of it that way.”

She’s about to snap at her, then Amphitrite cuts open her chest and takes out her cold, dark heart. She slips her heart into her sister’s chest, and Demeter does the same, pushing her violently red heart into the darkness of Amphitrite’s chest.  Demeter feels what little grasp on humanity she’d managed to maintain drain away, leaving only a pit of heavy coldness along her spine. A pink flush comes to Amphitrite’s cheeks and a smile tugs on her lips, her eyes warming with the emotions she hasn’t been able to feel since Poseidon left her.

Demeter can feel the power of the current beneath her, the water eager and ready to do her bidding. “Use my heart well,” Demeter tells Amphitrite, Gaia tells her little sister, before using the water to carry her far from where her sister and heart remain.

She will die. But her heart will on, her little sister will live on, and that will have to be enough.


Demeter leaves the sea and climbs the steps to what remains of Mount Olympus.

Only Zeus remains, and all that remains of him is skin and bones and sunken eyes. He maintains authority over the skies even though it’s killing him. He’ll maintain authority over it until it kills him.

She needs that power.

She doesn’t care if it kills her.

“My king,” she murmurs, kneeling before his crumbling throne. Their once great pantheon lies around them, nothing left but rubble and ash.

He almost meets her eyes, copper skin now sallow and black hair now white. “She left,” he tells her, high pitched and something terrifying in the edges of his eyes, “She left me – she was never supposed to leave me.” He reaches out and grabs her shoulder, bony hand surprisingly strong, “I miss her.”

Demeter only has one thing left to trade for Zeus’s power.

“Give me what our mother Rhea gave you,” she says softly, “Give it to me, and I will stay on Olympus and you can go to her.”

“There must always be one on Olympus,” he tells her. She doesn’t think he recognizes her. “As long as I am on Olympus, we’ll be fine. He can’t do anything if I’m here, as long as one of us is here. I am here.” Tears leak from his eyes and drip down his face. He doesn’t wipe them away. “She’s not here. She was supposed to be here. I did not want to be alone. She – she was supposed to stay. As long as she stayed by my side, she would be safe. She’s not safe anymore.” His face crumples, the truest expression of grief she’s ever seen from him. “Her sons think they can protect her, but they can’t. They can’t even protect themselves. Only I could keep her safe! But she left. She’s not safe anymore.” Quieter now, “I wanted her to be safe.”

“Give it to me,” she repeats, firmer. She doesn’t have the time for his existential crisis over his missing wife, nor does she have the energy to pretend she cares. “What did mother give you, Zeus? What do I need to take?”

“You can’t take it!” he screeches, scrambling back and away from her. “You can’t have it! I need it! Mother gave it to me, said I had to keep it safe, said I had to stay on Olympus. You can’t have it!”

Demeter growls and grabs the front of his too-big robes, pulling him upright, getting ready to yell at him.

Then she sees it.

His eyes.

His eyes are young, are brown and beautiful. They are eyes that haven’t aged.

Those are not the eyes he was born with.

He fights her, but the heart of Amphitrite beats in her chest, but the strength of Mother Gaia remains in her limbs even now. She plucks his eyes from his head like grapes from a vine. She wonders how old he was when Rhea did this to him, when the woman who called herself mother tore out her son’s eyes and put these ones in instead.

“No!” he sobs, and his voice is clearer somehow, there’s more strength to him even as his face is soaked in blood. “Demeter, do not – it is not your burden to bear!”

“It is no burden,” she says eagerly, “it is a gift.”

She swallows them whole, each eye getting stuck in her throat and she has to force it down. They are part of her, and after a disorienting moment she sees the world as Zeus has seen it his whole life.

It’s no wonder at all he went mad. She’s almost impressed he lasted as long as he did.

It will drive her mad too, but she doesn’t care. She’ll be dead long before that can happen.

“What have you done?” Zeus asks in horror, “Demeter – please, they’re not meant for power, they’re meant to save us. To save us all.”

“I am not Demeter,” she says, and presses her hand to his head, using some of the power coursing through her veins to stop his bleeding, to save him from the swiftly approaching death. “You want her? Go to her. Nothing is stopping you now. And it’s no use trying to stop me.”

Less than an hour later, Zeus takes hobbling, slow steps down Mount Olympus. He doesn’t want to, wants to stay, wants to fight her, wants to take back what she stole, but he can’t. He has no power and no strength and no eyes.  

She sits on the abandoned, crumbling throne and curls her lips into a cruel grin.

She has dominion over earth, over water, and over air.

She will make these mortals beg for mercy before they kill her – Gaia, Mother to All, Earth Goddess.

 gods and monsters series, part xxii

read more of the gods and monsters series here

We are playing in the Underdark and the entire team is not only untrustworthy but besieged with madness and wild magic surges. The cleric is now compelled to kill, but the rest of the party doesn’t know that.
We are fighting the last enemy and the warlock gets hit by a wild surge fireball centered on herself.

Warlock (ooc): That’s two failed death saves. One more and I’m out.

Paladin: Aw man, I’m out of spells.

Cleric: *quietly* I can heal her.

(Characters murmur in agreement)

Warlock (ooc): Oh my god, you’re character is crazy and is gonna kill me, isn’t he?

Cleric (ooc): No one knows that!

(Much arguing later)

Cleric (ooc): I walk over to [warlock], start chanting, and divine radiance beams down, and BOOM I set her in fire again.

Our very benevolent DM didn’t let anyone die and made us all drink a love potion so we’d stop fighting. The cleric is still tied up though.

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got7s reaction when during a fight they say something really mean and u go to slap them but they stop ur hand before u can pls!! 💛💛💛

He had a bad habit of throwing low daggers at you when the two of you fought. But every time something mean came out of his mouth he’d instantly apologize. But tonight as he screamed at you from the opposite side of the kitchen you couldn’t help but think this was the end. ‘All I do is work! And for what! What do you do to help me? Nothing!’ He screamed. It was only the dishes and it was only one day that he came home to a slightly messy kitchen. You shook your head not knowing what to say and watched as he huffed. ‘That’s right. You do nothing. You’re lazy and your worthless.’ He said slowly ascending on you. Gritting your teeth you rose your hand and swung. How dare he say that to you when you do nothing but run around for him. He’d caught your hand and looked from it to you, wide eyed and slack jawed at the words he said to you. He’d let you pull your wrist out of his hand and would watch you still in shock as you locked yourself in the bedroom. He’d know instantly what he did was wrong and knew there was no way he could make it better. Your sobs on the other side of the door made that clear. He’d still try though, mocking every 15 minutes up till you opened it to throw his pillow at him. When he finally got you to talk to him he’d try his hardest to get you to believe him when he said he didn’t actually think that he was just tired and stressed. Even though he was able to convince you to stay with him he’d know he didn’t deserve you and he’d make sure to never have to fight with you like that again. 

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He’d hate getting mad at you, his temper was the one thing he hated the most about himself and he never wanted to show it to you. But that didn’t mean it didn’t happen. The first two times you saw it it had been directed towards someone who hit on you. The next time was towards Jaebum. But this time it was towards you. You couldn’t help that you were already crying against the wall silently with your arms wrapped around you. He was to mad to even notice how mad he was taring into you. You didnt mean for your ex to keep messaging you but even though there had been no response from your end it didnt stop Mark from accusing you for cheating. 'And what did you do today huh!? Or should I be asking you who did you do today!’ He screams. You looked at them, hatred burning in your eyes. 'So you’re just going to stand there. You’re not going to tell me its not true?’ 'I already told you its not true.’ You whispered. 'Bull Shit!’ He said punching the wall next to your head and making you flinch. You looked at him with wide eyes and rose your hand prepared to slap him, but his hand caught your wrist. Tears burned in your eyes again as you pulled your hand away from him and pushed his shoulder as you walked past him. He called after you but you didnt stop, just stormed off into the bedroom to slam the door. He stood at the door, now calming down and scared that he might have done it. He might have lost the best thing that has ever happened to him. He sat there listening to your feint sobs, your phone ding and then a crash. He bursted in the room and saw your phone broken across from you and you kneeling on the floor crying harder he’d kneel down next to you and hold you into his chest. 'Im so sorry, I shouldn’t have… I never want you to feel like this I’m so sorry.’ He’d say pulling your body closer to his. He didnt care that you tried to hit him, he knew he deserved it with the way he was treating you.

