god is my anchor

fenris as the herald of andraste AU
  • fenris closes a rift for the first time like “why is there magic on my hand?!?! mage, remove it at once.”
  • solas like “wtf dude chill this is useful calm down”
  • fenris and cassandra BFFs for life
  • Fenris like “if this is from Andraste then the Maker is a *tevene curse word*”
  • varric has to come everywhere, it’s required
  • fenris: come on man just call hawke I know you know where they are
  • varric: shhhhh cassandra will murder me. we’ll be ok.
  • vivienne is one of like two mages Fenris actually likes [the other being hawke or bethany]
  • solas can’t resist asking questions about Fenris’s tattoos/life as a slave, Fenris is like “dude shut the fuck up” but can’t resist answering and their relationship is so vitriolic it’s like Fenris and Anders but on ~The FADE~
  • Fenris and Iron Bull BFFs for life. Casual conversations in Qunlat. “OK this is cool and all but you’re making the boys twitchy.” *continues talking in Qunlat anyway*
  • Fenris tells Bull about the Fog Warriors. Bull is conflicted 
  • Fenris: “magic is unnatural and bad” 
  • Solas: I should tell him but….nah
  • Fenris is surprisingly blase about Blackwall’s lie. “IDK man I murdered a bunch of Fog Warriors who rescued me and took care of me for months because Danarius told me to and you guys still like me” 
  • Fenris is confused by and afraid of Sera. The feeling is mutual.
  • Cole won’t fucking leave Fenris alone, fasta vass I don’t need your help demon
  • Cole like “It’s OK I know you don’t hate me :)”
  • “I most definitely do”
  • “:))))))”
  • fenris probably does not like Dorian. At least not at first.
  • If he’s not already in a relationship with Hawke, probably romances the Iron Bull. 
  • Fenris in Orlais like “andraste, this is almost as bad as tevinter”
  • Fenris is also confused by and afraid of Briala
  • Fenris physically in the Fade like “this is literally the worst thing that has ever happened to anyone”
  • Corypheus gets his ass beat by a former tevinter slave. Corypheus gets his ass beat by a former tevinter slave. 
  • Fenris finding out Solas is the Dread Wolf. Just blue screen of deaths right the fuck outta there. “What?”
  • “I’m the Dread Wolf. I fought the false elven gods.”
  • “You’re the what?”
  • “This is also my anchor.”
  • “You did what now?”
  • “And I’m going to tear down the veil.”
  • “?!?!?!?!?!?!”
  • “Also I’m taking your mark and your left hand.”
  • “?!?!?!?!?!?!?!”
  • “…Fenris?”
  • “?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!”
  • “Is it ok to just leave you here?”
  • Fenris contacts Merrill post-trespasser like “I don’t like you and you don’t like me but do you wanna take down the Dread Wolf?”


Matt: Aw, come on! Damn news! Always ruining my fun! 

Edd: Hmm.. A special report.. that’s.. odd? 

News anchor: The dangerous war criminal by the name of Red Leader is still on the loose and could be plotting something at this very moment! 

Edd: Oh my god.. Who cares.. 


News anchor: However, we have gotten some information on the dangerous criminal. Recently, some very detailed descriptions have been given to us that we will share with you for your safety. 


News anchor: The Red Leader is a male, is of pale skin, the average height of 5′11′, has a tatoo on his right arm, a sharp nose, grey eyes, weighs approximately 162 pounds, has brown hair styled in 2 spikes which resemble a kitten and was last seen wearing a red hoodie. 

Edd: Spiked hair.. red hoodie.. tatoo…? 

Edd: Um.. Guys.. I’m not gonna lie.. this describes Tord.. like… perfectly.. 

Matt: Yeeahh.. 


Tord: AHAHAHA! You guys… Come on.. You don’t actually think I’m a war criminal do you? Lots of people wear red hoodi- 

News anchor: The following picture is a sketch by the police department on how The Red Leader could look like… 

News anchor: If you think you know The Red Leader, please call the police department immediately. 


*grabs tom’s shoulder*



They all sigh. 

Matt: Oh thank god.. 

Tom: The most hideous thing i’ve ever seen.. 

Edd: Well.. That’s not Tord.. That’s for sure. Jesus.. 



for you?? i’m so sorry.. this was rushed like crazy but i had to.. 

enjoy i guess? also, ignore that terrible drawing of real life tord.. 


We were in real trouble. And when I’m in trouble and I look around, I need to find you there. We need to have each other’s backs.  


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Heart Chakra Affirmations

  • All love resides within my heart
  • I am quiet and listen to my heart’s song
  • I choose to be united with all beings, visible and invisible, in the realm of love and light
  • I anchor my heart in truth, love, and God’s grace
  • Love opens and heals me
  • I choose the peace that surpasses all understanding
  • I am love, I am peace, I am light
  • I follow my heart’s desire for truth and goodness and love
  • My core is pure and innocent. Nothing can touch the soul of my heart except love itself
  • God’s life fills me and opens my heart to all goodness
  • Joy is my reason for living
  • I look for the joy in myself and see it in all things
  • I delight in sharing my joy
  • I let my heart shine and give from the depths of my being to those who accept love

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Yay :) I would live to just see that pregnancy one continued from where it ended. Where ever you want to take it. And thank you for writing :)

Niall’s excitement about this pregnancy was palpable.  He was like a kid on Christmas morning, but every morning.  He bought every single pregnancy book there was.  He insisted on putting together the nursery and all of the furniture himself.  He went to every doctor appointment and when it came time to take pregnancy pictures, he was the one who picked the photographer and the theme.  

