god just look at his face


For the Anon who requested 8 (I told you not to be alone with ___) and 19 (don’t be stupid). With Hotch.

“So he tackles this guy to the ground before any of us can even move and as he struggling to keep the UnSub down he just looks up at me and goes, ‘oh no Dave. Don’t worry about it. I’ve got him.’ Just deadpan. Oh god I thought I was going to die.” Your boyfriend’s best friend tells you before another sip of his scotch. A grin is stretched across his face and you’re loving these stories. Aaron doesn’t talk much about work, you know that he’s got a high pressure job that can get very stressful so you let it be. It’s the stories that Dave has been telling you for the last half hour that you actually want to hear.
“That’s typical Aaron for you.” You laugh, “God forbid he ever be anything but cool calm and collected.”
“Oh sweetheart do I have stories for you.” Dave grins and is just about to launch into another one when Aaron comes out of Derek and Savannah’s back door.
“There you are beautiful.” He says giving you a grin.
“I didn’t know you and Dave had such sweet pet names for each other.” You tease him and he chuckles before pressing a firm kiss to your lips.
“Don’t be stupid.” He groans and you laugh as you lean into him.
“So mean to me Hotchner.” You continue, “Calling Dave beautiful and then calling me stupid. It’s just not fair!”
“Oh my god.” Dave says with a laugh, clearly enjoying your theatrics, unlike your boyfriend.
“I mean really-” Hotch cuts you off with another kiss, his hand cupping the back of your head. You can feel the smile on his lips against your mouth.
“Are you done?” He asks pulling away just enough to ask the question.
“If I say no are you going to keep kissing me?” He laughs and slides his hand from the back of your head to your far shoulder.
“What were the two of you talking about?” He asks trying to sound casual but you’re not fooled.
“You.” Dave tells him and Aaron raises his eyebrows.
“Oh geeze.” He groans, “Babe are you ready to go?” He asks softly.
“Yea we can go.” You agree taking his hand. “It was a pleasure meeting you Dave.”
“You too.” Dave says raising his glass in farewell. You and Aaron head out and down the street toward where you’d parked in comfortable silence.
“I thought I told you not to be alone with Dave.”
“You did but I’m still trying to figure out why.”
“He knows all my secrets and will tell them.” Aaron says and you roll your eyes.
“Then I’m adding him to my favorites list.” You tease. “So it’s not because he’s a jerk or something?”
“No, Dave’s great. You’re more than welcome to hang out with him.” Aaron confirms and you smile.
“Good. He promised me some stories.”
“Oh god.” Aaron groans and you laugh. You can’t wait to hear all these stories.

meliourn  asked:

1 + jimon

1. things you said at 1 am

“No, but like, are you sure,” Simon says, just as Jace is about to drop off into sleep again.

He groans into his pillow, and turns towards his boyfriend. “Yes, Simon. Yes, I am sure.”

“Oh,” Simon says. He’s frowning.

What,” Jace says, exasperated. He gives up on trying to sleep, though. He knows it’s a lost cause by now.

Simon’s face goes through a range of emotion. “You didn’t just like, say it because you had to, right? Because it’s what you are supposed to do?”

“No, Simon,” Jace says, patiently.

“Oh,” Simon says, again. “Oh my god.”

Jace is starting to get a bit concerned now. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I just,” Simon looks at Jace, eyes full of wonder, and breathes out. “Are you really sure?”

Jace sighs, exasperated and tired and fond, so fond. “Yes. Yes, I am quite sure I love you, yes.”

“Oh,” Simon repeats, for the third time. Jace is starting to wonder if maybe he broke him and this is the only word he still knows, now. Then, “I love you, too.”

Jace grins at him, though he’s not sure Simon can see it in the dark room. “Are you sure?” He asks, teasingly, and Simon hits him with a pillow.


     “Look, Castle.. I don’t know if you are just now finding out if you like boooooys” Adam imitated to a tee. “or girls, but you better back off- you got it?” Cole said to Dalton, stepping to Dalton’s face- shoving a fingertip into his breastbone. Dalton posed his ever-famous smirk, and scoffed. “Is that a threat, Adam?” He questioned, not in character. “You’re God damn right it is. I’d hate to see a peacock lose more than his feathers..” Adam snaked, grasping a fist full of Dalton’s shirt.

     I was standing by the ring, and had just noticed my cue to break up whatever conversation that was going on between the two men. “Cole.. Wha- What’s going on here?” I asked, sliding a palm over his clothed chest- relaxing him instantly. It immediately refrained the situation and Adam simmered. Adam’s grip loosened and he pat Dalton’s firm torso. “We were just talking. About our championship match, next week.” He smiled, never breaking eye contact with Castle, through his lie. “Talking, huh? That looked like a little more than calm, cool, and collected chit-chat, Cole. Lie to me again.” I pushed, sliding his view my way with faint grip of his jaw.

