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I'm curious where/how Stein could be Jewish? I get from the ethnic background, potentially but not from the religious background. As far as I am aware, there is no religion outside of people worshiping Lord Death? (Maybe Arachne's followers could be counted among the religious) But I doubt there would be a 'God' as it were. Just curious on what you think. (I'm down for Stein being Jewish, just curious how it would fit.) Your recent post got me thinking I guess?

You know, it’s interesting. Of all the headcanons/canon analysis I’ve done, I’ve received the most pushback against Stein being Jewish. I’m talking “How would Stein be Jewish?/What makes you think that?/Stein’s not even Jewish shut up”. Wonder why. 

Because, like, there are Christmas fics in canon timelines in this fandom but no one really blinks an eye even though Christian would be a separate religion from Lord Death? But because Christian is the default of just about everyone, the instant something diverges from that, people immediately start asking me how it would fit. There are Jewish people who don’t wave their arms and talk about their religion at every point of the day. Stein reads, to me, as a Jewish character. If you see it from an ethnic background, why not a religious one, as well?

Look, I don’t mean to be rude, I’m just tired of having asks like this and to constantly have to answer them. We have ONE follower of Lord Death in the canon, and that’s Justin, who later defects. If there is another religion, it might just not be shown. In the same way that Kilik talks of being from a different country and sending funds back to his home but that country isn’t named. and, even beyond that, I never specified that Stein would be religiously Jewish. He seems skeptical of EVERY religion and all manners of ethics and morality. Regardless, he could have been raised Jewish and now relates to Secular Judaism, or decided he relates more to atheism, but being ethnically Jewish is to be Jewish. 

Real talk tho: why do I get SO much pushback on Stein being Jewish???? As if in a diverse cast of anime character living in America and following a fictionalized god, that’s so out of the box to have one character who happens to be Jewish?

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I just realize that I've been following you since you were 17. Like I've gotten to the point where I just count the years go by by how old you are

Isn’t it crazy how time is flying by? Makes me wonder if the rest of my life is going to go by this quickly! I got a tumblr when I was 15 years old, and 6 years later I’m still on here. God knows where I’d be without this website. I know it sounds silly, but this website and all my followers saved my life. This is such a supportive community on here and I’m so thankful for people like you who have been following me through it all!


god i hate (love) that scene where lukas stands outside that club and sees those gay couples because ????? they’re not sexualized???

like there are those two men who embrace, and then this (cute, wonderful, makes me smile) couple and they’re holding hands and swinging their hands together and just talking and being tender and sweet

and it’s. so important. because here’s this teenage (!!!) boy who’s so afraid. of being tender and intimate with another boy. and he sees these positive examples of just….. being together. and he still averts his eyes and he looks so…. sad but like he’s thinking so hard about this. and it gives him courage. to be tender and say a soft thing to philip and gently kiss him and smile. to be kind to himself. to just be.

The way Protestants talk about Mary really disturbs me. “She just gave birth to Jesus, she didn’t contribute to anything else in his life.” Like that’s sick to just look at the Mother of Jesus as this womb that God used and threw away???? Like if my own children looked at me merely as just a womb, I’d have some choice words and honestly would wonder what I would have done wrong as a mother to raise such unloving children. To really think Jesus, the perfect man, obviously the perfect son, would look at his own Mother as a mere womb is just sick guys. Please stop speaking about Mary and Jesus that way, it bears no weight in favor of your theological argument and makes Jesus himself look bad????

You will not be able to convince me that Blackwatch isn’t actually full of children. Sure all the agents are 100% deadly and efficient at what they do, but when they ain’t on missions or not doing their god damn jobs, they all degrade to fucking 5 year olds.

Reyes is less of a commander and more of a glorified babysitter.

The DCEU is so unapologetically comic book and it makes me so happy like here’s aliens, an all female race of warriors, murderous clowns, a sword that steals souls, a 6000+ year old witch being forced to work for the government, a half human half robot, half human half crocodile… oh and Atlantis is real… and so are the Greek Gods bye 

EXO Reaction when they find out their crush has never fallen in love before

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“This will be hard then… if no one has gotten her heart, then I have to work harder to impress her. She won’t regret it!” *Always positive this baby*


*Can’t with it* “Really?! This makes her even more special… 100000 times cuter!” *Crush level Galaxy*


*Can’t stop thinking about it* “I wonder why she’s never been in love… maybe no one is enough… probably I’m not… She deserves the whole world…”


“I never thought I could be her first love… maybe her only love… I really like her” *Tao and his soft side :3*


*Confidence level god* “I am very lucky then… her whole heart belonging to me… just like my whole heart belongs to her”


“I hope I can make you happy… I hope you can feel one day the same way I feel for you. I won’t give up, you are important to me” *Xiu is love*


*Writes you song about first love* “Maybe… this song could be about us”


*Actually very nervous* “I hope this date goes well… what if she doesn’t like me… what if I’m not enough… I can’t lose her..”


