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you know how in some stories people's thoughts can gather and slowly become a god or a monster. Do you think if enough people believe, you could become a god version of Isayama? I know it's weird but I'm sleep deprived so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Lol I have no idea what you mean, but hey, sure :’D


//so Tumblr ate my post. Goddammit. Anyways. Back to gushing about this notebook here. It’s super cool and it feels super cool and I love it and yeah. And the design is super cool too and look at the adorable watermark and even the actual cover is cool. Plus it has both lined and space so I can draw my OC’s and write about them and just aaaaaaaa I’m so happy

It’s the last day and also Deku’s birthday, so. Also I promised more of the Villain!Todoroki AU so here’s that too. (Multitasking!) This is a sequel of sorts so read that first!

tddk week day 7: endings/beginnings

From the start, Izuku knew that being in contact with villains could put his life in danger. They were dangerous, volatile and didn’t respect the law. Even Shouto, who Izuku has slowly grown close to, was still capable of truly evil things like freeze a whole truckload of money and then set it on fire in the middle of one of the hero rallies.Villains did what they wanted to do, and Izuku couldn’t comprehend most of their choices.

But thinking that was probably his mistake.

Shouto promised him that no harm will ever come to him from the villains. They worked against the law but everyone that helped the Make-A-Wish Foundation had a certain level of goodness that shone. They had a code of their own, and Shouto personally promised that they will stick by it. The Creator, for example, showed up as promised and did not do anything bad when she met with the kids who wanted to meet her. (Being able to make anything from thin air was the most magical quirk in most of the children’s eyes.)

Earphone Jack, when called upon, did a private concert for the teens who admired her coolness. Tsukuyomi also showed up once in the middle of the night for the kids who wanted to meet him.

All the villains did as promised, and Shouto always pulled through. (Nobody asked to meet villains like Tomura, so there was never a problem about actual murderers being called upon. Izuku was glad at least that children instinctively knew where the line was, despite having quite the skewed perspective on heroes and villains.)

In the end, what Izuku should have been worried about were the heroes.

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(Whoop, hope this fills your space god fluff needs!
Featuring two characters I might develop into proper OC’s, Sam and Ghaleus. both are complete and utter sweetie pie nerds!
Don’t exactly know how I’d draw them together since Sam is practically microscopic compared to their friend…
Story features much platonic affection and a big blushy bby (or two actually, they both blushy bbys tbh)

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Pro tip: do not get emotionally invested in a ship where even kissing may very well be a physical impossibility


(really never) (ever)

(this is the thread that is the reason)

#221back rollercoaster
  • Yesterday evening: OMG OMG what are they doing, what what what
  • Yesterday night: What is this, tomorrow? An announcement on an announcement? These people are being so british I can't take it.
  • Midnight: what are they announcing? Christmas Special? A Moriarty video? Johnlock being canon? I can't sleep
  • Today 2.21 a.m. : 12 hours, this will be the death of me
  • Today 8.00 a.m : Maybe is nothing. Those little sh*ts.
  • Today 10.00 a.m. : If it's nothing I will skiiiinnnn yoouu and make you into shoes
  • Today 12.30 p.m. : Eat?!? I'm sick to my stomach, who on this EARTH could eat ANYTHING at all
  • Today 1.50 p.m. : oh God, pleaaaaseeee let this torture end!!!
  • Today 2.22 p.m. : That's it?!? You little f*ckers, you're not telling me anything worth this angst
  • Today 2.35 p.m. : Altough, it is nice to know the precise dates. We had no certainty at all. Is that Redbeard?!? Gatiss has Redbeard as a... What does it mean? Did he fake his death too?!?
  • Today 5.20 p.m. : Oh God, I haven't able to work AT ALL, I'm sleep deprived and anxious about S4
  • Today 9.30 p.m. : Johnlock Johnlock Johnlock Johnlock Johnlock Johnlock Johnlock Johnlock Johnlock Johnlock
  • Today 10.30 p.m. : *crying while watching TSOT* i'm so f*cking happy they made the announcement, I hope I won't die in the next 2 1/2 years *snorts*