god i'm a whiner though

Dear Universe,

I missed Supernatural AND Elementary AND still haven’t sent my draft to Jack because of you and your very bad timing with the life and the illness and the falling asleep on the couch at six o'clock. Be consistent–do I sleep at night or don’t I? (And yes I’m blaming you for this, because lying in bed staring at the ceiling for three hours is the definition of trying to sleep, and turning my computer on does NOT equate to plans of passing out.) (And now two of my friends probably think I’m ignoring them and I dunno how to approach them and say I’m not but JACK AND JEN I LOVE YOUR FACES!) (But do you see what you did?) (Do you see. What. You. Did.) (Stop it with the narcosleepy, you sadistic mother of fuck.)

Your Whiny Bitch,