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Please may you do one like the one where you accidentally say something and he gets upset and he doesn't talk to you but with Ash because tO MUCH CUTE OH MY GOD

Aw Ash bby ily so much you cutie pie.

“Michael your hair is so cool, and interesting! Ashton’s is a weird blonde brown colour and it can get boring” I said comforting Michael who was upset as he just dyed his hair and didn’t like the colour.

I got up from the couch to go into the kitchen to find where Ashton had got to as he was taking so long to make some popcorn.

“Ash what’s taking so long” I asked jokingly.

He didn’t reply.

“Ashtonnn” I called


“ASHTON Jesus Christ are you deaf or just ignoring me?” I asked making my way to where he was standing.

He carried on ignoring me.

“What did I do?” I asked confused as to why he wasn’t talking to me.

“Ashton!” I said poking him.

I decided to try and make him laugh so I started singing one of their songs.

“You know something I don’t it’s not like you to be cold”

I saw him trying to hold back a smile. So I poked him on his dimple. His face returned to a blank expression again so I repeated my action poking him on the dimple again I gave up and ended up repeating poking him on his dimple.

“Oh my god” he said annoyed “you just don’t give up” he laughed sighing.

“Why were you ignoring me?” I pouted.

“Sorry, I thought I was too boring for you” he glared


“I heard what you said to Michael, why don’t you just go out with him if you think his hairs so cool and mines boring” he huffed.

I started to giggle at his stupidness.

“Oh my god Ash” I laughed clutching my sides

“What? Why are you laughing? Stop laughing!” He moaned.

“Look I was just trying to make MIchael feel better. I don’t really think you hair is boring. I’m actually jealous of your hair. It’s so fluffy and bouncy” I giggled patting him on the head ruffling his hair.

“Hey” he whined In Protest.

“I love your hair ashton and I love you so stop being stupid and kiss me” I said

“Fine. I love you too” he said before placing his lips to mine in a passionate little kiss.



Dance more. Smile all the time. Tell lots of jokes. “Enjoy yourself” probably would be the key. Don’t let things get you down. Don’t let people get you down.

Happy Birthday Gabi! I love you to bits you cutie patootie *squishes your face* enjoy your big day ♥

ok so @whensunscollide sent me a pic of the “be serious/I’m wild” dialogue translated into Brazilian Portuguese and it goes like this:

‘Be serious,’ said Enjolras. 

‘I am scary,’ replied Grantaire.


Happy 100th Birthday, Tyrone Edmund Power, Jr.! (May 5th, 1914.)

Happy centennial to a man who was so much more than “just a pretty face”. Underneath those blinding good looks, Tyrone had talent, humor, and a good nature – but no one was willing to look past his handsome face and give him the acting roles he deserves. But with what he had – and those opportunities that gave him the chance to shine, like Nightmare Alley, Tyrone managed to carve out an undying legacy for himself in the legends of Hollywood – and the hearts of several, even today, 100 years after his birth.


“I’m so sorry Quentin. I killed our baby. I’m so sorry”