god if i could marry a movie

what i thought when i watched  “ a date with markiplier “ video

  • wait … we can choose our story 
  • wow … i actually have a valentine date this year 
  • that chef does not look friendly 
  • romance or horror ? you mean love or death right 
  •  looks like i am gonna spend the rest of the day finding all the endings
  • oops i accidentally killed mark
  • well looks like dark is my date now
  • wait .. is that Tyler with mark on his face ? 
  • wait whAt ?!? nooo i wanted to marry mark for real 
  • could you imagine dating mark ? 
  • nice pony tail mark 
  • LET . HIM . DIG . THE . GOD . DAMN . HOLE 
  • it litterily 10 min of this , help 
  • “ let me see what in your pants “ “ excuse me ? “ 
  • wow i actually killed someone 
  • “ looks like you choose wrong “  “ naaah i’m good “ 
  • sooooo are we gonna talk about tyler’s ass ? 
  • oops killed mark again 
  • FIRST RULE OF HORROR MOVIES : never . split . up 
  • am i the only one who tapped the screen like an idiot 
  • did i mention i killed mark 
  • wait , i am  allergic to peanut butter AND tuna , HEELP 
  • DAMN IT ! i knew i was a dog all along 
  • *sigh* what the hell was in that dinner 
The Foxes and College Yearbook Quotes:
  • Andrew Minyard: “Fuck Stickball and fuck Josten”
    • Just to piss Kevin off. Poor Day’s brain fried for a second and he went “Wait, are you changing sport?! What the fuck, Andrew! What is this stickball?! What did they promise you?!” Wymack had to be the one to tell him. 
    • Neil smiled at the quote as if he was looking at a little fluffy kitten; he got his percentage raised for that.
  • Kevin Day: “Be the Queen on your chessboard. Kings never get too far.”
    • The poor kid spent weeks polishing his quote and now Foxes spend most of their times after reading it fake-bowing in front of him.
    • Jean sends him a picture when Renee shows it to him; it’s just his own face with an arched eyebrow. Kevin answers “Fuck you”, but he smiles seeing Jeremy making faces in the background.
  • Neil Josten: “Ohana means family, and family means no one gets abandoned or forgotten - Lilo and Her Weird Alien Dog” 
    • The upperclassmen cried.
    • It took them a week to realize Neil honestly thought the name of the movie was “Lilo and Her Weird Alien Dog” because that’s what Andrew told him.
  • Aaron Minyard: “Two chemists go into a restaurant. The first one says -I think I’ll have an H2O.- The second one says -I think I’ll have an H2O too- and he died.”
    • he actually wanted to write “Fuck you, Andrew” but Katelyn glared at him until he changed it. 
    • Andrew gets it, but refuses to laugh on principle.
  • Nicky Hemmick: “I’m GGG: Getting Gayer and German”.
    • He employed Erik’s help, but the man is a sap and only offered romantic/sentimental quotes, so he had to find something on his own. 
    • He fought the whole editorial department to have his quote in rainbow colors and he won.
  • Danielle Wilds: “I wear steel-ettos to better kick you in the balls.”
    • It may or may not be a reference to a certain Raven and a certain banquets and she may or may not take a picture of the quote “@” him on twitter.
    • Allison, Matt and Nicky all high five her when they read it.
  • Allison Reynolds: “Pretty hurts, steals your money and burns your house.”
    • She fucking loves the Wonder Woman movie, so her other option was “Men are unnecessary for pleasure.
    • But after Raven fans trashed her cars she wanted to make a statement, that she could hit back thrice as hard. 
  • Matt Boyd: “Danielle Wilds, would you make me the honor of taking me as your Proud Trophy Husband?”
    • Yup. He honest to God asked her like that. They had actually talked about it already, stuff like “What if I asked you to get married?”, “Now?!”, “No! More dramatically and stuff, but yeah… Would you say yes?”, “Make it more dramatic than Aaron and Katelyn and we have a deal.”
    • He brought Dan the yearbook and then knelt when she was distracted reading so when she lifted her eyes there he was, with a ring and blushing to the roots of his hair. Nicky filmed everything.
  • Renee Walker: “To be kind and to be helpless are two different matters.”
    • Nicky finds it adorable, while Neil and Andrew read it for the threat it is and their smiles are creepy and dark for a moment there. Allison looks proud.
    • Jean retweets the picture of the quote and adds “@Alvarez, this is why you don’t fight her”. It’s the first tweet ever in which he “@”s someone and the Trojans are so proud they collectively send Renee flowers.

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What do you think everyone's favorite Disney movies are?

Hoo boi!! Let’s see…

Daichi: The Fox and the Hound. Like legit, you know that mother fucker watches this when he’s home sick. He curls up on the couch with tissues (totally for the cold and definitely not for all the tears he be sheddin’ by the end of the movie). He considered changing Pochi’s name to Copper when he first got him but then decided against it because Noya had promised to find him a new home and he didn’t want to get too attached. (Ha. Ha.) Then by the time he realized he was stuck with him, it was too late to change it. He regularly holds Pochi’s paws and says, “I’m a hound dooooogggg.” Suga has it on video and watches it when he’s feeling down.

Suga: If you ask Suga what his favorite Disney movie is, chances are he will tell you “Cool Runnings” or “Max Keeble’s Big Move” just to be a little shit and get you to say, “No… I mean like… you know. The animated ones. Uhm… like when you say Disney movie they’re the ones that pop up in your head…” “Ohh… you mean like the Lizzie McGuire Movie.” “Suga no.” But actually, his favorite is Frozen. Honestly, that “Let it Gosong was LIT and he never misses an opportunity to sing it. “Suga, did you eat the cupcake I told you not to-” “LET IT GOOOO LET IT GOOOOO.” “God damn it.” Or when Daichi is getting out of the shower… Suga kicks the door of the bathroom open, LOVE IS AN OPEN DOOOORRR! “SUGA GET OUT.” He absolutely loves it. He dressed up as a perfect male Elsa for Halloween. Any time someone disses on it, “It wasn’t THAT good…” a fist fight breaks out. Let people enjoy things, you fucks.

Oikawa: Lilo and Stitch. “It’s not because the aliens! Shut up, Iwa-chan!” It’s totally because it’s a heartfelt story about family sticking together and definitely not because there are space ships and aliens and lasers. Nope. Iwaizumi made him a Scrump doll for their fourth anniversary and Oikawa takes it with him whenever he travels and totally, no way, definitely does NOT sleep with it. Nope.

Iwaizumi: Oliver and Company. Despite having the voice of an angel, Iwaizumi has very few indulgent songs that he sings when he’s at home. “Why Should I Worryis one of the few that he actually does belt when he’s in the mood. Just imagine him sliding in his socks around the kitchen as he’s making dinner, singing into a wooden spoon… “Why should I worry? Why should I care? I may not have a dime, but I got street savoire faire.” It’s Oikawa’s little secret that he will never share with anyone. On Iwaizumi’s last birthday, Oikawa dressed up as Georgette and sang “Perfect Isn’t Easy”. Like… he just pranced around the bedroom singing, “Though many covet my bone and bowl, they’re barkin’ up the wrong tree. You pretty pups all over the city, I have your hearts and you have my pity. Pretty is nice, but still, it’s just pretty. Perfect, my dear, is me.” Iwaizumi laughed so hard that he started crying and it was definitely the best birthday he’s ever had.

