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Literally the first time Juno sees Nureyev Rex Glass he talks about how “he looked like he was happy to see me and like he’d be just as happy to kill me, if push came to shove. It wasn’t an unpleasant look, all things considered…” Which in my mind loosely translates to “If he slaughtered me right here and now, well, at least he’s hot” and I know a lot of people cite Alessandra decking him as the joke for his pain kink but this is also a pretty great line


Six times Jimin was jealous and one time he didn’t have to be.

Jimin x reader

Genre: fluff (tiny amount of angst?)

Warnings: swearing

Rated: T (teen) for some kissing *eyebrow wiggle*

To set the mood, try listening to One Direction’s “I wish” and/or Justin Bieber & Rascal Flatts’ “That should be me” because why the hell not?

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The first time Jimin was jealous, was a thursday. They were doing stage rehearsals for their upcoming concert. All the boys were backstage monitoring themselves, when they heard you were coming. Of course, like usual, they were thrilled by the news - so thrilled they decided to surprise you when you visited, or more like Jungkook, Taehyung and Jin decided that. 

Jimin was sitting on the sofa tweeting to ARMY’s that he was excited for the concert. He had filmed a short video of himself with a bunny filter on. The usual. He didn’t notice what the boys had planned so he himself was surprised when you walked through the door and squeaked with surprise when a coffee cup, that had been filled with water, fell from above you and completely soaked your hair and sweater. The boys doubled over from laughter, but fell completely silent when you sent them an intense glare. The only one who didn’t stop laughing was Jungkook who just sauntered over and ruffled you hair while he cackled evilly. “You can borrow my hoodie” he said and threw it at you.

 Jimin seethed, how could he be so disrespectful? He was going to have a real talk with that kid, but first he had to take care of you.  He grabbed one of the clean towels they use to wipe their sweat with and started dabbing your hair dry. You smiled thankfully at him and his heart fluttered in his chest. 

“How come I’m younger than all of you but I’m the most mature?” you mumbled slightly laughing. Jimin was glad you didn’t sound too angry, you were never angry with them. 

“I’m gonna teach that kid a lesson I swear to god, I wish he wasn’t physically superior compared to me otherwise I would have beat his ass already” you grumbled and looked over Jimin’s shoulder. Jimin didn’t need to ask to know where you were looking, he could feel Jungkook’s presence. 

“I know!” you exclaimed but lowered you voice “I’m gonna kiss him, he’s acting cocky now but can you just imagine his face? He won’t be able to look me in the eye for days” you whispered and wiggled your eyebrows wickedly. Jimin almost choked on his saliva and had to double check your expression to see if you were joking. You weren’t. Jimin felt his stomach churn with the sight of you on your toes pressing your lips against Jungkook’s. He had to bite his tongue hard not to go strangle the kid. Instead he looked you straight in the eyes and clenched his jaw before speaking 

“Do. Not. Kiss. Him” he spoke heatedly but you only grinned at him. “Aw, someone’s a little jealous huh?” Jimin swallowed nervously, had he been too obvious?

 “Don’t worry I’m sure that if you ask nicely, Jungkook will allow you a kiss on the cheek” you laughed and Jimin threw the towel in your face acting like he was annoyed with you, but really, it was to hide his relief.

The second time Jimin was jealous, was a monday morning in february where the boys minus Yoongi and Jin, were out playing snowball fight in the park close to their dorms. You had gotten up at the ass crack of dawn to take the subway because both you and the boys were off schedule that day. By the time you had gotten all of the boys out of bed and into warm clothing, the gentle snow that had been there since you woke up had now covered everything in a thick layer of white. 

The second you arrived at the park, Namjoon had picked up a snowball and thrown it right in the back of your scarf covered neck. Not long after you were all stumbling around giggling and throwing snow at each other. At some point Jimin noticed you and Namjoon were standing very close, with his arms around you while you were struggling to catch your breath after he had chased you down. He placed a giant pile of snow on top of your head and howled with laughter as you let out a shrill scream. Jimin watched with clenched fists as Namjoon pushed the soaked hair behind your ears and cupped your red cheeks with his big hands. You looked so small next to him. 