He proudly walked around announcing how many weeks along you were and whipped out ultrasound photos whenever anyone even slightly mentioned the word pregnancy.

It was exhausting yet strangely comforting to see him so invested in becoming a father.  The only problem was he all but refused to touch her once her belly started showing.  No matter how many times the doctor assured him he wouldn’t hurt anything Niall just couldn’t get the idea out of his head that he would somehow upset the delicate balance inside her body.

So for the last four months or so, she had been forced into celibacy.  And it was quickly becoming excruciatingly difficult not to scream out in crowded rooms just how badly she needed to be claimed.

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Dating Derek Hale would include...

- ‘Borrowing’ the Camaro

- Stealing his leather jacket and his shirts
- “Y/n where the hell are all of my upper body clothes?!”
- “You look better naked, Der. Calm down.”

- Sex. Lots and lots of sex.

- Hating Peter
- “Derek can you please tell your girlfriend to stop trying to murder me….? With her teeth….”
- “Well Peter would you rather me murder you…again?”
- “Touche.”

- Convincing Derek to let you join the pack on missions and stuff and him regretting it every time because you get hurt sometimes
- “Y/n this is why I don’t want you going out there. It’s dangerous. I’ve already lost most of my family….I can’t lose you too.”
- “Derek I’m completely capable of protecting myself. I’m not human remember? I love you. I’m not planning on that changing any time soon. Now get over here and kiss me.”

- Being like a mother to the pack and going to all of the lacrosse games
- “Isaac, you go with Lydia and Allison. Scott, Stiles…you’re staying with me.”
- “What?! Why?!” 
- “Well first of all your plans suck. And, without my help, you’d probably both be dead.”

- Absent-mindedly tracing his Alpha, Beta, Omega tattoo with your fingers

- Derek showing his soft side around you

- Patching him up when he comes home from a fight 

- Training with him

- Tracing his abs with your fingers when you’re in bed

- Moving in to the loft

- Him being your anchor

- Effortlessly turning him on
- “Oh my god, Derek is that a boner?!?!”
- “Shut up, y/n.”
- “Just grab a condom already and we can fix that.”
- Derek smirks and gladly obeys 

- Derek constantly wondering how he could possibly be so lucky as to have you

- Him cooking for you
- “You don’t actually expect me to eat this, do you?”
- “Yeah….why….?”
- “Well it’ll probably kill me or give me food poisoning.”
- “You’re so impossible sometimes.”
- “But you love me.” You kiss him gently and quickly, leaving him wanting you more

- Kissing in the rain

- Going on dates only to find out Scott and Stiles had been spying on you the whole time.

- “I love you, y/n.”
- “I love you too, mr. sourwolf.”
- Derek scowls before kissing you passionately which ends with more sex. 

-Gosh you two are terrible!!

Hell and Silence || Chapter Two


Warnings: Swearing, Smut

Word Count: 5,474

A/N: I figured I’d try posting Insatiable chapter two, even though chapter one wasn’t too popular. I’m using this as a sort of… filler? I’m working on that Isaac: Full Moon request, so until I finish that, here this is. Derek’s in this one, so it should be better for you Hale fanatics like me. 

Chapter One

“The sky was dark and the moon was illuminating the sky. I felt an itching sensation under my skin. I shrugged it off and brushed my hair behind my ear.”



The weekend went by normally- meaning there were no more mysterious murders, but the body was identified. Lacey Moore, lived only a few minutes from the school. She had four kids, none of them even in high school yet. She was at the game to watch and support her nephew. The Monday back at school, everyone seemed to be in a sour mood. There was a moment of silence held for Lacey Moore at the beginning of the day, and I think that just got everyone down. Even Lydia didn’t seem to have her normal amount of snarkiness after that.

Deaton didn’t know anything about the murder, but he did seem to think it was supernatural. He’s still looking into it, but for now we don’t know much- anything, really. At least it hasn’t killed anyone else; that we know of, anyway.

As the dismissal bell rang and everyone piled out of the school, I followed Lydia and Allison back to Lydia’s car like we always did. We all decided to just go right home today; after all, it’s a full moon and I needed some time to relax myself before it rises. Lydia dropped me off at the house, Isaac and Stiles already inside. I waved goodbye as they drove away, leaving me alone on the front lawn.

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His soul slips into mine, into the deepest crevice of my body,

warm and tangible,

with the chill of the weather frosting our breaths, heated as our bodies are tangled like the bed sheets that comfort us, he whispers into my ear, bites my neck, and pushes his cock fully in me as sound leaves my ears, and god spews from my lips,

his shoulders become my anchor as I cling to him in prayer, his hips locked under my ankles with the serenade of my desire wrapped around him.

