god is a lady and she plays guitar

I just crawled out of a pretty deep visual kei rabbit hole, doing Jem design research. Some field notes:

  • Shinya, the drummer from Dir en Grey is almost 40 and still aggressively committed to looking effete and adorable. If anything he looks cuter now? But that might be his pro use of insta filters
  • I think my favorite thing about AFI music videos is when they have a nameless lady that the lead singer is attracted to, and she’s not even wearing fake lashes. Shots of the two of them pretending to be tragically falling out of love, one with wings sharp enough to kill and one looking faux-natural, make me intensely happy
  • Also the AFI spinny-guitar playing good god why don’t more bands do this in their videos?
  • Mejibray was an incredibly pleasant discovery! I think I’m old, because I like all the things they do that remind me of Diru and Malice Mizer, and anything they do that feels more rave-culture/modern makes me cranky. But still! Some damn good Looks. And the music is enjoyable as well
  • I don’t know enough about music history to know if I can even justify adding Dead or Alive to the category, but I did watch ‘You Spin Me Round’ and ‘That’s The Way’ and I’ve never felt more happy with humanity. Would recommend if you hate the planet a bunch/take yourself too seriously too often.
  • Also- the glam rock eyepatch thing. Was it Bowie that started that?

At the end of the rabbit hole I realized that, like, half of this research is off-brand and I can’t directly use it. But it was fun to look at for a while!