Jimin wished he was the one standing so close to you and he couldn’t quite figure out why. It’s because you like her a voice sounding an awful lot like Yoongi said in the back of his mind.

A snowball hit his face, distracting him from his thoughts and maybe he threw the next snowball a little too harshly and ended up almost blinding Hoseok. He’d survive.

The third time Jimin was jealous, you were at the supermarket with him and Jin. You were planning on making a nice warm dinner here in the cold wintertime with the boys since you hadn’t seen them in a while. You were walking in the candy aisle with Jin, while Jimin was standing to the off side watching you. Apparently Jin had said one of his dad jokes, but Jimin couldn’t laugh because he saw you grab onto Jin’s arm with your delicate fingers while you wheezed with laughter. 

You hadn’t noticed the yellow sign warning you that the floor was slippery, so you did an exaggerated dance and slipped. Jimin almost yelled out in shock but it got stuck in his throat when Jin’s arm slid around your waist to steady you and let it stay there even when you had picked all the ingredients and were ready to pay. Why did you let him touch you like this, why didn’t you do anything to stop him? It’s not like you were dating? 

Jimin was bitter for the rest of the day but no one said anything. He had been rather cranky for weeks now and the boys had given up on trying. They were giving him some space.

The fourth time Jimin was jealous the snow had disappeared and was replaced with rain. Jimin and Jungkook had been at dance practice till late and were on their way back to the dorms when it started pouring down like Noah’s ark. 

You had taken the bus that day so you had to run from the bus stop to the dorms, and of course you had arrived with your clothing and hair completely soaked through. Hoseok, being the caring person he is, had lent you some of his clothing and let you cuddle up to him under a warm blanket while you watched TV. 

When Jimin walked into the dorms the first thing he noticed was you and Hobi looking very cozy, with your head resting over his chest and his arm around you. Jimin wanted nothing more than to yank his hyung’s hand off of you, then he noticed the clothes you were wearing. Hoseoks clothes. 

Jimin rushed to get to his room where he immediately stripped and went in the shower for a very long hour, and only walked out into the living room when he had heard the door closing after you had left. He refused to talk with Hoseok the next two days which was kinda problematic, because they were learning new choreographies. 

The boys had held a meeting where they spoke to Jimin about his mood but he refused to give them a reason. They all knew what the reason was but they didn’t dare touch the subject.

The fifth time Jimin was jealous, he didn’t even see you in person. It was quite a sunny day actually, and you felt that spring was slowly creeping over the city. The trees came back to life and the mornings were filled with singing birds. 

Jimin didn’t like the weather or anything else at that moment to be honest. He was lying sick in bed while you and the rest of the boys were out having fun. You had originally planned to bring all of Bangtan and wanted to move it to another date when Jimin fell sick, but he refused to ruin your fun and told you to do it without him. So you went to the swimming pool without Jimin. 

While he was lying there in his bed though he cursed his immune system for failing him, when he saw that Hoseok had updated Twitter with a video. Jimin clicked on it and it buffered a little before the video started playing. 

It showed you standing in all you golden glory with a sinful bathing suit that showed off your curves perfectly. Jimin almost drooled but his mouth went completely dry when Taehyung with a very much bare torso picked you up in his arms and smiled down at you as you glared warningly at him before screeching as your bodies hit the water, you wrapped your arms around his neck as you couldn’t reach the bottom of the pool and that’s when the video cut off with a squeal of laughter from Hoseok. 

Jimin rewatched the video again and again until his eyes were starting to sting with angry and frustrated tears. Never had he ever been so mad at himself for getting sick. He wanted to be the one you were clinging too because your feet couldn’t reach the bottom. 

He felt like Hoseok in the video was laughing at him for being so pathetic.

The sixth time Jimin was jealous was a week later. He was back again working on their comeback with the others, he was dropping by Yoongi’s studio with some coffee. He had bought an americano for him because he wanted to thank him for taking care of him when he was sick, but he was too embarrassed to just say it out loud. 