Me (wickedtranscendent)

A Feeling Unnamed

It’s practice atop the rooftop as per usual, but Maki finds herself distracted.

Word count: 1000 (exactly can you believe it)

FF.net | AO3

You’ve been bamboozled!! I’ve been writing in secret for a little while!! I’ve kept things separate for a bit, but I think it’s time to link my two accounts lmao. 

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Stiles received Derek’s message and left the classroom immediately without even bothering to answer back, screaming at the teacher that he had to go to the nurse or else everyone would die. The teacher, accustomed to his behavior, merely watched and smirked as the boy wiggled himself out the door. *Stiles, I’m at the locker room, I need to talk to you.*

He walked in a minute later to find Derek sitting on a bench, looking up at the clock that hung over Coach’s office, rubbing his knuckles. A light glimmer in his eyes warned Stiles something pestering Derek’s mind.

“You… uhm, Derek, you wanted to talk to me.” He didn’t move, keeping his distance, trying hard to stand still as he studied Derek’s strange behavior.

The wolf’s eyebrows jumped up at the sound of Stiles’ voice. He cleared his throat before he spoke. “Yeah, I… I need to talk to you, I just… I don’t know how to begin.” He kept massaging his hands as his mouth forced out the words, a slight tremble hooked to his voice.

“Derek, are you alright? You seem….”

“I’m fine, Stiles, just give me a second here.” It sounded more like a plea than an order.

Stiles waited a couple of seconds for Derek to calm down and control his heavy breathing. To Derek, the seconds sitting there, in front of a concerned Stiles looking down upon him, felt like an eternity.

Not even looking up from the ground, Derek finally began, his voice still struggling to exit his lips, “Today, I… no wait, let me start again…” Stiles rolled his eyes and smirked, it was kind of cute to see Derek act this way , his whole don’t-mess-with-me-or-I’ll-rip-your-throat-out facade uncovered by this peculiar nervousness. Never had Stiles seen Derek so vulnerable.

Derek shook his head, ran both of his hands through his hair and sighed, then continued, “Suddenly, I finally realized…” he gulped as a drop of sweat slid down his right cheek, “that you, Stiles…” at the mention of his name, Stiles dropped his smile and began to slowly make his way towards the werewolf, he now knew this was something serious. Derek sighed before picking up his voice again. As if almost vomiting the words, he finally spoke, “You’re my anchor.”

Stiles expression went blank. Derek wouldn’t look up, his eyes were fixated on an empty space on the floor in front of him, inches away from Stiles’ right foot. Somehow, scared of the silence that had accompanied his last words, he picked up were he had left off. “And for quite some time, I’ve been holding on to you.”

There was more silence for a while. Derek was too nervous trying to calm down his own heart beat to even realize that Stiles’ own had accelerated too and that it was about to burst out of his chest.

Derek couldn’t take the silence for much longer… why was he sweating so much? This was the longest he had seen stiles quiet! Why were his hands shaking? God damn it, Derek, stop quivering! He had never lacked this much control over his own body. Should I continue? No, I’ll just fuck it up even more. Why hasn’t Stiles answered me? He always has something to say, the little devil.

That was it, if the room continued to be this empty void of wind and quiet he was going to rip his own throat out… “Please, Stiles…” he looked up out of desperation and found Stiles’ shaky honey eyes staring at his own, his mouth agape. “Just…” he pleaded with his thick eyebrows, trying to let Stiles know that he just needed to hear his voice, any kind of response would do, “say something.”

Stiles blinked rapidly at the sound of Derek’s pleading voice. He unconsciously moistened his lips with the help of his tongue as Derek yanked his eyes away for a second, the sight of Stiles’ tongue wasn’t going to help much at the moment.

The boy cleared his throat. Had Stiles heard it right? Had Derek said that he, Stiles, was his, Derek’s, anchor? Like, his anchor? He knew what that meant in their supernatural reality, he had discussed said term with Scott countless times, yet, he still had his doubts… I mean, Derek’s anchor, that couldn’t be. Yes, he had so many feeling for Derek, even since that day at the clinic when he had helped save Derek’s life for the first time, but Derek hadn’t ever shown to have mutual feelings. If at all, he hated Stiles. But… the miserable werewolf sitting across from him had said so. And with quivering conviction. He had to have heard it right. Or had it been a sick joke? No Derek wouldn’t do that… also, look at the poor guy, his whole body is shaking.Oh my God, I’m Derek’s anchor.

“Oh my God, I’m your anchor!”

Derek lost his balance and almost fell off the bench. Stiles had just screamed out of his trance, scaring the living shit out of Derek. Once the wolf recovered his balance, he stared blankly at Stiles, trying to read his expression. He was… he was smiling. Stiles was smiling.

“Oh my God, Derek! I’m your anchor?” Derek didn’t believe it possible but Stiles’ smile grew even wider.

He couldn’t help but smile back at the adorable scene taking shape in front of him. “Yes… Stiles, you are.” That’s when he fell an incredibly heave weight being yanked off his shoulders.

As soon as he closed his mouth Stiles had jumped on top of him. They both landed on the ground, the werewolf receiving most of the impact with his shoulder blades. Stiles lay right on Derek’s torso, their faces barely an inch from each other. “Ironic, for an anchor, I just literally took you off orbit.”