Matsukawa: A Goofy Movie. And not just because of the memes. Because of the strong familial bond between Goofy and Max and how hard Goofy tries but just can’t seem to get it right. Matsukawa can see a bit of his own father in him, as they had their own troubles back when he was in high school. They got through it and have an even stronger relationship and he can see that in this movie. (but it’s mostly because of the memes.)

Hanamaki: The Princess and the Frog. He’s got that Friends on the Other Side,” song memorized and sings it while he’s…. well… “working”. Also, RayXEvangeline is his OTP and he will go to the grave preaching their love. He used to go catch frogs in the pond near his house when he was a kid so honestly he just has a total soft spot for the little critters. Oh and he thinks Prince Naveen is a total hottie. 10/10 would smash.

Bokuto: Aladdin! Oh man he could watch this movie every day for the rest of his life and never get tired of it!!! He’s even dressed up as the Genie for Halloween more than once! He’s got that “Friend Like Me” song DOWN. He can do all the voices and everything! In fact, one of the main reasons Akaashi fell in love with him way back in high school was because on the few occasions that it was Akaashi that lost some confidence, Bokuto would sing the song to him and change “Aladdin” to “Akaashi” and it never failed to cheer him up to hear, “Mister Akaashi, Sir, what will your pleasure be? Let me take your order, jot it down. You ain’t never had a friend like me!”

Akaashi: Monster’s Inc.! Oh man Akaashi loves this movie so much. One of the only times you can see him visibly get giddy is when this movie is playing. It’s honestly the most adorable thing Bokuto has ever seen and every time Akaashi imitates Boo and says, “Kitty!” in a cutesy voice, Bokuto legit ascends to a higher plane of existence. He definitely plays the jazzy OST in the background when he’s sewing, humming along with the melody. He also may or may not have pushed a small child down in his desperation to get into the theater for the very first showing of Monster’s University. (Also, don’t tell anyone, but he made himself a Sully pajama onesie and definitely wears it all the time, but knows Pain in the Ass Kuroo-san would never let him hear the end of it if he found out so he keeps it a secret even from Bokuto.)

Kuroo: The Emperor’s New Groove. Kuroo has most definitely dressed up as Kuzco for Halloween around the same times Bokuto has dressed up as Genie. (In both the llama and human form.) His ringtone was also “Perfect World” for the longest time, until Kenma changed it one night after getting tired of hearing Kuroo shout out “Me!” after the “This Perfect World begins and ends with-” part before answering his phone.

Kenma: Toy Story. Hey, the less actual human beings in a movie, the better, ammiright? As a kid who didn’t have a lot of real friends growing up, the concept that your toys came to life and loved playing with you as much as you played with them was a really beautiful concept to him. He had always been a really rational kid, and knew that it was fiction, but there was some part of him that always thought, “But what if?” After the first time he watched Toy Story, he started treating his toys more gently, and daydreamed that even his videogame consoles and all the characters within them were alive and got excited every single time he took the controller. Not to mention Sid’s Scare Scene gave him ungodly satisfaction to watch after he acquired a few bullies in primary school.

Asahi: Up! Because… Because… *sobs* they were so in love… and he was such a grumpy old man but then… *SOBS* BUT HE WAS HER ADVENTURE AND OMG DOUG AND THEN THEY WERE WATCHING THE CARS TOGETHER AT THE END AND… AND… *wailing*

Nishinoya: MULAN! Kick ass women and plenty of fight scenes and most importantly… “To be a man, we must be swift as the coursing river. With all the force of the great typhoon. With all the strength of a raging fire. As mysterious as the dark side of the moon!”

Kiyoko: Brave. Strong independent woman that don’t need no man and instead wants to ride her horse and shoot her bow and fight bears and learn to connect and understand her mother? Uhhh…. sign her the FUCK up. Also, King Fergus reminds her so much of her dad that she can’t help but giggle every time he shows up on screen. And that hair animation? ENCHANTING. She can’t tear her eyes from it.

Yachi: Tangled. Oh c’mon. Duh! Yachi is so TOTALLY Rapunzel. It’s not even funny. She relates HARD with the heroine and oh my GOD it’s so cute to see her flouncing around her apartment in her PJ’s, singing, “And at last I see the light! And it’s like the fog has lifted!”

Hinata: The Little Mermaid. REDHEAD. A REDHEAD! Oh man Hinata used to watch this movie every day. He was so excited to see a redheaded Disney princess. His mom bought him a fork just so he could brush his hair with it. He used to have a little fish tank in his room and he named all of the fish after the characters. “I’m going to marry Ariel when I get older!” Little did he know, he ended up being Ariel and falling for the tall, black haired prince with the bright blue eyes instead. Oopsie Daisies.

Kageyama: Finding Nemo. There’s something about small… orange… things that draws Kageyama to them. He really has no clue what the heck it is. He has been caught a few times muttering, “Just keep swimmin’. Just keep swimmin’.”  Under his breath when he’s stressed out, either on the volleyball court or in school. Pretty much everyone has noticed but they’re a little scared that he will stop doing it if they point it out so they pretend not to hear him. It’s just too cute of a habit to lose.

Miya: Hercules. Okay Miya is low key in love with Danny Devito and so anytime he’s in ANYTHING, it’s his favorite thing. Not to mention Meg reminds him high key of a certain tsundere who won’t say he is in love. Although, if he’s being completely honest, Miya relates a bit more to Hades than he does Hercules (I think you mean HUNKules).

Shirabu: Moana. So, Shirabu doesn’t really watch a lot of movies. Okay, he NEVER watches movies. He doesn’t have time. He’s got better things to do. The few movies he HAS seen were pretty much whatever Miyazaki Hayao was putting out and even then, he wasn’t really attached to any of them. Then Moana came out and he was quite literally DRAGGED off to see it by Miya. He swore he wasn’t going to have a good time and sit with arms crossed, complaining the whole movie, but then some ANNOYING asshole laced their fingers together and refused to let go and UGH. So obnoxious. But then that same annoying asshole seemed to have a lot of fun and hummed to the tune of Shiny on the way out of the theater and down the street. And well… it did have good music. And it looked pretty. And then when Miya took him to dinner afterwards, Shirabu had managed to choke out a reluctant, “Thank you” and had to suffer through an exuberant, “What can I say except you’re welcome?But you know… Shirabu wouldn’t be against the idea of seeing more movies in the future….

Welp. That’s what I came up with. Seem fitting? Thanks for the ask, I had a lot of fun thinking about this!

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KSI killed me
  • I have ASCENDED it was PERFECT
  • Oh boy where do I even begin
  • THE CINEMATOGRAPHY??? The absolute BEAUTY and genius behind every shot? Holy crap I have no words
  • In addition, the music! The soundtrack! THIS is how you use music to enhance and add to a story. Wow
  • I can’t decide if Tom had a better entrance as Conrad, or singing Cold Cold Heart because good lord, I really cannot decide like both left me breathless
  • The story was practically seamless and just worked in so many ways. It was different, it was new, it was a super fresh take on Kong, but it was exciting and intense and flowed so well.
  • The character development of EVERYONE. There was not a weak character of the bunch and honestly everyone was amazing.
  • Conrad’s GUNS
  • Conrad’s OTHER GUNS
  • Also Conrad is Freddie Page’s son FIGHT ME ON THIS
  • Please, for the love of god, give an Oscar to whoever came up with the idea for the samurai scene
  • It was funny, but not overly so, in every way a movie should be. One liners, moments of laughter to break the tension, things you don’t expect.
  • No unnecessary romance between two heterosexual white leads can I get an AMEN
  • Brie Larson, marry me? Your smile could cure cancer?
  • Honestly, one of the best movies that I’ve seen in a very, very long time. Will 200% put Tom on the mainstream map, and will be talked about for a long time.
  • K guys I feel like I’ve come down from a high holy moly

“I’m sorry” Sodapop whispered softly as he sat down beside you on the freezing, cold, tiled floor. 

