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i can’t believe my team leader is a meme: the new series on mtv

Tyler, at the end of Nogla’s most recent upload, points out to Delirious that both him and Evan had everyone (on Skype) on mute while playing GTA V.

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ooooh u should write that scene in conquest where Silas has to carry Corrin to the ice tribe village after she passes out in the snow ;D (if u want to of course!)

it’s extremely late and i am so very sorry but here you go my precious anon! also i changed a bit of the scene here! c:

    It felt never-ending. Each step taken was only digging them deeper into the abyss of snow ahead of them. With one arm covering both of their faces, both Silas and Corrin were desperately trying to group up with the others after having been separated due to the sudden intensity of the harsh snow.

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I want to develop my old Oc story , something I’m been trying to do since 2013…

“Shareen” coming soon…i guess

  • I need more Metroman and Megamind shit in my life... and no I don't want just some fluffy kisses n hugs and shit- I want some post-movie conflict between them where Megamind goes the fuck off on Metroman for basically screwing his life... I want Metroman to realize how much of an asshole he was... I want Metroman to feel LIKE SHIT FOR WHAT HE DID- and THEN - I want there to b fucking tears bitch- FUCKING TEARS. ...
  • And then, ok, he apologizes (((and maybe they kiss after that- ok bitch))).
  • Only then am I alive and well on this good earth.
  • //gently closes door

It’s a chance. Instead of being out here. Instead of just making it.

My trainersona (PKMN breeder), they’re actually close to 2m tall. My trusty Talonflame helps hatch the eggs, Swirlix is my battler and lastly, my shiny Gastly, that I got after half a year of hatching eggs in X.

don’t need apologies; know that you are worthy
[ i will love you unconditionally ]