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Jackson had been picking on you all day; poking your sides tugging your hair pulling you around. It was all in good fun but it was getting old. You knew he was excited though and you couldn’t get yourself to tell him to knock it off, he had just released a single and Got7 was getting ready for their comeback and everything was just to excited, so you sucked it up. The problem it was all day though. At lunch he kept taking your food, at dinner he kept pretending to put unwanted spices in the pot you were cooking in and taking the spoon to spank you over and over again. After dinner you thought it was over. The two of you had curled up on the couch together, legs intertwined and were finally calming down for the day. But then he kept doing it. Pulling at your shirt, tugging your hair, you were fed up. You stood and when he asked you what was wrong you told him to just stop. He was being annoying. He stood with a goofy grin and approached you to shake your shoulders. 'Im not being annoying! Im being loooovveeeyyyy.’ He said shaking you more. You pulled his hands off of you and turned to make your way to the bedroom but he followed you so he could turn you around and take your cheeks between his hands. You rolled your eyes and tried to pull your face out of his hands but he started to smack your cheeks almost a little too hard. 'Jackson stop it.’ You warned, but he continued to do it harder. 'Jackson I said stop!’ You yelled pulling yourself out of his grip to turn away. He grabbed your hand and spun your around and out of instinct you rose your hand to hit him. His hand caught yours as his expression went from playful to angry. 'Were you really going to hit me?’ He said softly, his hands running down your arm to let it go. He watched you blink back tears as you realized what you had did and even though he was so upset this happened he knew that he had pushed you. He’d pull you closer and sigh as you wrapped your arms tightly around him and your face buried in his chest. 'Im so sorry.’ You cried softly as his arms wrapped tighter around you.

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Jinyoung at work compared to Jinyoung with you were almost two different people. At work he was hard faced, strict, and came off as having no time for any ones games. Even on goofy days of his those characteristics still hung around. But with you he was sweet, thoughtful, loving and everything you would expect from your boyfriend. He always did such a great job of leaving all of his stress from work at the door, but today was different. He came home and walked right past you. When dinner was ready he ignored all of your calls and  eventually you when you came to get him. Getting mad wasn’t even in your line of thoughts so instead you just walked back into the kitchen, made him a trey and took it to the room he was in and left it next to him. You gave him his space as much as it killed you, but when you went to retrieve the trey an hour later and was faced with the same amount of food that was now cold you decided to say something. The moment your mouth opened he sat up straight, eyes burning with anger as he looked at you. Something that had never happened before. 'You’re so god damn annoying! Would you quit babying me! Ive actually had it up to hear with you and I wish you would just leave me alone!’ He screamed getting in your face. You sniffled and tried to hold back your tears and folded your arms around your body before leaving the room, but were stopped by him grabbing your arm to pull you around. 'Don’t act like I’ve hurt your feelings, your too much of a push over to think that.’ 'If you think I’m such a pushover and so annoying then maybe you should just go back to your own place.’ You started, pulling your arm out of his grip. 'And you should probably stay there. I don’t want you here anymore.’ You started to turn but his arm caught yours again causing you to stumble and fall into the wall with a little bit more force than he expected. With a rush of anger running through you, your hand rose and you started to swing. His hand caught your wrist, his expression now softening drastically. His own eyes began to well as he realized how serious things had gotten. 'All I do is take care of you. To try and help you destress from work and live like a normal person. I do all that on top of taking care of myself and all the things I have to do during the day. But its good to know I’m annoying you. I won’t bother you anymore.’ You said pulling your hand out of his grip again and walking to the front of the house where you gathered his coat and shoes. 'Leave.’ He had no choice other than to leave and for the rest of the night he couldn’t sleep. He couldn’t focus the next day at work and when it got time for him to go home he had already made it half way back to your place before he realized where he was going. He broke down right there and had an almost hour long self debate that resulted in him storming into your house, tears down his cheeks to beg you not to leave him.

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You hadn’t seen Youngjae in what felt like forever, he had been so busy with work that seeing him had been scarce. but finally he’d had a day off and he swore to spend every second with you. You woke up with him in hugged close to your back you couldn’t help but smile and when you got up to make breakfast he already had laid out an array of breakfast pastries. You spent all day together cuddling on the couch, laughing at each other, crying at sad parts of the movie you were watching, and goofing around. He was back to the floor, you had been able to wrestle him down and straddle is body and started to fight against him to keep him there. You were body giggling, having a great time when he finally was able to over power you so he was now hovering over your body. You screamed playfully and started poking at his chest to let you up, but your playful exterior started to stray away from the anxiety that was now setting in your chest from being pinned to the floor. 'Jake stop, stop please.’ You said as it became harder to breath.  He didnt listen though and kept pinning you there, now bending over to try and kiss your neck up and down. You squirmed and pushed him off of your chest and rose your arm to hit his face, silently thankful he caught your hand. 'I can’t breath.’ You said moving the hand you rose to clench to his hand. He’d totally forget that you had tried to hit him and would move to help you stand up, pulling your arms over your head, something he did overtime you got short of breath. Even though he wouldn’t admit it to you, seeing you like that was one of the scariest things he’d ever seen so as he sat you down and knelt in front of you he’d shake his head and squeeze your knees to tell you to stop apologizing for almost hitting him, he knew he should have been paying better attention. He’d be careful with you for the rest of the night and even though you were able to start laughing again he’d still feel weird and wasn’t sure what to do.  

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It wasn’t his fault that you were in a bad mood, and usually when you were BamBam was always able to make you feel better. There was just something though about the way he came over, flopped on the couch next to you and started complaining about the new choreography it was just the straw that broke the camels back. You got up and walked away from him, storming into the kitchen where you opened up a bottle of water and folded your arms over your chest. He followed you in and asked you half heartedly what was wrong. When you didnt answer he propped himself up on the counter and continued to talk about his day. 'You You You, why don’t you ever ask me about me BamBam. Ive had a shit day and you haven’t said anything to me and hearing you complain about stupid things like this makes me mad!’ It was your light that started the fire. Hours had gone by and the two of you didnt even know what you were fighting over any more. It came to an abrupt stop though when BamBam strutted up to you, yelled 'Would you just get the fuck over it!’, pushed you slightly and then watched as you lost your balance and slipped to slide down the cupboard. You stood suddenly and swung on him, huffing as he dodged your hit and then caught your hand when it came back the other way. Seeing him holding your wrist, anger in his eyes that were starting to water you’d pull you hand away from his and use it to cover your mouth. You were so upset, now for a completely different reason now that the argument was actually over. You cried as he pulled you into his chest and held you tightly, the both of you knowing very well that things had gone to far and could have been avoided if one of you just stopped. He wouldn’t stay the night that night but when he came over the next day he’d show up with an armful of your favorite things to see you cooking up his favorite meal with some of his most favorite things on the table. It would be put behind the two of you quickly, and the two of you worked to never let things get to that point ever again.

