god im so good at taking pictures,

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Is it USWNT camp yet, I need Kellex lol


also @randommolecules (god BLESS u) found this old photo of a w-t-f kellex moment:

(from the 2016 concacaf champions ceremony picture thingy)

 and at first I was like really what in the world is happening here??? BUT then I remembered when Kelley pulled this prank during the SheBelieves ceremony that year…:

SO in conclusion get you a girl who puts confetti in your hair when you’re not looking!!!!!!!


Harvey's Vet Trip

Harvard Reginald Winston the first of her name finally got a damn vet appointment today after a small scare on the 14th. I came home after work and saw he mouth slightly open and when i picked her up she had a bit of drool on her mouth. PANIC MODE OMG CALL THE VET.
Called the vet, scheduled appointment.
Got in today!!

first off, she was very upset that i uncermoniously placed her in a pillowcase. V MAD BB.

Got there and the vet tech weighed her and we removed her from the bag. She IMMEDIATELY zooms straight for me and climbs atop my shoulder where she decides all is safe and its ok to calm tf down.

Vet guy comes in and asks whats wrong and i give him the low down. He takes a look in her mouth and immediately says he sees not sign of a respiratory infection- no inflammation, redness, or excess mucus around the glottis or in the mouth. I show him the pic (after an awkward minute of me searching through the 700 snake pictures i have and me apologizing that i have so many pictures and him laughing and agreeing i do have sooo many)

anyhow he looks at it and is puzzled and he tells me hes gonna take her in the back to get a fecal and he does.

He comes back and tells me the fecal looks good and he thinks there could be two possibilities:

1. She got aspen stuck in her mouth. Just like @equagga said

2. She’s a really old snake and she might have arthritis!!!


and dammit i just realized i forgot to ask how he know shes old and now im mad at myself.

anyhow, he said to keep an eye on it. If it does happen again we will see about doing xrays and getting her on meloxicam.

Im hoping it was a one time thing because if i have to start giving her frequent shots our relationship is not going to be very positive from here on out and as of right now she seems to associate me with safety. I literally started tearing up when she decided to climb me and calm down. Ultimate trust and i feel so good about it.

RFA and V+Saeran as things I've done or said

I got this idea from a tumblr I was dYinG. I’m on mobile sorry hahah

*me, playing my video games* *my dog walks in and barks* *I bark back*

“God, I’m a work of art, mAgNiFiCeNt.” *an hour later*

*talking with my best friend* “Dude, can you die if you only drink tea and coffee?!?”

*holds up a $5 bill* “iM RICH! PEASANTS, BOW DOWN TO ME!” (Friends head shakes disapprovingly)

“Ha! I’m the god at pranks!” *friend asks who I’m pranking* “lol, myself.” *loads gun*

*takes one good picture* “oH MY GOD. AESTHETICS!! IM SO TUMBLR” *fALLS*

*best friend makes terrible joke* “yo, could you actually… Kill yourself haHaAha”

“I am so blessed I get to call you mine.” (Grayson)

Requested by anonymous: “Could u do one wear is all grayson’s P.O.V at you wedding like how he feels before the wedding how he reacts when u walk down the Isle and some other cute stuff and it being on social media and fans go nuts plz”


*Grayson’s P.O.V*

Being in the social media limelight, a lot, if not most, of what I did was shared with my fans. As soon as I broke the news to them about (Y/N) and I dating, they were more than happy, and went absolutely crazy when I shared the news of our engagement. 

It’s been about seven months since I proposed to (Y/N), and it was finally the day that we had both been looking forward to.

It was finally our wedding day.

I hadn’t seen (Y/N) in two days, because of the whole “you’re not supposed to see the bride the night before the wedding” and whatnot, so I was glad that I was finally going to be able to see her again.

“Hey, Gray. You almost ready?” Ethan asked as he came into the dressing room. As best man, he had been here with me all morning, helping me settle my nerves. I was a nervous wreck. I was sweating terribly, and I couldn’t stop shaking.

“Yeah, just about.” I said as I straightened my tie. “Do I look okay?” I asked..

