god im laughing again


acotar: a court of tans and redheads 

acomaf: a court of more tans and faker tans 

acowar: a court of whites and really fake tans 

I was on snapchat and found this old selfie of me from sometime last winter and im laughing its such a Big Mood

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Both teams' reactions when their s.o uses REALLY bad pickup lines on them.

Makoto: He tries hard not to tease them, but eventually he bursts out laughing until there’s tears in his eyes. “S-Sorry, sorry! But you don’t have to try so hard!” When he sees how mad they are, he just smiles and hugs them, still laughing a little. “I’m sorry. I love you, anyway.”

Haruka: Haru wouldn’t really get the significance of some of the lines and his partner would need to explain what they meant. It makes him frown a bit in confusion. “Why don’t you just say that you like me?” Enough of it makes him crack a smile, though.

Nagisa: He breaks into a fit of uncontrollable giggling, but composes himself to make a finger pistol to “fire” back at his partner. “Oooh, nice one, __-chan! Get ready, okay?” After shooting back a few more horrible lines he tickles them until they’re crying. 

Rei: Rei would need a few seconds to process what they just said, and press his hand to his forehead after with a sigh. “Honestly… I can’t believe you.” So he says, but when they tell him that he must be a parking ticket because he’s got “FINE” written all over him, he has to hide his laugh behind a hand. 

Rin: “H-Hah?!” He chokes on his water and involuntarily blushes. “W-What the hell are you saying?” He has to resort to flicking them in the forehead because he’s so flustered. “Stop trying to sound cool, it’s not like you.” He does manage to get a chuckle out of how ridiculous they sound.

Sousuke: He blinks twice, taken aback from how horrible the lines are, and laughs while ruffling their hair. “Okay, okay, I get it. But just while we’re on the topic, my hand’s heavy. Would you hold it for me?” He slips his hand into theirs and watches them go red with an adorable grin. 

Nitori: A fierce red colour floods into his cheeks, and even though the pickup lines are so bad he can’t help but blush both from second and first-hand embarrassment. He tries to fire one back but fails: “I-If I had 5 yen every time I saw someone as pretty as you, I-I’d have 5 yen!" 

Seijuurou: Also the "burst into spontaneous laughter and nearly die” type, he tries to play along and act flattered at what they’re doing. Unfortunately, he’d totally win in the fight of cheesy pickup lines, and his partner would break down and need to tell him to stop. (“If you were a potato, you’d be a sweet one- hey, ow, stop hitting me-!”)

Momotarou: Takes them 100% seriously and gets offended a few times when they say that they’re just joking. He shakes them by the shoulders and cries: “Not fair! That’s so bad, why am I laughing?!” He tries to rope them into coming up with good pickup lines for him to use, and of course he’s completely serious about it. “Ah! I got one! Are you a light switch? ‘Cause you turn me on!" 

My little sister saw the Tampon TV AD today. I told her what was it for, how it works, and all about it. This was her reaction…. She cried for 3 minutes and told me she wants to be a dog now. 😭 IM LAUGHING AGAIN OH MY GOD 😂😂

and who died and made you majesty of all religion tho

EDIT: re: second reply: it’s totally fine if you interpret her as one, and no - dating men and/or having intercourse with them does NOT make anyone less of a lesbian; but the problem lies within saying “THIS IS THE ONLY TRUE INTERPRETATION.” and…

i don’t know how to explain this eloquently but her being ace + bisexual or just bisexual doesn’t take anything away from wlw representation, it just doesn’t mean she represents lesbians. she still loves women. i get that you interpret her that way, and that’s totally cool - but if someone wants to interpret something a different way than you you just gotta accept it and move on, yknow?

it’s a petty thing to be upset about - someone else’s interpretation. you can argue it erases lesbians (which i can’t refute since i’m not a lesbian nor a wlw) but wouldn’t it go same for bi rep?

《《Dillon Imagine》》


Dillon has been staying at your house since his flooded last weekend. You guys are neighbors so you and your family decided to be and let them stay while theyre house is getting fixed. You and dillon had never talked before this but youve found out hes super sweet and has the same funny, weird personality as you.


“Dillon!!” You scream down the stairs

“What?! Im making hot chocolate!”

“Come upstairs!!”

“Okay okay im on my way!!”

Dillon runs up the stairs as fast as he can and runs into your room.

“What did you need are you hurt?!” Dillon says coming closer checking you to make sure youre alright

“Yes im fine. Its just we been living together for a week and we havent gotten one picture together!!”

“Y/n what the fuck!!” Dillon yells but hes not angry, he actually laughing “i was so worried. Theres payback coming your way….”

“Just come into the picture dillon.”

Dillon moves behind you and puts his head on your shoulder and gives the cutest smile with his chubby cheeks.

“Thats a really good picture. Im putting it on instagram” you say while looking up and realizing hes gone. “Dillon?” You call out while walking down the stairs. You get close to the bottom and there he is laying on the side, shirtless and smiling like a little kid. “Paint me like one of your french girls” he says to you. You laugh but cant help but stare at his body at the same time.

“Is this supposed to be my payback?” You say confused and laughing.

“Nope i just thought it would make you laugh. Ill get you soon though.” He says with a smirk on his face. “OH FUCK MY HOT CHOCOLATE” he yells out of no where and runs to the kitchen. Hes only lived here a week but has made him self at home.

“HEY DILLON YOU WANT TO GO TO THE MALL?!” you yell out to him


You run up to your room to find a nice outift. As youre going through your clothes trying to find the perfect fall outfit, dillon runs in screaming “RAAAWR” and attacks you and throws you on the bed. You laugh extremly hard. You were not expecting that.

“You scared the shit out of me Dilly!”

“Dilly. I hate when people call me that but when you do its just so cute.” He says while looking down at you.

You imediatly blush and push him off so you can get dressed.

“Dilly let me get dressed”

“Okay y/n. Be ready soon.”

As youre slipping your leggings on, you hear a slight creak. You forget abiut ir and continue to put the blue tribal print leggings on and all the sudden, dillon comes in and attacks you again causing you to almost pee yourself.

“Dilly oh my god not again!” You say laughing hysterically. “Im not dressed dillon!!”

“Its okay you look cute with no clothes” he says smirking while looking down at you.

You bite your lip and all the sudden he starts tikling the shit out of you and you fall to the floor. He runs out of the room laughing and you get up to finish getying ready.

This was actually based on a dream i had awhile ago with dillon in it and it was so cute i had to write about it.

//remember y'all can always ask me to do imagines or you can ask me for preferences or ships or any questions or most likely.. just remember you can ask me for anything.. Im always here!//