“It’s not your fault.” Your murmured brokenly, you refused to look at him… you didn’t want him to see that you were breaking, especially not when you had all those boys convinced that you were a heartless bitch… you wanted it to stay that way.

“I know what your going through.” 

“What the fuck would you know, huh?” You turned to face him angrily, rage was clear in your eyes. 

“Her name was Sandy and boy was I in love with her. We had plans to get married, she was my dream girl. I thought she was an absolute angel. I didn’t know it at the time, but she had no intentions of ever marrying me… I don’t know if I even meant anything to her. We were together for almost a year, and she cheated on me throughout most of our relationship.” You could still see the pain etched in the creases of his movie handsome face. 

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know.” You mumbled, swiping away at the stray tears that had start to trickle down your cheek. “I just thought- oh… God, I don’t know what I thought.”

“It’s okay, the point is… you’ll get through this. The next person that comes around and stands by you, that’s the person that you want, and Y/N, I know you’re going to find him. Screw Dally, screw all the guys that have hurt you before him. You’re beautiful, you’re strong and you’re intelligent… you’re worth so much more than how you view yourself.” 

You smiled a small, watery smile as he laced his fingers in between your own. 

“You’re not alone, okay? I’m here.” 

“Thank you.” Your fingers brushed his cheek softly. “Thank you.” You whispered one last time.

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how'd you think even would propose to ikea? * cue heart eyes mushy

Even and ikea proposal huh? :P let’s see what I can do! This one has been in my inbox awhile… but I really do love it.

Tell me how ya’ll think a proposal would go down!



Isak looks up from the Christmas tree where he had been stringing lights. “Hmm?”

Even fidgets from his place on the couch and Isak shoots him a look. Even never fidgets. He’s like the coolest person in the world and the coolest person remains fucking cool all the time. The only time Isak ever sees Even disheveled is when he’s having a bad day. Okay or when they’re having sex, but who can maintain a cool veneer when they’re struggling not to explode?

Eve clears his throat, and wow yes this is indeed a new development. “I was thinking.”

Isak grabs a Santa-shaped ornament and hung it just above a loop of bright Christmas light, “Always dangerous.”

“Yeah yeah, fuck you,” He turns back to his nervous boyfriend. Even took a breath, “I was thinking that we’ve been together for like- ever now.”

“4 years,” Isak mutters, grabbing another ornament (it was a homemade one that Even had made in his childhood. Of course, it was much prettier than anything Isak had ever attempted, damn him). “Not that I’m counting.”

“Yeah, 4 years. And I love you. So much. And, like, you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

Isak hides a grin into his shoulder, glancing back around to Even who’s staring at him with his fucking laser-beam stare. “I love you too.”

Even nods, like the words bring some kind of extra strength to him. Which is weird, because they’ve been saying that they loved each other for literally years now. Isak stiffens, fuck is he feeling an episode come on? Fuck, he thought they’d gotten the meds right the last time. It had been ages since they’d had a reoccurrence. Shit, Isak will have to switch some days around at work if he needs to take off.

Even smiles, “I can see your mind working.”

“Is everything okay?”

Isak grabs another ball to hang on the tree and Even’s assurance that everything is fine.

Behind him, Even clears his throat. “I know we agreed no presents until everyone got here, but do you see the red envelope? Open it.”

Curioser and curioser.

Neer one to say not to presents, Isak bends down, picking up the slim envelope and dragging his thumb under the flap to open it. Insider, there wasn’t a present at all. Just a piece of white paper that looked as if it had been folded and unfolded a couple of times.

The paper was split into two halves. Isak snorts at the call back to their ace methods of communication back in school. He reads on.

In this Universe, the first half headed.

The drawing was of Even and Isak, holding hands sitting on the couch and smiling with a Christmas tree in the background. They looked happy and content and everything Isak has wanted for them in the years since they’ve been together.

He moves on.

In Another Universe, the other side reads.

Isak felt his mouth go dry and knees go weak. He takes a startled breath and swallows.

The cartoon image was still of Isak and Even, but this time, Isak was standing- an elated expression on the little cartooned face.

And Even was on one knee in front of him, a little square box in his hand.

At the bottom of the second half: not all universes need to be different.

Slowly, like in a dream, Isak turned around.

And there Even was. On bended knee, looking nothing and everything  like the suave teenager he’s fallen in love with. Even shoots him a shy smile, opening his hand to see a little black leather box.

“Yes,” Isak says without hesistating.

Even opens his mouth and closes it, “You- uh- I had like a whole speech prepared.”

“Oh. Well by all means, just know that when you’re done, my answer is yes.”

Even faces splits, “That does lessen the pressure, I have to admit.” He takes a breath, “Isak. When I was 19, I saw you on the first day of school and I think I fell in love with you in that moment. You were the most beautiful boy I’d ever seen and I didn’t even look at boys like that, then. But then I got to know you, and you were everything I could have ever hoped for. You stood by me in the best of times and in the worst of times and you have never made me feel less than for being sick. It’s been a long time since school, baby, but I still look at you and see that brilliant boy in a snapback and hoodie and I want to spend the rest of my life with him. If that’s chill?”

“Oh my god,” Isak sniffs, trying to keep his eyes from filling with tears like a cheesy movie, “That’s chill.”

“Awesome. So, will you marry me?”

“Fucking- yes. Yes.”

Even stands up and slips a little gold band from the center of the box. He hold it up and waggles his eyebrows and fuck, Isak loves him so much. Isak holds out a shaking hand and when the band slips on perfectly, he immediately threads the hand in Even’s hair, pulling him down so that his lips can brush against his.

“I love you,” Isak says against Even’s lips, “this universe, next one, next one. I love you.”

Even brushes a hand over his cheek and kisses him again.

Imagine Chris being a bad doctor.

A/N: I mean, that gif though. 😂 This is a request from the poor, sick Joanna otherwise known as @pegasusdragontiger. I am really hoping you feel better, darling. I know how much being sick sucks. Lots of hugs. ❤️ Oh, yes. There’s mention of blood, so don’t read this if it triggers you.

You’d spent the last couple of weeks in Sydney, Australia visiting your older brother who was getting his ‘Bachelor of Science’ at New Castle University. June was summer for the U.S, but it was winter for those down under. As much as you enjoyed the blistering cold, you returned home with a terrible flu leaving your husband to play doctor. When he picked you up from the airport, you’d already started showing symptoms. The two of you stopped by CVS on your way home so he could stock up on supplies to help you feel better. On the drive home, you complained about your discomfort hoping you’d get some sympathy. Instead he teased you, saying it was “karma” for “leaving me alone for two weeks.” You wanted to remind him that he left you first, and for much longer to film ‘Red Sea Diving Resort’ in South Africa. But you knew he’d counter with “mine was work, yours was fun” and your scratchy throat didn’t have the strength for all your witty comebacks so you just nodded.