“You look fine. And even if you didn’t (Y/N) would still love you anyway. C’mon, it’s almost time. Everything is gonna be fine, and it’s all going to run smoothly. Before you know it, you and (Y/N) are going to be married, and everything it gonna be good.” Ethan said as he pat me on the shoulder. 

“Thanks man. For everything. I really appreciate it.” I said as we hugged.

“That’s what brother’s are for. Now, c’mon. You have a bride to marry.” He said with a laugh. I smiled as I threw on my jacket and my I walked down to the altar and stood there awkwardly as I waited for everything to start. I looked out at the pews, seeing all my friends, my family, (Y/N)’s friends and family. It felt nice to know that all these amazing people are here sharing this moment with us. Just then, all the groomsmen and bridesmaids walked down the aisle. As they all took their places, the wedding march started to play, and I felt my heart start to race and butterflies fluttered in my stomach. The large wooden doors opened and (Y/N) appeared, her arm linked with her father’s, her bouquet of roses in the other hand. As soon as I caught glimpse of her, I felt the tears start to fall. She was so beautiful, and I couldn’t believe that I was moments closer to being hers forever.

As her and her father made it up to the altar, I took her hand in mine and we exchanged a quick smile. She handed her flowers to her maid of honor and took my other hand in hers. The minister started the ceremony and my heartbeat had finally settled as I was getting closer and closer to marrying the girl of my dreams.

“Now, I understand that you two have something you would like to say to each other before the presentation of the rings.” The minister said. We both nodded.

“Ladies first.” I said. (Y/N) smiled and cleared her throat.

“Grayson, where do I even begin. I can’t believe that we’re finally doing this. I remember when we first met, how relentless you were to get my attention. Now, here we are, after six years of dating and we’re finally getting married. You make me happy beyond words, and I’m so glad that we have each other. I wouldn’t want this with anyone else in the world. I love you so much baby. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us.” (Y/N) said, wiping her tears, making sure she didn’t smear her makeup.

“Grayson?” The minister said, motioning to me.

“I actually sat down and wrote all I wanted to say, one afternoon, and after I did that, it filled like three notebook pages, and I don’t think anyone wants to hear me read all that, so I’ll just say the important parts.” I began, “(Y/N), baby. You mean the absolute world to me, and I am so blessed that I get to call you mine. Every day when I wake up with you by my side, I know that I couldn’t be happier with anyone else. I wouldn’t want to live this life with anyone else. You make me so happy, and I still can’t believe you agreed to date little annoying ol’ me, all those years ago. But, nonetheless, I’m so glad that you’re mine, and I absolutely cannot wait to start our futures together.” I said. (Y/N) smiled wide at me, and I felt as though I’ve never been as in love with her than I was at that moment. 

The minister continued on with the vows and we finally got to the ring exchange.

“Grayson Bailey Dolan, do you take (Y//N) to be your lawfully wedded wife?” He asked.

“I do.” I said, a feeling of relief fall over me as I slipped (Y/N)’s ring on her finger..

“(Y/F/N), do you take Grayson to be your lawfully wedded husband?” He asked.

“I do.” (Y/N) said, smiling at me, slipping the ring onto my finger.

“By the power vested in me by the state of (your home state), I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride.” The minister said.

“Finally.” I laughed. I took (Y/N)’s face in my hands and kissed her, cheers and camera flashes surrounding us.

“I love you.” She said when I pulled away.

“I love you too baby.” I said, kissing her again.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, mister and misses Grayson Bailey Dolan.” The minister said. We walked down the aisle and out to the front of the church, where our photographer took pictures of us, and our bridal party. Afterwards, we hopped into the limo and made our way to the reception.

At the reception, many toasts were given, and everyone had a good time, dancing and enjoying themselves. After the reception, (Y/N) and I were whisked off to the airport to head off on our honeymoon. We were off to the Bahamas for the week, and I was so excited to finally be alone with (Y/N). 

“Have you seen any pictures yet?” She asked as we sat on the plane, waiting for it to take off. I nodded.

