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hello, loves! no, i’m not dead; just insanely busy. if you’ve ever worked retail during the holiday season, you understand the struggle. i just wanted to post this lil tidbit to let you know that i am, in fact, alive and will be writing a lot more very soon (i hope)! here’s a few things to look forward to:

1. secret santa (which i believe will be posted exactly on christmas, but maybe earlier if i can finish it sooner—which i doubt, but the optimism is there!)

2. time is a cold wind (my fic on @turtlesoupstories that has been severely unloved in the recent months)

3. where hearts collide (which is actually getting totally rewritten, so be on the lookout for that!)

4. a new fic, coming in the new year, that i will not name until the first chapter is posted

i hope you all are doing well, and i look forward to sharing my new works with you! until the next post! 😘

A little bit late for an event I briefly saw the post for, but here’s some of my favorite girls from choices ♥️ I may not be the best at faces from the side but that doesn’t mean I didn’t have fun drawing this (especially Val’s armor, that was really fun, especially the thorn bow that she had the option to use at the beginning of TCATF book 2)

Poison Ivy

“I’m not going to be sympathetic until you go to a doctor”

Request 85 

Kaitlyn x MC

Funny, fluffy?


You release a dramatic yawn, your shoulders arching as you thoroughly stretch each your tired limbs. Your eyes crack slowly open. Your eyes widen and rogue scream escapes from the confines of your lungs.

As opposed to your normal routine of waking up to Kaitlyn’s beautiful, delicate features, you’re alarmed to find large, twizzler-red lips replacing the soft pink ones you’re used to. Her eyelids swollen shut and her skin is puckered and pink. She jerks awake suddenly, startled by your shriek.


You can tell she’s trying to read your face, but you honestly can’t tell if her eyes are open through her swollen eyelids.

“Uhh Kait?”

She scratches her face furiously. “Yeah?”

“ Can you breathe..?”

“Yeah, I can breathe just fine, but these new black-out curtains are strong”

“Kait..” you stifle a laugh “It’s not the curtains..”

“Huh?” She pauses her scratching.

You lift your bedside mirror before her. She resumes scratching with one hand while pulling the mirror close to view herself through squinting eyes. You throw your head back in a laugh as her eyes widen, finally becoming visible.

“HOLY CRAP!” she shrieks “Is that really me?!”

You nod your head frantically, struggling for breath as you howl in laughter.

“Please tell me something just ate me in my sleep and that’s what I’m looking at!”

Laughing every other word “I wish..” You wipe a tear from under your eye “I could..tell you..that was..the case”

She grabs either side of your head between her palms, allowing you an unabridged view of her situation.

“This is serious!” Her voice cracks between words “I’m a tomato!”

Your teeth gnaw painfully on your lower lip as you bite back building shrieks of laughter. You control it long enough to respond “I’m not going to be sympathetic until you see a doctor”

“Well what the hell are we waiting for?!” She leaps to her feet, your collar gripped in a clenched fist “Now!”

You swallow, complying, quickly getting to your feet and running at her heels toward the door.


“Poison ivy?!” Kaitlyn shrieks. Your fingers plunge into your ears, muffling her piercing yells

“How the shit did I get that?!”

“Have you spent any time in the wilderness recently?” The doctor inquires

“Well.. we spent some quality time on a wilderness picnic last week..” You chirp in.

And quality indeed..

You smile to yourself, remembering it fondly.

Kaitlyn, clawing feverishly at all exposed skin, snaps “Well it sure as shit wasn’t worth this”

“You kids…” the doctor muses “You know, a blanket goes a long way..”

Kaitlyn turns in your direction.

Is she looking at me? Shit, I honest to god can’t tell.

Though her facial expression proves indiscernible amidst the swelling, the context and harsh, seething, tone of her voice more than tell you she’s pissed.

“Then how come you didn’t get it?!” 

You shrug, raising your hands defensively, creating a buffer between her you and her antagonizing extended finger.

“I..I don’t kn–”

“An estimated 1 in 10 are immune” The doctor explains “Maybe your friend here is one of them?”

Well shit.


After picking up several prescription drugs, including various topical creams and oral medications, you head home. Kaitlyn takes a running start, prepping herself to hop into your bed when you interrupt her;

“Kait,” she turns to face you “The bed could be covered in poison ivy, so unless you want it to spread..” She sighs, blowing tired raspberries your direction.

“To the cubicle!” 

You grin, stumbling eagerly behind as she drags you by the wrist.


Kaitlyn hops onto her bed, fingernails digging absentmindedly into her skin all the while.