The second the two of you got home, Chris lit your lemon grass candles and ran you a hot bath. He enclosed you in there hoping the scent and the steam would clear your blocked nose, then worked to unpack your bags as he knew how much you liked getting that done as soon as you got home. He threw all your dirty clothes into the washing machine and left it to do its job so he could get started on cooking you your grandmother’s chicken macaroni soup. You wanted it every time you were sick, and seeing as you were the better cook with the recipe memorized- you usually made it for yourself. But because Chris loved you and wanted to take care of you, he asked your grandmother to write it down for him about four Thanksgivings ago when he was still just your boyfriend. He figured he’d learn it because he knew he wasn’t going anywhere and that was the only thing you’d eat when you were sick, that and ice-cream even though dairy was bad for your coughs. Four Thanksgivings ago was the last time you had to make that soup for yourself. You couldn’t believe how lucky you were, not every girl had a guy as fantastic as Chris in their lives to make amazing chicken macaroni soup for them.

After your bath, you changed into your comfiest pajamas before heading downstairs to cuddle up on the couch with Dodger while Chris continued to work in the kitchen. You turned on the TV and accessed the hard drive connected because you had a sudden urge to watch Robert in ‘Iron Man’; it was still your favorite Marvel movie despite the fact that you were married to Captain America. It was Chris’ favorite too, but he stopped admitting that after you told him Iron Man was your favorite. You were quickly pulled onto Team Iron Man by Robert, who then rubbed the fact that he was your favorite in Chris’ face. He pretty much did it whenever they were out promoting ‘Captain America: Civil War’, and at any premiere you attended with Chris. It quickly became a meme, trending all over the internet. It was pretty funny. At one point, there was a photograph captured by the press at the Los Angeles premiere of your own husband and his two most loyal companions- Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan- snubbing you. Everyone knew it was a joke, of course, but it still made headlines. Chris had it framed for the home office; the two of you laughed every time you saw it.

“I think you clicked on the wrong movie, ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’ is up up up,” he called from the open floor kitchen. You giggled, scratching Dodger’s head. “Oh come on,” he chuckled, pointing at the TV screen with his knife. “Where’s the solidarity?” He lowered his knife to the chopping board, cutting the carrots into medium sized cubes with his gaze still locked on you. “You’re married to Captain America, for God sakes.” Before you could tell him to watch what he was doing, he did as you’d foreseen. “Fuck me!” He dropped the knife with a clang, grimacing as he examined his left hand.

“This is why I always tell you to focus when you’re cutting.” You patted Dodger’s butt, gesturing for him to get off you as you sat up straight. “Is it bad?” You asked, watching him as he ran his hand under the water. “Chris, hey. Is it bad?” You repeated your question and he shook his head. It was an obvious lie because he wouldn’t turn around and you could spot a small pool of blood on the chopping board. “Come here and let me see.”

“It’s fine, Y/N.”

“Do not make me walk over there,” you warned him and he sighed, turning off the tap. He grabbed a tea towel as he turned around, wrapping his finger in it. “Grab the first aid kit on your way over.” You instructed as he was doing so, shaking your head at him with a small smile on your lips when he sat down in front of you. “How do you complete complicated stunts with ease when you can’t even cut carrots without cutting yourself?” You asked as you opened the first aid kit, searching for the proper equipment.

“You’re so funny, Y/N,” he bit with a forced smile and you laughed, transforming his smile into a more genuine one. “This is your fault, I wouldn’t have cut myself if I weren’t so distracted by your betrayal.” You rolled your eyes, taking his left hand. You unwrapped his finger from the tea towel to examine the severity, it was deep but he didn’t need stitches. “If you’d just- Argh, God!” He yelped when you wrapped the tea towel back around his wound and squeezed it to soak up the oozing blood. “Can you be gentle?”

“Can you stop being such a baby?” You chuckled, gesturing for him to keep the pressure while you got some alcohol swab. “It’s just a cut, you didn’t lose a finger.” He frowned, scrunching his nose like a child. “If you think that hurts,” you reclaimed his hand, resting it on your lap as you ripped opened the swab. “This is going to sting like a bitch.” You told him and moved the cloth aside, taking his hand in yours again.

“What is- Motherfucker!” Dodger flinched when Chris cried. He reflexively yanked his hand away, but you caught it before he could get too far and continued to gently clean his wound. “Oh my God, Y/N!” He squeezed his eyes shut, clenching his teeth as the alcohol burned his open wound. “That is fucking- Shit!” He continued to swear while you laughed. “Are you sure you’re meant to- Ow!” He continued to whine and complained as you continued to clean his wound with a new swab as the other one was soaked in his blood. “What the fuck is that, Y/N?!” You chuckled, shaking your head in disbelief. “My finger feels like it’s on fire!”

“Don’t be dramatic, Chris,” you rolled your eyes, “it’s just a slight sting.”

“Slight sting? That is not a slight sting, it’s- oh fuck,” he huffed, grimacing.

If you were being honest, you had no idea if the alcohol swab was necessary. You just did it because that was what you always did when you got a cut; you cleaned the wound before doing anything else. It was fun to you, even though the pain was killer. It made you feel like a doctor, which you loved. You may not have had a certificate in first aid, but your wounds always healed so clearly you were doing something right. After the swabs, you plastered his wound with the biggest bandaid in the kit. You took his hand and brought his injured finger to your lips, kissing it ever so gently and drawing a smile from him.

“There you go, baby,” you cooed, provoking him to flick you in the forehead. “Ow,” you giggled as he rose to his feet, gathering both bloody tea towel and first aid kit in his good hand. In his wounded hand, he collected the used swabs and bandaid wrapper. “Wear the disposable gloves, you don’t want to get water in your wound.” You called as you and Dodger resumed your earlier cuddling position.

“You got it, Dr. Cruel.”

“Dr. Cruel,” you chuckled. “She sounds like she’d be a perfect match for Dr. Strange don’t you think?” He laughed, walking back to his chopping board once he put the first aid kit away. “Could you soak that tea towel in cold water and wash the carrots before you do anything else? I don’t want your blood to stain, nor do I want to consume your blood.”

“Do you know what annoys me the most?”

“Me telling you to do stuff you’re already doing?” You answered then giggled when he nodded, smiling. “I’m sorry,” you pouted. “You know I can’t help it, I am a Virgo after all.” He rolled his eyes, like he didn’t already know how much of a Virgo you were. “I’ll shut up now, leave you to cook in peace. Try not to hurt yourself any further, you wouldn’t want Dr. Cruel to get her scalpel.”

“God,” he snickered. “I hope you never, ever get your hands on a scalpel, babe.” You giggled, wrapping your arms around Dodger as you turned your attention to the TV. “Your patient would definitely not make it out of that OR. I mean- there’s a reason you pursued writing instead of medicine, okay?”

“And there’s a reason you pursued acting, Mr. I-can’t-cut-carrots-without-cutting-my-finger.”

“You’re adorable, really.” He bit sarcastically. “Don’t make me poison your soup, hon,” he smirked.

“Oh please, baby,” you smirked right back, making him laugh, “as if you could survive without me.”

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bizzarf  asked:

HEY it's the person who's SUPER IN LOVE with your writing world!! I just saw you're asking for submissions! If you want to, could you give us some headcanons on what the sincerely three are like at their wedding?? AAAaAAa you're awesome, darling 💛

A/N: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA oh my god you are so amazing♥️♥️ I’m so happy you like my fics and hcs and holy shit BLESS

Disclaimer: cute overload and poorly written headcanons


-Honestly his proposal would probably be something clever but casual.

-I’m thinking like he gets a note inside a fortune cookie asking and you would have a movie night and order in Chinese

-Or he gets you a mug with “Will you marry me?” in the bottom so he can make you coffee or hot cocoa and when you finish it you see the question.

-Either of those would be hella cute

-The days or week leading up to the wedding he would be pretty chill and level headed.

-He would be a little nervous, but it doesn’t really show.