Derek chuckled for the second time in a day, hell, in a month. “You are so annoying.” He brushed away Stiles’ messy hair away from his forehead.

The teenager brushed his thumb across Derek’s cheek, still on top of the werewolf. “Shut up, you just admitted that you loved me.”

Derek’s face went stiff immediately. 

“Stiles, I… I didn’t… I… Stiles, I….”

“Shh.” Stiles kissed Derek on the tip of his nose to try calm him down (it worked) and pulled away barely enough to lock his eyes with the hazel pearls in front of him. “I’m just glad you told me, because…” Stiles winked and took one of Derek’s hands on his. “It might have been Scott and Lydia who rescued me from the Nogitsune that took residence inside my head, but it was the memory of you which I held on to during the whole thing.” He could feel Derek’s breathing accelerate once again, this time, right below Stiles’ own hyperactive heart. “Derek, you were the tether I held on to when I felt like giving up.” He then kissed Derek’s cheek. “You are my anchor.”

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can you describe your reaction to getting admitted into stanford/checking your application status? i'm excited to hear about it!

aww this is so cute! <3 i actually do have a reaction video but it’s very ugly and lame so i’m not going to show it here, but BASICALLY how this went was that i was really open that i applied to stanford early. like pretty much everyone from my school knew and i had no problem talking about it, everyone on here knew, my extended family knew, it was just common knowledge. it was also common knowledge to me that i would get rejected from stanford and i was pretty chill about it because i was like hey i’ll be applying to 13 other schools, i can’t possibly get rejected from all of them (like i’d also done umich EA and i mean you can never be sure about these things but i knew i had a solid shot) but whenever someone asked “oh libby, where did you apply early?” the answer was never “stanford,” it was always “stanford, but i’m going to be rejected.” it was like one of those psychiatric tests where your shrink says a word and you have to respond in a fraction of a second, if you said stanford i’d have said rejection. i just knew it. i would say it to myself every day so i wouldn’t get my hopes up. because stanford, even though i was a legacy with an uncommon major, is still pretty much impossible, even EA as it’s still only around 10% admission. and i knew that i was okay but i wasn’t special. and i did not even allow myself to consider the alternative. i am the quintessential optimistic pessimist and i expect the worst for every situation i’m into because i know i’m either right or i’ll be nothing less than ecstatic if i’m wrong. but i didn’t think about being wrong, with stanford. i knew what they needed and i knew who i was and i knew (and i know) that those things would never be congruent.

so even though i consider myself a rational person, even though i wove my feelings into a life jacket to keep me afloat during those dark december days, there’s nothing quite like getting your first college decision. sure, i’d been admitted to rutgers back in october, but stanford was different. stanford was my first complete application and stanford was around the same time as everyone i knew was hearing back about their decisions, and stanford was lovely and warm and prestigious and thousands of miles away from home and stanford was a game-changer. and i could say a rejection from stanford wouldn’t affect me and to be honest, in the big scheme of things it wouldn’t, but i knew i would be hurt by it. i liked my essays and i had done well in high school and that should count for something, shouldn’t it? i wasn’t ready to be told that i wasn’t enough. not that early, anyway. my stomach ached the entire day at school. i couldn’t stop shaking, i wore my lucky bracelet and when i spoke my words seemed like they came from someone else because i wasn’t really present, my heart and mind and soul were all in the future, floating somewhere around 5:00 p.m. with that email in my inbox. and i got home and tried to distract myself by talking to people and my mom bought me a hot chocolate from panera (my favorite, with the chocolate chip marshmallows) that i couldn’t stomach and she said “everyone loves you no matter what” and i said “i know” but i was still scared and uncertain and love is a cushion but it’s not a replacement. and 4:59 came faster than expected and i recorded my reaction video wearing a yale sweatshirt underneath my stanford sweatshirt (it’s a metaphor) and i didn’t put on any makeup. why bother? it’s not like anyone was going to see the video.

i began to record, my words in a rush, explaining that i had applied to stanford university restrictive early action class of 2018 and that at the moment i could see the unread email in my inbox that would, good news or bad, have an effect on the next four years of my life but goddammit i was just going to get it over with and look and i closed my eyes and on the inside of my eyelids i saw “we regret to inform you…” and my shaking fingers clicked the email and i saw my stanford ID number and underneath the word “congratulations” and i screamed. i literally screamed and my mouth went wide as a fish’s and i kept saying “no, no, no, no” because this was a mistake, they sent me the wrong email, i was going to get a follow-up saying they’d accidentally admitted severely unqualified applicants and sorry about the misunderstanding!! because who was i? i was seventeen years old, looked thirteen, really, with a messy room and split ends, someone who didn’t listen in calculus class and spent far too much time playing oregon trail and candy crush, someone who by a mixture of choice and circumstance spent most of her time alone and who didn’t even know what she wanted, really, so she never ended up doing much of anything. i said “this is a mistake.” i said “i’m not—” but that was a sentence i couldn’t finish because there were way too many options that could fill in that blank. i called my mom in and she screamed and grabbed the phone and called every relative i had and a couple of my friends had texted me so i texted them back, told them the good news, and right after my decision i put on my snapchat story, in tears, basically, a video of me half-screaming “I GOT INTO STANFORD” because at the time it didn’t seem obnoxious but rather me falling down the rabbit hole and desperately searching for a foothold. i needed to take this strange reality and share it with whoever i could just for affirmation that this is real life!! this is not a dream!! this is not a drill either, this is my life and i posted it on here and i was videochatting with some appblr friends after i’d told them the news and i think i was crying a little bit but god bless them for being my anchors and i posted a status on facebook an hour later after i hadn’t been rescinded and my two best friends took me out to see frozen and the entire time i kept checking my email because people were commenting and liking my facebook status and i felt this haze around me like nothing was real and i kept my stanford sweatshirt on and i didn’t take it off and i felt so happy i could burst into light and i could float away like a bird and i screenshotted that email and i still have the picture because i have never been happier, i don’t think.