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He wasn’t one to fight with you. He hated seeing you mad and when you were if he could help he would but if he couldn’t he always made sure to stay out of your way. He had come to your house early, getting off of work early allowed him to come to your apartment while you were still in class and cook you a very detailed, over the top dinner. But the thing was he wasn’t a very good cook. When you got home after a stressful day full of annoying professors and a butt ton of work to find a huge mess in your apartment you couldn’t help but already start to loose your cool. He smiled and calling your name but as he turned the egg he was about to crack slipped from his messy hands and broke on the floor. You couldn’t help but start to yell, ignoring the fact that his bright smile had dropped and what ever that was in the oven was now burning. He tried to get words in but as you unraveled all of your stress from the day on to Yugyeom you became blind to the fact that you were doing so. Soon your mouth was shut and pressed against Yugyeom as that was the only thing he thought to do to get you to stop yelling. You pushed him back and without thinking rose your hand, but when his egg covered hand caught your wrist his eyes tightened and he threw it down. 'Im sorry you had a rough day. All I was trying to do was something nice for you. But right now I can’t believe you actually thought about hitting me. You stuttered trying to find the words to say and could hardly move as he threw the towel he had used to dry his hands at your feet and started to walk out of the door. But as he bent over to put his shoes on you hooked his arms around his waist and tucked your head into his back. He sighed and turned around, hesitating slightly to wrap his arms around you but eventually did and rested his cheek against your head. 'Take out?’ He asked as he held your crying body, smiling slightly as you nodded against him.

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Prompts 1

A/N: I found this on tumblr and I’ve seen a lot of other users use stuff like this, so I decided to give it a shot! 

All you have to do is send in a character and a number please!

1. “Come over here and make me.”
2. “Have you lost your damn mind!?”
3. “Please, don’t leave.”
4. “Do you…well…I mean…I could give you a massage?”
5. “Wait a minute. Are you jealous?”
6. “Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?”
7. “I almost lost you.”
8. “Wanna bet?”
9. “Don’t you ever do that again!”
10. “Teach me how to play?”
11. “Don’t you dare throw that snowba-, goddammit!”
12. “I think we need to talk.”
13. “Kiss me.”
14. “Hey, I’m with you, okay? Always.”
15. “So, I found this waterfall…”
16. “It could be worse.”
17. “Looks like we’ll be trapped for a while…”
18. “This is without a doubt the stupidest plan you’ve ever had. Of course I’m in.”
19. “The paint’s supposed to go where?”
20. “You need to wake up because I can’t do this without you.”
21. “We’re in the middle of a thunderstorm and you wanna stop and feel the rain?”
22. “I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice.”
23. “Just once.”
24. “You’re the only one I trust to do this.”
25. “I can’t believe you talked me into this.”
26. “I got you a present.”
27. “I’m pregnant.”
28. “Marry me?”
29. “I thought you were dead.”
30. “It’s not what it looks like…”
31. “You lied to me.”
32. “I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.”
33. “Please don’t do this.”
34. “If you keep looking at me like that we won’t make it to a bed.”
35. “You heard me. Take. It. Off.”
36. “I wish I could hate you.”
37. “Wanna dance?”
38. “You fainted…straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go to such extremes.”
39. “Hey! I was gonna eat that!”
40. “Have I entered an alternate universe or did you really just crack a smile for me?”
41. “You did all of this for me?”
42. “I swear it was an accident.”
43. “YOU DID WHAT?!”
44. “If you die, I’m gonna kill you.”
45. “Tell me a secret.”
46. “Hey, have you seen the..? Oh.”
47. “No one needs to know.”
48. “Boo.”
49. “Well this is awkward…”
50. Writer’s preference

  51) “Seriously, now you want to talk?”

  52) “I- I don’t know what to say to that.”

  53) “Well, this motel room is too cold.”

  54) “The water pressure is horrible, see?”

  55) “I don’t understand you.”

  56) “Put my hand where?”

  57) “Hey, I’m going to- oh..”

  58) “Whoa! Buy me dinner first.”

  59) “Watch your hands.”

  60) “100 friggin dollars for a Christmas tree?”

  61) “We need more water balloons.”

  62) “We don’t have enough.”

  63) “You’re reading what?”

  64) “What the Hell is that?”

  65) “It’s so big!”

  66) “Truth or dare?”

  67) “What kind of game is this?”

  68) “No, I’m not a friggin virgin!”

  69) “Do I look like his brother?”

70) “No, actually we’re married.”

  71) “Make out with me.”

  72) “Did you really like it? Like honestly?”

  73) “Ow!! That’s not my arm!!”

  74) “Get you hand off of my……”

  75) “You ate them? I was saving them!”

  76) “Did you bring it?”

  77) “Are you sure? We don’t have to.”

  78) “In the car??”

  79) “A dog?”

  80) “Owwww!!!!”

  81) “Put your hand around my hip.”

  82) “Don’t be shy.”

 83) “Yes, a date.”

  84) “I’m pregnant.”

  85) “Marry me?”

  86) “Cancer?”

  87) “My ass?”

  88) “Seriously, let’s play a game of (spin the bottle, truth . or dare, twister, or whatever game you want.. you pick)”

  89) “Just take it off.”

  90) “Just wrap it around my waist.”

  91) “That’s my (body part)”

  92) “A pink what?”

  93) “How many times have you seen me naked? And now . you’re shy?”

94.      “If you walk out right now, it’s over for us.”

95.      “I need you to forgive me.”

96.      “I love you for you, don’t you dare think otherwise!”

97.      “Come on, let’s throw the dice, see what happens.”

98.      “Is… is that even possible? Like, can we do this?”

99.      “I just need you to do this one thing for me.”

100.      “Go on, tell me. Tell me you don’t love me.”

101.      “Stop! Please, don’t! Take me instead!”

102.      “You should know that the side effects, well, they’re pretty intense.”

103.  “Before I do this, I need you to know that I have always loved you.”

104.  “What were you thinking?? Were you trying to get me killed?”

105.  “Let’s face it- we’re cursed.”

106.  “How about we put the gun down and let’s talk about this?”

107.  “Why is it we’re always the unlucky ones?”

108.  “You can’t leave me in the dark. You have to tell me these things.”

109.  “Just pick a damn name, okay?”

110.  “I don’t care what she said, it doesn’t mean jack squat.”

111.  “This relationship used to be all about communication! What ever happened to that?”

112.  “You walked away. Not me.”

113.  “So because he said you should, you thought it would be okay to follow through with it?”

114.  “Don’t force my hand, you won’t like what happens.”

115.  “We’ll finish it the same way we started it…together.”

116.  “If you walk out that door, you’re no longer one of us. You’ll be one of them and that means I’ll treat you like one of them.”

117.  “Game’s over you son of a bitch! Tell me where (s)he is!”

118.   “Hold my hand dammit, we gotta make this look convincing!”

119.   “Now you said you’d be here. Where are you?”

120.   “We were supposed to be family.”

121.   “How dare you.”

122.   “You have no idea what I’ve done for you.”

123.   “You need to leave. Right now.”

124.   “Stop taking pictures! I’m fucking stuck. Be useful and help me!!”

125.   “Delete that immediately.”

126.   “But the carnival is right down the street! Can we please, please go!?”

127.   “Stop eating all these burritos. I’ll have to pay the consequences later on tonight!”

128.   “It was him! He stepped on my foot.”

129.   “Sorry, I thought I was alone..”

130.   “Shopping? Do I have to go?”

131.   “Is it supposed to look like that? Are you sure?”

132.   “I swear it was like that when I found it!”

133.   “Crocs? Who hurt you so much in this life?”

134.   “Separate them right now or so help me God, I will kill you!”

135.   “So there was an accident..”

136.   “Give me 5 bucks, I’ll explain later.”

137.   “Twins? We’re…we’re having twins?!”

138.   “BOOM! That oughta how you not to mess with me!”

139.   “Blood. Blood everywhere.”


141.   “Asking for a friend.. Do you know how to get a foot out of the toilet?”

142.   “She was crying, right there in the middle of the grocery store.”

143.   “It spilled everywhere. And guess who had to clean it up. That’s right. ME!”

144.   “What do you mean you’re sold out?”

145.   “I’m addicted and I admit that I need help.”

146.   “So? It’s not your problem so butt out.”

147.   “My mom thinks you like me. Tell her she’s wrong.”

148.   “I’m laughing because you’re angry. I swear I didn’t do it!”