-He does let you know how excited he is because hoLY damN you guys are getting married for god’s sake.

-He would bring it up almost any chance he got

“Hey Connor, what do you want for dinner?”

“I’m fine with whatever, by the way we paid the caterer right?”

-Zoe and and Alana would totally take you out dress shopping. 

-Both of them would have totally different ideas.

-I can totally see Alana talking about you having a simple, but very elegant, dress

-Zoe on the other hand would be so for something really flashy and flattering

-Then you would find a dress that makes you look absolutely stunning and they would both just completely forget about everything they said before but oh my god you looked so amazing.

-I feel like Cynthia would be so hyped too because Connor has someone who really makes him happy, and he’s going to get fucking married.

-You know how I said Connor wasn’t really nervous leading up to the big day?

-Wedding day rolls around and he’s a fucking train wreck of nerves.

-That morning he would be like freaking out because what if he fucks up his vows or something??

-So he calls Zoe and is really fucking panicky.

-Eventually he calms down a little but he’s still totally shaken up

-Then like Evan, Jared and his dad Larry would be over to celebrate a little and hang out (Idk how weddings go I’m fucking in the dark)

-Maybe this is too cliche, but I could totally see the venue being the orchard.

-He’d be up at the altar waiting for you and feeling like he might implode.

-Then you come down the aisle and he about melts because you look so gorgeous oh god.

-You would just smile and stand with him 

-Then after you’ve both said your vows (and his was fucking beautiful I might add) and then he’d fucking dip you and kiss you cause he’s actually a big romantic.

-Of course everyone would cheer and you would laugh and everything was pReCIouS.

-(strictly speaking your wedding night was less precious if you catch my drift)


-First off, just the thought of him proposing would scare the living daylights out of him. Cause what if you said no?

-So he would ask your friends for advice and they just said to play it safe and be himself.

-I would have his proposal include trees somehow but I found this proposal idea and it’s so cute.

-(This is assuming that you two live together) He would get glow in the dark stickers and spell out “Will you marry me?” on the ceiling and then wait until nighttime.

-You two would crawl into bed together and he would turn off the bedside lamp and you would be sHoOK.

-Then he’d blush and probably ramble on about how you don’t have to say yes and how cheesy the proposal was, but then you just shut him up with a kiss and just say yes.

-Then you’d both probably turn into crying messes and just cuddle and you would be so fucking happy.

-Then you’d both call Heidi and your parents and everyone would cry omg.

-Heidi would be so happy for her boy because he’s just so happy with you.

-Zoe, Alana and her would go with you and help you pick out a dress and they would all keep saying that you look so perfect in each one

-Then you find the one and you’re probably in tears.

-Jared and Connor threw Evan a really casual stag night.

-I’m just gonna start with the wedding shit cause idk what else to say

-I really don’t know where the venue would be but I think it would definitely be outside.

-He would be fidgeting with his shirt and blazer to no end when he was up at the altar.

-Then you would walk down the aisle and he would completely freeze. His face would go pure red and his lips went puffy.

-His vows would be the purest thing and you would totally just start balling.

-Then “you may now kiss the bride”

-He would smile and pull you close to him, kissing you tenderly.

-P u r e


-I would go the easy route and say Jared proposed with a meme but nah

-I feel like he would invite all your friends over for a game night and you all would play charades. Jared would plan ahead and ‘draw’ a note saying ‘propose’ 

“Oh, I mean if the game calls for it-”

-Then he’d get down on one knee in front of you and pull out a ring.

-Dude you would be fucking surprised as hell.

-Then Jared would grin and say something along the lines of

“Y/N, you have to guess.” 


“You’re really good at this game.”


-Jared’s stag would be chaos 

-Everyone (-Evan) would be fucking hammered and would probably end up vomiting and/or falling asleep on each other

-Then the wedding would roll around, and until now Jared was chill as hell

-He was sweating dude

-He was so fucking nervous

-Then he saw you walking down the aisle and he almost melted, you looked like an angel. 

-His vows would be funny and then really deep and heartfelt.

-”You may now kiss the bride”


I watched Rings the other night and right after a scene where the cursed tape was played I felt my phone vibrating and my brain lost all common sense and began to panic like OH GOD THIS IS IT, SHE’S COMING FOR ME IN 7 DAYS WHY DID I WATCH THIS FUCKING MOVIE WHYYYYYYY

It turns out my husband had waited for the exact moment when the tape ended to sneakily dial my phone when I wasn’t looking so that he could scare me. 


Rachel Getting Married (2008) - (dir. Johnathan Demme)

I can live with it, but I can’t forgive myself. And sometimes, I don’t want to believe in a god that could forgive me. But I do want to be sober. I’m alive and I’m present, and there’s nothing controlling me. If I hurt someone, I hurt someone. I can apologize and they can forgive me or not. But I can change.

We Only Have Sex With The Government on Wednesdays (Trixya) -Puck

A/N: Thanks for all of the prompts you sent in! I tried to do a bit of a mishmash of everything that I saw and as many fluffy tropes as I could fit in an attempt to try and cheer people up, so here. Have an established relationship, non AU fic with playful banter, domesticity, emotionally charged song lyrics, smut, pets, puns, and proposals. I’m not even American, but I’m still messed up over these election results, so I hope that a little bit of sappy fluff can help cheer some of us up <3

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deathchrist2000  asked:

Could you go into more detail about Luma Lynai?

Oh boy.

So if you’re a fan of Superman trivia, you might already be aware of that one story revealing how badly Superman wants to fuck his teenage cousin. And if you’ve ever wondered if you were missing some sort of critical context there: no. God, no.

It goes down in Action Comics #289 when Kara feels down after watching a sad romantic movie and decides she should make sure Kal-El finds happiness. He’s opposed, since as he notes “Married? Not I! My duty to protect Earth against various perils comes first! I’ll never marry!” (and while I’m in favor of him marrying Lois, I do have to thank Superman on behalf of all us puny mortals for his commitment), but she manages to set him up on a couple dates. The first with Helen of Troy after they break through the time barrier is a wash when Supergirl accidentally outshines her and stokes her jealousy, and a Christmas party where she tries to hook him up with Saturn Woman goes nowhere when she ends up being married to Lightning Man, making Superman kissing her under the mistletoe more than a little awkward for all parties.

Now, I don’t know what it’d be like growing up on Krypton, but no matter how different their culture would have been, given what we do know about them, I cannot begin to imagine how “Hooray!” would be the appropriate response to any aspect of this situation. Or for that matter the “I’m so happy for them!” when she sees her cousin immediately, furiously sucking face with someone purely on the basis that she looks just like her. Unfortunately(?), Ms. Lynai can’t survive under Earth’s yellow sun, so she and Superman go their separate ways and Supergirl promises to avoid meddling in his romantic life from now on. This isn’t the first time a situation came up to justify Superman and Supergirl making out, but it’s definitely the most prominent, courtesy of…

…Jerry Siegel. Well, uh, there’s your answer @deathchrist2000, on this Superman story that is irrefutably canon to his character by virtue of being by his co-creator. Tune in next time, as this blog immediately and dramatically shifts course to being about how much I like, let’s say Daredevil or something. Daredevil’s cool, probably my favorite Marvel character, and I don’t think even his lovelife ever got *this* dicey. Keep sending Daredevil or Batman or Kingdom Hearts or Dragon Ball asks or whatever, I’ll be over here rethinking my entire life and every choice I have ever made.

