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Flora for the Zodiac

The signs as various myths and legends surrounding the origin/creation of certain flowers (not the flowers directly associated with each zodiac sign).

ARIES // Amaryllis (Greek) – A love struck maiden longed for the handsome Alteo, but he was cold to her. In a desperate gesture, she pierced her heart with a golden arrow and walked to visit him every day. On the thirteenth day, beautiful scarlet flowers bloomed along the path from every drop of her blood. Alteo fell in love with her, and her heart was healed.

TAURUS // Rose (Greek) – Chloris, the goddess of flowers, found one of her beautiful nymphs dead in the woods. She cried, and turned body into a flower. She asked her husband Zephyr, the wind, to blow the clouds away so Apollo could shower her in sunlight. Dionysus added nectar for fragrance, and Aphrodite added pure beauty, then named it for her son, Eros, and hailed her the “Queen of Flowers”.

GEMINI // Foxglove (Celtic) – Foxgloves from “Folks Glove”, as in fairy folk. Fairies would hide in the bell blossoms and wear them as petticoats, caps and gloves. If you pluck the foxglove, it angered them and they may play tricks in revenge! Fairies would give the flowers to foxes so they wouldn’t get caught raiding chicken coupes. With the magic gloves on, they could steal eggs without making a sound.

CANCER // Pārijāta (Hindu) – Pārijāta was a princess who fell in love with the sun god, Surya. However, he left her for another. When he deserted her, the princess became hopeless and committed suicide. From her ashes grew a tree. Unable to stand the sight of the lover who broke her heart, the flowers only bloom at night under the eyes of the moon, and she sheds them like tear-drops before the sun rises.

LEO // Sunflower (Greek) – The nymph Clythia was in love with the God of the Sun, Apollo, but he shunned her and courted a princess. Jealous Clythia told the king who, furious at the princess, buried her alive. Saddened, Apollo went back to heavens without a word. She lay on the ground distraught for nine days, watching him, hoping for a single glance. Clythia wasted away and became a flower, whose petals still follow his chariot across the sky each day, waiting for forgiveness.

VIRGO // Aster (Greek) – When the god Jupiter decided to flood the earth to destroy the men constantly at war, the goddess Astraea was so upset she asked to be turned into a star. Her wish was granted, but when the flood waters receded she wept for the loss of lives. As her tears turned to stardust and fell to earth, the beautiful aster flower sprung wherever they landed.

LIBRA // Anemone (Greek) – Chloris, the goddess of flowers, was married to Zephyr, the god of the west wind. Zephyr fell in love with a beautiful nymph that served Chloris named Anemone. Jealous and angry, the goddess banished her to keep them apart, and Anemone died of a broken heart. Zephyr resurrected her as a flower. She withers every winter but returns every spring to greet Zephyr with open petals.

SCORPIO // Peony (Chinese) – Queen Wu was disheartened to see only winter jasmine in her garden. She wrote a poem to the goddess of flowers asking her to make everything bloom that night instead of waiting for spring. The next morning, all flowers flourished except the peony, which refused to bloom out of season. She was offended and banished it. Once gone, it bloomed beautifully. Furious, she ordered it to be burned – however the next year, the burnt peony grew back. With black petals.

SAGITTARIUS // Pa'u-o-Hi'iaka (Hawaiian) – When Hi'iaka, the goddess of island nature, was a baby her older sister, the Volcano goddess Pele, left her on the beach while she went fishing. Due to a storm, Pele was gone for a very long time. When she returned, she found flowering vines had grown over the baby to shield her from the sun. Hi'iaka now wears them as a skirt to protect her on adventures and in the forests.

CAPRICORN // Aconite (Greek) – As one of his twelve labors, the hero Hercules was sent to fetch the three-headed dog Cerberus from the underworld. With the help of Persephone, he was successful. The spittle of the beast dripped upon the rocky earth, and from it sprang the first aconite plant. The purple wolfsbane flowers are elegant, but it’s leaves and roots are deathly poisonous.