“Honey…” You lower yourself onto the bed, leaning over her sprawled figure.


“You have to stop scratching” You insist, gently taking her dainty wrists in your hands “You’ll scar”

“Pffffff” She rips her hands away; one jumping to attend to the back of her neck, while the other scratches the underside of her exposed elbow.

“Kaitlyn, I’m serious”

“And I’m seriously itchy!” She snaps “But you wouldn’t know anything about that, would you?”

Ouch. She has a point.

Your hand finds its way to the back of your neck, scratching nervously as you choose your next words carefully.

“Alright, alright. Fair enough” You reach into the crumpled white pharmacy bag “Will you at least apply your meds first? You know, before skinning yourself alive?”

“Hey I’d love to pay tribute to ‘Skin Goblins’..” she muses “After all, it was my favorite goblin mo–” 

Her words make way for thin groans as you begin massaging lotion into her steaming skin.

She must be a thousand degrees..

“–so…..cold….” Her words escape in staggered moans as she shudders at your touch.

Your lips curve into a smirk as your fingers make their way up her abdomen, rubbing the lotion into her hot skin.


Wow..she’s really covered.

You slowly make your way up to her neck, pausing to adjust for a better angle. One of your hands moves to reach out for facial cream while the other lightly scratches the back of the first. 

Why is there a special face lotion, anyway?

“Noo..” she pouts “Not my face, it’s too cold..”

She puts up little reluctance, however, allowing you to easily straddle her waist. You lean comfortably over her and ready the lotion.

Using your thumbs, you begin at her chin, rubbing spiraling circles into her skin, spreading out to her cheeks and growing over her nose.

Her body relaxes, her increasingly rhythmic breathing intoxicating.

Your fingers gently rub her ears, then crawl up the bridge of her nose to press gently into her forehead.


Your lips slip into an easy smile as wriggles gently, cozying herself amidst her bedding. You lean down and place a light kiss on her forehead. Your lips tingle. You suppress a gag.

Big mistake.

The lotion tastes bad.

After hastily wiping your tongue on your arm, your fingernails follow, dragging across reddening skin. 

Sweat tastes better than hydrocorti..hydro cuticle..hydrodynamic…whatever, poison ivy cream

You tap your index finger lightly atop the tip of her nose.


She smiles softly, her eyes opening slightly to gaze into yours.



“Do you still love me in tomato form?”

“You’re not a tomato..” You press your lips lightly against hers, tingling sensation returning. You suppress another gag “..You’re a sweet little cherry”

“Even still?”

“Yes, but let’s hold off kissing..” You smile tiredly.

“Oh.” Her eyes drop from your gaze to the fingers she now kneads anxiously. Yours match hers, digging roughly into skin above your knuckles.


“..You’re still sweet, but the cream you’re covered in sure aren’t”

She gives you a smirk, playfully shoving you off of her to plop heavily to the bed beside.

“Hey!” You scratch indignantly behind your ear. She turns to face you, uncertainty clouding her beautiful, dark eyes.

“I’m sorry, about before..” She begins slowly, concern creeping through her lips.

“For what?” You lift an eyebrow quizzically, a fingernail lifting to scratch around it.

God damn it..

“For snapping at you like that” She takes your hand tentatively, her eyes glistening nervously back at you “I don’t really want you to be itchy too, I just–”

You place a finger assertively to her lips.

“It’s okay, I understand”

She shakes her head, and your finger, loose, allowing it to scribble with convolution across the bridge of your nose.  

“No, it isn’t. Just because I’m itchy doesn’t mean I should wish the same hell unto you, you know?”

You nod appreciatively “And if it makes you feel any better..” Your nails dig feverishly into your cheek, leaving burning trails of mercy.


“It was the itch talking, I swear” she continues “I don’t want you to be–”

“..I think I’m getting it too”



Your nails dig furiously into all exposed skin as Kaitlyn squeals beside you, wriggling in glee against the dark purple bedding you picked out for her ages ago.

Still soft.. Guess she hasn’t made enough use of it to ruin it yet.


Her squealing subsides.


“Quit happy dancing” She looks to you indignantly, scoffing.

“Whaaaat? I don’t know what you’re–”

“You haven’t stopped squealing since I mentioned the itchiness”

“I’m not–”

“You’re wiggling!”

“Am not!” 

She pauses her wiggling briefly before resuming with equal, if not more, enthusiasm.

Yeah, right.

“It was funny for the first minute or two, but half an hour is excessive”

“I’m just scratching my back!”

“Against a down blanket?”

“Hey, this only has a thread count of 800!”

“It’s softer than a cloud!” 

