god im so proud of this

YALL IM YELLING!!!!!!! AHDHJSKSJDJ!!!!! I’m literally fucking dead he claimed it but he’s letting it stay up and just taking the ad revenue oh my god ajdjdksks he monetized it and now he’s getting the money from it even though it’s not on his channel so tinder isn’t gonna take it down (I guess) but this binch still gonna make money YES BITCH LIVE!!!!! What a loophole I’m just glad to be a part of this and so proud he gets to rake in that sweet sweet adsense on a video on my humble channel I’m living Go Dan get that money bitch yessssss

i got tired of work so i decided to doodle some conman dancing. instead of, ykno, going to bed when it was already 6:30am

it is now past 9:00am

im. gonna go sleep