149.   “I want to come home.”

150.   “This is… this is somewhere I never imagined I’d be.”

151.   “I left everything for this, I left it all…for you!”

152.   “Please don’t leave me.”

153.   “You didn’t tell me it was karaoke night..”

Disclaimer: I did not make any of these someone else did

The Joyride- Part 3 (Jason Todd x Reader)

A/N: This is not the last part! In fact, it’s far from it! I plan to write much more after this, so please don’t stop looking for new parts of this story after you finish this one! I’m sorry it came out a bit late. I hit a small bit of writer’s block, but all is well!

Warnings: Angst, description of injury (heart issues, internal bleeding, etc.)

Tagging: @solis200213 @pinkwitch21 @tigeragathe @gokusanfan @just-a-girl-maybe @queen-of-all-the-fandoms @neverlandprincessjaz @steggy4ever

Part One // Part Two // Part Three // Part Four

Jason felt like something was being ripped out of his chest as he watched through the window of your hospital room door. He could hear your muffled screams, even through the shut door, and each one weighed on him heavily. He didn’t realize that he was crying until Bruce pried him away from the door, and he tried to hell him to let go.

“Jason, calm down,” Bruce implored, placing his hands on Jason’s shoulders. “You need to calm down.”

“But- She- I- She- She’s dying,” Jason spoke through sobs, taking in shaking breaths and letting out weak cries.

“We don’t know that,” Bruce said, trying to reassure his son, despite the fact that he was just as distraught and unsure as Jason. “She’s going to make it.” As soon as he said it, he regretted it. He regretted every empty promise he’d made Jason since this nightmare had begun. But he couldn’t let Jason know that. Not now.

Doctors hooked up all new machines to you as you writhed in pain on the hospital bed. You continued to cry out through the tube, tears streaming down the side of your face. You didn’t know what was happening, but you knew that it hurt like hell.

You were sobbing and screaming through the tube. The pain was something you could only describe as lightning coursing through your veins, and, God, you wanted Jason to be by your side right now.

You felt a sharp prick in your arm and a pressure spreading out from the place where you’d been poked. Suddenly you felt tired, so tired. All you could do was close your eyes and pray that you would get to open them again. But in the moment you shut your eyes and drifted away, it occurred to you that it wasn’t just Jason you wanted to see again, but your family. Your brothers and sisters and Alfred and Bruce. What you wouldn’t give to have your brothers by your side, telling you that it was going to be okay. That you would live.

But you didn’t have much time to think it over as you slipped into unconsciousness.

Jason felt his blood run cold as a long electronic beep, muffled but audible, sounded from the other side of the door.

No,” he whispered weakly, eyes going wide. He felt like he was frozen in place. “No.” Slowly, shakily, he turned his head to look to Bruce. To look to his father. “No.

“Jason, I-”

No. No, no, no, no,” Jason muttered. In that moment, his world came crashing down. He barely registered what was going on around him, Bruce shaking him, trying to get him to calm down, the shouting of the doctors, trying hard to resuscitate you. Suddenly he was acutely aware of how cold the hospital halls were, and how bright the white lights were, and how loud his own heartbeat could be when it was racing faster than he could comprehend. It felt like his head was underwater. He was drowning. He was-

Jason! Jason! Listen to me!” Bruce’s gravelly voice seemed to cut through Jason’s hysteria like a knife. “Listen to me.”

Jason looked up at Bruce, bloodshot and wide-eyed, tears freely falling.

“Listen to what’s happening in there, okay? Listen. Just listen,” Bruce tried, once again taking Jason by the shoulders and looking him dead in the eye. 

Jason nodded and turned his attention towards the door of your hospital room, his breath still shaking with diminishing sobs. 

“Clear!” The sudden sound of the defibrillator decharging resonated from the other side of the door. 

Jason momentarily looked back at Bruce when he felt a hand on his shoulder, but quickly turned his head back to look through the small window of the door, praying that you would come out alive.

“Clear!” Again there was the thunk of the defibrillator releasing its charge, but it was followed by another sound.

Jason was sure that the soft, steady, electronic, beeping rhythm was the most beautiful sound that he’d ever heard.

A couple of minutes later a nurse walked out of your room and into the hallway, looking relieved. “She’s alive, and so far she’s stable.”

Jason didn’t know if he was supposed to smile or cry. Instead, he fell back into one of the chairs and let out a long and shaking sigh. “What- What happened to her?” he asked, trying to regain his composure.

“The internal bleeding cause an irregularity in her heart, but we managed to regulate her heartbeat,” she explained, maintaining a calm and even quality in her voice.

“Is it- Is it going to continue to be an issue?” Jason held his head in his hands, still trying to wrap his head around what was going on. This was all happening so much faster than he knew how to deal with.

“We think we’ve fixed the internal damage but we’re going to keep an eye on her for a few more days,” she elaborated gently.

“A-alright,” Jason replied, sighing. “When- uh- when can I see her?”

“It’s going to be a while longer, sir,” the nurse told him. “We’ll let you know.”

“Right. Thanks.” Jason exhaled slowly and squeezed his eyes shut. The situation finally began to set in and he was starting to process the long term consequences that this entailed. “Oh my god,” he mumbled. “Oh my god.”

“Jason?” Bruce tried, placing a gentle hand on his shoulder.

“How could I have let this happen?” Jason asked himself. “I- I almost got her killed. That should have been me in there. If I had waited five minutes to ask her to go or if I had just picked a different road- 

“There’s no way that you could have known that at the time, Jason. There’s no way that you could know now that leaving a few minutes later or choosing a different road wouldn’t have the same result,” Bruce reasoned 

“This could ruin her life,” Jason argued in a broken whisper. “I could have ruined her life. She’ll be off patrol for weeks and what if this happens again? But- but I’m not there to take her to the hospital. What if-

“Jason. Calm down. There are always going to be a million what-ifs. She doesn’t need you doubting yourself right now. She needs you to be there.” Bruce felt like a hypocrite giving such advice. Listening to Jason’s words was haunting for him. Haunting because that doubt was the same as the doubt that consumed him every time something happened to someone he cared about. Maybe he understood Jason better than he thought. Maybe they were both built for blame.

“Yeah. Yeah, okay,” Jason agreed, despite the fact that he was still riddled with guilt.

About twenty minutes later, the nurse walked back out of the room, wearing the same sympathetic smile as before. “You can go in and see her now,” she said. 

Jason nodded and stood, then went to enter the room, followed by Bruce. Softly, he pushed the door open. He made his way back to the chair by your bedside and sat down, Bruce once again taking the chair by the door.

 You were unconscious still, and the breathing tube had finally been removed. Somehow you seemed more peaceful than the last time he’d been here. Maybe it was his own tiredness, lulling him into a false sense of serenity.

But despite the sense of peacefulness in your rest, Jason took painstaking notice to the red, angry scars that marred your face. Even with what Bruce had said to him, he felt accountable and it made him sick. It hurt to know that this could have been avoided.

He brushed his thumb over your cheek, thinking that you really did look serene with your head rested gently against the pillows and your mouth parted slightly as you breathed in and out.

You stirred at his touch, and slowly your eyes opened and met his 

“Hey,” Jason spoke in a hushed whisper, smiling gently as he looked at you.

“Hey,” you croaked, giving your own weary smile in return and letting out a long sigh.

“You scared the shit outta me, you know that?” Jason chuckled softly, gently tucking a lock of hair behind your ear. “You really need to quit doing that.”

“Sorry, Jay,” you said with a playful, yet still tired, smirk. Your voice was scratchy and weak. “Can’t really help it.”

He hummed in response, his hand still not moving from the side of your face. “Do you need me to get you anything?” he asked, running his fingers through your hair.

“Some water would be nice,” you replied, closing your eyes and humming at the feeling of his warm hand against your skin.

“Okay,” he said, kissing your forehead tenderly as he got up, and went off to get you a bottle of water from the hospital cafeteria.