     Adam huffed out a breath that you wouldn’t, in your right mind, do to your parent’s faces- and dismissed the ordeal, walking off from both Dalton and I. My eyes flickered to Dalton’s and they were set on me. A slight rock of my head and puzzling eyebrows sent his viewpoint straight to the floor. “Dalton..” I whispered, grazing my touch over his arm. “No.” He rejected, dragging his feet across the concrete and to backstage.

(Ignore this, because I’m fully convinced that they have a thing for each other.)

Split Lip (Jughead x Betty)

Jughead winced and tried to turn his head away before it was jerked back sternly by a pair of delicate hands.
“Juggie, don’t you move.” He pouted, immaturely as her hands fluttered around his face. “God, look at your poor lip.” Betty’s eyebrows were furrowed over her gorgeous eyes, her teeth biting at her bottom lip worriedly as she dabbed at his split lip with a piece of cloth.
Jughead raised his hands to hold her wrists still, looking her straight in the eye. “Honestly, Bets, I’m fine. It’s just a split lip. It’s nothing.” His thumbs brushed back and forth across her slim wrists as he looked at her, trying to radiate calm.
The look she threw him was completely disbelieving. “It is not nothing, Forsythe Jones. Why on earth would you go up against Reggie? He looks like he’s on all kinds of steroids and God knows what else. He’s twice your size. Do you have any sense?” Her words should have made him mad, or at least annoyed, if not for the way she said them. She was distraught with worry; she had feared he’d come away with a lot more than a busted up lip and the way her eyes filled with unshed tears as she ever-so-gently dabbed at his still bleeding lip, warmed his cold heart.
He couldn’t help it, he chuckled before hurrying to explain why to the pretty teary blonde. “He is kind of like a Terminator, huh?” At her small smile, he pressed on. “I’ll be back. Reggie’s not one for words, but surely he’d be able to handle about 6 of them, right?” He had succeeded, he’d made her laugh, if only fractionally. He smiled at her, “I’m all good, Bets. I promise.”
She sucked on her bottom lip for a second before asking quietly, “Why did you and Reggie fight, Jug? It’s not like you to get in a punch up.”

“Don’t laugh.” An eye-roll on her part. “He was talking shit.” A world-weary sigh that was about to turn into a lecture. “About you.” That stopped Miss Cooper in her tracks.

“He… what?” Her hand that was holding the cloth dropped from his lip to her side, and his hand slipped from her wrist to hold it in his gently.

“He was being completely disrespectful, Bets. He’s a womaniser, but I just couldn’t sit and hear that, you know? I couldn’t.” He held her hand tighter, waiting for any kind of response other than the blank stare she was currently sporting. After about a minute of silence she seemed to have snapped out of it.

“Are you telling me you got yourself punched in the face defending my honour?”

He grinned slightly, pulling at his swollen lip. “Yeah, I guess so.” If Jughead was expecting immediate praise, he was destined to be disappointed because the tiny powerhouse called Betty Cooper began to hit his shoulder firmly.

“You. Stupid. Stupid. Boy. Getting. Yourself. Hurt. Over. Me. Idiot.” Each word was punctuated with a slap to his shoulder.
He raised his hands in a placating gesture and began to defend himself, “Bets, I…” before he was cut off completely. Betty had grabbed his jaw with both hands and placed a firm kiss on his sore lips, and Jughead barely noticed the pain. The kiss only lasted a few seconds, five, if he was being completely honest, but she didn’t move away entirely when she was done. Betty lingered next to his lips, smiling a very pleased-with-herself smile before breathing, “Thank you.”

Jughead stared at her, his brain buzzing a million miles a minute, trying to find the perfect words to portray to Betty how happy he was to have defended her honour. What actually came out his mouth was, “I’m gonna need to get Reggie to punch me in the mouth everyday if that’s what happens after.”

She tossed her head back, ponytail swinging, and let out a laugh that had him grinning ear to ear. “Oh Juggie.” She pecked him on the lips again, being more gentle against his lip this time. “Please don’t. I’d like to kiss you without making you wince.”

“Trust me, Bets. I really don’t mind.” He took her perfect face in his hands and kissed her like he’d never have another chance, because girls like Betty? You should never take that kind of girl for granted.