“Yeah, so many people have been sending them to me. Oh look, here’s another. My mom just sent me one.” I said. It was a picture of (Y/N) and I as we shared our first kiss as newly weds.

“Awe, that’s a cute one.” She said.

“I’m gonna post it on instagram.” I said. She nodded and I went ahead and posted it. “I captioned it “Well, we did a thing.” with the diamond ring emoji. Give it a few minutes and we’ll see how everyone reacts.” I laughed. She smiled at me and laid her head on my shoulder. 

“I love you Grayson. I know it’s been said a million times already today, but I really do love you. I’m so glad that we’ve been on this journey together for the past seven years, and I absolutely cannot wait to see where this road takes us.” She said. I looked down at her and kissed her softly.

“I love you too (Y/N). I couldn’t imagine myself doing this with anyone other than you. I am so glad that I have such a great girl by my side through this all.” I said. Just then, my phone buzzed on the tray table, and Ethan’s name flashed across the screen.

“BRO TWITTER IS BLOWING UP RIGHT NOW.” His text read. I laughed and opened up twitter. I read through my timeline and saw nothing but kind words.




Well, it seems like everyone is taking this nicely.” I laughed, showing (Y/N) my twitter.

“Oh my goodness.” She laughed as she looked through the tweets. “Your fans are so sweet, oh my god.” She said.

“If they’re like this over a picture, I can only imagine what they’re gonna be like when we post the wedding video.” I said. We continued looking through tweets until our flight took off. We talked for a while, once we were in the air, but we both fell asleep shortly into the flight.

I just came home from spending the day At Comic Con here in Argentina. AND OH MY GOD.
There was this Levi cosplayer THAT I SWEAR TO GOD WAS SO GOOD.
He winked At me the first time I saw him because I was like Frozen . (He was with a Mikasa (rivamika feels ) and Ymir)
I tried to take pictures but they look all blurry.( Im So sad)
The second time , he was behind me and tried to “scare” me but I ended up laughing. He said “ So cute” and kept walking.

LIKE JESUS CHRIST DUDE STOP. Give me your face. Your hair. Your everything.
Im fangirling over here.

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Hi! If requests are still open, can I request a hc of the RFA (+V and Saeran) on MC's birthday? Thanks a lot!💞

Look m8 requests are open till I have 20 of them~Madre Mod


  • It’s your birthday???
  • time to break out the beer
  • jkjk maybe
  • He would plan a small romantic dinner for ya
  • just to show that he loves you
  • there was a bunch of roses on the table
  • it’s perfect
  • Somehow you both don’t see any of zens fans
  • This romantic lil shit kissed you under the moon
  • this was the best birthday if you do say so yourself
  • the night wasn’t over, you still had to unwrap your present ;-))))))


  • He forgot
  • when he did find out the rfa totally didn’t tell him
  • he was running around to find a present
  • he ended up tying a bow around your kittens necks (lightly tying them thank go D) and trying to put a bow in his hair
  • you came home to see him trying to tie it
  • “Yoosung what are you doing?”
  • he scream
  • “Please don’t hate me I forgot your birthday so I had to improvise your present so happy birthday!!!!!”
  • you laughed
  • he was confused
  • “Thanks for the “Present” but your bow is crooked.”
  • you made him bend down so you could fix it
  • “There! now how about we spend the day here with our kittens, watch a movie and eat this ice cream I got.”
  • You both had fun
  • best birthday ever


  • She knew
  • she made you your favorite flavor cupcake
  • it took three tried to make it perfect but it was worth your face when you bit into it
  • she closed the cafe early and you both took a walk in the park
  • she secretly took pictures of you looking in almost every window of your favorite stores
  • and of you petting dogs
  • she laughed when you went to pet this big dog but the dog jumped you and started to lick your face
  • perfect chill birthday


