god im such a troll lol


/Look! It’s mine and Princess’s trollsonas! (I wanted to post it as a before and after. Look at that art improvement! Just a few months! Princess says it looks like our characters have grown too. Lol.)

donttouchmyprincessparts <3

i have some very niche vrisrezi headcanons… a League of Legends Esports au…

  • ive said this before but imma repeat it FIRST OF ALL VRISKA IS OBVIOUSLY RANK 1 CHALLENGER, BUT SHE IS ALSO OBVIOUSLY PERMABANNED FROM COMPETITIVE PLAY BECAUSE OF TOXICITY AND BAD SPORTSMANSHIP AND ELOBOOSTING PEOPLE like she gets disqualified from season end rewards and instead terezi (11th on ladder) gets shuffled up to 10th and collects the jacket and medallion rewards. terezi tweets @ vriska a photo of her rewards and thanks her
  • terezi is adc main, famous for vayne, shes on TSM…. TROLL SOLO MID. theres like 50 thousand vayne/adc montages that are like overedited with shitty explosions and dubstep. (dave made like half of them)
  • vriska has 8 other accounts all in challenger and since she legally can’t play competitively shes a streamer and shes like.. kaceytron level of notoriety shes super popular 30k viewers rakes in thousands of dollars in donations everyday and shes like actually really good at league
  • god just imagine vriska dealign with text to speech donations and bad song requests like ram ranch on repeat for 10 hours or like messed up versions of that shrek song like in sneaky’s stream LOL
  • vriska would take the donation and be like “that song fuckgin sucks im not playing it 8ut thanks for the money 8itch!”
  • like before duo queue got killed in challenger theres lots of vrisrezi duo video compilations of them berating each other and bantering and trolling each other in games THINK SNEAKY N METEOS
  • tsm fans already have like the worst fuckign reputation and thats exactly why vriska is a die hard tsm fan AND ALSO because her girlfriend is on that team so shes like 10x more obnoxious about tsm than anyone. imagine that.
  • thansk for reading this heres a bad photo of the video game girlfriends

noah fence but im already sick of hearing abt the new wow expansion goodbye

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its understandable that people were upset... but threatening her life and disrespecting her and using slurs against her isn't right

oh my god i actually forgot that part!! sorry im just a lil of an airhead lmfao but its true im actually v disappointed in those ppl (not even gonna call them armys lol) and i hope they seriously reflect on their actions. what she said wasnt acceptable, but that doesnt mean they can send death threats/slurs to her?? thts even worse. and like sure she didnt listen (apparently she is a troll?) but like drop her and move on if ur that bothered? we should also keep in mind………………. instagram armys. still fuck everyone of you who sent her death threats. thats a serious offence