there’s something to be said for a moment that completely sweeps you off your feet and i know it’s only a dumb college decision but it was the strangest reality check i have ever been a part of and all those shitty thoughts i have had about myself, things that could fill volumes of an encyclopedia, were things i had to rethink and you should never let anything determine your worth but there’s something so nice about validation, especially when you least expect it. and people who i thought were my safety nets were actually my trampolines, propelling me higher and higher and when i came back to school people were so lovely and saying “if it had to be anyone, i’m glad it was you” and “you deserve it more than anyone” and i was completely taken aback that such kind thoughts were directed towards me but it was so wonderful. and it was friday the 13th but it was the luckiest day of my life and i don’t think i’ll ever truly get over it, even though the sun always sets eventually and there are days when the clouds mar my sky and even though sometimes i feel like i’m treading water in an endless ocean, trying desperately to stay afloat i use that day as a raft because it reminds me that amazing things have happened, that i have contributed to something larger than me and that i am integral into shaping my own future and even though i know there will be highs and lows in the days to come i cannot ever forget a day like that. it amazes me more every time i think about it. i hold onto it because i can’t bear to let it go.

You Just Don’t Get It Do You (Peter Parker Imagine) is

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Warning: slight swearing , WHOLE LOADS OF FLUFF!
Requested: No
Summary: You and Peter have been best friends sine the dawn of time and you both have feelings for each other but are too oblivious to notice or too shy to say anything until Peter saves you from one of his enemies.

A/N: Hey sorry it’s so long I kinda went overboard…


-”(Y/N)!” I heard someone yell and of course it was my dorky yet adorable best friend Peter Parker.  

 -”Peter!”I yelled back before giggling while taking out my binders that I would be needing for the dreaded but needed studying that would be happening this weekend.  Peter and I had been best friends for as long as I could remember and I honestly couldn’t even begin to imagine what my life would be like without him in it. We had been living in the same apartment building for what seems like forever and my apartment was just bellow his so he could easily sneak into my bedroom late at night for our daily talks of who knows what. He was my anchor in this god forsaken place called earth and I was pretty sure I was his, or well I like to think I am.

  -”Ok so you know how it’s Friday?” Peter asked while leaning against the locker next to mine while fiddling with the strap of his backpack that hung loosely on one of his shoulders.

 -”No yeah I forgot to attend that class where they explain the days of the week so you tell me” I said sarcastically earning me an eye roll as I close my locker and swing my bag onto my shoulders.

 -”You know that was so funny I actually forgot to laugh for a second there!”  

-”Ha ha ha! Now what about this supposedly Friday you were telling me about”I laugh as we start walking towards our apartments.

  He started talking about this great party he was invited to but I zoned out when I saw how his warm brown eyes would have small flecks of amber that would pop out when the sun hits them. His eyes were slightly narrow but it didn’t mean that they were any less beautiful. Peter is what people call a cute geek. He was extremely attractive and had the qualities to be the best boyfriend a girl could ask for but his shyness would often get in the way and he would start to ramble about science when he approached a pretty girl. A part of felt bad for him but the other was having the party of the century knowing that he was messing up with other girls. If you haven’t guessed already I might have a slight crush on him but hey who wouldn’t! 

 -“So yeah I just told them maybe even if I have no intention on going and I swear that for a split second there I actually think that I appeared cool” Peter said with a smirk while slightly nodding his head, probably reminiscing about the moment while licking his oh so god like looking lips.

 -“Hey are you okay?”Peter asked me, snapping me out of my daze as we stopped in front of a convenient store. 

 -"Yeah I guess I’m just tired”I said lowering my head so that my hair could hide my now bright red cheeks.We continued walking a comfortable silence settling between us.My gaze landed on a couple kissing on a bench that stood in front of our apartment building and I frowned slightly knowing that I could never have that with Peter.  

 -"So are we still on for ‘Friday Night Movie Night’?”he asked, breaking the silence as we enter the elevator. 

 -"Of course were still on! My place, 6:00?"I ask as the elevator door opened to my floor.

 -"Yup! I’ll get the food and you get the movies?”

 -"Yeah! I’ll see you tonight Peter” I waved at him while making my way to my apartment.  