You test it, wiggling to no avail against the cloud-like comforter.

I knew it..


“I have sensitive skin!”



this is scorpio when mc wants him to be more romantic

one of my favorite memories of RTX is that my friends went to go meet Joel and he saw that she was wearing a minecraft diamond necklace and went “oh minecraft! i love minecraft!” and she was like “yeah yeah minecraft’s cool! i love your how to videos!” and he was just like “minecraft is the best i love minecraft!” and she got him to sign her strangerhood dvd and he was stILL TALKING ABOUT HOW HE LOVED MINECRAFT and wouldn’t stop talking about minecraft even as the picture was being taken and in the picture he’s mid “i love minecraft!” oh my god KAITLYN sswishswishstab PLEASE REBLOG WITH THE PICTURE BECAUSE THE PICTURE MAKES IT

Becca: God, Kaitlyn! You stink of booze!

Kaitlyn: Do you think MC is going to be able to smell it?

Becca: Are you kidding? That woman has the nose of a bloodhound! And the breasts of a Greek goddess.



Kaitlyn:Ummm… Becca?

Becca: I should go


2017 Top Gym Results, click through to see everything.

(Kaytlyn Johnson represented her club, not the U.S.)


In (late) celebration of Matt’s 32nd birthday: Matt Jackson + moodboard

“Even if it’s the smallest town in the world, just know that if we’re on the card, we’re gonna kill it. That’s just what we do. It’s not a cocky, arrogant, brash thing to say, that’s just the way we are. We’re gonna go out there, we’re gonna do our friggin’ best, and then we’re gonna go home and try to be fathers on two hours of sleep.

How I imagine the post concert chaos should’ve went down:

CHOICES, THE FRESHMAN: BOOK 3 CONFLICT with Kaitlyn Liao, reimagined~

A/N: Please know that I am an illustrator, and really good at it but not so much as a writer. I may be a visual person but it doesn’t translate well with words apparently. I wanted to make this into a comic but it might take me forever. Anyway, don’t have a beta so my messy grammar might be too painful. Still, enjoy!

After Zig threw the punch, other attendees began a scuffle amongst themselves too and soon enough the mosh pit is thrown into disarray. I tried to keep my balance as I scurry away from this whole mess, which was almost impossible when people are shoved against you. I managed to get halfway towards the exit when I hear Kaitlyn’s attempt at calming the crowd. I struggle to turn myself and get a look at the stage, to see how Kaitlyn and her band have been faring, and thankfully she is facing my direction. I wave both my hands to hopefully get her attention and I think it worked because her eyes widen briefly before anxiousness overtakes her features. I’m not really sure how she managed that, “Maybe it’s because of what I’m wearing? Or she just has penchant for detecting where I am…” I mused.

I angle my left arm pointing towards the exit and she nods in understanding. I wanted to give her a smile (which probably was one of the strangest things to do at the moment and she likely won’t get to see it in this commotion anyway), instead my face contorts into a grimace when a hand forcefully shoves me from behind. I stumble forward and after my poor attempt at keeping my balance, I make contact with the floor on my knees but prevented myself from falling further by planting both arms on the ground.

The whole experience knocked the wind out of me and it was extremely difficult to reorient myself when my vulnerable form is being pushed and stepped on, so I remained on the ground. After awhile, a feel someone yank me up by my bicep. “MC! You’ll be fine, I’m right here.” I recognize Zig’s voice. Feeling a little light-headed, I mostly focused on keeping myself upright that I couldn’t bother responding to him. He stays on my side while holding me by my shoulders, sort of encasing me in his arms. “Let’s get out of here.” He says while he guides me out the exit.

Only when we finally got out and a safe distance away from the venue did Zig release his hold on me. I muster a small smile at him before leaning on a wall. I massaged my temples and released a heavy sigh, Zig wordlessly eyeing me from a few steps away. After regaining my bearings, I broke the silence between us, “Tonight went to hell fast, oh my god, Kait’s probably—“

“MC!!!” Kaitlyn shouts as she runs toward us from the exit, looking frantic. “I’ve been looking for you! I saw you fall and shit, I was so scared something terrible happened to you!”

Relieved to see her relatively unharmed, I gave her a tired grin. “I’m fine.” She raises an eyebrow. “Okay, I’m not fine.”

She holds me by my arms, her eyes scanning me for any horrible injury I might have gotten before pulling me into a hug. She abruptly pulls away before I could return the embrace, her hands now resting on my shoulders. “I… I went into the mosh pit to look for you but you weren’t there anymore when I arrived. I ran into Zack and he told me you were led outside by…” she trails off, then turns to look at Zig and narrows her eyes, “that guy.”