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Dreams were the one place that Clarus could see his son. He could try and help even from the realm he currently resided. He never wanted to leave either of his children. It hadn't been his choice but the deed was done. The least the Gods could do was this, allow him one more talk with Gladiolus. He waited until the boy saw him before giving him a rare smile. "Gladio."

a dream? gladio glances around. this was his house but it looks like it wasn’t destroyed when niflheim attacked insomnia. he just shakes his head not desiring to find logic in a dream where anything could happen but he wonders why was he here? oddly this didn’t feel like a dream then he hears a familiar voice. he turns to face his father who was waiting for him with a smile. a rare one. gladio felt so warm and safe even inside this dream.

“d-dad… is that… you?”

Viktor’s Love

Ok I have to get to work so this is gonna be rushed af and incoherent and all but like can we just take a moment because

Like Yuuri being precious smol innocent sinamon roll as always, just happy to finally stand by everyone and share food and drinks and all, ever so grateful that he’s come this far, and met the love of his life in the process, which he couldn’t even get the nerve to talk to before. But we now know that’s not true because he basically declared his love via interpretive dance. Exhibit A:


Ok so it goes without saying that this is where Viktor fell in love. He’s just like omg this quiet meek guy is not what he seems like at all and by god just marry me already. And THEN, this darling little Katsudon goes on, after they’ve already parted, goes on to perform Viktor’s very own Stay Close to Me:

WHICH I’M PRETTY SURE VIKTOR INTERPRETED AS SOMETHING ALONG THE LINES OF: I haven’t forgotten; please come back to me, please be my coach. Look how well I skated this piece, just for you. This is me proving I’m worthy to skate with you as my coach.

Which leads me to this. Viktor’s priceless reaction:

Because like, ok. Imagine being Viktor. You share this amazing night with this guy and you fall in love at first dance basically, and it’s just so so great because again look at how much FUN they’re having together and the way they’re smiling at each other and it’s like Viktor says in this episode, love and life were something he’d ignored for far too long. But here comes Yuuri to change all that. 

And now imagine, showing up at that hot spring. Like tada here I am! Aren’t you glad! And Yuuri freaking the fuck out. And Viktor thinking how endearing that is because aw he’s shy. 

Aw he’s embarrassed from everything that happened when they were drunk

Aw he just needs to open up his walls and he’ll be the same guy he met on that night. 

If you ask me I think this explains Viktor’s boldness throughout the series. Because it’s like he’s been in love all. this. time. and he’s just going around assuming Yuuri is the same way. The whole ‘let’s sleep together’ and ‘be my boyfriend’ and ‘tell me all about yourself’ at the beginning isn’t just Viktor being a cocky bastard. It’s Viktor being in love. In complete and absolute love. 

And it sort of explains the whole Eros thing too. Because it’s not just on a random whim or even the fact that Viktor wants Yuuri to step out of his comfort zone. It’s because he KNOWS he’s more than capable, because he’s SEEN it before. 

Which he follows with something along the lines of ‘you’ll show it to me soon, won’t you?’ 

Which basically now I’m gonna interpret as Viktor trying to get Yuuri to understand that what he did on that night was a hell of a lot more seductive than Yuuri himself might even realize, and if he can control that, then it’ll be the hook line sinker that’ll get him to finals. 

Also a bit of revenge since, I’m assuming this was probably the first time Viktor was ever caught off guard. I mean seeing Yuuri doing things like that was probably enough to catch anyone off guard. And so maybe this whole time Viktor was just trying to get even, trying to prove that he could seduce Yuuri just as much as Yuuri had seduced him (and not exactly in the sultry way).

And I just. I’m so happy. 

Please excuse my rambles. I’ll try to edit this after I get home.

Viktor getting on Yuuri's nerves on purpose
  • Viktor: *Instagram video taping Yuuri making breakfast* You guys, we decided on a lazy day, he's making me breakfast.
  • Yuuri: Stop taping everything I do, your fans will unfollow you.
  • Viktor: *offended* well if they are really my fans they'll love seeing your ass while you make breakfast as much as I do.
  • Yuuri: *Turns around facing camera with wide eyes, before letting out an exasperated sigh*
  • Viktor: Alright guys, he just got out of the shower, look at that glistening body!
  • Yuuri: *Wide eyed towel around his waist* *while grabbing nearest thing, which is a pillow* Viktor, I fucking swear to god!
  • *Video ends with pillow knocking the phone down and Viktor laughing hysterically*
  • Viktor: *giggling like a school girl, video taping their walk in closet*
  • Yuuri: *exasperated from inside closet* where are all of my shirts, Viktor?
  • Viktor: I don't know they aren't my shirts.
  • Yuuri: *walking out of closet, fresh sweat pants on, no shirt* I know you took them, where did you put them? *Is annoyed at himself for chuckling*
  • Viktor: We aren't going anywhere, you don't need a shirt.
  • *Video ends*
  • *Now on couch, each on opposite ends, watching TV*
  • Yuuri: *Wearing a shirt that's obviously too big for him*
  • Yuuri: *rolls his eyes at the camera* stop taping me!
  • Viktor: THE CUTEST
  • Yuuri: *is on other couch now, away from Viktor, focused on TV*
  • Viktor: Babe, please come back.
  • Yuuri: *looks at camera before rolling his eyes* Not until you put your phone away.
  • Viktor: *pout in his voice* I need to document how much I love you for the world to see ~~~
  • Yuuri: *presses lips into sharp line while looking at him*
  • *Yuuri now being cuddled by Viktor on the same couch*
  • Viktor: He came back!
  • Yuuri: *laughing*
  • Viktor: Gimme a kiss.
  • Yuuri: Not on camera.
  • Viktor:
  • Viktor: We kissed at a competition on the ice.
  • Yuuri:
  • Yuuri: *Gives him a kiss*

