god is no thing to worry about

Aight lemme tell you a bit about these guys


  • Always tired and confused
  • Philosophical about stupid things
  • “Can you believe there are more than 1 planet in the entire universe… llike… woh…”
  • Always either half asleep or woke asf

Wine Glass:

  • Horrible kink lord
  • Wears eyeliner sometimes
  • Likes cutesy things
  • Flirty af but honestly just kind of unsure of themselves


  • Happy go lucky
  • Willing to stab you if you get her dirty
  • Strange grudge against artists
  • nya

Thread Spool:

  • Pessimistic
  • Worried Mom friend
  • Changes thread color every so often
  • Carries around a needle like god u rly that edgy


  • Asshole who likes to shapeshift and impersonate people
  • Loves to ruin relationships
  • Glitche
  • Plays dumb
  • When will the government stop their sinful hand


  • Likes to garden
  • Flowercrown aesthetic
  • Always crying gotdamnit shut yr hell

I’m reading this Medieval collection of stories about the “Wonders of Ireland” and the whole thing is pretty crazy like “there is an island where there are no mice. they’re not born there and if you take a mouse there it will run from you and throw itself into the surrounding lake to die.”

But the best is about this priest who is out camping in the woods and meets a talking wolf. The wolf comes up to the campfire loudly proclaiming “DO NOT BE AFRAID! DO NOT FEAR! DO NOT WORRY! THERE IS NOTHING TO FEAR!” (direct quote from the text.)

Then, right after, the text says “The wolf then said some things about God that seemed reasonable.” 

And the priest is like “this checks out.” and they just chat and hang. 

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Hades getting Shiro drunk bcuz he'd most def loosen up and wouldn't seem as terrified of Hades????! Of course Shiro is the person who switches between Ultimate Sadness and Excessive Joy when drunk and Hades starts to worry he's broken his sons boyfriend


Shiro will go from talking about the shitty things Zarkon did to him to how amazing Lance makes him feel in like 2 seconds flat and leave Hades confused for a moment because he’ll forgets to to mention them by name like ‘zarkon cut off my arm you know?  and your son, god he’s so pretty!’ and it’ll take a moment for Hades to realize who he’s talking about.

Also Hades totally assumes they’re dating well before they actually start dating

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Not even triggered with Elounor tbh. Yes, I hate seeing Louis miserable while being with her. But I do believe everything happens for a reason, and that Larry is 100303030202% real.

I mean yeah whatever it was fake the first time it’s a million times more fake now.

I’m just mad that once again it’s him who gets saddled with this bullshit when it’s not necessary and he’s the one who looks like he can’t be on his own for longer than necessary because god forbid someone might assume something they shouldn’t. It’s unfair, it’s cruel and you’d think he’s been through enough but nahhhh why distribute stunt duty or even things up a bit when you have Louis Tomlinson being your bitch, am I right? Meanwhile others are worried about a revival of Hendall like…😂😂😂

honestly i love the concept of hunk just. making jokes about galra keith all the time now. bc he knows keith is worried about allura (and possibly others) hating him now so hunk is determined to make it seem like it’s not a big deal by constantly making light of it.

  • hunk: [points to a galra drone] keith is that your brother
  • keith: [walks into the room]
    hunk: [starts blasting E.T.]
  • “his parents may still be part of the empire”
    hunk: oh my god keith what if zarkon is your mom
  • pidge: dude i’d love to see inside area 51
    hunk: same [turns to keith] can you hook us up?
  • hunk: what kind of weird alien stuff are you up to?
    keith: i’m…eating breakfast…
    hunk: man aliens are wild
  • [on a purple planet]
    hunk: keith, you’ll blend in with the scenery
    keith: i’M STILL NOT PURPLE
  • hunk: hey siri are galra allergic to taking showers

Things happening in this scene that should be addressed:

  • Yuri’s cat eats at the table
  • Yuri’s cat thinks the food is for them so either a) they’re naughty or b) Yuri feeds them human food
  • Either way, Yuri is thrilled they want his Pirozhki
  • Yuri is wearing an apron so he clearly made the priozhki for Lilia and Yavok
  • At first I thought Lilia might not be eating because she’s worried about the nutritional value
  • But judging by Yakov’s face I’ve come to another conclusion
  • Yuri is an awful cook

After episode 11 aired in Japan Tumblr basically flooded with the translation that Yuuri is ending things with Victor.