 As I enter my apartment, I could already spot the yellow sticky note that my dad always left me when he had to go on a surprise business trip somewhere.My dad was rarely home because of his work and it wasn’t because he was some crazed workaholic dad but because he had to. My mom died giving birth to me and my dad has had to take care of two people on a one man salary so he worked constantly to get promoted to get a better pay check. I miss him and all but I know that he’s doing this for us. 

 I sigh and check the time on my phone; 4:47.  I grab a water bottle out of the fridge and decided to start studying on my physics test to pass the time. I turn on my music and raise the volume higher than I probably should. 

 After a while I once again check my phone which indicates me that its currently 5:23 pm. I get up and grab my jacket to head to the video store a couple of blocks away. While walking I could feel a chilly breeze pass by making me shiver and walk slightly faster. Once I reach the video store I immediately look for the Star Wars movies. I smile once I see the first three movies were available and grab them before making my way to the action movie to grab a James Bond movie. I walk towards the cash register and smile to the man as he scanned the movies. I payed the man and started to walk back home. While walking I heard my phone beep meaning someone sent me a text and I smile as I see that it was Peter.

 '16 minutes until party time!’

 I shake my head and stuff my phone back into my pocket. Once I arrive at my place I place the movies on the wooden coffee table as I sprawl out on the long grey couch, burying my face into the soft white pillow while waiting for Peter. I look at the clock that hung on the wall. It was exactly 6:04 meaning Peter should be arriving soon. I decided to sprawl out the movies so that we could see all of our options for the night. After a few minutes I decided to text Peter to ask him where he was but he didn’t answer.

 ‘Maybe his phone died’ I thought to myself.

Soon 5 minutes turned into 30 minutes which turned into an hour which become 2 hours and 39 minutes. I shook my head and decided to check it out for myself. I knocked onto his apartment door, half of me was mad but also worried. The only time Peter missed our usual Friday Night Movie Night was when he went to Germany for his internship for Tony Stark. He came home all bruised up but brushed it off when I asked him how he got hurt. His Aunt May answered the door and looked surprised to see me.


-”Hi Aunt May! Is Peter here by any chance? He was supposed to meet me for our usual Friday night ritual” 

-”Um no. He said he was headed out to a party and that you were too sick to go with but you look perfectly fine” she said looking at me up and down probably to check for any signs of illness. I blinked quickly trying to process what she just told me and shook my head in disbelief.

-”Yeah it was probably just a little bug and it must of slipped my mind that Peter was going to that party” 

-”Well I have to go, my date is waiting for me. Have a nice night (Y/N)!” she said before shooting me a smile and closing the door.

I stormed back to my apartment, slamming the door behind me. He probably went because he heard that Mary-Jane was going to be there. 

‘Fuck no I’m not going to let him ruin my Friday just because he decided to go to some popular party and ditched me’ I thought to myself. 

I grabbed my jacked and decided to go grab a pizza and junk food so I could stuff my face and probably gain 10 pounds. On my way there I suddenly heard police siren and a wicked sounded laugh. Explosions came out of nowhere, hitting buildings, lamp pots, pavements and even cars. Everyone started to scream and run away from the unknown danger that was threatening our lives. I was about to do the same until I heard a little girl cry for help. A man with pasty greenish skin dressed in a metal suit and standing on what seemed like some sort of a glider with a handful of explosives was hovering over the little girl. I looked around to see if anyone was there to help but the police wouldn’t arrive in time so I ran towards the little girl and told her to run before punching the orange haired man in the face. He giggled and flashed me a crooked smile showing me his yellowish crooked teeth. 

-”Well aren’t you a brave one”,he said while laughing like a maniac before continuing,“I promise you that what you just did was probably the most stupidest thing you’ve ever done, or should I did” My heartbeat quickened as my breathing became fast when he took out of of his explosive pumpkin looking bombs.

-”Hey Greeny how about you fight someone who’s also wearing a super suit” I heard a voice call out. I let out a sigh of relief as I realized that it was Spiderman. He shot his web at the Goblin guy to pull him away from me and punched him square in the jaw. He quickly sprawled his web over the evil dude so he would be stuck on the wall but I could tell the web wouldn’t last for very long. All of a sudden I was picked up and was now swinging through the city. I held onto Spiderman as I buried my head into his neck and tried to calm down due to me being afraid of height. I inhaled his scent that was strangely familiar and looked at my saviour. Even with his mask on I could see his strong jawline clench each time I would squeeze my grip on his shoulders. It was strange but I couldn’t help but feel comfortable with this masked man.  I gasped when I felt my feet hit the ground and looked down to see that I was standing on one of the high rises of Queens. I didn’t let go of his neck, scared that I would fall if I did. Both of our breathing was ragged as I stared into what I suppose were his eyes before he grabbed my hands to move them away from his neck to loosely interlace them with his covered ones.

-”Stay here and don’t move until I get back”he said. His voice was so familiar yet I just couldn’t put my finger on it.

-”Wait where are you going?” I knew the answer but I just had to hear his voice again.

-”I’m going to save the world beautiful” he replied and I couldn’t help but blush at his words as I watched him swing away from me and towards the danger.