  • He bought you an elegant dress
  • he bought himself a suit
  • he was ready to buy ANOTHER limo and rent out a whole restaurant 
  • you had to physically stop him 
  • “Jumin I know that you’re rich but calm down. It’s my birthday, not our wedding anniversary.”
  • “how else should I make your birthday spectacular????”
  • “Get the other rfa members, and we’ll have a small party ^^.”
  • thats what he did
  • he told them to bring a gift 
  • when they came (No idea how he got zen to come over) they you their gifts
  • You had a nice small party
  • until seven pulled out jumins wine
  • everybody got drunk (Except jumin, he was drunk but not as drunk as the rest)
  • He was taking pictures and videos of everybody, but mostly you
  • he now has blackmail on the everybody
  • Jumin enjoyed himself


  • He begged searan for a few day prior to take you out for thirty minutes while he did a surprise for ya birthday
  • Searan agreed and took you and the puppers out for a walk
  • After fourty minutes of searan talking to you, trying to stop 707 from jumping into puddles and trying to get searan 2nd to actually move (he was a lil lazy butt) you finally got back home
  • When you walked to your room the first thing you noticed was how the walls of your room looked like a galaxy
  • then you saw it
  • you had to step out the house for a few
  • you couldn’t take him seriously with it 
  • after you came back inside (he still had the sun on) he gave you this engraved necklace
  • it said Defender 606
  • you loved it
  • you tried to hug him but
  • that sun costume


  • His near blind ass(I’m making his sight as bad as mine, I can barely see small words that are a foot away from me)
  • He took you to the park so he could secretly take pictures of you
  • its for something else but you know im waiting for this request
  • half way through his unscheduled photoshoot you caught him in action (that also made a good picture where you were surprised and shocked)
  • You demanded that you see the photos that he took
  • they were beautiful
  • they made you look so innocent
  • poor V was blushing when you complimented his photos
  • He pulled out a handful of a box from god knows where
  • you opened it, it was a beautiful and expensive looking camera
  • “You always liked how I took photos….Maybe I could teach you…”
  • best lil birthday


  • Poor cinnamon bean doesn’t know what to do for your birthday
  • On one hand he wants to take you out, but he doesn’t want people staring at your beauty
  • but he also doesn’t want to keep you in the house all day
  • he ends up planning a late night picnic on a hill away from others
  • He makes sandwiches for this picnic (Can he even cook????)
  • you catch him in the act of making one
  • “Saeran what are you making?”
  • He jump
  • “We are going on a picnic…Wear something comfortable.”
  • He was embarrassed
  • after you changed you both went to the hill
  • it was a clear night so the stars could be seen
  • “This is beautiful saeran~” 
  • “almostasbeautifulasyou.”
  • “What?”
  • “NOTHING.”
  • he practically shoved his hand in his pocket and gently threw a ring at you
  • you started crying, you thought it was an engagement ring
  • but when you looked at it, it was a ring with your birthstone on it
  • “Happy birthday mc..”

I was tagged by @sufferthesea to post 4 selfies of myself.

I only like one of them, but it would take too long to take four pictures of myself that I like haha I usually have my hair tied, but then I look no-so-photogenic (which is always). In another one I’m showing off my arms because I was dressed as Amy Pond today from Dr. Who from a specific episode. I thought I was smiling there, but I guess not xD

There was one photo that came out as though I was trying to be seductive, I deleted it almost immediately! Lol

So yeah, here we are.

I tag @akittyk and anybody else who wants to do this!


So I took this picture about 10 minutes ago. This is what I look like 1 month and 5 days on testosterone. 

Life is weird for me right now guys. Its a mess. I started a new school this year. I went from a school of just under 400 to a school of 400 per grade, obviously totaling to over a thousand students. The switch has been good and bad. My classes are very very hard, with a lot of homework, but I have been able to manage them so far. My classes also make it very difficult to make friends, all the kids in there have been in these upper level classes together their entire lives so they have a pretty tight nit, hard to infiltrate group. We dont have any time to talk in class anyway because we’re so busy. Then the rest of the day is essentially set aside for me. Im taking a college course that meets every other day so on my days off I have two hours to myself. I use that time to sit alone and do my homework. I have gym class every day and the way I have navigated locker rooms has worked out okay so far. Its the last class of the day and i have a  free period before hand, so i just go in the middle of that period into the boys bathroom to change. THen I can just go straight home in my gym clothes after class is over. 