“I looked over at Harrison. He was … God, he was just so handsome. No. No, more than that. He looked like he could lead the charge into battle, take the hill, win the duel, be leader of the gluten-free world, all without breaking a sweat. A hero’s face—a few strands of hair fell over his noble, slightly furrowed brow—watching the horizon for danger in the form of incoming indigenous armies, reflective, concerned eyes so deep in thought you could get lost down there and it would take days to fight your way out. But why run? It couldn’t really be a hardship to find yourself lost in such a place with all that wit and ideas safely stored there. Hey, man! Wait a second! Share the wealth here. Give the face to one man and save the mind for another and both would have plenty. But no! This was the ultimate living example of overkill. So how could you ask such a shining specimen of a man to be satisfied with the likes of me? No! Don’t tell me! The fact is that he was! Even if it was for a short while.” - Carrie Fisher, The Princess Diarist

you’re walking in the woods. there’s no one around and your blaster’s dead. out of the corner of your eye you spot him: kylo ren.



You’ll always have a home- Jughead Jones

Pairing: Jughead Jones x Reader

Warnings: Angst, kissing, like a makeout kinda part? Is that even a warning?

Description: Jughead seemed off lately, with Jason’s death, and the drive-min closing, reader can tell something is off, but cant really pinpoint what


The first time I could tell something was off was when I mentioned the coffeemaker. It was funny how something as simple as the mention of a coffee pot was the spark of my curiosity towards the situation.
“I swear to god, you drink so much coffee, I’m just going to get you a pot for your birthday so you can save some money.” And there it was, the slight twitch in his shoulders and the split second of a tense look on his face before he began laughing along. It was so quick, I was surprised I even caught it, but I did.
 I never asked about Jughead’s home life. He always steered clear of it so I figured it was a touchy subject. I wondered why I hadn’t been invited over in… well…. ever. Then I started putting together the bits and pieces of information and realized: I hadn’t a clue what roof Jughead was sleeping under at night.
Obviously, it was time to investigate.
And I had the perfect opportunity one afternoon.
“Shit, I forgot my textbook at home.” Jughead muttered, his head ducked down and searching in his schoolbag.
“We can walk to your house and get it if you want.” There it was, the tense-up. Jughead froze in his tracks for a split second before regaining his composure and kept walking. To anybody else, it would have looked normal, but I wasn’t anyone else. I was his best friend, and he was the boy I was in love with.
“No, it’s fine. I can just use yours, right?” Jughead looked at me with almost pleading eyes, and I didn’t want to egg him on any longer. I wanted him to open up and tell me the truth, not shut me out.
“Yeah, of course.” I smiled up at my friend and he smiled back reassuringly. Deep down, I knew something was wrong.
And a week later, I began to confirm those suspicions.
“Can you believe they’re shutting down the drive-in?!” Jughead screeched at me one morning as I walked up the front steps of our school.
“Wait, what?” I gave him a confused look.
“Yeah! Apparently an “anonymous buyer” gave the mayor an offer she just couldn’t refuse” Jughead through his hands up in dramatic sarcasm before scoffing and folding them over his chest angrily.
“Juggie, I’m sorry you’re going to lose your job, but- “
“it’s more than just my job, y/n!” Jughead paused for a second. I watched his Addams apple move quickly as he gulped down words that were threatening to pour out of his mouth. “It’s, it’s, it’s a special place! It’s special to us! I took you there when you first moved here! Remember?!”
“Yeah.” I laughed, thinking back to the memories of Jug and I sneaking up to the film roll room and watching through the peek hole while Jughead made sure the tapes were switched out on time.
“hello?! Earth to y/n?” Jughead waved his face in front of me, and I brought myself out of my quick trip to the past, listening to Jugheads rambling about the drive- in.
Jughead brought it up later to our friends as we ate at pop’s, inviting Veronica, Kevin, Betty and I to the last drive in on Friday. Of course, they all agreed to go, and we all planned who we would drive with. I decided to walk with Jughead, and Kevin was taking Veronica. Betty was going to go with Archie.
“I’m going to go to the mayor again and see if I can convince her to keep the drive- in.” Jughead told me as we began to part ways that night. I grabbed his sleeve, pulling me back to him.
“Jughead, why is the Twilight drive-in so important to save?” I asked him, my voice soft and full of concern.
“It’s my job, y/n! I thought that might be an important thing to try and save!” Jughead’s words dripped with sarcasm as he yelled at me. He never usually got angry like this.
“Ok, I’ll see you at school tomorrow, good luck.” I spoke softly as I backed away slowly. I watched Jughead’s face go from angry to apologetic and walked away before he could say anything.
Jughead and I didn’t really speak much for the next few days. We still walked to class together, and he walked me home. He told me that the Mayor just wouldn’t listen to him or give his words any consideration, so I tried going to her myself the day after he did to change her mind.
“Hello, miss- “I opened the door to her office slowly, speaking with the politest tone I could manage.
“Miss y/l/n, I’m sorry, but the drive in is closing, and that’s final.” The mayor cut me off with a firm but somewhat polite tone.
“I’m sorry to bother you, this is just really important to Jughead. I just wanted to at least try and change your mind.”
“That’s quite alright, miss y/l/n.” The mayor smiled at me, staring at me for another moment before speaking again.
