god i'm taking forever to answer these

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the 100 for the ask thing (let's see how many weeks it takes you for this one jgdghskd sORRY)

asfbafbübf siKE I WILL ANSWER IT IMMEDIATLY MUHAHA (for real tho, drAG ME)

  • favorite male: bellamy ‘i will name my children after greek gods’ blake
  • favorite female: raven ‘i am the only reason why y’all survived’ reyes
  • favorite pairing: blarke practically own my life tbqh
  • least favorite character: probably echo?? idk tho I am kinda fine with her now? I guess it’s alie then lmao
  • who’s most like me: whoever it was who died first on earth tbqh…in all seriousness tho, i mean i relate to bell bc he’s hella protective over o and like?? same for me and my brother?? idk tbh, just someone who died very early in a very stupid way, bc i’m not as badass as these kids are
  • most attractive: raven and bellamy like W O W but most of the cast is hot af bc cw
  • three more characters that I like: I truly like almost every character but my faves beside bell and raven are monty, clarke and murphy

give me a series and I’ll tell you…

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i just saw ur oikawa and i li t er ally di e d h ol y mol y your art is so frickin cool i really ca n n o t im imploding from your art skillz lemmie tell ya i really love oikawa and seeing your art and him drawn by your hand makes me scream im jus t ho ly. i love your art so much lik e d an G keep drawing like forever pls

OH MY GOD thank you so much!! (つ﹏⊂) 

Have a smol Oikawa in his alien pyjamas! ゚*。(・∀・)゚*。