I hadn’t realized that I was shaking until I practically fell on my butt. I sat down on the cold ground trying to figure out where or even how I could feel so comfortable with a stranger and how everything about him felt so familiar. The only person who I’ve ever been as comfortable with was…Peter. 

-’There’s no way! It can’t be Peter!’ I told myself but in some way it just made sense. He was always vanishing off to places exactly when he hears about some dangerous thing going on in the city. The way he would sometimes come over all beat up and say that he tripped over a ball or something was always a but shady but I never thought it could ever be as dangerous as being a superhero. 

My best friend, Peter Parker, was freaking Spiderman!

-”Did you miss me” a voice said making me jump. I knew who it was but with what I just found out or at least what I think I just figured out, I don’t know what to say. I took a deep breath and stood up.

-”That depends. Did you bring the food that you promised me?” I said, my voice unstable as I cross my arms over my chest. He looked at me, the yes of the mask widened when he heard what I said.

-”What are you talking about?”he said, his own voice shaky which gave it all away.

-”Cut the crap Peter”I said harshly.

-”Look I was going to tell you but I didn’t want to bring you into this”

-”Wait does that mean that you ditched me tonight to go be Spiderman?” I asked and he nodded. I was slightly happy knowing he didn’t ditch me for some girl but I was still angry that he would keep this from me.

-”So you’ve been lying to me for this whole time?”

-”Yes but its only because I didn’t want you to get hurt because of me”he said, walking slowly towards me.

-”So? You probably get hurt every time you put that suit on”I said, motioning to the suit he was wearing.

-”You just don’t get it do you?”he said more like a laugh.

-“Get what!”I practically yelled.

-”How much you mean to me! You have no idea what I would go through if you got hurt because of me! I care more about than my own well being both physically and mentally! I’ve been in love with you for years now and you’ve been too oblivious to notice” he yelled at me making me gasp as I let his words sink in. 

I walk towards him, and grab his face to make him look at me. My heart had never beaten this quickly before, even when I was in danger a few hours ago.

-”So how well can you see me with that mask on?”I ask him as he places a hand on top of the one that was cupping his cheek.

-”Yeah the eyes just help me focus when I’m out fighting the bad guys so right now you’re all I can see”he explained and held his breath when both my hands traveled to the back of his neck where I found the hem of his mask. I bit my lip as I start to roll up his mask until it was right above the tip of nose so that I could see those beautiful pink lips of his.

-”You know, I can’t see you as well anymore” he laughed softly making me chuckle. 

-”You won’t need to see for what I’m about to do” I whisper trying to gather up my courage.

-”What do you mea-”He started but I cut him off by placing my lips onto his own soft one. 

The moment my lips touched his I knew I was done for, I knew that by simplest touch of our lips that I was addicted. The taste of his lips was far more pleasing then what I imagined it to be. After a few seconds Peter kissed me back and drew me closer with a raspy groan as I pushed his mask off so that I could tug at the ends of his hair before moving them to the middle of his back. He slightly turned his head which made the kiss more heated and cupped the back of my neck and kissed me deeply. His touch was possessive yet gentle at the same time as he started to play with my hair. We separate for a few seconds and looked each other in the eyes before smiling and connecting our lips once more. Our bodies melted and became one as I groaned softly when his hands travelled travelled down my sides to lightly grip my hips. My hands once again found his neck as me slipped his tongue into my mouth exploring it gently yet roughly at the same time. We separated once more and smiled as we both panted and tried to catch our breath. 

 -"So how about we go back to your place and watch those movies?” He asked while playing with my fingers.

 -“Only if we get food first" 

 -"I actually already got the food before coming back so that I could act like I was going to surprise you” he said while scratching the back of his neck. -

“Wow good cover up” I laughed , my cheeks hurting from all the smiling I’ve been doing.

 -“Now let’s go! I want to go cuddle with my girlfriend"he said while walking towards the edge. 

 -"So I’m your girlfriend now?” I asked making him freeze in place. 

 -“Well I mean if you want to…" 

 "I’d love to be your girlfriend Peter Parker” I said before leaning my forehead against his making him smile. 

 -“I love you” I whisper to him. 

 -“It’s about time you say it back"he chucked making me roll my eyes.

 "I love you too (Y/N)”


Hey guys requests are open so don’t be shy!

julia477  asked:

Hi, I read you post Derek Hale: Love, PTSD, and Maladaptive Daydreaming.¨This is why he has been searching so desperately for real!Stiles all season, and it's narratively why Derek couldn't be allowed to find him.¨Why not?

I’m not sure how much you know about story construction? I don’t want to come off as teaching you stuff you already know. But given you’ve asked the question, I’m assuming you don’t know much about narrative theory, and you haven’t read any books like Robert McKee’s Story (it’s great, so if you’re interested in learning more, I recommend it).

Basically, different genres are constructed in slightly different ways to create certain effects within the audience (laughter, tears, love, suspense, etc). Audiences expect you to fulfill the contract of the genre you’ve signalled you’re working in. If you don’t, you either need to signal you’re going to break with convention, and/or expect to end up with a very unhappy audience.