“Kaitlyn…” I whisper. It doesn’t deter her attention from Zig.

“You started this whole mess! Our concert was ruined, and we’ll likely be blacklisted from this venue. Not to mention, my girlfriend got hurt” she motions to me, then turns to fully face him and raises both her arms dramatically “because you just haaaad to punch the guy.” The anger was clearly lacing each of her words and it unnerved me, I’ve never seen her so angry.

Zig looked taken aback for a moment before his face morphs into a scowl. “Hey! That guy happened to get rough with your girlfriend! I was only protecting her.” He responds, bordering on a shout.

“So you punch him right then and there? Didn’t anyone teach you conflicts can be solved without resorting to violence?!” Kaitlyn retorts, her own voice dangerously rising.

I didn’t want this escalating further, so before Zig could respond I stood between them with my body facing Kaitlyn. “Enough. It was just an accident, Kait. Don’t blame Zig for trying to look out for me.”

“Are you being fucking serious right now, MC?!” She practically screams at my face. “Even after all this, you still take his side?!!”

“I’m not taking his side, Kaitlyn.” I answer too fast to my own liking. “No one wanted this to happen, okay? Just calm down and not take this all on Zig!”

“So who do you want me to blame? You?!! Because you’re this guy’s friend so by extension, you are at fault?? Do I rationalize it as your way of getting back at me for not spending time with our roommates?!” She challenges.

“What, NO! That sounds petty… and stupid.” I choke out. She rolls her eyes. “Exactly. The most logical person to blame here is him.”

“He acted before he thought it through. Cut him some slack.” I spoke softly. Kaitlyn suddenly glares at me “Why are you still defending him?!”

“Because you’re being unreasonable and she’s a good friend” Zig suddenly speaks up, and I am reminded he was actually there with us.

“I’m being unreasonable, really? And what is with this guy, why does he always throw himself at you every chance he gets?” Kaitlyn narrows her eyes on both of us. Is she jealous… again?

“He i-isn’t! He’s just new here and he just needs a friend.” I stumble over my response and mentally kick myself for it, because to Kaitlyn I probably sound like I’m hiding an affair but I’m just bewildered she even brought up Zig’s tendency to pseudo-flirt with me.

“And you are such a darling huh, befriending everyone you find attractive.” She says, each word punctuated with venom. My mouth hangs agape, even Zig didn’t dare breathe a word; he looked just as shell-shocked as I was. A memory flashed through my head. /He’s hard not to notice/

I close my eyes and press my mouth in a thin line. “What the fuck, Kaitlyn?”

She backs away slightly, but continues to glower at me nonetheless. She opens her mouth to say something but I don’t let her. “And what about you and Natasha?! Who, might I remind you, was someone you were always giddy to meet every band practice… which is incidentally, almost everyday! And I didn’t assume this, you were the one who always told me how excited you were to meet her. You barely even mention Rachel or Amara, goddamnit”

Surprisingly, Kaitlyn’s scowl never wavered one bit. “I was excited because of the original song lyrics and arrangements she wrote! She also tries to teach me how to play a guitar and I’m interested in learning. I love being in a band, MC… not being with Natasha!!”

“Oh, so you get angry at me for indirectly accusing you of cheating but you’re fine with assuming the worst with Zig and I?!” At the mention of his name, Zig steps back. “When I’ve always made it clear to him that I’m exclusively yours whether our roommates are around or not. But of course you wouldn’t know that because you’re barely around, huh?”

Kaitlyn is still understandably seething but she abruptly turns and begins to walk away. I quickly grab her sleeve, “Hey! Why are you walking away?”

She breaks free from my grip, never turning to look at me. “I need some space.” She says, in her normal speaking volume but she’s clearly still angry.

“Are you fucking breaking up with me now?” I retort without thinking. She turns around, her face still contorted to a scowl but she seems… tired. “I did not say that, MC. Oh my God, I just need space to sort out my feelings!” She doesn’t wait for my reply and quickly stalks off. 

I just stood there, livid, while Zig was completely silent a few feet away. A few beats later my anger subsided, but it was replaced by misery. Replaying the earlier scene in my head over and over, I cover my eyes as tears roll down my cheeks. I realized how poorly I handled tonight’s events. I hear Zig’s nearing footsteps but he stops at a good distance, careful not to get too near. “Tonight really went to hell fast.” He whispers. 

I can’t help but silently agree.

