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Things Kishimoto could've done but didn't

- The ROOT/Leaf civil war that he was building up

- Made the 4th ninja war between Leaf/Sand/Rain vs. Cloud/Rock/Mist with Obito & Kabuto pulling the strings

- Have 3 “Madaras” to fix the fucked up time line

- 2nd Madara is Kagami. This makes a better relationship with Kisame and the Mist as Shisui is his son who fought Ao

- Have Naruto and Sasuke have a more romantic relationship and focus on the homophobic nature of the leaf

- Orochimaru’s Transness playing a role in his and Jiraiya’s falling out

- Paid more attention to Sasukes drug use

- More information on the White Fang who obviously made a difference in the Leafs will of fire philosophy

- Made the 1st and 2nd bigger assholes

- Didn’t make the 3rd the nicest fakest hokage

- Show that the blatant sexism within the series is because of the village system. Like if ninja families got rid of their daughters

- Show the sufferings of the civilians and their conversion into ninja life. There is only a ninja Academy in the leaf and it appears there is no other educational system implemented for children forcing them into being child soldiers.

Add more if you wish. Honestly there are tons.

Oh god

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You hadn’t been feeling particularly well lately. You had gotten up this morning and puked. Eliot blamed it on the old takeout you had had for dinner the previous night and you agreed with him.

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ok i’m not usually like this but tomorrow i make the biggest presentation of my school career and i’m also 4 away from my next hundred… so waking up to see i’ve reached that goal might make me feel a little more confident about this whole thesis presentation thing lol


*slams down offering and yodels*

slay me @cubert‘s WD & Aster is just too cute for my heart what even is this, I am so captured by these tiny fonts what the s h i t.

a+ content for the soul, they’re just delightful. 10/10 would draw again. 

(super fond of the smols but also dang the tols are hella cute. gdi.)


Also, idk, worked up some small dumb headcanons for ‘em along the way? mmmight as well share..

- WD’s left handed, Aster’s right handed, Gaster is skilfully ambidextrous?

- WD does the pinky thing to steady a long pen stroke.

- Is also the more ticklish of the two?

- And pokes his tongue out when concentrating.

- Aster thinks it’s all freaking adorable idk

*shrugs self into the void* ahahahaahhh hhhh


overwatch: favorite skins

ra & nomad

 *slams mouse so far to the left it flies into a wall*

no but really though. pretty please. this option. episode 5. please.

(this may or may not be a partner to the fic i wrote earlier today???? it’s not an exact parallel to any actual moment in it but it’s similar idk)

What if the planets were named after their Greek counterparts?

Photo posted on twitter earlier of David Tennant filming on the set of Mad To Be Normal