But listen hereeeee; I highly doubt it’s the relationship that’s over. Like come on they are definitely aren’t breaking up. Just look at the preview subs!!!

So it’s pretty clear that there’s no way in hell they’re breaking up -
either the coach-skater relationship is ending or Yuuri is referring to both of them retiring maybe.

Honestly people don’t even worry about the angst cause there’s no way this is ending sour. (God knows I might have just jinx’d it..)
What I’m thinking is that there needs to be some sort of a conflict so the last episode can be truly epic.
And also, if Yuuri is talking about them going their separate ways even though they love each-other, then perhaps that’s why Victor is going to be skating ‘Stay Close To Me’ at the Barcelona arena (there’s a meta somewhere that sounds pretty damn legit and explains why the skating from the trailer is happening in Barcelona I’m sure most people read it I can’t find it rn).

Anyways I think this is either Yuuri’s anxiety acting up hence why he’s preparing to maybe give up Victor and then he’ll swoop in like come on don’t be silly I love you lots.

Orrrr we won’t find out what they talked about until the end of the episode where they’ll just casually reveal that they’re both retiring after this and they’ll be cute house-husbands. Let’s stay positive peeps cause next week is going to be epic. Don’t be downers <3 

On a side note Yurio and Otabek’s encouragements to each-other and high scores gave me fucking life so that was a thing. (Yurio broke Victor’s world record real good I’m proud of my angsty Russian son.)

Date someone you’re comfortable with. Seriously. Be with someone who you can tell everything- even your stupid worries or about the things that make you really anxious without much reason. Date someone who you can say something really stupid to, like “I have to poop” and they won’t think any different of you. Be with someone that you can have really deep conversations with about God and the stars, and then also have conversations where you’re laughing until you can’t breathe. Date someone who you can talk to for hours and hours and never get bored with, and vice versa.
Find your best friend who GETS you, and never let go of them.

Signs as Things My Friend’s Brother Has Said

Aries: You’re just mad because my memes are spicier than yours

Taurus: Your name’s not Bob, scuttaloo

Gemini: Don’t worry about your memes, dude, your memes are dank

Cancer: Don’t assume things- it’s bad for your reputation

Leo: Tell me all your secrets

Virgo: I know how words work, you don’t

Libra: Mom, touch Stella’s ear aggressively

Scorpio: Do you want to do late night squats with me?

Sagittarius: It is a party because, I, am bringing a pinata

Capricorn: We put the bling in siblings

Aquarius: *Insert picture of sandwich* If God was a chef, he would have made this

Pisces: Someone threw a tampon at me :D

I’ll tell my daughter about you someday. Someday when she’s laying in my lap with a broken heart crying so hard she can’t breath, I’ll tell her about how when you left I didn’t think I’d ever be whole again or how for months after I laid in your spot on my bed screaming into the pillow or about the time my mother sat on the end of my bed crying because I hadn’t eaten in days and she was worried. I’ll tell her all these things but then I’ll tell her about the day I woke up thinking about something other than you, and about the morning I made waffles and didn’t think about how they were your favorite food, I’ll tell her about the light at the end of the darkness and hope she doesn’t dream about him months later like I do.
—  God I hope she’s stronger than me.

The half-life of neon is longest at 3.38 minutes. Most variations come in under the 60 second mark. Radioactive decay. To think, a whole world rose out of this, an element so scarce on earth that it could only live here contained in a glass tube. 

If you ruminate too much, America seems like it never made it beyond Tocqueville’s diary. The roadside, the motel, the dream of travel. To be temporary somehow became the ultimate success story.

You worry that this says everything about you. You worry that the pull of neon reveals a base desire to dig a hole and block out anything but the brightest light, some obnoxious beam that casts shadows like dismal reason. 