Once Jason had left the room for the time being, you noticed Bruce sitting by the door.

“Hiya, Bruce.” You greeted your father-figure in jest, your voice still quiet and weak.

“Hello, (Y/N),” Bruce responded, his smile laced with a strange combination of sadness and relief.

“You can come and sit over here if you’d like,” you told him, and nodded to the chair by the side of the hospital bed.

Bruce nodded in return and stood up, moving to sit by your side. “How are you feeling?” he asked, still wearing that mournful smile.

“Like my heart just stopped,” you answered bluntly, earning a small laugh from Bruce. “I guess I feel better. I’m still tired, though, and I really wish this would just end so I could go home.”

“I can understand that. This hasn’t been easy for anyone,” Bruce said. His gravelly voice was comforting, making you feel safe. Like you were back at the manor with the family.

“I’m gonna talk to Jason about it, but I want to stay at the manor for a while after this. I- This has made me think a lot about our family, and I’ve realized how much time I’ve spent away. I want to come home for a little bit, you know?” you told him, turning your head to look over at him.

“You–both of you–are always welcome,” Bruce replied.

You looked over Bruce’s soldier to see Jason re-enter the room, water bottle in hand. “Hey, Jay,” you acknowledged, smiling at him. You couldn’t help but noticed how tired he looked, how his shoulders slumped and how his weary smile didn’t quite reach his eyes.

Bruce looked back to where Jason stood and got up, allowing the younger man to return to your side.

“Hey, (Y/N),” Jason greeted as he sat back down. “I’ve got your water. 

“Thank you,” you sighed, once again closing your eyes as you exhaled.

“You okay?” he asked, furrowing his brow in mild concern.

“Yeah. I’m just pretty tired is all. Think you could help me with that water?” you asked, mildly frustrated that you couldn’t even drink water on your own.

“Sure thing,” he agreed, twisting open the cap on the bottle.

“I’m sorry that I’m making you do this, Jay,” you apologized, looking up at him pitifully.

“Hey, don’t worry about it, okay? Just take it slow.”


Jason held the bottle up to your lips, slowly tipping it to allow you to drink.

Bruce smiled softly to himself as he watched Jason interact with you. He noticed how Jason showed a gentleness with you that he hadn’t seen him display anywhere else. It gave him the reassurance that as long as Jason had you, he was grounded.

After a while, Jason had settled in at your side, and was reading you a book that Bruce had brought for him from his old room in the manor.

You didn’t really know what was going on within the story. Maybe you would have understood the book better if you weren’t so drowsy, but you didn’t really mind. Jason’s voice was comforting.

He reached a pause in the book and Bruce cleared his throat. “I think I should be getting back to the manor. Call if you need anything from home. I’ll visit again tomorrow. Would you want me to bring the family, (Y/N)?”

You nodded, giving a small smile. “That would be nice.”

Bruce nodded in acknowledgment and said goodbye for the day.

Once Bruce had left the room you turned to Jason. “Hey, Jay?”

“What’s up, babe?” he answered, setting the book down on the side table gingerly.

“It’s okay if you don’t want to, but do you- do you think we could stay at the manor for a little bit once I’m out of the hospital?” you asked, giving the best puppy-dog eyes you could from your position. “It’s just that I miss our family and I want to be near them a little more often, a-and I figured it would get really lonely in our apartment, especially when you’re gone, and-”

“Hey, I understand and I agree. That’s a good idea,” Jason said, agreeing to your suggestion surprisingly quickly. “I want there to be someone to take care of you when I’m not at the house.”

You gave the biggest smile you’d given since before the accident. “So you’re okay with it?”

“Yep. I am one-hundred-percent on board,” Jason replied, leaning over to give you a gentle kiss on the forehead.

“I really wish this whole thing could be over already,” you commented, referring to the nightmarish events of the past few days.

“I know, baby. Me too,” he agreed. “Do you want me to keep reading to you?”

“Yes please,” you answered with a tiny nod.

Jason smiled and picked up the book again, flipping it open to the page he had left off on and beginning to read again.

You fell asleep peacefully, lulled to rest by the comfort of Jason’s voice. At least for now, things were looking up.

matt-chap  asked:

I was playing Quickplay as Zenyatta on Route 66. A Mei was toying with me because I was alone. We were in a deep fight, and despite hitting her multiple times, wounding her, she freezes me. No teammates in sight to save me. She starts charging the icicle lobotomy attack; when out of no where our teams Genji fall in between us, his deflect active. He killed her with her own ice, saving my life. I didn't even know we had a Genji. He saved me from a Roadhog later on too. We're good friends now.

Oh my god that happened to me too once. Genji confirmed to be support and also a friend

Public Punishment (M)

Originally posted by got7gifs

Genre: smut 

Summary: You wear too short of a dress for a casual JYP dinner party that your boyfriend Jaebum does not approve of in which he intends to punish you by fingering you under the table.

Words: 2846

Cowritten by: Smuttyfairy & Smutty Woozfairy

Your name: submit What is this?

“Babe. Hurry. Up.


are going. To. Make. Us. Late. Damn it.” Jaebum ran his fingers through his hair, his facial features showing agitation. He paced the hallway outside the bathroom, anxious about time. You were getting ready in the bathroom, doing your hair and making yourself look dolled up for the special event the two of you were attending. And you knew you might be a little late with time but…you know. It takes time to look good.

“I’m almost done!” you exclaimed towards the door.

Jaebum sighed and continued to pace the hallway but more frantically now. “Babe. This dinner party is important. Extremely important. It’s our comeback dinner party with the company and I’m the leader of GOT7. LEEEADER. I CAN’T. BE. LATE. So can. You. PLEASE. Hurry.”

You looked into the mirror and quickly combed your lashes with mascara. Taking a good look at your makeup you tilted your head in different angles to check for anything missed or flawed. You pulled out your makeup drawl and picked a lipstick color that matched your dress.

“BABE COME ON,” Jaebum yelled through the door. You pursed your lips and quickly swiped your lipstick on.

“Okay! Okay! I’m coming!” you yelled back.

You opened the door and walked out nonchalantly. Jaebum stared at you up and down several times, observing your appearance from head to toe. You were breathtakingly HOT. But inappropriately too hot for this casual dinner party. You took notice of his jaw dropped expression and smugly smirked with confidence.

“Like what you see?” You twirled around and happily wiggled your hips. You saw Jaebum gulp from the action. “You look really good.” You were irresistibly good looking. So good that you were good enough to eat that Jaebum licked his lips wet just thinking about it. You were simply wearing a dress. A rather short dress to be exact. A really short dress.

Realizing how short and inappropriate the dress was Jaebum’s facial expression quickly changed into shock. “OH MY GOD BABE. YOU CANNOT-“ Jaebum looked at his ticking watch. The minute hand pointing out that you were both 10 minutes from being late.

“Oh my god. JYP PD-Nim is going to KILL me. We have to go. NOW.” Jaebum grabbed your wrist, forcefully pulling you with him as you both ran out the door and into the car where he then sped off to the company’s building.

One rushed car ride later, the both of you hurriedly entered the JYP building to the entertainment hall where you were introduced to all of the staff and fellow JYP artists that were present. After casually speaking to each and every one you and Jaebum took a seat at the table where the other members were posted.

“AH! (Y/N)! You made it!” Jackson excitedly yelled across the table.

“You were almost late, JB?” Mark asked him.

“Ah, yeah…princess here took a little while longer getting ready.,” Jaebum smiled nervously as he was reminded of the image of you in your stunning, hot dress.

He then instinctively placed his hand on your exposed thigh; whether he was reminding you or himself of who you were with, you weren’t quite sure. Jackson started up a conversation with you while JB talked across the table to JYP, who had been a tad bit disappointed that he wasn’t the first of the members to arrive, telling him, “The leader should set the example.”

