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loser needs people to follow

my dash died recently so please like or reblog this if you want me to have a look at your blog! i’m looking for blogs that regularly post/reblog about at least one of these:
- red velvet (especially yeri)
- exo (esp. suho & kyungsoo)
- shinee (esp. onew & minho)
- loona
- twice (esp. dahyun & jihyo) 
- snsd (esp. sooyoung)
- dean
- sunmi
- exid (esp. junghwa & hani)
- hyuna

don’t interact if you think shindong is a good person or post a lot about k*isoo or got7


A quick flashback to how Will became father to Milky the Samoyed 

… & thus Hannibal learned another way into Will Graham’s strange mind.

The skeptical lil fucker knows it too.


I did my first redraw in forever! This was the first full drawing I did on my tablet - my colouring hasn’t got much better but I’d like to think I did these bois more justice 2 years on


i can’t believe my team leader is a meme: the new series on mtv

The projects in Blackwing clearly are all childhood friends, but some of them got out and others didn’t and for the love of God don’t imagine Dirks guilt about escaping while the others didn’t and him trying to find them only to find out blackwing was shut down and that he had no trace and no way to find them and the universe clearly didn’t want him to find them and it must have hurt oh God help

y'all see how phil has his hair on this video??? https://youtu.be/tp-okBib33o that’s how he should wear it now. lookin like a real sugar daddy with all that money that kind of sugar daddy that buys his sugar baby all that fkn gucci designer clothes n shit. no more 30 year old emo i want a daddy ass haircut