AQUARIUS // Iris (Greek) – The goddess Iris would bring messages to the gods across the sky, appearing to mortals as a rainbow. She acted as the link between the heavens and earth, where she left irises of many colors, the three upright petals symbolizing hope, valor, and wisdom. If purple Irises were planted over the graves of women, it would summon the Goddess, who would guide the dead in their journey.

PISCES // Water Lily (Brazilian) – When the moon goddess, Jaci, hid behind the mountains, she’d take beautiful girls with her and turn them into stars. Naiá, a girl who loved the goddess, dreamt of becoming a star, so she roamed the mountains every night. While resting by the lake, she saw the moon’s reflection, dove into the water and drowned. To reward Naiá for her sacrifice, Jaci turned her into a star different from all the others – the star of the waters.

@hynpos Mythology Event
Favorite Egyptian Deity → Anubis

Cry out to Anubis as the jackal cries out to the desert! With gentle hands He rips out the heart, the mind and gilds them in golden jars. With firm grip is the linen wrapped around our fragile bodies. Amulets of copper, gold, lapis and carnelian are tucked between the folds to guide our ka to the afterlife. Gentle God, keep us from fading into the starry Duat; may Your sacred words guide us to Osiris.

Wait wait wait wait a sec hold on

So the latest episode of wtnv (109(spoilers if ur not up to date)) talks a lot about gods and names huntokar, the woman from italy, the glow cloud and the distant prince as the original gods right?
So Desert Bluffs’ “smiling god” has to be one of them right? I mean the way fink and cranor write the show and how theyve done things in the past it seems likely.
Huntokar says that she viewed herself as the “good” one before she destroyed night vale so that leaves the other three.
The glow cloud has been in night vale since episode two and hasnt done much except drop dead animals on people and from what huntokar says thats about the worst we can expect from it.
That leaves the woman from italy and the distant prince.
Its more than likely not the distant prince because cecil points out in one of the recent episodes that the distant prince is drawing closer. If the distant prince was the smiling god then we would have heard about him during the strexcorp story arc.
We’ve actually had contact with the woman from italy before in episode 39 but it seems that that may have been when the deal between huntokar and the other gods was struck??
And although she mentions the woman from italy running her fingers through the great glowing coils of the universe i personally dont believe this pins her down as the smiling god.
There are four options as i see it here. One is that fink and cranor wrote themselves into a hole in the plot and are just not worrying to fill it in (or theyre going to fill it in later somehow) which is pretty unlikely considering how well thought out this story actually is.
Two is that the smiling god isnt a god at all but some other kind of being.
Three, the smiling god is a fifth god, whom huntokar and possibly the others dont know about.
And probably the one i would like to believe, desert bluffs is simply another night vale and the huntokar in that universe is known by them as a smiling god.
I dont know, it will be interesting to see how all this works out, or even is we find out the identity of the smiling god at all.

Signs as Egyptian gods
  • Aries: Osiris; god of the underworld and afterlife
  • Taurus: Isis; goddess of magic, marriage, healing, and perfection
  • Gemini: Thoth; god of wisdom
  • Cancer: Anubis; god of the dead
  • Leo: Ra; god of the sun
  • Virgo: Hathor; goddess of love and beauty
  • Libra: Ma'at; goddess of justice, truth, and order
  • Scorpio: Seth; god of evil, deserts, and storms
  • Sagittarius: Horus; god of war, sky, and falcons
  • Capricorn: Amun; king of the gods
  • Aquarius: Ptah; god of creation
  • Pisces: Nepthys; goddess of lamentation, sleep, rivers, and the night

I love the desert. God, I love the desert. / Swimming and you, Ari. Those are the things I love the most.

“Believe in a Smiling God.”

God takes the worst of us, the most shattered and damaged and rebellious and prideful, and reverses our entropy into pulsing life. He sees a desert and says, “I see a garden.” God can take a miserable sinner like me and you and breathe something brand new into these jagged veins. This is the work of Christ, shaping us, connecting us, healing us.

J.S. Park

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