The night seemed to be going alright, but you couldn’t help but notice Jaebum’s tense actions. His hands were fidgety, quickly tapping against the burgundy, clothed table, his eyes darting back and forth to you and quickly back down to his dinner plate. Just as you were about to address his strange behavior Jackson opened his mouth to speak.

“So (Y/N), you almost got JB in trouble, what took so long? Couldn’t stop staring at yourself in the mirror?” Jackson poked.

“Oh hush Jackson, you and I both know I don’t take nearly as long as BamBam to get ready,” you look at him pointedly.

“Yet he still managed to get here on time,” he retorts, “but I must say you do look fantastic.”

The blush on your cheeks is evident, and of course Jaebum only heard the last part of your conversation with Jackson and saw you blush.

“She does look pretty, doesn’t she?” he asks Jackson, but his tone made Jackson hesitant to agree, sensing a little jealous undertone.

“It just took her forever to get ready. She went into our bathroom at around 5 and didn’t come out until 5 til 7,” he felt the need to remind Jackson that you were taken and it was pretty serious.

“Okay, babe,” you rest your hand on top of his that is now squeezing your thigh a little, “I don’t think Jackson was trying to come on to me.” You shoot Jackson a pointed look, telling him to get out of this conversation while he can.

“And remember what I told you, I’m yours and only yours, you don’t need to worry, especially not with Jackson,” his smile tells you he’s not mad, so you lean in and place a small kiss on his cheek.

When you go to pull away, his hand moves further up your thigh, “You know, I almost got into a lot of trouble for not being here early,” his voice is almost a hushed tone, but there is something rough about it. “I’m going to have to punish you for making Daddy late.”

Shit. You knew as soon as “Daddy” came out of his mouth, you were in trouble. His hand kept sliding up your thigh until he felt you squeeze them together around his hand before he could reach your core.

“Come on princess, spread those legs for daddy,” Jaebum whispered hotly in your ear. You looked at him in shock, jaw dropped by his command while trying to not bring the attention of the people around you to yourself. Jaebum looked back with a stern face and raised an eyebrow. He was serious.

You couldn’t object to this of course and instead complied with the command and scooted up to the edge of your seat, legs spread open. You gulped as you looked at your surroundings. There were people everywhere chatting, drinking, stuffing their faces and having a good time. You truly hoped no one would see the turn of events going down under this table.

You looked back to Jaebum who still had his stern look on you, his hand now faintly brushing over the material of your thin underwear. His fingers started to slowly trail up and down until he moved the fabric to the side. A soft intake of breath escaped your lips, as you watched the corner of Jaebum’s lip rise to a smirk.

“Do you realize how short your dress is, princess? Hm?” Jaebum questioned in your ear, his finger just lightly touching your heated core. You bit your lip to withhold any sort of noise that would slip out.

“This dress is unacceptable. It’s clearly inappropriate for this dinner party…how could you do this to me?” He whispered, his finger now swiping against your wet folds. “It just barely covers your bottom and for the outfit choice you made tonight…you’re going to sit still and behave while I punish you. Here. So be a good girl and no noises out of your mouth, okay?” Jaebum softly kissed the corner of your lips, smirking as he backed away and sat a little more comfortable in his seat. A position in which he’d not look suspicious about the current activities taking place under the table.

You exhaled a jagged, deep breath you had been holding in as Jaebum’s slender finger slipped into you with ease. You inhaled a sharp breath, clawing your nails into the bottom of your seat, holding yourself in place as you tried to keep quiet.

“So (Y/N),” Bambam began. “Did you hear about Jackson and I being on Real Man?”

Jaebum’s finger twitched inside you, curling it just enough to brush the sensitive nerves of your sweet spot. “AaH!…Ah. Y-Yes. I did hear…I believe Jaebum told me about that a couple days ago.”

“Are you ready to see what ‘Real’ men we are (Y/N)?” Bambam asked, his smug smile now appearing on his face.

Jaebum’s finger continued to brush against your sweet spot, speckles of sweat began to form on the sides of your forehead as you tried to contain your whimpers and moans so that no one would notice. A familiar tight, warm feeling built up in your lower body. You were about to cum and as you looked to Jaebum who knew exactly what he was doing just gave you a sweet smile as if nothing concerned him. Biting your lip with a two second pause, you finally responded to Bambam.

“Yeah! Of course I am.” You stated quickly and short, laughing nervously afterward. Your hand tightly gripped onto Jaebum’s wrist, attempting to pull him away from your core. It was becoming too much and you were sure with just another couple more flicks you’d release in seconds and all over the place. An embarrassing scene you wanted to avoid.

You quickly shot up from your seat, Jaebum’s fingers now out and away from your core.

“I need to go to the restroom,” you stated very short and suddenly, waiting for no one’s response or concerns as you hastily removed yourself and made your way out to the halls and searched for a restroom. You were actually unfamiliar with the building and may have lost yourself deep in twine of halls in your search for the restroom. The pit of your lower stomach still held that ache from the work of Jaebum’s fingers, a much needed release you wanted to help yourself with. Your paces down the hall quickened, turning the corner sharply you bumped into a tall, broad shouldered man. You shook your head from the imbalance and your eyes widened with shock. Goosebumps appearing from the fear that quickly came over you.

“Are you running from daddy, baby girl?” Jaebum’s hands cupped your jaw. “I wasn’t done with you, you know…” His eyes darkened with lust as he cornered you toward the wall. 

“I-I really just needed to go to the restroom,” you stuttered, your eyes fluttering away Jaebum’s to cover up your knowing lie.

“Don’t lie to daddy, I know you were close to coming, weren’t you?” He spoke closer to your face, his hot breath fanning over you as his hand slipped under your dress and up your thigh.

You nodded. “Y-yes,” you breathed out.

“Yes what?” Jaebum whispered into your ear, his fingers now brushing against your clothed core.

“Y-Yes daddy,” you softly whimpered.

“If you want to cum, beg for it, baby. Beg for daddy to make you cum,” Jaebum whispered, a smirk forming across his face as he torturously teased your wet core through the fabric of your thong.

You held back a soft moan, “please daddy…make me cum…it hurts,” you whimpered. The ache only intensifying as his fingers swiped back and forth against your clothes core.

“What do you want me to do baby girl?”

Your hips moved frantically against his fingers, “Please touch me daddy…I need you inside me,” you groaned softly.

Jaebum smirked widely at your request. “Turn around baby girl.”

You did as so, your dress was half ridden up from the work of Jaebum’s hands. He observed you from the back, taking in how attractive and steamingly hot you were in the short dress you mistakenly decided to wear to this dinner party…the dress that got you into this situation in the first place.

Jaebum’s hands ran up the back of your thighs, moving the bottom of your dress up to reveal your perfectly plump bottom. He bit his lip and released a soft breath of air. You looked so good to him like this, ready for his taking, his punishment. His hands continued to move up to your bottom, giving it a good squeeze before slapping it hard that the sound echoed through the hallway. You whimpered out loudly. The sharp, stinging radiated, the heat overcoming the same area.

“Don’t wear this dress out for anyone but me, you got that?” He growled against your ear. “You’re look so good baby I only want you for myself, no one else,” he reiterated, slapping your bottom once more.

You winced from the pain and held your whimper. “Then take me, daddy, please,” you begged, impatient and desperate for your release.

Jaebum chuckled, his hands now pulling down on your undies to drop them to the floor, exposing your wet core. His fingers grazing against your flesh down to your core, where they were needed most. He swiped his two digits up and down your slick entrance.

“So worked up and wet are we baby?”

You whined against his touch, biting your lip in anticipation until he finally slipped not one but two of his fingers inside you with ease. Jaebum took no time to quickly thrust his fingers in and out of you, helping you to your high. You let out continuous loud moans from the action until Jaebum quickly covered your mouth with his free hand.

“Shh…no one can hear you, remember? Be a good girl, and try to keep quiet,” he whispered lowly, kissing your cheek gently as he continued to move his fingers in and out of your slick walls.