Coffee would have to do, but as he slowly opened the door to the studio he saw you. Smiling and staring fondly at Yoongi. You had Yoongi’s headphones covering your ears and your head was slowly nodding to the beat of the music.Your eyes lingered on Yoongi’s before drifting closed while he caressed your knee where his hand was placed. When the song had ended you looked at him gleefully and placed your hand over his. 

“That was amazing Yoongi, I love it” you spoke softly and Jimin’s blood boiled. That voice was the one you used when you spoke to him. His grip on the plastic cup was so tight, it crumpled in his hand, he let go of it by reflex so the cup fell to the ground and the coffee soaked his jeans. 

“Ah, shit!” he exclaimed earning your attention. “Jimin! Be careful” you rushed to help him clean the floor, Yoongi completely forgotten. He still couldn’t get the picture out of his head though..

Jimin was sitting on the sofa backstage before their comeback, he had gotten his makeup done and was now waiting for the others to be done while he went through the choreo in his head. You sat down next to him and he tensed up immediately. 

“I have a question, since, you’re a guy and all” you said and turned your body towards him, he nodded slowly motioning for you to keep going. 

“So, I like this guy and I think he likes me too… But he isn’t doing anything about it, he just tenses up whenever I speak to him, but gets jealous when I’m around other guys” you sighed… Jimin felt something flare in his chest, but didn’t say anything to start with. You liked someone? Who? Jimin doubted he was good enough for you since he didn’t do anything, he should have. If he really liked you. 

“Are you sure he likes you too? I mean maybe he just thinks you’re nice?” Jimin had expected a worried lip bite or maybe a slight shrug. Instead you just looked rather… curious? 

“Oh really? but would he get jealous then? I was thinking he might be holding himself back because he doesn’t think I like him back or maybe he’s just too shy…” you trailed off letting your eyes trail up from the point on his chest to stare directly into his eyes. Jimin swallowed and broke the eye contact to see if the others were about to be done, or if he could throw this on someone else but everyone seemed to be busy so he just sighed. 

“Yeah, you’re probably right”. This time Jimin expected a smile of some sort, but instead your eyebrows furrowed and you clenched your jaw. “Jimin?” he hummed in response “Is there not anyone you like?” Jimin choked on air, and almost felt his heart leap out of his chest when he felt your warm hand rubbing his back “Uh, I mean, yeah, uh, there is.. Someone I like?” it came out as a question and you lifted an eyebrow, when Jimin just shrugged you scoffed and for a moment you looked angry “You really are blind, aren’t you?” Jimin stared confused at you and let his eyes run over your face - you looked almost… sad. Jimin could feel himself getting angry. 

“I don’t know what you are talking about, what does my ability to see have to do with your stupid crush on some idiot” he hissed. You looked at him and tears had sprung in the corners of your eyes. Shit, he fucked up. “You’re right, It’s a stupid crush on some idiot” your voice wavered.

“An idiot named Park Jimin” you said and practically ran out of the room. Jimin sat there speechless. He felt like all of the air had been knocked out of his lungs. He barely registered what you had actually said before he was sprinting out of the room.

He didn’t catch up with you until he reached the parking lot where it was raining, once again. He saw you walking briskly towards the bus stop, and even though he was already breathless from running down the stairs he sprinted towards you and didn’t stop when he reached you, instead he ran straight into you wrapping his arms around your shoulders from behind. You gasped from the surprise, but as soon as you recovered you started struggling against his grip. Jimin let go of you, only to turn you around and press his lips against yours. This time you didn’t fight him. You could feel yourself becoming putty in his hands and he smiled into the kiss. 

“Alie” he whispered and looked at you, or tried, since there was raindrops in his lashes and his hair hang in front of his eyes. Both of you were completely soaked from top to toe but none of you seemed to care. 