“Jughead is… special. He doesn’t have a lot of friends, certainly not any that would at least try to help him with something like this. I’m sorry I can’t save the drive in. I wish I could, for your sake and Jughead’s, but… “The mayor sighed, rubbing the side of her head with her thumb and forefinger.
“Thank you for your time.” I nodded, beginning to exit the Mayor’s office.
“Y/n?” I turned to the sound of the mayor’s voice. “Jughead is lucky to have a friend like you.”
“Thank you, Mayor.” I exited the office, my shoulders heavy.
The night of the drive-in, I rode to the lot with Kevin and Veronica, meeting up with Jughead. I found him by the snack counter and smiled as I watched him talk aimlessly with the boy in the booth.
“Hey, Jug.” I greeted my best friend and the boy he was talking to.
“Hey, y/n/n.” Jughead wrapped an arm around me, hugging me tightly. I wrapped my arms around his waist, my head leaning against his chest.
“How are you feeling?” I asked him, my voice muffled by his shirt. Jughead shrugged before looking down at me with a small smile on his face.
“Could be better, but you’re here, so I guess I’m not under a complete raincloud of doom.”
“Oh, so just a small one then?” I teased, grinning up at him.
“Yeah, it’s kinda just lingering somewhere behind me, ready to open up and strike me with a lightning bolt at any given moment.” I laughed at Jughead’s comment.
“Are you gonna come lay with us on the truck?” I asked him, a pleading look on my face. I grabbed his hand and began tugging him toward Kevin’s truck.
Jughead sucked in a breath before giving in. “Fine, Fine, I guess I’ll be angsty and depressed in the back of the truck instead of in the film room.” I jumped happily before intertwining Jughead’s hand with mine and pulling him towards the back of the truck. Veronica and Kevin sat curled up in blankets and scooted over so Jughead and I could sit next to them.
“Ah, it’s the official partners in crime, the tag team, the endgame, the- “
“I thought Archie and Betty were endgame?” I cut off Kevin before he could throw another couple reference at jughead and I.
“Yes, but that was before he got vocal with our music teacher.” Kevin grinned at his subtle pun and I rolled my eye.
“Ok, no Archie, no Ms. Grundy, no endgames, let’s just enjoy the drive in while we can, alright?” Veronica handed Jughead and I a blanket. I climbed in to Jughead’s lap and rested my back against his chest and he wrapped the blanket around us, his arms going around my waist under the cloth.
“Thank you,” Jughead whispered in my ear.
“For what?” I whispered back, grabbing the popcorn Veronica handed me.
“The mayor told me you stopped by to see her.” Jughead whispered to me. I turned around to face him and he was looking up at the big drive in screen, the lights reflecting off his face and casting shadows under his eyes and chin. He looked painstakingly beautiful. Jughead’s eyes flickered down to look at me and he smirked a bit before looking back up at the screen.
We stayed almost the whole night, watching movie after movie. The only time Jughead left was to go switch out the rolls as the credits came after the end of every showing. He would re-appear five minutes later, and I would lift the blanket as he hopped over the side of Kevin’s truck and resumed his prior position, his arms wrapped around me and his chin on my shoulder. At 4 in the morning, the credits to the last movie rolled, with only a few cars left on the lot. Veronica and Kevin were leaned against each other as they snored lightly, and my back rested against Jughead’s chest. I looked up at the mesmerizing boy. He had a hard look on his face and his jaw was clenched, his eyes glossy and shiny, the credits from the screen reflecting off his pupils.
“Jughead?” I spoke softly, my eyes on the raven-haired boy. He kept his gaze on the screen ahead of him. “Jughead, the construction people will be here soon, we have to go.”
“You guys go, I’m gonna hang around a little longer.” Jughead pulled away from me, climbing out of the truck and disappearing around the side of it. I turned to my friends, shaking them lightly to wake them up. Kevin woke first, carrying a still-sleeping Veronica around to the passenger seat and lying her in it. I grabbed my blanket and my backpack and swung it over my shoulder and waited at the driver’s side of the vehicle.
“Aren’t you and Jughead coming?” Kevin asked me, walking around to the front of the car where I stood.
“No, Jughead said he wanted to stay a bit longer, so I’ll wait with him.” I hugged my friend before he climbed in to the driver’s side.
“Hey, if you guys do it in the film room, I want details.” Kevin grinned devilishly before starting the car and driving away. I just shook my head, laughing at his comment. I made my way to the wall of the film room and leaned against it, folding my blanket. I pulled the bag off my shoulder, sticking the blanket inside.
 I waited for Jughead for another hour or so, playing on my phone mindlessly. I figured he was soaking up what he could of the film room before Mr. Andrews’ company teared it to shreds. The drive- in was his favorite place in town, besides the chock-lit shoppe.
I watched as the sky started to get lighter and I checked the time. 6:08 A.M. It wasn’t like I had never pulled an all-nighter before, and I wasn’t going to leave until I at least made sure Jughead was alright and home safe. I leaned back against the building, hearing birds chirping as the sun rose. Minutes later, I heard a voice from the other side of the building, and I turned my head, kicking off the wall with my heel and poking my head slightly around the corner. I saw the back of Jughead, and he was facing a man that looked familiar. Jughead had what looked like a camper bag hanging off his back, a poster sticking out of it.
“They’ll tear that booth down, too. Raise the whole place, send it to the junkyard.” The man in front of Jughead spoke, a smile playing on his lips.” And us with it.”
“Yeah, maybe they’ll save it. All the pieces. Store it in the town hall attic and rebuild it in a hundred years. Wonder who the hell we were.” I could almost picture the bittersweet smile on Jug’s face.