For example, the finale of How I Met Your Mother (which I haven’t seen, but I’m judging by the discussions that have been posted) broke the contract with the viewers, both by not having a suitably sit-com ending expected in that genre, and by undoing the work of several strong narrative arcs people had invested in over the seasons.

So back to Derek’s arc in Teen Wolf. It’s easiest to think of this backwards. As a writer, say you want to reach a climax in Derek’s arc where there’s a really big reveal about Derek’s story. It’s so big, you want to actually end the whole season with this revelation. It’s got to really pack a wallop, so it will be both external (Derek’s biggest enemy – Kate Argent – has a completely surprising supernatural and violent return) and internal (in contrast, and the contrast with Kate is really important, Stiles has a significance for Derek that hasn’t previously been revealed, but now we discover Stiles is his anchor).

Narratively speaking, that’s enormous. The war between the hunters and werewolves, as symbolised by the relationship between Derek and Kate, is the spine of the whole series. And so far, there has never been any indication that Derek has an effective counter to the psychological warfare that Kate has waged on him, and now – BAM – we’ve been shown Derek has been secretly building one inside his head where no-one knows about it. Dream!Stiles is his secret weapon.

Dream!Stiles as his secret weapon may prove useless, or Derek may be betrayed by real Stiles. We don’t know any of that yet – they are the kind of questions left hanging to hook us for the next season.

But in order to get us to want to ask those kinds of questions, and to build up to that internal/external shocking climax of Kate versus Stiles, the narrative arc of 3B had to be shaped in a certain way. There’s more than one way this could be done, but given Stiles was on an evil arc, that limited the choices Davis had to play with.

So to finally get to your question, if we think about what needs to happen, or cannot be allowed to happen, in order to get the story to that climax of Derek’s arc, and the season’s arc (or as I like to call it, Stiles vs Kate), there are a few obvious things.

First, you have to lay some groundwork, so it’s not completely surprising to the audience that Derek sees Stiles as the anti-Kate. This is that contract I was talking about before. In this case, we’ve had two arcs in season 3 leading to this. We had Jennifer in 3A using her mojo to get Derek to trust her, and she based it on parallels with Stiles. Her seduction of Derek is almost a scene-for-scene recap of Stiles and Derek’s growing trust from seasons 1 and 2 (there’s a great video which shows them side by side, along with some meta I wrote, here). Then in 3B, we had Derek searching for Stiles and worrying about Stiles, and unwilling to believe Stiles could hurt people, and trying to save him. We also have Stiles’ chess board with Derek as the King, which is something Derek latches onto straight away, to the extent that in a later episode he tries to reconstruct and play the game Stiles had set up. This is a consistent picture of Derek being obsessed with Stiles in a way we’ve only really seen him obsessed with pack before (his relentless search for Boyd and Erica for instance) – it’s not painted as romantic or really made a fuss over, but it’s there as a really strong and constant theme. Over the course of 3A and 3B, then, we have a picture forming, which gives us the foreshadowing we need to be able to go, “Oh my god, Stiles is Derek’s anchor!” when we see the dream sequence in the climax, without it being completely unbelievable.

Second, and this is where your question comes in, there are things that cannot happen before the climax, or it will lose its bang. For one thing, Evil!Stiles cannot be allowed to torture Derek in any significant way, because that would undercut the theme of Stiles representing Derek’s internal safety. Stiles has to contrast with Kate for the climax to really work, and Evil!Stiles isn’t a contrast, he’s more of the same. So Evil!Stiles and Derek just can’t be in the same space for any length of time; our strongest memories should be of the good moments between Stiles and Derek, not of Derek being tortured by someone wearing Stiles’ face.

In addition to that, when you want to build tension in a story, a common way to do so is to delay gratification, in this case by keeping Stiles and Derek apart. Even people who have no idea about shipping tend to like scenes with Stiles and Derek, because they are usually comic relief. As a writer, when you know you have something people like and look forward to, you can use that to create tension. If you delay and delay and delay them meeting, and tease by having Derek searching for Stiles, and Derek as King of Stiles’ chess board, and so on, you are constantly reminding people of the delightful possibility of a Stiles and Derek scene, but then not giving it to them. When you finally do have the scene, right at the end when people have given up on it, again, you get more bang out of it. The positioning of it as the climax also gives it extra significance, as does the mirroring of the opening scene of 3A – Stiles’ dream, in which Lydia wasn’t an effective anchor for him. In the climax we have an inversion of that – Stiles is the anchor not the dreamer, and it works for Derek.

That’s what I meant when I said that narratively Derek couldn’t be allowed to find Stiles. The whole of 3B was building up to the contrast of Stiles and Kate in the climax, and what they each represent for Derek. With Stiles on an evil arc in 3B, Davis made the choice to keep them apart so that the climax’s themes weren’t undercut. And ironically, that actually makes some form of Sterek more likely to be a major plot point in season 4, than if they had had the usual kinds of scenes together in 3B. Basically, we’ve just been given the set up for a season in which Derek, Kate and Stiles form a… I hate to say it… a triangle. Ugh.

But anyway, narratively speaking, the climax is a set up for Stiles vs Kate in a battle for Derek.