Maybe you want to be consumed.

So you wake up sluggishly, morning after morning. Perfume air, heavy drapes, nice light on the clothes rack that you never use. Happy but.

You were promised the Stardust sign.

Didn’t happen.

There are postcards on the night table. Grey light and scattered colors. We make gods of the shiniest things, and look at pictures as some sort of reprieve. 

Neon. The new. Energy.

It’s always the new energy. 

Have I been having nightmares again?

Elie DahdouCraigin Spring, John GreimJulian Becker


just a really short comic of Ariel getting her legs from Ursula but to be with Moana. I can see her doing it just so they can easily be together instead of persuading Moana to be a mermaid with her because she would dislike separating Moana and her people since she cares about them and is the only future chief (Ariel is pretty important back at her home too but she has like dozens of sisters to where she feel as if they can take her place). With Moana finding out about this and Ariel loosing her voice, she’s worried of the consequences this might bring. An angry powerful sea god who would want his daughter back putting her people in danger, and her people reacting negatively to an odd outsider. I can see the two work things out, and despite what consequences they might face, they’ll still spend fun times with each other.

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god, your gifset on alec turning around and choosing magnus makes me realize how under every circumstance, through everything, alec will always choose magnus and vice versa. he will choose him over insecurities, fear, internalized homophobia, societal pressure, literally everything. same with magnus, he will choose alec over his fear of loneliness, his worries about them being too different, over everything. gay couples never get to have this, not once, god let them be happy forever

!!! tho admittedly, I did oversimplify things for the sake of a short and neat caption. what I mean is, while there are similarities between the two scenes and it’s lovely (which is why i gif’d it), I think the difference between the two is actually the most telling part about the progress of their relationship. that is, in 1x12 alec choosing magnus was really a lot more about alec choosing his own happiness. throwback to when magnus says “You did it for you,” basically. but I think in 2x06, you actually can say alec chose magnus.

in short, 1x12 is alec asking Can I be with a man? and 2x06 is alec asking Can I be with this man? this man who comes from an entirely different world with entirely different experiences that alec can’t even begin to fathom. and in both cases, he decides yes. and like you said, lgbt+ couples are rarely afforded such things. storylines involving a closeted partner usually just end once that’s resolved, as if lgbt+ couples only struggle with homophobia and not, you know, the same doubts and fears that straight couples do.

I think it’s worth noting, too, that it is alec making the choice. it’s always been a bit clearer where magnus stands – he wants to be with alec – whereas alec has often pulled away due to his being closeted. now that that aspect can be untangled from alec’s actual feelings about magnus, it’s important that we see alec make that choice a second time.

I really like it because it’s often forgotten that just because someone has a lot of relationship experience doesn’t mean they can’t be uncertain and vulnerable. earlier in their date, we had magnus reassuring alec that he’s here with him now and then later, we had alec make a clear statement that he wants magnus. I think the narrative’s positioning of magnus – a bisexual man of color – as someone who equally needs and deserves to know that he’s wanted by the man he loves was extremely significant.

Today, I fucked up because I made my boss think I was suicidal.

I was at work. I was bored and tired and waiting for a client to call (dropping off a package) and I was typing random stuff into Google to see what the auto-suggestions were. I typed “I’m tired” and looked at the drop down list, selecting the first item just as the phone rang. I ran downstairs to get the package and then came back upstairs and went home without turning off my computer. I got a strange email an hour later from my boss:

Hey. Pardon me for asking, but you left a screen with a Google search up on the computer at the front desk, and I was worried. Three things. First, thank God you’re part of this team. Couldn’t do it without you. Everyone’s glad you’re here. Second, if you ever want to talk about anything, including bad times and ugly shit, I’m here. Third, I can’t promise you that life will be wonderful, but I can promise you that you can feel better about it. I didn’t believe it, but it’s true.

I emailed him telling him I was fine and asking what I had typed.

I’m tired of living

My boss is hyper-aware of depression and suicide and was scared for me. Now, all the senior attorneys are treating me with kid gloves.