My Cousin Rachel Update:

She just kissed Sam Claflin after a fight for the first time and this dude HAS NEVER KNOWN THE TOUCH OF A WOMAN OR EVEN A MAN PROBABLY and she told him to “go to bed like a good little boy” and I swear to God he came in his pants like I could be wrong but I’m not

this movie is ACES

Hello my dears !!! So this is a new story that I’m working on with my lovely @anditcametopass. Thanks a lot hon for the timeline adjustments and the editing, I couldn’t have done this without you !!!

The story takes place in LA (present time) and Sydney (memories from Cherrybrook) Let me know what you think about it, you will decide if I’ll keep writing this !!! I hope you like !!


When you woke up that day everything started wrong, it was one of those days that you should never had leave the bed. The previous night you fell asleep in your couch and when you managed to go to bed your dog thought that the bed was his and not yours, so you woke up all sore with pain in your neck, you look at the alarm clock and you were late. When you stood up you tripped on your bed and fell, definitely not your day. You showered quickly not even drying your blond locks and raced to work. You still had a few minutes so you stopped at the coffee shop on your neighborhood to grab at least a cup of coffee. There weren’t too many people in line, there were two people in front of you and you noticed someone behind you, but it was going fast.

The over smiling barista took your order and you went to the side to wait for your large latte. You were checking on your phone to see if John, your boss, called you when she called your name. You grabbed your coffee thanking her and turning around to leave but you didn’t notice that the person behind you got a little closer and you bumped into them. All your coffee gone, on the floor and on the person.

“Watch out, lady.” The person said.

The moment you heard that voice every single hair in your body stood on end. You could not believe, it supposed to be a mind trick. But when you lifted your head, your heart nearly stopped. Your jaw dropped as you looked him in the eye. He was staring at you and realization hit him.

“Y/N?” He wondered.

“Jai ?” You asked back.

You were both in shock, the only thing he could managed to do was place his hands on your cheeks and kiss you. It was a thirteen-years-apart-kiss, the I-missed-you-kiss, the I-still-love-you-kiss.

And it was that kiss that brought everything back.

Your entire school life took place at the same school in Cherrybrook, a suburb in Sydney. At age ten you had a crush on this kid in your class but all he seemed to care about was rugby and acting classes. His name was Jai. He was the son of one of your teachers, Mrs. Courtney, whom you remembered to be very sweet.

The last memory that you have of him as a child was at your tenth birthday. As you lived only two blocks away from each other he decided that it would be ok to pull a little prank on you and just run back home. He filled up a balloon with green ink and water and sat by your side to talk to you. You were thrilled that your biggest crush on school was talking to you. But when he came closer he then threw the balloon on your head and your once beautiful white ten year old dress became green.

As your mom was very good friends with Karen, the kid’s mom, they thought it would be better if you continued attending the same school, but Karen would keep an eye on her kid, and keep him away from you.

During middle school he didn’t bother you, but for some reason, you were still crushing on him.

When you were about to start high school you were to change schools to get a better education. Your mom registered you at the Cherrybrook Technology High School, also in the neighborhood, it didn’t surprise you that her friend Karen enrolled her son there too.

You were growing up, in all aspects, your body was maturing, you were very curvy, with a round butt, but not too big, an ample chest that was a little bigger than the average, and beautiful blond hair that fell down in waves until the middle of your back. You also had beautiful brown eyes that your mom used to say, reminded her of Sandra Dee. You didn’t know who this lady was, but eventually your mom showed you her movies, she was a movie star from the 60’s.

It’s been almost a year that you were at the new school, a few friends had transferred along with you from the old school while a few were new. You were used to hanging out with four of your best friends, Amber, Tiffany, Sophia and Rose.

All the guys used to check on you when you walked by something your girlfriends knew, so they just messed with you every time they could. You were very shy, so you just blushed and found ways to hide.

You used to see him all the time, your crush Jai, but he never seemed to noticed you or even remember you. You were even at the same lab class together, but you and Amber sat in front while he and his friends sat in the back of the classroom. Your friend Sophia was always trying to find a way to sit around the guys. You knew he did all the drama classes that the school offered mostly because it was right after your dance classes and you used the same room for both classes, so you saw him after school every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

You usually dressed with jeans, a t-shirt and a large cardigan on top, with some all stars, you could say that you were still not comfortable with your developed curves, so you tried to hide as much as you could.

Coffee shop

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done that.” He said. “I was carried by the moment.”

Your mouth was still opened in shock.

“Ah, hmm, how are you?” Was all you could say.

“Let’s sit outside, I want to talk to you.” He said.

“Just let me get another coffee as mine is all over you.” You said. Before you could even ask the girl for another coffee, she handed you another one.

“That’s on the house, it was not your fault.” She said giving you another coffee and smiling at Jai.

You two went outside and sat to talk.

“What are you doing here?” You asked.

"I moved here a week ago. I have some premieres for my new movie and have some projects coming up. How are you, my God, I missed you so much.” He said hugging you.

"You have no idea how much I missed you.” You whispered.

“How’s Alex, did you get married?” His voice tone changed.

"We are no longer together, he went back to Oz. Never married.” You smiled.

"Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t know that.” He smiled wider. “How’s work?”

“Oh my God, I forgot, just give me a minute.” You told him. You completely forgot you were late for a meeting.

You tried to call John but he didn’t picked up, probably already at the meeting, so you called your assistant Lara.

"Hey Lara, it’s me, please tell John I’m sorry but I won’t be able to be there in time for the meeting and transfer all my appointments for tomorrow, including the castings, I won’t be able to be there now.” You told her, waiting for her reply. “Ok, call me if you need anything. Bye hon.”

“Sorry about that, I totally forgot I was running late for a meeting with Sam Worthington this morning.” You said.

"I’m sorry I kept you from work.” He said.

"Do you live around here?” You asked.

“Yeah, right over Highland Park” he answered. “You?”

“Two blocks up. You should come over sometime.” You said afraid that he would agree with that. You were extremely nervous to be in the presence of the love of your life.

“What about now?” He said.

"Wow, you just sounded like Charlie trying to take the girl out so he could kill her on Jack Reacher.” You said laughing.

"Ow, so you saw my movies?” He asked.

"All of them, I just couldn’t watch Spartacus at that time because it was still too painful, but I’m catching up now on Netflix.” You answered.

“Sorry about that, love. It was painful for me as well. It was a time of my life when I thought all I would do was lose people, first you, then Andy, it was really hard.” He said sadly.

“I’m sorry, about your friend, I really am, but you never lost me, you know that, right?” You said with tears in your eyes.

"So what was your favorite? Of my characters, which one did you like the most?” He asked you.

"You really want to know that?”

He nodded yes.

"Ok, so, I have a few favorites, Gideon was an angel, so I loved him, plus you were gorgeous in that one, but you lost the cheeks I always loved so much.” You said laughing. “ Then Jack and Charlie, but my favorite by far is Eric.”

"What? Are you insane, that awful hair cut?” He said.

“I loved that hair cut!” You laughed.

Both of you laughed as he described the good and the bad of his characters. You both ended up agreeing that Captain Boomerang was a good one ! Biting your lip, you couldn’t help but think about all the memories you’d created together, particularly when you two had first started dating.


One night, Amber stayed on a sleep over at your house because you had a lab paper for the next day and she decided she would dress you up for class the following day, you didn’t allow her to put too much make up on you, but she handed you some very tight jeans and a tank top that wasn’t too short but didn’t covered your behind either and she didn’t allowed your cardigan. So you felt exposed, but agreed with her.