There are two guys that are from my old school that knew me before my transition, and theyve been giving me the eye. I wouldnt be surprised if theyre pointing me out to other guys. THere was one time in gym when I was doing the shuttle run and there were two guys that were like is that a boy or a girl? and then the other guy was like yeah thats a girl. I refuse to take my sweatshirt off ever. My binder works just fine, but my sweatshirt is my security blanket. I ran outside in the mile run when it was 78 degrees with my sweatshirt on. Anyways, going into the bathroom terrifies me because im scared im going to run into one of those guys, but ive been safe so far. 

The first few days of class, the teachers kept calling me my birth name. They were notified about me before hand but they have so much going on that they forgot. I had to correct them in the middle of attendance, effectively outing myself. That really sucked, and then they would call it for attendance the next day and be like wait! oh sorry, I meant Milo. SO that really really sucked. I didnt want anyone to know that name. 

I made one friend so far! Her name is Emma and shes a senior and shes really nice. Shes a loner like me and shes in my gym class so we talk about stuff, we’re super awkward but its getting better and im happy to have someone to talk to. And I dont think she knows that im trans which is nice. 

Today was the homecoming dance for my old school and my younger brother is a freshman this year so he was going. Our town is tiny with like two good picture taking spots, so everyone was at the gardens. I went with my mom with my nice camera in an attempt to get some good pictures and I saw all my old friends there. They all came running up to me and i said hi to them and they all just stopped in there tracks and were like oh my god YOUR VOICE IS SO DEEP AGGHHH and they kept making me say stuff so they could hear it. it was so nice and i miss them, but then a group of seniors walked by and i couldnt tell you the number of weird looks i got from them. and i was like oh yeah i remember why i dont go to this school anymore. 

So yeah testosterone has been amazing. im so hairy and my voice is so scratchy and my muscles are popping out on my shoulders (thanks pushups lol) and my face is COVERED IN ACNE.  so thats been a fun ride so far.

My one anchor is my gf. I love her so so much, she always knows how to say the right thing and how to make me happy. she has kept me sane. I dont know where i would be with out her honestly. shes so good to me. Thanks Kat. 

SO yeah sorry that was so personal and bitchy. Im in a weird place right now. i dont do well with change. anyway love you guys. thanks for making it this far if youre reading this. 

some cute and fluffly holtzbert headcanons feat. abby & patty   (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ 

  • sometimes, holtz  gets !!really!! affectionate and hangs on erin like a koala, all day long, erin didn’t know what to do at the beginning but now she likes it and it feels weird sometimes when holtz isn’t cuddling her up from behind
  • when erin is standing for her white board, mumbling something to herself and she is just stuck, holtz comes up from behind and rest her chin on her shoulder, whispers softly in her ear “u got this babe”
  • when holtz and erin weren’t dating, abby and patty had a diary where they wrote down every !! single !! time holtz made erin blush. at some point they thought they would have to stop holtz from flirting with erin because they were worried she was going to faint “girl you ok there””im FINe patty”
  • they say they first ‘i love u’ after a long make out session, cuddling up together in bed, rubbing they noses together and holtz says softly, “i love you” erin feels like crying because all her life she felt so unloved and now she has holtz and she has patty and abby and god, she loves all of them so much but god, there is holtz, laying beside her, cuddled up and told her she loved her erin feels a tears running down her face “i love you, too”
  • kevin randomly takes photos of the whole crew and patty started to make a scrapbook and since kevin is really good at taking absolutely adorable pictures of holtz and erin, she has bought a whole book, decided to them (abby thinks it’s going look really good at the wedding) 

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Omg tell me everything about meeting them! What are they like? :) Did they smell nice? :D im very happy for you! :)

OMG HI AHHH!!! I’m sorry for answering this so late omg I’ve been waiting for a good time to sit and talk about it ahhhhHHHH!!!