“W-wait… she’s never been in love?! This mean she’s not in love with me yet?! I thought we had a thing…” *:(*


“I’ve never been in love either… not until I met her. Maybe… just maybe, we are meant to be…*Baby is very shy*


*Hugs her out of nowhere* “I promise I’ll be a good first love… you won’t regret it!” *Baby Unicorn I love you*


*Reading manga to get some ideas for your dates and all* “Our love should be like one of those stories she loves… perfect… I want it all to be perfect for my future princess” *material boyfriend*

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8 months and 12 days later and I’m still not over the fact that the specialist weapon in Gorod Krovi is a real fucking dragon and everyone of the crew just talks to them like they’re their own kids


- Holy shit?? Holy shit it was everything I wanted and more
- I was scared the wizarding world would be ruined for me if this sucked but oh my god it just made me love it even more
- credence my poor bby I loved him so much T_T 
- Colin Farrell as Graves was SO GOOD
- Johnny Depp was ew af but is only in the movie for 5 seconds but I’d have rather not had him in it
- There were several moments in this movie that gave me goosebumps and several times I was almost in tears purely because I have wanted this for SO LONG.
- I was wondering how they’d make a muggle one of the leads but Jacob ended up being one of my favourite characters. 
- Queenie was adorable as FUCK I loved her and want to be her best friend
- The music was perfect, the action was perfect EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS GODDAMN MOVIE WAS PERFECT.

after personally witnessing countless muslim men attribute their shitty behavior and carelessness, especially when it comes to their wives and children, to “fitra.” that God created them to be heartless. that Allah SWT created them to “not care as much as mothers.” so they never even bother to live up to the expectations that women are “naturally” supposed to embody. after seeing so many of them, it really makes me wonder how after 1400+ years of this religion being sent down to us, we’re still struggling with the same tired ass problems that we refuse to get past. we refuse to evolve, and the worst part is that we use our dear religion to trip ourselves up. how will you explain to God that the reason you refused to try is because you twisted His words to fit your idea of what a man is supposed to be? can you tell Him that you really tried your best? or that you kept the bar just low enough for yourself to sail by? aren’t yall ashamed? 

It’s like spring has awakened every Top Kook fan in Korea all at once (seriously, what’s going on…how did this mysterious force manage to get Kook/Min, Kook/V, and Kook/Shoob fans to come together??), and I… want to go to there.

The Villain Wrangler, 4.6k, based on this post, and I wonder why I never finish any projects in a timely fashion

“You won’t believe the request I got handed today,” Danica said. Maddie looked up at her.

“Yeah? Try me,” she challenged.

Danica told her. Maddie didn’t believe it.


“You have a kid who wants to meet Loki,” Maddie said. “The Loki. Like, New York and aliens Loki, that one?”

“Of course I told them that was off the table,” Danica said. “I mean…obviously. But…god. The little girl - Midge - was just devastated. And I was half thinking, you know, how would I hypothetically make this happen, but that’s just…crazy. We can’t.”

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oh God Courferre romantic feelings starting right about the same time, after years and years of friendship

and Combeferre is just oblivious to it for the longest time, like, ‘wow, I sure am fond of him what a great person he is,’ or ‘his hair looks so soft, I wonder what shampoo he uses,’ or ‘wow he makes me feel so warm I’m so glad we’re friends’

and Coufeyrac, from the second the first feeling hits, just knows, and is immediately like nooooooooo 


Fannibals, assemble! Let’s put together a kick-ass fan book to present to Bryan Fuller at RDC3 to make him feel extra loved (not that he won’t already, of course!). We will include things related to Hannibal, Bryan’s other shows (Pushing Daisies, American Gods, etc), and of course things related to the wonderful man himself!

I’m thinking about taking a leaf out of Francis Dolarhyde’s book and assembling this by hand after printing out nice copies of whatever you send me, so if you want to send something physical (must be flat), contact me privately for an address - just keep the deadline in mind, and don’t send me anything weird!