The two of you went to school and when you passed by a very particular guy, he and his friends were all over you, you merely spared him a glance and a small smile before heading to your lab class. They entered the room heading to the back and he kept staring at you.

His friends wanted to know about you, how he knew you, who were you ?

“Yeah, I know her.” He said puffing his chest. “I’ve known her since we were in primary school, she lives close by my house. You all know her. We’ve been in the same classes for years.”

He remembered you and even where you lived, he remembered everything but you had no clue.

One morning Amber’s mom called yours telling that Amber was sick and not going to class, she asked if you could get the homework for her. So you went to school, found Tiff and Rose and went to your lab class without your lab partner.

You sat down at your station waiting for your teacher to arrive, not noticing the person sitting next to you.

“Hi.” He said, making you turn your head his way.

"Hi.” You answered shyly.

“Y/N, right ? Can I be your lab partner today?” Jai asked you.

"I though you didn’t remembered me..” You said. “My friend is sick today, so yeah you can be my lab partner, but only for today.”

"How could I not remember you, we’ve gone to school together since we were kids.” He said.

"As the last time you spoke to me was on my tenth birthday when you threw green paint on me, I think you’ve done a pretty good job avoiding me since then.” You stated.

"Ouch, I think I deserved that.” He said.

You smiled at him, God he was gorgeous, and just nodded as the teacher walked into to class and passed your assignment. The two of you were working on it diligently before Jai began speaking again.

“Would you like to hang out with me after school?” He asked, not looking right to you, but to the assignment in front of him.

"Are you planning another prank on me?” You said lowly.

“No, just want to hang out with you. James and Dru are going to skate so we’ll all will be hanging out at the park and I would like you to come.” He said seriously.

“Ok.” You said.

He smiled while writing some thing down and you continued doing your assignment. Before the class was over, the teacher passed a very extensive homework for you to do.

“Should we meet after class to do this?” You asked.

“I think that would be smart, do you want to come over my house tomorrow ?” He said.

“We have to bring this paper on Friday, so we can meet tomorrow and if we don’t finish all of it we can meet again on Thursday.” You said. “Can we meet at my house ? I have to watch my brother tomorrow afternoon.”

“Sure do, if we don’t finish it we can meet at my house on Thursday, then.” He said.

"Deal.” You answered.

“I wait for you outside after class so we can go to the park.” He said leaving the room.

You were ecstatic, you wanted to scream and dance, but you kept yourself composed.

When the classes were over you were feeling a little nervous to meet Jai, but bubbling with energy at the same time. You went out and there he was, outside, waiting for you, just as he said he would. He came your way and grabbed your book bag, carrying it for you all the way to the park. When you got there all his friends were already there waiting for the two of you.

“Hey, Y/N, nice to see you again.” His friend James told you.

“Thank you, nice to see you too.” You said back.

You were having fun, talking to Jai while his friend skated. You were talking to a group of people, one of them you knew as Dru, Jai’s friend and the other was Alex, you didn’t remembered him, so you assumed he was from a different school as you and Jai. James called Jai over leaving you alone with Alex, who was all over you.

“You are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. We should go out sometime.” He was making you uncomfortable, very uncomfortable, you were looking Jai’s way to see if he could rescue you while the guy seemed intent on wooing you. You were out of luck as Jai was deep into conversation with James, but when he looked your way he saw the discomfort in your eyes and came to your side.

"Alex, leave the girl alone.” He said getting closer to you.

"Chill, mate, I’m just asking the girl out.” Alex answered.

"You’re asking my girl out ? Seriously, she’s my girl, dude.” Jai said and your heart skipped a beat.

Alex apologized, saying that he didn’t know you were Jai’s girl and he left.

“Thanks for saving me, he was being very forward .” You said.

“No problem, I noticed the look in your eyes and I knew you were not fine, but I meant it.” He said

At first you didn’t quite understand what he meant by that, but continued the conversation. He took you to where James and Dru were and you just stayed there talking to them.

When the evening approached, it was time for you to go home, so you told Jai you were leaving.

He insisted on walking you home. He grabbed your book bag and put around his neck and shoulder, held your hand and walked you home. On your way he asked you what time you used to leave the house to go to school and asked you if he could wait for you so you could go to school together, you happily agreed to that. You were walking on clouds holding his hand and talking to him all the way home. Once you reached your house, you thanked him, he gave you your bag back and when he was coming closer to you, your mom opened the door.

“Oh, honey, it’s you, I saw movement and came to check.” She said not leaving.

You wanted to kill her, just go inside and close the freaking door, right? No, she didn’t. Jai kissed your cheek and said goodbye, waving to your mom and leaving. When you entered your house you could not believe what had happened this afternoon. Your mom asked, because she knew about the crush and the paint episode on your tenth birthday, so you told her everything that happened. She just told you that while he had grown up into a nice young man, you had to be careful. Then she added that she would definitely talk to Karen about it.

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I swear to God if Emilia ends up becoming Han’s love interest … I will actually throw something. Like it or not, Han and Leia end up together. Married. With a kid. They split up, yes, but they were going on strong. What’s the point of throwing in a new girl just to fill your romance quota? Do these people not understand how cheap that is? No one’s going to care about Emilia’s character beyond this movie, so why not just use Sana Starros? She and Han have a fascinating dynamic (I mean–they end up married! Like how?), she’s in the comics, she could very well appear in the future movies … Instead of creating an entire new character just to be Han’s fling for one movie, just use the ones you already have!

Padfoot and Jily through the years, a novel.


“Oh God, I’m so happy for you.”

“Thanks, mate.”

“No, really. I’ve been waiting for this since fifth year, you know. There is something I need to tell you now that it has finally happened.”


“I’ve waited for so long, I’m trying to concentrate. I need to do it right.”


“Wait, I’m appreciating the moment, Evans can quit any moment, you know. So. Deep breath. Prongs, now that you’re dating Evans I just want you to remember that…”






“She has just agreed dating you so I could make my joke. Awesome. But now I guess she is really interested on you… Ew. Oh, God. That’s my fault somehow, what have I done?”

Getting married

“I’ve waited a long time to say this, Prongs. I thought of so many strings of words in a way that makes sense—”

“Well, let’s just say that is not your speciality…”

“Shut the fuck up, don’t interrupt me, thank you. So. Where have I stoped? Oh yeah, right. I mean, I spent literally years holding this words, and now looking at you and thinking holy fucking shit this is really gonna happen…I don’t know how to say it. I’m just…So happy, mate.”

“That’s nice, Pads, I…I don’t know what to say.”

“No, let me finish, this is important. Okay, I’ve waited for this moment and to be honest for a long time I thought it wouldn’t come — sorry — but here we go…”

“… Wait a minute. Pads, don't—”

“Prongs, you need a stag party. OH. MY. GOD. I’M SO COMPLETE RIGHT NOW, THANK YOU EVANS!”


“She just said ‘yes’ so I could make this joke but I guess now she really wants to marry you… Yeah, I know, right?! What is bloody wrong with this woman?”

Becoming a godfather

“So… Evans… I guess you took my ask to serious this time. We probably didn’t need to go this far just for a joke. I know I was crazy to make the Bambi joke since we’ve watched that stupid muggle movie, but… What am I supposed to do with this thing now?”

“My son is not a thing, Padfoot.”

“Yeah, shut up Great Prince of the Forest, we’ve got a problem to solve here okay? And where are his horns?”


well, it starts off with Eggsy-Unwin-refuses-to-sleep headcanons and then transitions into (platonic!) Eggsy and Roxy headcanons~

spoilers under the cut!