OK SO literally the first words out of my mouth to them were “oh god” bc Hunter was in front of me and met them first and I was filming him and taking pictures of his meetup so I was like Very Highkey flustered but God bless their hearts Dan was like “would you like a hug? :D” and my hands were shaking SO BAD but I was like “yes please” and I hugged him first and he was wearing that like big comfy gray shirt so THANK GOD HE WAS SO SOFT AND NICE but also?? very firm?? like hello have you been working out?? thanks @ God?? he was so so cute and also. they’re both SO TALL like I understand this and know it but when you’re Right There it’s like :OOOO HOLY CRAP. I got to hug Phil too THANKS GOD and he was very quiet but also soft please I love my sweetest sunshine boy ^_^ I had my tabinof book with me too and Dan was like “would you like us to sign something?” And I got them to sign that pic of them with 1D back in 2012 bc. please I really needed that and I GOT IT!!! and then Dan asked if I wanted a picture (do I love Harry styles? YES) and I was like “do you mind if we do like the hand holding thing?” and Dan like shook his head and smiled a little and was like “not at all” BYE HES SO PRECIOUS. and then by this time I had no idea what happened to my copy of tabinof shoutout to Philip Michael Lester for holding on to it my hero!!! and tHEN I got to hold their hands for a blissful like 20 seconds and it was BEAUTIFUL!!! their hands are so big and they held mine pretty tightly thanks boys I LOVE YOU!!! and then they took the picture and handed me my phone back and I got to hug them again and thank them like 15 more times and I actually didn’t get to thank them for like everything that they do bc I was so flustered and nervous?? but it was okay they were still so sweet and nice and I got to hug them one more time before I went and they were like “have a good day! :D” and I was like YOU TOO BYE I LOVE U AHHHHH!!!

it was so so nice. they were so good and sweet and they absolutely smelled good and were soft and nice ahhhhh. it was such a good experience and I’m really happy I got to see them :DDDDDD and thank you so so MUCH!!! I’m so happy as well I still feel so warm and fuzzy from all this my darling angel boys!!! I’m so glad that all three of us, three literal suns, got to be in the same room together God bless!!! :DDDDD

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So i sent a message to kendra, not sure if you saw but long story short: fate decided to have my mom pick me up from work instead of me taking the bus, and she almost hit chadwick with her car, and his laugh is gorgeous, i got a picture, and i died.

HOLY SHIT?????????? OH MY GOD I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS ARE YOU SERIOUS? im dead and it wasn’t even me, i can’t even! your mom almost killed CHADWICK BOSEMAN omg we would have been chadwick-less i can’t even omg. you got to meet him i can’t… this is too much for me BUT IM SO HAPPY FOR YOU I’M SO??

I’m new in tumblr, so.. i really love to read some of your comic :), it’s really great and i love it so much, but im not experience at drawing yet so.. and i don’t even have tablet.. hehe.

and.. you visitor from indonesia :DD (totally me)

I put Aura on it. oooo.. something really powerful in it..


Wowie! This is pretty neat! The line art looks really good, I like the colours too! The glow on the wings and knife are great, and that rainbow behind Asriel is cool! Quite a different take on the wings XD This is a good picture of Asriel(God of Hyperdeath form) And DT Chara. Thanks for the fanart!

* Tem!Frisk loads a catapult with love and fires it! … What you’re right here? Oh dear, well Tem!Frisk awkwardly throws some love on your head and runs away!

((Just a friendly reminder that DT Chara may look ‘evil’ but that is not the case, I will place this on any drawing that I think might give the wrong impression))

think about the single parent who started dating someone awhile before christmas but the kid is like a toddler so they know about santa and elves and reindeer so the parents are stressed about making christmas perfect and they go and get a perfect tree and matching wrapping paper and they get gifts from santa and take family pictures in ugly sweaters and take the kid to go get pictures with santa and they just are really excited and the not actual parent but basically is the second parent is stressed about being good enough but does wonderfully and it’s full of christmas fluff and comforting and and and (◕‿◕✿) (◕‿◕✿) (◕‿◕✿) (◕‿◕✿)