Your moans were now muffled against his hand, the volume rising as you were closer to your release. Jaebum could feel you tighten your walls against his fingers, he knew you were close. Wanting you to quickly finish so they could return back to the dinner party event Jaebum curled his fingers, reaching deeper into your core to brush against that sweet spot that would send you over the edge.

“Cum for daddy, baby,” he coaxed, his soft lips kissing your ear, quickly brushing his fingers against your sweet spot.

Your insides twisted further and further, reaching your high as clouds began to form above your head, moaning crazily into Jaebum’s hand until you were finally pushed over the edge. The hot release spilling out of you and onto the floor below you.

Jaebum removed tissues from his pocket, taking it to clean the mess off that trickled down your legs.

You turned around to face him, exhausted and relieved as you half way collapsed into arms, your head laying against his chest while you tried to catch your breath.

“I hate you for this,” you huffed out, your eyes shut tight as you tried to recollect your energy.

He brushed your hair in a calming way that you loved. “I love you too, Princess. I’m sorry to say this but your undies are drenched from the release…so…I guess you’re going to leave them behind.”

Your eyes quickly widened open, “What?” You shot a look at him and then back down to the underwear that was completely drenched.

“Oh no,” you said almost in a whispered voice.

“Ohhhh yes,” Jaebum smirked. “You’re going back in there pantiless.”

You punched your lip out, thinking mischievously to get home quickly. Until the idea clicked. You were sure Jaebum had a hard on from all of this so you thought maybe you’d tease him enough to get the both of you home?

“Well…what if we didn’t have to go back there?” You purred, looking up at Jaebum with pouty lips, hands skidding up his thigh to palm his prominent bulge. A soft breath escaped his lips. “What if I want the real thing inside me,” you whined in a begging voice you knew he couldn’t say no to.

Jaebum swallowed hard, biting his bottom lip in thought.

You playfully tugged onto his black pants. “Come on baby, what do you say we have a round two at home? Hm?” You looked up at Jabeum, batting your eyes as you waited for a response, his bottom lip still in between his teeth.

You began to rub your hand against his bulge, kneeling down to the ground as your lips brushed down his chest to his bulge. “I’ll return the favor,” you deeply whispered, looking up to him for his reaction.

He quickly pulled you up and slammed you into the wall, his arms locked against walls, caging you in as you felt his breaths huff against your ear.

“Let’s go,” he sternly spoke.

You grinned widely as Jaebum took no time to pull you off the wall, his hand entangled in yours as he quickly led you out to the main room and explained to everyone you weren’t feeling well and needed to go home immediately so that you could rest. 

As soon as the both of you were home, Jaebum took no time to get you in bed, carrying you from the car all the way to the house and through the hallway, roughly throwing you on the bed as he quickly removed his tie around his neck.

“Round two, hm?” he smirked.

A/N: Sorry not sorry for the ending. MWuaHahHa!


Another piece of bad work which is all over the place; my apologies but what’s done is done.It’s also based on a few lyrics from ‘Dangerously’ by Charlie Puth.

The living room of the North London estate was beginning to get warm according to Harry. But maybe that’s because of his constant pacing from the TV to the sofa. Non-stop pacing from the moment he texted her, 11 o'clock that morning.

It was now 12PM, an hour after the sent text, and all he could do was ruffle his hair whilst checking the time on his phone. He knew she read the message, the two double ticks showed him that. Where was she?

She; the girl he swore he loved with every inch of him. The girl he wanted to marry but couldn’t because there was no way that he wanted to tie her down to a ‘world-renowned popstar’.Her privacy would officially be gone for the rest of her life. There was no way that she’d get it back…Not if he left her now. Left her before he’d go ahead and buy an engagement ring.

Sure, he was already with her but marrying her was something else; something permanent. He knew she was happy, hell he was happy with her but everything has a limit and this was theirs.

There where times where’d she break down completely. Sobs would leave her mouth, her body would be shaking because of everything crashing down all at once.

Despite the fact that she told him repeatedly that it wasn’t his fault and had nothing to do with the fame side of him, he still blamed it on himself. He was good at that, blaming the negative side of being famous on himself. Along the way of stardom, Harry learnt how to ignore the remarks thrown at him and instead learnt to embrace his inner self. Although he moved past the comments, he couldn’t help but feel guilty as family members and friends had been hit with similar words.

He couldn’t do anything to stop the crude comments; they’d only become worse if he tried.


Drunk of that love, my head up, there’s no forgetting you”

Ever since Harry left her, he spent his nights at the local bar. He was becoming one of those guys he vowed not to be. The guys that got drunk of their arses when something tragic happened or their relationship ended, very much like his current situation. Usually, a persons lover would leave them. In this case, Harry was the one that left. And every night , as he sat on the barstool in the dim light, clugging a drink down his throat before slamming the glass on the counter and asking for a refill; he regretted it all.


She knew.From the moment that Harry opened the door, he knew she knew because when you’re in love with a person, you tend to know how they function. He remembered everything so clearly. However, he didn’t remember the scared expression on her face because it wasn’t there. The only facial expression she wore, was a somber one.

She knew this was the end of their relationship, that this was their goodbye. Knowing it was the end didn’t exactly defy the little bit of hope she had inside her, so she smiled. She smiled as if her heart wouldn’t be broken moments later.

Harry let her walk through the hallway before leading her to the living room where just several minutes ago, he was pacing. He took a seat next to her, knees beginning to bounce nervously as he did.He bit his lip for a couple of seconds then collected himself.

This is gonna hurt.I blamed myself first cos I ignored the truth.”

I guess you know what this is about,” he spoke, eyes falling to the floor. Not for a second did he want to look into her eyes in fear of breaking down. He could break down later,now was not the time.

I’m going to start this off by saying I love you and it’s cos I love you that I -” he paused, sniffling a bit. Was this really the end? He told himself to cry later but she was physically here and he wasn’t ready to say goodbye. He wasn’t ready to start a life without her.

Harry cleared his throat.

And it’s cos I love you,” he repeated, “that I have to end what we have.It’s killing me to do this, to even say this but it has to be done.I love you. God,I love you so fucking much,” he breathed. “You deserve a better relationship with someone who can love you more than I do. I know you love me and it might take some time but you’ll find the man you need,” his voice cracked.

Harry bit the inside of his cheeks, taking a pause from his speech as his hands moved through his hair.

You’re perfect, every single bit of you is perfect to me and it hurts me when you doubt yourself because of the package that comes with me. The fans continuously troll you and I don’t want that for you. I really don’t. I’d stop it all if I could except I can’t which frustrates me so fucking much. I’m supposed to be protecting you, that’s my job as your boyfriend yet I can’t do that one simple thing.”

I’m sorry,” Harry apologised, voice shaking after all he said. He finally looked up with tears in his eyes and as soon as he did, he wish he hadn’t.

She looked broken.Sure, she knew that this was the end, on the other hand, even the expected is unexpected.

Tears had spilt on her blotched cheeks;they were still falling. Harry hated it when she cried, it was horrible for him,especially as he was the reason for her sadness.

What had he done?

Harry,” she uttered out as best as she could.

I’m sorry,” he restated.

Don’t I have a say in this?” She questioned, trying to regain her breath when she stopped her crying.She, like him, could break down later.

Please,” Harry nearly yelled out desperately, shutting his eyes. He had the urge to say ‘stay’ but the opposite came out. “Go.”

As that one word syllable left his mouth,he opened his eyes, tears now clouding his vision as he wanted to go back in time and stop himself from sending the text. It hurt to break the heart of his love, but it hurt even more to watch her walk away.

He blinked. She stood up.

It took all of him to not pull her back into his chest, whilst wiping her tears away and apologising profusely.

And it took all his willpower for him to not chase after her as the front door shut.

All that willpower turned into tears when he realised that she was gone. Forever.

He tried comforting himself by declaring that ‘it had to be done’. It didn’t work.