TIFU: Internet`s best fucked up stories are here.


Klaus x Kol x Reader



Imagine: after a hot night with both Kol and Klaus, you wake up feeling a lot of pain and they get worried about you.

Word count: 647

The sun was shining at its fullest outside and, by consequence, lighted up your whole room, which made you wake up very grumpy. As you opened your eyes, very slowly, you felt your every limb ache and cursed yourself for not taking things easy last night, when Kol and Klaus came over. Sure it felt awesome back then, but now… Only God knows how are you supposed to leave the cosy bed and stand on your own feet.

You sighed, giggling.

“Kol, I think she’s awake.”

“Should we come in?”

“Yes, I mean, Y/N is not some ordinary girl we hooked up once and left behind.”

“You used the “we” again.” His voice sounded as if he us disgusted by it. “I think I’m going to throw up.”

Taking a deep breath, you started to move and, fast enough, your body started to complain, making a couple of high pitched “outchs” slip. Before you could attempt once more to get up, Klaus walked in, followed closely by Kol, their eyes filled with a mix of guilt and concern, as both of them knew it had been too rough for a human to take it. You bit your lower lip, remembering how they had touched you, their hands slithering throughout your sweet spots and making you moan out loud, claiming for more. A night you would never forget.

“Are you okay, Y/N?” Kol asked, almost shyly. “We heard you scream from outside.”

“I’m fine, it’s just… My legs are hurting. And, well, you know… It’s burning. A little bit.”

“Can we do anything to help you?” Klaus questioned, stroking the back of your hand. “I’m sorry, Y/N.”

You smiled and shook your head.

Klaus Mikaelson was actually apologising to you. And it was not because he had done anything bad, like killing someone, but due to the fact he had hurt during sex. Your cheeks blushed, as you were tiny bit embarrassed to be in such a state after having a threesome. A couple of friends had done it and they never told you this part. Perhaps the pain was not the same, since they had regular sex with normal guys, not original bad ass vampires.

“Can you help me get up?” You whispered.

“Yes.” Kol and Klaus replied, together.

“You know I’m sorry too, babe. I shouldn’t…”

“Shush Kol. I know neither you nor Klaus wanted to hurt me. Stop apologising to me for fuck’s sake.” You lashed out, stressed. “I just want to have a shower and painkillers. That’s all. I’ll get better and we’ll do it again.”
“What?” Klaus stated, surprised and with his mouth wide open. “What are you saying, Y/N?”
“I’m saying I liked it. That’s all.” You sighed. “Now, do you mind giving me a hand?”

“You are a weird person, Y/N.” Klaus said and Kol nodded, agreeing.

A chuckle escaped your lips and you could not help but agree with him. It was true. You should be traumatised and there you were, saying you wanted to do it again. It had been like that since you were a little girl, though. Always doing the things that pleased you, no matter what were the consequences. Made you feel like you owned your life. It was definitely the best feeling in world.

“Well, will you help me or not?”

Klaus shook his head and Kol laughed.

“Yes. Now, give one of your arms.“

“I guess this is the weirdest thing I’ve ever done.”

“Kol, drop the act. You liked it as much as I did.”

You nodded your head, laughing, while you heard them arguing about last night, which made you realise that, despite the fact they were maniacs and psychos, they were boys and all they wanted was someone to look after them. And, luckily, you were more than happy to play that part.

“Now boys, who’s going to make me breakfast?”

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(please bear with me) Okay, so, I'm a 15 year old freshman in highschool, and I've wanting to create some sort of series, whether it be a comic, or something else for a few years. I haven't too serious about it, but after one my of my friends showed me your video, for some reason, i was especially inspired. Now, I already have one character... but that's all i got. How did you come up with the things in your film? And did you ever experience "writer's block"? and if so, how did you deal with it?

No worries dude!  So okay, I’m gonna’ be honest, when I read this, I was hit with such a weird mix of, like, “god this is literally impossible to answer”, and “man I remember feeling that way when I was 15″.  So I guess the best thing I could do is elaborate.


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