“Hmm.” The man smiled a bit more before his face became serious.
“So where are you gonna live now?” My heart stopped, a million emotions and realizations hitting me like a bus.
“I’ll figure it out dad, I always do.” I watched Jughead walked past him, walking towards the entrance of the drive in. I snuck around the other side of the building, making my way towards the entrance. I managed to beat Jughead to it and stood at the gate, my arms crossed as I waited for the boy I loved.
Jughead came around the corner, stopping in his tracks when he saw me. He had what looked like a busted look in his face as I stood there, a blank expression matching the hurt, worry, and concern for the boy.
“Y/n… what are you still doing here? I thought you-?” Jughead asked me, hoping I hadn’t caught on to what was going on.
“When exactly were you planning on telling me that you were homeless?” I cut him off, my tone of voice coming off as if I were a concerned mother. Jughead opened his mouth, trying to find the words to speak, but gave up, closing it instead.
Juggie? Really? I’m your best friend! We tell each other everything? Why would you keep this from me? More importantly, why aren’t you staying with your father? Is he homeless too? Did he kick you out? What is going on, Forsythe?! Tell me!” I paced back and forth as I rambled, before turning to look at Jughead. He looked down at the dirt underneath his shoes, His hand wrapped around the strap of his bag. I waited for an answer, my arms spread wide in front of me as I stared at him. Jughead said something that I couldn’t make out.
“What?” I spoke, encouraging him to repeat himself. Jughead lifted his head, the rims of his eyes a dark pink and tears falling down his face. My face dropped quickly, my heart clenching tightly as I looked at the broken boy in front of me.
“I said,” Jughead lifted his sleeve to wipe his running nose.” I don’t have a home.” His voice cracked slightly and more tears fell down Jughead’s face as he dropped the bag from his shoulder.
“Jughead.” I dropped my bag as well and quickly ran to the boy, trying to keep my tears from falling as I wrapped my arms around his neck and hugged him tightly. Jughead wrapped his arms around my waist, burying his face in to my neck and quietly crying. We stood there for a few minutes, my one hand rubbing his back and my other pulling off his hat so I could run my fingers through his hair, doing everything I knew in my power that could soothe him.
“Jughead, Hey, Jug.” My hands cupped his cheeks, rubbing the tears away from his eyes while mine began to fall freely.” Listen to me, you are not homeless, ok? And you will never, ever, be homeless, as long as I am alive and breathing.” I stopped for a second to inhale quickly, my nose stuffed.” You are going to come with me to Pop’s, and I’m going to buy us breakfast, and then we are going to go back to my house, and you’re going to take a shower, because lord knows how long it’s been since you’ve had one,” Jughead chuckled lightly at my statement and I also let out a breathy laugh.” And then you’re going to crawl in to the guest bed, and you’re going to get some sleep, because it literally exhausts me every time I see those bags under your eyes. And you’re going to stay with me, ok?” Jughead nodded silently, knowing that this was a losing battle.
“And this never. Happens. Again. You got it? God, Jug, something terrible could have happened to you. We’ve got a murderer waltzing around town, do you know how easily you could have been killed?” I scolded, more tears falling down my face. I backed away from Jughead, going to grab my bag. “I don’t know how I can ever survive without you, ever! I would have dropped dead if anything ever happened to you! You’re the most important thing in this entire world to me! I don’t even know how- “Jughead grabbed my arm, turning me to face him before leaning down and planting his lips on mine. I stood still for a second, processing the shock of the gesture before wrapping my arms back around his neck and pulling his body closer to mine. Jughead wrapped his arms around my waist, his lips moving against mine. After a few moments, we pulled apart, my chest rising and falling as I caught my breath.
“Jughead, I- “Apparently, Jughead wasn’t done, because he pressed his lips to mine again, taking my breath away once more. We stood at the gate of the drive in for a little while longer, Jughead pushing me backwards until my back was against the fence and his body was pressed firmly against mine. We broke apart when we heard a man clear his throat.
“Uh, we’re gonna have to ask you to leave the premises.” The man spoke politely.” Construction begins soon.”
“Oh, sorry sir.” I apologized quickly, fixing my hair that Jughead had his fist tangled in moments ago, and grabbed my bag. Jughead did the same, grabbing my hand and leading me away from the drive in and down the street towards Pop’s. We stopped at my house so we could drop off our bags and began our trek to the 24-hour diner.
“Hey, Jughead.” I looked up at the boy as we walked hand in hand to the diner. “I love you.”
“I love you too.” Jughead looked down at me, smiling warmly.
“No, Jughead, I- “
“I know, and I love you, too.” I stopped walking, causing Jughead to stop as well. Jughead looked down at me and I leaned up, pressing another kiss to his lips.
Jughead and I made it to the diner soon after, spotting Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Kevin at a booth. When they saw us, they invited us to sit and Archie and Kevin grabbed chairs from another table.
“So, did anything happen in the film room?” Kevin wiggled his eyebrows at me as Jughead and I slid in to the booth. I slapped his shoulder before glaring at him.
“Nah, nothing happened in the film room.” Jughead paused momentarily before speaking again.” It happened outside the film room.” Kevin’s mouth dropped open wide.
“You kinky fuckers!” Kevin hollered. The table laughed as I turned red in embarrassment. I felt Jughead’s hand grab mine under the table and I smiled, my fingers intertwining with his.
He would always have a home, and it would be with me.

