god if i could marry a movie

Fantastic Newt

Ok ok so [spoilers ahead] despite all the criticism I could have for fantastic beasts about the plot and the CGI and …johnny depp…the real saving grace of the movie is that Newt Scamander was such a really honestly easy to love character. He was so good and awkward and kind and I thought it was really touching when he said “people usually find me annoying.” Like way to relate to every nerd out there, way to go JK, I would marry him on the spot, him and his dumb walk. My weak heart for people who are good to animals! I swear to god everyone in the theater was crying when they dragged them off and he was yelling “Don’t hurt my creatures!” But then everyone also just like laughed really badly when J. Depp appeared. smh. 

I watched Rings the other night and right after a scene where the cursed tape was played I felt my phone vibrating and my brain lost all common sense and began to panic like OH GOD THIS IS IT, SHE’S COMING FOR ME IN 7 DAYS WHY DID I WATCH THIS FUCKING MOVIE WHYYYYYYY

It turns out my husband had waited for the exact moment when the tape ended to sneakily dial my phone when I wasn’t looking so that he could scare me.