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An aspect of Loki

I have a theory about an aspect of Loki that I haven’t seen talked about anywhere else, and want to put out there.  I believe that one of Loki’s aspects and roles is to knock people back down to size.  This belief is based off of both my own experiences and off of certain sections of the lore.  I also believe it provides Him with a motive for killing Baldr other then unexplained malevolence.  Baldr is being held up as invincible, and it is Loki’s role to remind the other gods that invincibility isn’t truly possible, and He does this by killing Baldr.  This is not necessarily a benevolent action, intended to help, but neither is it a random act of malicious murder.  

This is also backed up by the Lokasenna.  Senna is a battle of words between insiders and an outsider, wherein the outsider shows the insiders that they have the same aspects of otherness they are calling out in him, as explained in Performing Definitions: Two Genres of Insult in Old Norse Literature, by Karen Swenson.  This is very much a form of knocking people back down to size, which only confirms my theory that this is a job He performs.  Furthermore, I have personally had an experience wherein I thanked Him for helping my to overcome a difficulty I was having, and He threw something towards my to show me that I had not yet finished overcoming that obstacle.  

If you have thoughts on the subject, either for or against the idea, I would love hear them.


“The king also ordered his subjects to sacrifice to Hephaestion as if he were a demigod. The implication was, of course, that he himself - as the greatest of the two lovers - was a god. Indeed, several Greek cities ordered that Alexander should be venerated as the “invincible god”.”

some bitch of a person legitimately wrote this he was a demigod bcs the temple of ammon corporations tm wouldn’t make him a god not because alexander wanted to be the peak divinity hephaestion was his equal in everything but i don’t expect some piece of dung straight understand this ever so honestly idk what is the target of this post i am just angry and i like complaining and being bitter lol also thinking that he would even think of these kind of things after he died like….wow i guess some ppl really don’t understand anything beside the gender role mess that straights call “relationship”

no but listen, one of my favorite things still is

what a literally impossible piece of self-congratulatory iron man engineering it’s just like. it’s like

“what is gonna be our cool big innovative armor thing”

“it’s gonna be a technoknight base design that can change into EVERY FUCKING IRON MAN ARMOR. PLUS FUCKING METAL WINGS TOO”

“isn’t that cheating –”


i mean I LOVE IT because back in the day you had tony stark, super high tech industrialist with his trusty attache case and the fucking impossibly collapsible iron man suit parts and magical transistors that could be literally anything and now we live in a more technologically advanced era where the case isn’t super impressive anymore but with this new armor i feel like i still get to experience that same feeling of “YEAH TONY STARK CAN FUCKING DO THIS IMPOSSIBLE THING YOU KNOW WHY BECAUSE TONY FUCKING STARK” incorporating actual 21st century imagined tech porn WHILE ACKNOWLEDGING IRON MAN HISTORY

oh my god it’s so nice because we damn well know that this armor will probably fail majestically at some point probably mid-battle and tony’s gonna be good as dead but then he’s gonna fucking turn tables on true tony stark heroics fashion and he’s gonna go back to the workbench and fix the god damn thing and he’s not gonna be like “you know what i should probably do something more low key i should probably tone down” like fuck nO HE’S GONNA BE LIKE “LET’S MAKE THOSE PIECES COME OUT OF THE WATCH EVEN FASTER LET’S ADD THIS SUPER EXTRA EVEN MORE HIGH TECH SECURITY COMPONENT” like oh my god i am such a SLUT for how tony always goes for THE MOST ADVANCED, FAR-FETCHED, DREAM-LIKE, FANTASTICAL FUCKING CONFIGURATION no matter HOW MANY FUCKING TIMES SHOOTING FOR THE INCREDIBLE BLOWS UP IN HIS FACE OH MY FUCKING GOD TONY STARK IS SOME GOOD SHIT   

Man, eventually Wolverine’s healing factor kicks in he gets his bearings back, and at that point he is almost god damn invincible in this comic, which makes me wonder how Lady Deathstrike even got the drop on him to wound him so badly in the first place. Cole, Reese, and Macon go down pretty easy, and their origin isn’t revealed in this comic, other than by mentioning that Wolverine is the man they hate most. They never say why they hate him, but if memory serves me these three were Hellfire Club guards the night that Wolverine stormed the castle and cut the shit out of everyone. I don’t remember these three, but I do remember poor Angelo. (Uncanny X-Men #205 – May 1986)

Day of Grief

Prompt: Imagine being Loki’s therapist.
Reader Gender: Female
Character / Fandom: Loki / Avengers & Thor
Word Count: 700ish
Warnings:  Angst, grief, talk of loss
Author’s Note: GIF not mine (x)

Hostile. Abrasive. Dismissive. Confident. Egotistical. Power hungry.