- Fan art. Must be your own original work. Please don’t send anything nsfw. Since it’s Bryan, I’m going to say some Hannigram is okay - just keep it clean! (It will be included at my discretion, so if you’re unsure what my asexual heart can take, contact me ahead of time to check!)

- Photographs. Photos of you meeting Bryan, your cosplays of his shows, your collections of Hannibal goodies, etc. If your pictures include people other than yourself, e.g. your friends, check with them it’s okay first before sending!

- Messages, letters, & notes. Tell Bryan what his work means to you. Or a funny story. Or your favourite scene. Whatever you like, within reason! It will take up only 1 page of the book, so don’t write too much or too small. Though I may include letters in little attached envelopes if I hand-compile it :)


- Email your submission(s) to: bryanfanbook@gmail.com

- Include your name and your city or country (if you don’t want these in the book, a nickname is fine).

- Submissions will be accepted until FEBRUARY 13th, 2017. Anything received after this date may be included, but I can’t guarantee it. This gives you about 3 weeks to submit, and me about 2 weeks to compile it.

- Multiple submissions are okay, but I can’t guarantee we’ll have space for it all. If you are sending more than one thing (and please, no more than 3 so I’m not inundated) let me know which 1 thing HAS to be included.

- If you cannot make it to the con, you can still submit.

- If you have any questions or concerns, you can drop me a line via the email address, via Twitter (@themeatispeople), via Facebook if you know me, or via private message on Tumblr (cannibalhouse).

Yours perfectly functional and more or less sane,


This episode has been amazing in so many ways for so many reasons:

  • “I’m just happy”
  • Aaron and Robert eating breaky together and Aaron wanting to engrave the coin
  • Aaron talking to Finn and being all lovely and just a wonderful human
  • Aaron looking all cute in that jumper and the HAIR OH MY
  • Aarons ‘surprise motherfucker’ thing making a show 
  • “Look how far I’ve come” Okay… but this was so important
  • Taking off the wedding ring broke me
  • Seeing Aaron drinking to deal with the pain on the pub wall and acting like his old self really hit me hard 
  • Robert and Aaron talking things out
  • Robert still wanting to marry Aaron and as soon as possible
Useful Expressions in Arabic

These are expressions in MSA (modern standad arabic) I thought that they can maybe help you guys. if you need anything concerning Arabic, just hit me up!

EDIT: i added transliteration

One could say: يمكن القول (yomkeen al-kawl)

A little: قليلا (kalilan)

Alright:  حسنا (hasanan)

Be careful: كن حذرا (kon hadiran)

Believe it or not:  صدق أو لا تصدق (sadek aw la tusadek)

For example: على سبيل المثال( aala sabil al-mithal)

Good luck: حظا سعيدا (haddan saa’aidan)

Have fun: استمتع(ي) (estamtee’ )

How about: ماذا عن (mada aan)

In the meantime:في الأثناء (fi al-athne)

It doesn’t matter: لا يهم (la yuhem)

Make yourself at home: اعتبر نفسك في منزلك (eetaber nafssek fi manzilek)

No wonder: لا عجب (la aa’ajab)

No problem:لا مشكلة (la moshkila)

Of course:طبعا (tabaa’an)

See you later: إلى اللقاء (ila al-lika)

Thank God:الحمد لله (alhamdulileh)

That’s life: إنها الحياة (ineha al-hayat)

Time will tell: الوقت سيخبرنا (al-wakt sayo5birouna)

Until next time: إلى المرة القادمة (ila al-mara al-kadima)

What a mess: (يالها من) فوضى ((yaleha men) fawda)

(what) nonsense:هراء (hura’)

What’s for lunch: ماذا على الغداء (mada aala al-ghida)

Yet again: لكن مرة أخرى (lakin mara okhra)

You included: أنت ضمنهم (anta demnahom)

You’re kidding me: أنت تمزح (anta tamzah)

Last but not least:آخرا و ليس أخيرا (akhiran wa layssa akhiran)

Not at all:أبدا (abadan)

i’m just wondering what kind of twilight zone we’re living in where the average bra size in america is 36DD yet finding attractive functional bras or god forbid… lingerie….in that size or up is such a challenge and so exhausting like @ boob industry get it together. also either end the bralette trend or make ones that allow me to participate because i’m Annoyed