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Kosie Fluff | Marry Me


PG | PG-13 | R


Kaden&Josie | Marry Me

“I like this. Being with you.” I mumbled, leaning my head on Kadens shoulder. He rests his head atop mine, and I hear the boy I love sigh with content.
“Me too. I could stay here forever,” He spoke softly, making my heart swell. I looked up at his freshly shaven face, moving my gaze to take in the increible sunset we had come to watch on top of Le Reculet, a small mountain in Vognes, France. We initially came to visit Ahren and Camille, but ended up staying an extra week to backpack around eastern France just to be alone with eachother.
I can’t get enough of him to the point where it becomes terrifying. Every word–every syllable that leaves his beautiful lips is as important as the syllable prior. It feels like some sort of obsession, but I can’t help it. He is my moom, my sun, and every shimmering star in the sky.
“Wow,” I sighed, watching the sun split in half between the sky and the earth.
“It’s beaufitul,” He kissed my hair, making me smile a little.
“You’re beautiful,” I commented and looked up at him. He slid his hand to rest on my neck and brought our lips together, kissing me lustfuly, speaking words beyond our capability. A picture perfect moment, the ones you find only in movies. Thats what it feels like with him. Magical. He feels like a love I never knew was possible.
“Josie?” I rested my head on his shoulder again,
“Yes, babe?” I asked,
He breathed audibly, “Sometimes I think that god didn’t let Kyle and Eadlyn fall in love becuase he knew that it would happen to us, you know? Becuase if they were married, we wouldn’t be able to do this. We couldnt be Kaden and Josie, or as Osten says, "Kosie”. We could only be Kaden, and Josie. And that comma makes a big difference Josie,“ He kept his gaze on the horizon as he spoke.
"Who needs comma’s? Am I right?” I joked, giggling a little at my own joke.
“Not the time for jokes Jo,” He exhaled heavily, using my kickname that belongs to only him “but fuck is your laugh really cute,” He smiled and nussled his nose into my hair before kissing my head and looking at the sunet again.
“Im really glad your sister banned Kyle from the castle,” I bit down on my lip, looking at our entertwined feet that lay stretched out in front of us.
“Me too,”
“I can’t beleive we’re going back in two days,” I mentioned, and after a few comfortably silent minutes of thinking about our recent adventures, he broke the silence
“Marry me,” He said nanchalantly, not taking his gaze away from the sunset.
“Im sorry, what?”
“Marry me, Josie,”
“B-but Kaden, we can’t. Not right now at least, im seventeen and thats really, truthfuly, way too early to get married. I can’t get married right now Kaden, I just cant. My dad would flip, and my mother would never forgive me. I love you, but I can’t,” I explained quickly, hoping I wouldn’t offend him. It was just way too early.
“Not right now,” He laughed, “I dont even have a ring–although I already know what yours will look like. Just, promise me we’ll get married? Whenever your ready, and you’re right, we are a little young, hell I can’t even make myself breakfast. But Josie, I really can’t imagine a life without you being in it. So, in the future, I would really, really like to marry you,” He spoke calmly, looking down at me.
I curled into his body, kissing the side of his chest “Mrs Kaden Schreave, I like the sound of that,”
“Mrs Josie Schreave sounds even better, in my opinion,” He giggled, biting down on his lip.
“I think your right, the future Mr Kaden Woodwork,” I laughed, nuzzling my head into his side.
He really laughed at that one, making me smile “Mr and Mrs Josie Woodwork,” he mumbled, then giggled again. I smiled, leaning up to press a kiss to his lips. I was in love with the right person, and everything felt wholeheartedly right.

Dan Howell Imagine: The Future


You and Dan had decided to spend the day as a lazy day (which was quickly turning into a lazy week), seeing as how you had finally got some time off from uni and all you wanted to do was spend that time with Dan. 

So far, all you two had done was eat, sleep, go on tumblr, cuddle, make out, go on tumblr again, and eat. 

It was going quite well to be honest, all of the stress you were experiencing at university was quickly melting away now that you were with Dan. He was your rock, the one who kept you sane, and honestly, you didn’t know what you’d do without him.

Right now, you guys were having another cuddling session. It was pouring rain outside and you two were wrapped up in each other in his bed. One of his arms was wrapped safely and tightly around your waist while his other hand was making his fingertips dance up and down along your arm. 

You had your head on his chest, feeling his heartbeat and having one of your hands trace patterns into his chest through the black t-shirt he was wearing. Your legs wildly tangled with his and every so often he’d twist his head to give you a loving kiss on your forehead. To which you replied with a small smile and a kiss to his jawline.

The warmth from the blankets and from his body heat made you want to be closer to him all the more, the feeling of being a toasty cinnamon bun taking over you.

It was silent in the apartment, all you could hear was the raindrops falling down harshly outside. 

You decided to break the silence.

“Hey, Dan?”

“Hmm?” he mumbled back.

“Do you ever think about the future?” you asked in a soft voice.

His fingers stopped dancing, now his hand lay flat on your arm. 

“What do you mean?” he asked, his voice suddenly deep and somewhat husky from the sleep trying to take over him.

“Like, do you ever think of what the future holds for us? Do you see a future with me in it?" 

Dan smiled and looked down at you. 

"I can’t picture a future without you in it.”

You sucked in a small breath and looked up at him, your (y/e/c) eyes connecting with his soft, warm, puppy-like chocolate ones. 

“Really?” you asked in a small voice.

He nodded and kissed on your forehead again, softly, yet firmly.

“I don’t want to live in a future without you in it.” he murmured, his face suddenly becoming serious.

You blinked, suddenly becoming shy.

“What do you see?” you murmured back, one of your hands now connecting with his hair and playing with the soft, dark brown strands.

Dan pulled you even closer to him and looked at you with as much love as he could muster up.

“I see you finally graduating from uni with your degree, and me doing bigger and better things with the radio station and with YouTube in general. I see you and I, getting married. I see us having a wedding with every one of our close friends vlogging it because let’s be honest, everyone will have and want to vlog our wedding.”

You giggled and let him continue.

“I see you and me living in an apartment together, and then after maybe a year or two, we get a house. A big house, one that we would be able to start a family with.”

You widened your eyes and suddenly stopped playing with his hair, your heart skipping a beat or two.

“I want to start a family with you. I want kids, like two, maybe three. And we would raise them to be great people. We would raise them to be people who would leave their mark in the history books and in the world in general. We’d be the best parents ever, I honestly believe that.”

You both let out a small giggle, but Dan didn’t stop. He didn’t want to stop. So he kept on going, taking your hand in his and intertwining your fingers together. 

“I see you and me growing old after living a life of happiness, joy, and love together. I see you and me living in the house we bought as a married couple, still lazy as fuck and not wanting to do anything but watch movies, cuddle, eat, make out, and go on tumblr. If they still have that in the future.”

You giggled and pecked his nose lovingly. God, Dan could be so cute sometimes.

“And when we die, we will be buried side by side and whatever happens in the afterlife, we’ll be together. I’ll make sure of it.”

He gave you a small smile before kissing your forehead once more, the love in his eyes still very much prominent.

You immediately pressed your lips onto his and opened his mouth a little, sighing softly into his mouth. You pulled away and Dan rested his forehead on yours.

“That was the sweetest plan for a future I’ve ever heard in my entire life.” you murmured, a giggle escaping your lips.

Dan smiled widely at you and chuckled before softly pressing his lips to yours one more time. 

“I love you.” he mumbled into the kiss.

You smiled.

“I love you too.”, you mumbled back.