“Shit, I don’t even know what to say - I’m so bad at feelings and I always end up making things awkward and honestly you are so right, I am completely blind. I swear I had no idea, I guess I didn’t want to believe it or somethi-” you cut him off with a brief touch of your lips on his. 

“I’m sorry I called you an idiot - but you, like, totally deserved that” you murmured and Jimin nodded in agreement before flashing his angelic smile and kissing you again. and again. 

- Six times to be exact, because he did have a comeback to attend to and he knew you would be there when he finished. You had all the time in the world.

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A/n: ^^ this was legit me when writing this at 4 am lol. Thanks to @fightme-bangtan for reading this through <33 

I always wanted a brother or a sister. My mom gave me so much love and was my best friend, but I wish I had a sibling. My cousins were also like my brothers, but I think it’s still different when you have a brother or sister. I guess I will never know how it feels but that’s why I, God willing, want to have a lot of kids. I also feel like when you are an only child you don’t know how to share that much. Even though my parents taught me how to work hard for what I want and never just gave me everything, I feel like I need to know how to share a little bit more.

Absolutely Smitten (I’ll Never Let You Go)

Summary: In which Dan is a much-adored primary school music teacher, and Phil is just the science teacher who can’t keep his mind off of him. But when the students notice and try to get in on the action, will Phil finally work up the courage to ask Dan out? Based on this prompt from Phanfic.

Word Count: 4k

Genre: Fluff

Extra tags: Getting together, teacher AU, pure fluff

Warnings: none

Read on ao3

A/N: As an elementary education major currently in my second year of college, I immediately knew this prompt was absolutely perfect for me and there was no way I couldn’t write this. I mean, come on, wouldn’t they just make the perfect teachers? Anyway, I hope you enjoy!!

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The Joker x Reader -“ELLIS”

Nothing is ever easy with him, but this time he really crossed the line. If The Joker doesn’t care about anything at all, what is the point of you two being together? Unless…maybe he gives a damn about at least one thing.

You always drive back to Gotham on lonely, deserted roads, trying to avoid traffic as much as possible.

“J, we’re close to our cabin, we should stop and spend the night; just me and you, yes?” you smile, attempting to be cheerful and lightening up the mood.

“I don’t feel like it!” he bitterly replies, keeping his eyes on the road.

“We’re almost at the turn we have to take to get there. Come on… please?”

“NO! I told you I don’t feel like it!” he snarls, clenching his fingers on the steering wheel. You place your hand on his thigh, caressing it with your thumb:

“Baby, it’s not my fault the meeting didn’t go well.”

He pushes your hand away, still fuming. You look outside the window and take a deep breath, watching the sun going down behind the trees.

“J, come on, don’t be like this…You know I love you,” you tilt your head towards him, hoping he will change his mind.

“Right!!” he scoffs with a sour expression on his face.

“What is that supposed to mean?” you ask, getting restless.

“It means whatever you want it to mean!” the Joker snaps, quickly glancing your way.“You don’t love me, nobody does!” he hisses, being in such a foul mood he can barely concentrate on driving.

“Yeah…I wonder why…” you mutter but he heard you and it makes him even more enraged. You start massaging your temples; you really don’t need this after all the stuff that happened lately.

“J…why did we get married?” you ask, closing your eyes, thinking how much you wish your lives were different.

“Because we’re idiots, Y/N, that’s why!” he angrily raises his voice, accelerating. “Thank God you had the miscarriage three months ago because the kid would have probably had your attitude. I don’t think I could handle two of you!”

He hears you sniffle and your voice breaks down when you address him:

“Why…why do you say such cruel things?” and you start sobbing, deeply hurt by his words. “Stop the car…” you manage to speak through tears. “Stop the car!!!!” you suddenly hit the window with your first and he slams the breaks, unnerved.

You get out fast, taking your wedding ring off and tossing it in his lap:

“Here, consider yourself divorced!” you slam the door, frantically wiping your tears. He just grunts, annoyed and screams back at you:
“Fine! I don’t need you anyway!”

“I don’t need you either!” you yell, whimpering, feeling so miserable you can’t wait for him to go away.