So instead Harry sobbed his heart out.

Crush (Jaehyun x Reader)

Word count:1485

Plot: You have a crush on Jaehyun.

“Mark! Stop that! It’s not even funny.” You laughed as you hit Mark’s arm. He tried showing you his new ‘personal talent’ by making weird ramen-eating sounds.

“But it sounds real, doesn’t it?” He grinned and showed you again.

“Whatever you say, Mark,” you rolled your eyes in sarcasm.

You and Mark were close friends ever since you guys were stuck as partners in Chemistry class. You guys somehow clicked ever since you both met. While walking down the school hallway, you accidentally bumped into someone, making you drop your wallet you were holding onto.

You kneeled down and picked up your wallet.

“Sorry! I wasn’t looki-” you stopped the moment you saw who you actually bumped into.

Jung Jaehyun.

It was Jung freaking Jaehyun.

You gulped.

“No, no it’s okay. I wasn’t looking too. It’s partly my fault. Don’t worry. I’m sorry too,” Jaehyun said as he greeted Mark and smiled at you.

He smiled.

The smile that made your heart flutter. His eyes turned into crescents and his adorable dimples showed up as he sweetly smiled. You’ve been crushing on Jaehyun ever since he moved into your class as a transfer student. But you’ve never really had a chance to talk to him, as he was always surrounded by girls because of his good looks.

Of course, who wouldn’t fall for that adorable and handsome face of his? To top it off, he was good mannered.

But you couldn’t tell him your feelings because you were scared you might embarass yourself if he rejects you.

“I-it’s okay,” you stuttered and blinked bluntly.

Mark held your arm, “Are you alright?”

You nodded, still staring at Jaehyun’s beautiful face.

“I’ll see you later, y/n.” Jaehyun waved as he left the spot.

Your eyes widened as you tried to surpress your feelings.
But as usual it didn’t work.

Your face turned crimson red as you jumped on the spot, pulling Mark’s uniform.

Mark laughed and patted your head in attempt to calm you down. “Chill, y/n. Of course he knows your name. He’s in our class.”

You shot Mark a glare, “Don’t kill the mood, Mark.”

“Okay okay fine. Good for you, that he knows your name. Now we should get books from our lockers and get back to class if we don’t wanna be late,” Mark pushed you from behind, heading towards your locker.

“Geez. Okay, mum.”

You poked your food, not really having the appetite to eat. You saw Jaehyun sitting at the table across yours in the cafeteria, surrounded by his friends and girls, as usual.

You sighed, knowing your crush was only one-sided and it didn’t have any hope. Mark looked at you in concern and patted your hair.

“You should eat properly, y/n. Staring at Jaehyun won’t make you full.”

You bit your lips and continued poking your food.

Mark sighed, “You should just confess to him, y/n. Staring at him and not eating won’t make him realise that you have a crush on him.”

“But, how can I ever talk to him? Look. He’s always with his friends and girls always surround him. I’m a nobody.”

Mark poked your forehead, “You never know if you never try, idiot. Eat up.”

You tried processing what Mark just said and continued staring at Jaehyun from afar. Sounds like a creep, but that was all you could do.

At that moment, he caught your eyes, and the both of you made eye contact. He smiled, revealing his cute dimples and slightly waved at you.

Your eyes widened, dumbfounded by his small action.
“M-Mark. He waved at me.”

Mark chuckled, “Then wave back.”

“Wow that helped,” you rolled your eyes, “If only it was that easy.”

“Do you wanna go get some bubble tea?” You asked Mark after the last school bell rang.

Mark rubbed his neck, “I’m afraid I can’t. I have to meet my parents for dinner outside today, so I have to leave early.”

“Oh, it’s okay. Enjoy your dinner!” You smiled as the both of you bid goodbye to each other.

You slinged your bag on your shoulders and started walking towards the schoolgate.

“Still up for bubble tea?” A voice was heard from the back.

You flinched and turned back, to see Jaehyun standing there, smiling at you.

He laughed, “Sorry if I scared you. I accidentally heard your conversation with Mark. Do you still wanna get bubble tea?”

You nodded bluntly. “I-I was planning to get it alone, b-but.”

“Can I join you, then?”

Your heart started beating fast and you felt your cheeks heating up.


The both of you made your way to a nearby bubble tea shop.
The journey was awkward, you couldn’t believe you were walking next to your crush. You couldn’t look at him because you were so embarassed, so all you did was stare at the groud while walking.

Jaehyun saw you keeping your head low and chuckled to himself.
“Are you uncomfortable walking with me?” He asked.

You held up your head to face him and immediately shook your head. “N-no! That’s not it,” you paused and was surprised seeing him smiling at you.


“I-I’m just… shy? I guess.” You looked away and cupped your red cheeks.

Jaehyun smiled to himself at your response, “I see.”

The both of you arrived at the bubble tea shop and took your orders.

You decided to take a seat while waiting for the drinks to come. Jaehyun automatically took the seat across you. You blinked awkwardly.

*Should I tell him about my feelings? But it’s too soon. We just started talking.*

Different thoughts were going around your head. You looked at Jaehyun instinctly.

*But I can’t wait any longer.*

He was staring outside the window. His side view was attractive, his dimples show up everytime he smiles, his hair looks cute although a bit messy. Just staring at him makes you happy. You were head over heels for him.

*So how do I start? Jaehyun, I have something to tell you? No no. Uhm. Jaehyun, there’s something I’ve always wanted to tell you.* You were thinking of the perfect sentence to tell him.

“What is it?” Jaehyun asked, as the drinks were served. He thanked the waiter and handed you your drink.

“What?” You blinked.

“I guess you accidentally spoke out your thoughts? You’ve been repeating that you have something to say to me for quiet a few times now,” he chuckled.

Your eyes widened as you facepalmed yourself.


Jaehyun chuckled at your actions and continued, “So what is it?”

*As Mark said, I’ll never know if I don’t try. Here we go.*

You cleared your throat.

“The thing is. Uhm.. how do I say this.”

“Just say it, I won’t judge you or anything.”

You bit your lips, “The thing is… I-I like you.”

You covered your face and continued, “I’ve had a crush on you ever since you transferred into my class. You looked.. cool. But I’ve never had the chance to approach you because… you seemed unapproachable for someone like me. I thought you never knew about my existence,” you took a breath, “But that day when you said my name I was surprised. And this is embarassing to say, but I did fangirl a bit.”

You felt relieved after saying that, but felt uneasy for some reason. You took a peek at him through the holes between your fingers. “That’s all. Now you can laugh at me.”

Jaehyun’s small chuckle was heard.

You sighed.

*Is it time to be rejected?*

“Don’t be embarassed. It’s cute, actually,” he said.
“To be honest, I’ve had my eyes on you ever since day one. But I didn’t approach you first because I wanted to look cool. If I talk to you so soon, then it would make me look like I’m the type who talks too much,” he laughed.

You blinked in confusion as you uncovered your face and looked at him.

“Actually, Mark told me about you. He told me about your crush on me and that I should approach you first, because the feelings are… mutual,” he continued.

*Damn it, Mark. I hate you but I love you for doing this.*

Your heart started beating fast, as if it was going to jump out of your chest.

“I couldn’t think of a good way to approach you, so I purposely bumped into you, that day,” Jaehyun finished, and you could see his cheeks turning pink.


“Cute,” you blurted out. Jaehyun looked at you.

You pointed to your cheeks, “Your cheeks are red,” you chuckled.

Jaehyun cupped his cheeks in embarassment. “Yours too,” he stuck his tongue out.

You imitated him and cupped your cheeks too.

Jaehyun chuckled and squished your cheeks.
“So… are you free this Saturday?”


The end! It’s my first time writing scenarios and this one is featuring my baby, Jaehyun! I’ve always imagined this scenario in my head and I’m glad I’ve finally written it down. I hope you guys enjoy it and SHOW ME SOME LOVE HAHAHAHA. ♡

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