god im so good at taking pictures,

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it looks like they were at the carlsbad flower fields near san diego! my friends were there that exact same day and posted pictures with what i think are those exact flowers! ugh if they would've went like two hours later they could've seen cole and lili maybe!

oh my god, i’d be so frustrated! good spotted there anon, i like your style. if i ever go to california im definitely taking a lilicole tour x

Taking photos of his friends and teammates has always been a thing Hanamaki does without much thought. A snapshot here, another there, blurry group pictures from tournaments taken in the spur of the moment.

He’s never paid much attention to anyone in particular, viewed each picture as a whole instead of the individual parts, until he lies in bed one evening, lazily scrolling through his camera roll, and stopping.

What catches his eye is a shot of Iwaizumi and Oikawa, sweaty and grinning, but that isn’t what makes his heart pound. In the back of the picture, casually leaning against the wall, is Matsukawa, his gaze lingering on something he can’t see. Hanamaki exhales, bringing the screen closer to his face. In profile, Matsukawa’s strong jaw and cheek bones stand out prettily, and even though the image quality isn’t the best, the thin screen of sweat is visible enough to make his skin glow.  

Matsukawa has never struck him as particularly photogenic before, but he can see it right there, that he’s got something. Something that makes his fingers itch and his skin tingle with the need to see it again.

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how do u feel abt the comments cevans made in his last interview where he was basically like "why are people so intense when it comes to politics 😩😩😩 its not good vs evil" like it rlly makes me wanna roll my eyes out of my head like this white boy better stop playing... (but then i see a picture of him and im like oh My gOD)

Ugh listen it’s the great cevans crisis of 2k17 over here.

He’s an amazingly rich white liberal dude who’s acting like an amazingly rich white liberal dude. It’s easy to say that people take things too seriously when they have no idea what it’s like to be hurt by it. I think it’s cool that he speaks his mind on twitter and in interviews and what not but in no way shape or form is he some kind of visionary fighting for the discriminated people of the world. He sticks with very easy issues to agree with. At some point I really do just wonder if a celebrity like that is going to ever really understand what it’s like and chances are that they’re honestly not going to. Maybe someday someone will explain it to him. It’s disappointing but also I’m insanely bitter and have almost no expectations for anyone ever.

Also same? I’m so mad lol. I’m truly ashamed. Shoutout to the two people in the entire world who have listened to me whine and complain about him all week lmao.

i made a grouchy post about vicki coming over unannounced to ask me to take her to outside in and omar got confused and bit me so hard i bled and will bruise and i was in a foul mood and listening to that sweet old lady as i drove made it worse

(“oh you kept the jesus book i gave you, i know you’re gonna be a good nurse cuz you’re filled with christs love we’re gonna deposit the cans next” vicki i am fond of you but i have never felt less full of christs love ever)

but im taking advantage of her drs appt (that i am driving her to and from in rush hour!!!) to pick up donations from cap and oh my god, i’m gonna cry. so many donations!!! picture to come!

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i didnt take pictures because my phone died i think my mom might have tho??? also i did meet him and my mom translated everything i signed to him (im mute i dont speak) and hes very nice and smells v good??? we only talked to him for .2 seconds and he was called back in but hes. a God

okMnggzggggggGGGG IM SO HAPPYYYYYYYYYY 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