god isnt listening

Today I realized that, while there are still plenty of girls there, the vaaaast majority of my gym is big muscle men. Everyone looks all serious and decked out in name brand work out clothes and I just walk in like

Just a gym thoughts~~~~
Only really went through with drawing this because I need practice for an Avengers video I’m working on with Wyeth and I. Need rto get better at drawing manly men real fuckin quick.

Also fun fact. My gym bag is awful. I mean it’s adorable, it’s covered in all the eeveelutions and it looks really cute, but it was designed to have the handle attached to the bag by tying fabric around a metal loop that frequently comes undone. But on top of that I made it a death trap when I bought shower supplies because I just got a pack of disposable razors and I hadn’t thought of the repercussions of tearing the bag open and then just leaving it in my gym bag. Now the bottom is full of loose plastic razors and I’m nervous about cutting my hand open one day yet I can’t be bothered to dig them all out and put them somewhere else.

is everyone gonna sleep on the fact that 입버릇 is so wonderfully sung and written and produced.. it’s so raw and emotional?? like jihoon did that?? wrote this song by himself?? seungkwan and seokmin’s harmonisation in the chorus and jeonghan and joshua’s soft beautiful vocals like always??? noah fence but habit is probably one of vocal unit’s best songs that’s all bye!

My girlfriend offers me such tenderness and relief and comfort and healing and compassion and patience and understanding and love. All of this she gives to me freely, without question, without thought, and I’ve never been so grateful for, so awed by, and so cherishing of a person in all of my lives (past, present, future). Her presence is such a blessing, such a gift, and just with it or a touch she heals me, helps me, and makes me feel alive and real again.

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please, please for the love of god give us a sneak peek of jaytim heathers au

for the love of god you say? ;)

Blood, that’s the first thing Tim notices.

There’s blood on their jersey’s, blood isn’t supposed to come from blanks. Blood isn’t supposed to be coming out of them at all. 

A joke, it was just supposed to be a stupid joke as payback for a stupid rumor. Not an act of homicide. Tim looks over to see Jason blowing smoke off his gun, a grin twitching on his lips that makes his stomach clench because that’s when it hits him that this was all premeditated. Now Tim’s gone from an honor student to a cheap ass version of Bonnie and Clyde. He should get his parents a new bumper sticker for their car.

“They deserve it.” Tim hears Jason’s voice and can’t will his own to make a reply. Not yet, not while he was still looking at corpses. 

“They made you cry, Tim.” Jason’s voice is harsher now as he turns to look at him, and Tim has to wonder just how fucked up in the head he is if seeing Jason walking towards him with a gun doesn’t invoke any feeling of panic. 

If anything, he’s pissed. 

“It’s natural selection, right? We’re just speeding it along.” Jason’s hand is resting against his hip now. The gun back in its holster as he feels himself get pulled in closer.

“I worship you.”

That phrase is all Tim needs to hear before his hand comes to rest against Jason’s cheek. His touch soft as he trails down the other’s stubble until he’s resting a hand against his neck. 

And just as quickly, his grip harsh as he jerks Jason down so he can spit right in the fucker’s face. 

“I don’t take human sacrifices.” Tim hisses out, nails digging into skin. The first words he’s spoken since partaking in this half date half homicide. “Asshole.” 

“Save that talk for the bedroom, babe.” Jason hums, prying Tim’s hand from his neck as he presses a kiss to the top of it and ignores the blood under Tim’s fingernails. “Or at least the car, because we gotta go.” 

And Tim hates that he does in fact follow Jason to the car, and they do end up fumbling to the backseat after ten minutes of driving. 

Most of all he hates that he in love with a murderer. And no amount of smooth talking can make him forget that. 

…..But maybe just enough can make him ignore it temporarily.

“What the fuck have you done.” He groans as he feels teeth scrape against his throat, hot breath hitting his skin as Jason lets out a laugh and kisses the new marks with surprising gentleness. 

“If I’m lucky, you.” Jason smiles against his skin and Tim’s as good as gone. 

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As a Presbyterian, I can say that last post is a crock of you-know-what. I do not know a single protestent who believes this because we are always urged at church that hell is real and that I have to repent for my sins regularly and mean it. Just because I dont go to my pastor and ask them to forgive me doesnt mean God isnt listening. Please don't believe everything you read. I find nothing too wrong with Catholicism by the way and normally am a huge supporter of yours, god bless

Thank you, and I laud your view then on faith if that’s what you believe. But I’ve encountered protestants myself who tell me faith brings salvation as a sort of “end all be all.” I know it differs between denominations but that was the attitude of a lot of Protestants.