“I hope you die in these woods!” The Joker growls, taking off in a frenzy, aggravated.

“I won’t give you the satisfaction!” you shout, crossing your arms on your tummy, watching him disappear in the distance. You turn around and start walking back towards the hidden unpaved, unmarked road that leads to your cabin. It should be about 10-15 minutes away by foot. You recently passed the spot by car so it shouldn’t be too far. Add about 2 more hours of walking until you reach the destination and you should be there before it gets really dark.

You walk rather slow, deep in thought; being outdoors does make you feel a little bit better. It takes you more than 2 hours, but you are finally at the hideout. You go inside and turn the lights on, looking through your supplies to see what you could munch on. You decide to make a tea and wrap yourself in a blanket, then head out to the porch so you can enjoy the silence you crave so badly.

You have your little backpack with you and search inside until you find the ultrasound picture you kept from when it was confirmed you were pregnant. Your eyes get teary again and you kiss the small image, talking to yourself:
“He only wishes you would have been like me…” you sadly smile and your grieving is interrupted by the sound of tires approaching.

Oh, no, what is he doing here? you panic, covering your head with the hoodie in a failed effort to calm down.

He gets out of the car and slams the door as hard as he can, staring you down.

“W-what are you doing here?” you inquire, shriveling down under your fluffy cover. J walks the stairs up to the porch, barking your way:

“I wanted to see if you died on your way here this way I can bury you. It would have given me great pleasure.”

“I’m not sorry to disappoint,” you sneer, still holding the little picture to your chest.

“What’s that?” The Joker points towards it, even if he already has an idea.

“Nothing you care about…”, you chew on your words, making an extra effort to keep your composure as you return your treasure to the backpack.

He takes a seat on the bench that’s the furthest from you, legs up on the railing, trying to light up a cigarette when you unexpectedly rush to yank it out of his hand and toss it to the ground, stepping on it:

“You quit two years ago!”

“Give it a rest before you make me mad!” J growls, taking out the full pack of cigarettes but you snatch it from him, breaking and tearing it to pieces, frustrated about everything and taking it on his nasty habit.

He takes a deep breath, trying not to lose his temper and warns you:

“Stop your shit, Y/N, you’re pissing me off!”

You don’t even care and continue:

“Go back to Gotham, I want to be alone! I don’t want you here, go away!” you shriek through your clenched teeth, heading back inside, trying not to cry.

“I don’t care about what you want; this is my hideout too!” you hear him grumble and don’t care for the rest since you step inside the bathroom, closing the door. You are so ready for a shower and a bit of sleep to calm down the tension you feel in every muscle of your body.

15 minutes into it and J parts the curtain to the side, making you jump since you didn’t hear him sneak in.

“Make room, I want to take a shower too,” he commands, getting inside.

“Go take a shower in the other bathroom!” you plead, irritated he’s so inconsiderate.

“I like this one better!” he kind of shoves you to the side, getting under the warm water.

“Fine, you can have it!” you give up, grabbing your towel and step outside when he tries to snatch you.

“Where are you going? I wanna wash your hair!” he angrily yells after you, unhappy you’re defiant…again.

“I already washed it myself!” you slam the door and J continues his tirade, tossing shampoo and body wash bottles around the bathtub in his tantrum.  

I just need some peace and quiet, why can’t I have that? you think while resting your back against the door for a few seconds, sensing your anxiety is going to reach new levels soon.

The Joker took his time in there but now he’s finally done. He searches for you inside the cabin but you are not there. He peeks out of the window and notices you are dozing off on the couch to the left side of the porch, covered in blankets. Perfect time to rant some more, you are definitely going to hear about how much you annoyed him today!

But when he sees you are in a deep sleep, something stops him. The corner of the ultrasound picture sticks out a bit from under your pillow and he slowly pulls it out, glaring at it for a few good minutes before putting it back with a remorseful sigh. He takes a deep breath and grabs more blankets from the pile on the table and covers you with them, keeping just one for himself. J also brings the gun from the car and seats on the chair next to yours, awake all night because he believes a wild animal might creep up on you.