These were the words you had used to describe Loki Laufeyson.

You had been meeting with him for the last several weeks. Although, monitoring would be a better word. He barely looked at you, let alone acknowledged you when he was presented with a question or fact about yourself. Truth be told, the man frightened you a little. You had seen the result of his thirst for power. All the people that died, the cities that lie in ruin; all because he wanted what he couldn’t have.

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The Making of Gandi Baat (3/3)

↳ During the filming of R…Rajkumar, Shahid broke his toe while shooting an action sequence the day before Gandi Baat was filmed and couldn’t bend his foot at all. Director/choreographer Prabhu Deva said that nearly all of the moves in the huge dance sequence involved him putting weight on his foot and he just ‘had to do it.’ But Shahid said he was so excited about the dance number, he didn’t want anything to get in the way of its filming and pushed through.

When you wake up and see that there’s no trace of me to be found.
I’m sorry.

When the calls stop coming.
I’m sorry.

“Leave before you are left” has taken new meaning when it comes to me.
My father is the one who taught me how to love. 
From the day that I was born I learned that you don’t have to be there for someone to love you.

I used to ask my mother about him. She would tell me that he loved me.
How do you explain to a little girl that her father loves her, but he doesn’t want to be in her life?

Distance is merely a tool to hurt others. 

You will love me and I will not be able to reciprocate.
I can turn my emotions off like a switch.
The moment that I start to gain for feelings for you I will turn them off. 

My father taught me that you don’t have to love someone back.
That emotions can be chosen.
That loving is the only way that you can be hurt and if you chose not to you are invincible.

God, don’t you get it?

I am the last tray of chicken nuggets in the school cafeteria and you are the fourth person in line.

I am the bus that left ten minutes early when you were five minutes late. 

I am the father who packed up everything he owned and started a new family without looking back.

I will never be the right person to love you.

I am my father’s daughter.

—  I can’t love you how you need to be loved. I am my father’s daughter. // (@strugglingsun)

In Hinduism, an avatar is a physical representation of a deity in the mortal world in the form of a beast or a human. Avatars are a central component of Vaishnavism, the worship of Vishnu, who has ten avatars that descend to restore cosmic order to the world. Of his ten avatars the most highly regarded are Buddha, Rama and Krishna, with the latter two being subjects in the epics the Ramayana and the Bhagavad Gita (A section of the larger Mahabharata).

Of the avatar stories, my personal favorite is the one of Narasimha. In a quest for vengeance against Vishnu, who killed his brother, the rakshasa king Hiranyakashipu underwent years of penance and meditation to be granted a favor by the god Brahma. He asks for invincibility, but when Brahma refuses he adjusts his phrasing: he cannot  be killed by day or night, inside a building or outside, by man or beast, by weapon living or inanimate. Brahma agrees to this one. As Hiranyakashipu’s son Prahlada grows up he becomes a worshiper of Vishnu, which greatly angers Hiranyakashipu. When Prahlada claims that Vishnu is the omnipresent supreme being Hiranyakashipu points to a nearby pillar and asks “Is Vishnu in this pillar?” When Prahlada replies that he is,  Hiranyakashipu smashes the pillar with his mace. Vishnu appears from the ruins in the form of Narasimha: half man, half lion, but neither man nor beast. Using his claws, he kills Hiranyakashipu on the threshold of his home at the hour of dusk. 

Are You Okay?

Pairing: Reader x Bucky Barnes
Warnings: slight angst, swearing
Prompt: Hey, I was wondering if you could do one where the reader has really low self-esteem and doesn’t really like herself but Bucky or Clint helps her and shows her how much she means to them and the team? Thanks!
A/N: Let me know what you think about this :~)
Word Count: 2.4K

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