ok, this has been on my mind like all day

i wanted to talk about just how god damn gay Keith was in the episode Taking Flight

“Oh come on!” *jabs sleeping chamber impatiently*

not even a minute in and we get Keith being impatient af to make sure Lance is ok

tfw you get scolded for being worried about your boyfriend

look at how happy Keith is to see Lance is awake and ok!! he isn’t just smiling, he’s grinning

…and then Lance is bein’ a flirty little shit again towards Allura and Keith is just “wow ok”


and then we have Lance being all flirty towards Nyma

“wow ok”

and then there’s the discovery that was made today where Keith was totally checking Rolo out like jesus christ Keith your gay has been showing this entire god damn episode

also, gotta love the use of colors here too. Bi flag colors and fucking rainbows reflecting off the water



also “this kid can flat out fly”  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Keith is Lance’s knight in shining armor as he effortlessly gets the shitlord’s lion back. and then proceeds to fUCKING FLIRT WITH LANCE LIKE “OH WHAT? SORRY YOU’RE CUTTING OUT I CAN’T HEAR YOU HAHA LOL”

“oh come on i thought we bonded!”

also, look closely at this picture. notice how the black, yellow, and green lions are present by Rolo and Nyma’s ship? where did the red lion go? despite being a little shit, Keith still left to go get Lance because Lance asked Keith to come unchain him and i think that’s the cutest thing.

also lets not forget the fucking rainbows because there they are again in this picture.

tbh this is probably my favorite episode it was great and very gay A+++

Lance just complimenting his boyfriend about all the cool stuff he did, and absolutely gushing about it.