And then Tyler, Abbie and Zack arrive! And of course the events at the bar and the sleepover with Becca still happen. But yeah, I wish it happened this way where Kait wasn’t made to be a complete shallow bitch? I sure as hell know she isn’t THAT petty, and I don’t say that coz I like her lol

Book 3 had good build up with the jealousy path because whether you entertain Zig’s advances or not, he’s mostly flirty so Kaitlyn can take it the wrong way either way. And of course there’s the “omg Kaitlyn is spending way too much time with the band, and of course, NATASHA” for MC’s side.

Their lesson here would be mutual trust, I guess? Also as for those whose LI isn’t Kaitlyn, just replace the dialogue with concerned bestfriend lines like “Bitch your grades are dropping, you hang around too much with those Bad Influencers™ and Kait will go into her rebellious mode and just be Angery™ at MC’s clinginess. Just not, blame her for what happened at the pit?? James and Chris were understandably unreasonable during Book 3 but Kaitlyn was just… over the top unreasonable.

Looking Into Our Future (Kaitlyn x MC)

Note: To make it short, I’m no writer and this is actually the first “essay“ I wrote for fun. I didn’t expect for it to get this lengthy so I became lazier as I got to the end. For a while, I’ve thought of writing something related to the prompt before it even came out so I was quite shocked when it did. Anyway, I tried.

Keep reading

RANT: The New “Makeovers” In The Sophomore

Disclaimer: I do use the word “makeover” VERY loosely because makeover usually indicates a sense of a glow-up not downgrade. Also, this is just supposed funny and relatable not to insult or drag Choices. Even when they should be for doing this to these characters. SMH 🤦🏽‍♀️

As of today’s chapter of TS, it is becoming apparent that several, uh (clears throat) physical characteristics are occurring in this book with multiple characters.

And they’re not good changes either.

EXHIBIT A: Chris Powell

Now, Chris’ new look is definitely not as bad as the others. It’s actually nice when you get used to it. I will admit I did NOT like it at all in the first chapter. Trust me, I was literally screaming at my phone “MY BABY WTH DID THEY DO TO YOU??”

But then after awhile, I realized his new hairstyle reminded me of a 90s Leonardo DiCaprio. And babe, let me tell ya 90s Leo is EVERYTHING lol


I love Chris with either hairstyle. Tbh, I prefer the old Chris more; but that’s my opinion, I know some people don’t like his new look and that’s okay. It’s not for everyone. Hell, it wasn’t for me at first!


LOL BUT NO seriously I miss his red Henley so much @playchoices bring my mans shit back immediately

k moving on…

EXHIBIT B: Kaitlyn Liao

Oh God…here we go.


I still haven’t really forgive her for the mess that in Book 3 and I would much rather have Zack (KING) as MC’s best friend but even I wouldn’t have wished a travesty such as her new hairstyle.

Homegirl was fine with her original hairstyle and/or the punk rock purple dyed tips hairstyle which btw was hot af.

BUT LITERALLY NO ONE ASKED FOR THIS ATROCITY OF A ‘MAKEOVER'❗️ It’s like she cut that shit herself…in the dark.

The outfit: YES BITCH love it. need it. want it.

The hair: Nope. Nope. Nope. never wanted it. never asked for it. TAKE IT BACK PLS @playchoices



Now, I don’t have a lot of nice things to say about Becca. She’s not exactly the nicest and I hated her in book 1 and book 2. In book 3, her parents divorcing was rough and sad but all I could think about was…


(if you thought about zoey 101, dm me we should totally be friends lol)

In book 4, she was kind of cool. 🤷🏽‍♀️ I guess, I didn’t really care all that much and she was only in like two chapters. So, now it seems like we’re friends with her now??? Plus, she’s the new roommate…

But she was really good at serving pretty blonde goddess looks 🏼i could always count on that from her as well as her bitchiness (but let’s not talk about that) 

But damn Choices, no need to go ruin the girl’s life even more with this MONSTROSITY of haircut.

I MEAN WHY?? WHY? Just answer me that, PB! I want to know who asked for such an abomination to fall and land on this girl’s head!

1. she looks like a 40 year old rich lawyer mom who lets the nanny raise her kids bc she’s a workaholic ???? what the fresh hell is this choices??

2. it looks like she glued a damn wig to her head

3. “now this home is listed for $335,000 and comes with 4 bedrooms and 3 baths” headass   looking like a real estate agent just like @whatchoices said smh

4. Those bangs 🤢ew

Oh and don’t even get me started on that lie MC told Becca when she came into the room. “Becca? You look amazing!” UM  NO TF SHE DOES NOT. We must not be looking at the same person.

In conclusion, PB get ya shit together because these makeovers are really getting out of hand.