“Oh my god that barrel roll was sick!!!”

“Babe that was awesome!!!!”

“Oh my god you HAVE to teach me that!”

“You were amazing out there!!!”

And Keith just smiles all shy like, his face red and he’s looking anywhere but at Lance as his boyfriend just gushes over him and there’s a warm feeling in his chest and he can’t believe he fell in love with this beautiful boy that praises him for the things he’s done when this boy with the very stars in his eyes is pretty amazing himself.

okay so you know the video of the guy who forgot he was married to his wife? that but with Nursey as the guy and Dex as the wife but instead of Dex responding with “I’m your husband” when Nursey asks if he’s an angel he says “Close. I’m actually a Nurse.”

and Nursey doesn’t understand for a sec what that means he’s just like “oh. that’s chill.” and Dex laughs and then the doctor comes in like “is everything alright Mr. Nurse?” and Nursey realizes the doctor is referring to him and then he looks at Dex and then at the doctor and his eyes go wide and he’s like “you’re my husband?!”

and honestly Dex would give both his kidneys and half a lung to see Nursey’s face light up like that again god i love these boys

cuddling with monsta x


  • warm
  • like a giant teddy bear
  • he’d just smile at you and pat on his chest to signal the start of the cuddle sessions
  • probably prefers the couch and would have one arm tucked behind his head so you can have space to snuggle on top of him
  • languidly strokes your hair as you watch tv
  • wraps his arms around u occasionally and just holds you there tucked under his chin and you feel so safe and warm
  • lil kisses on top of your forehead
  • generally very quiet cuddling sessions but good god you look forward to them so much


  • most of the time you don’t trust the cuddling to not turn into something else
  • bc come on this boy is thirsty
  • you’d just settle beside him and you see that smile as he slides his arms around your waist
  • kisses your face as you tell him about your day and vice versa
  • brushes your hair out of your eyes and usually zones out on your words because he’s memorizing every inch of your face
  • and everything is cute until you feel something hard against your leg
  • are you kidding me”
  • Come on,” he’d whine, “you’re so cuddly and smell nice and you’re really pretty, fuck, come here,”
  • it has happened one too many times on that couch you feel bad for the couch


  • feels like the most adorable anaconda in the world squeezing you
  • He’d have the longest and most frequent cuddling sessions
  • most of the time against your will
  • like you’d be walking by and his arms just snatch you onto the couch or the bed and hold you in a steel grip as you try to squirm free
  • “Minhyuk, I have to get something.”
  • “Too bad. I need to cuddle. Now.”
  • very touchy
  • he’d cup your cheeks in his hands and pepper kisses all along your face and run his fingers along your arms
  • And nuzzle your neck and look at you with all the love and tell you he’s so lucky
  • he’d love it when you stroke his hair
  • also poses a danger of turning things into something else

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here’s the thing:

mark and steven wrote that episode and specifically that ending because they knew that everyone watching the show - including the Casual™️ viewers - will now spend the next week rooting for john and sherlock to reconcile. the last we saw of our famous “”””sociopath”””” detective was him going to JOHN’S therapist to tell her about his re-occuirng dreams and asking for advice on how to help john, we see him being turned away by john when he offers help, the person he cares about most in the world; and god damn if benedict isn’t the most talented actor i’ve ever seen because the LOOK on sherlock’s face when he hears that he’s the last person john wants to see is the look of someone whose whole world has just been torn apart, and we see mary (whether it is honest or not) asking him to save john. Finally, and this is probably one of the most important scenes, we see sherlock ask mrs hudson, in an extremely OOC way, to help him stop being arrogant and cocky; two traits that we can all agree have long been fundamental in sherlock’s personality. Sherlock is clearly so desperate to see john - to talk to him, to help him, to be with him, and it’s been conveyed so clearly that now we, as an audience, want that to happen. 

but do you really think gatiss and moffat would put sherlock (and us) through all this turmoil for him and john to simply have a quick resolve and ~become friends again~ and they’d be back where they left off??? ohhh no. they’re planning something big. something “groundbreaking” that’ll make us think “love conquers all”, and anyone who watches the show and who has eyes and a little common sense knows that can only mean one thing.  this episode has fuelled my confidence on an exponential scale that something huge will happen during either TLD or TFB, and i think it’s going to be a love confession from sherlock.