When the first rays of sunshine pierce through the thick fog, he finally loses the battle and closes his eyes, exhausted. He wakes up three hours later, wrapped in a dozen blankets, not feeling the cold he braved last night anymore; it gets so chilly in these woods after sunset.

He finds breakfast and hot coffee inside but you are gone again. Probably hiking at your favorite spot, J assumes, munching on a few goodies from his plate. You’ve been away for a while and he decides to search for you, he doesn’t even know why. You aren’t too far, just about a mile away behind the cabin, legs crossed in the grass, reading a magazine under your umbrella and enjoying the warm temperature. You hear him approach and you don’t lift your eyes up. He doesn’t say a word and just imitates your position a few steps away from you.

“What are you doing?” you coldly question him, not thrilled of his presence.

“Nothing,” The Joker barely bothers to answer.

You exhale, turning the page and fighting not to pay attention to his nonsense:

“You can’t stay in the sun, you know you burn easily,” you grunt, indirectly inviting him to get lost.

“So? Why do you care? Mind your own business!” and he lets himself go on his back, enjoying the hot sun.

“You’ll burn badly, go in the shadow,” J distinguishes your low voice urging him to move.

He ignores your warning and after a few more moments he opens his eyes to see your umbrella by his head, shielding half of his body from the sun and you walking away.

She’s so obnoxious, I really hate her, is the last thought he has before closing his eyes again and falling asleep shortly after since he’s so tired.


You are nowhere to be found. The Joker searched the cabin and around it but you vanished.

Good, maybe she fell from a cliff and my problems are done, he maliciously grins, relieved and hoping for his wish to come true, but after a few seconds the evil smile freezes on his lips as he notices your backpack is gone. And the small post-it on the fridge he didn’t see before makes him cringe:

“I’m going back to Gotham.”  

Crazy woman, walking alone in the woods, J growls, taking the car keys out of his pocket and heading outside.


You discern the sound of the engine getting closer and closer and quicken your pace, not understanding why you can’t have a moment to yourself when you are very entitled to it. He passes you by and turns the car sideways, slamming on the breaks, gets out of the car and awaits your arrival, his blue eyes so dark it would make you hesitate on your decision.

Yet you avoid looking at him and attempt to go around when he rolls his eyes, fed up with your behavior and stomps towards you, lifting you up and slamming you on the hood, making you seat there against your will while you struggle to get down. J is blocking your way, not budging when you struggle to escape.

“Where are you going, hm? Are you really trying to get on my nerves?” he pins your hands behind your back, watching tears of frustrations forming in your eyes but you are too strong to let him win and swallow your vexation, finally looking at him.

“I’m walking back to Gotham,” you mutter, defying his blue gaze.

“It’s a long walk, Doll,” he pushes you up on the hood even more, making sure you can’t move.

“Why do you care? You don’t care about anything, not even…about…”  and you can’t control yourself anymore and start sobbing, thinking about the mean things he said to you yesterday that hurt you so much. J knows exactly what you are referring to and sucks on his cheeks, gulping, finally speaking up on the subject:

“I did care about that…”

You shake your head in denial, whimpering, dismissing his words so he repeats:

“I did care about that.”

“N-no you d-didn’t,” you cry harder and The Joker sets your hands free, backing out just a bit so you can slide down towards him.

“I did, I cared about that,” he insists, rolling up the sleeve on his left arm to point out the huge “ELLIS” tattoo on his forearm. “Why do you think I got the name on my skin and didn’t remove it? I will always keep it, do you hear me? I did care…” his voice breaks a bit and wipes your tears, lifting your chin up, forcing you to look at him again.

Ellis is the name you two picked for the baby when you found out you were pregnant, fit for a boy or a girl. You were so excited and over the moon you didn’t have patience to wait any longer. But it wasn’t meant to be…

Since you can’t stop crying and he grows impatient, J yanks you in his arms, hugging you while you want to push him away.

“I did care…” he continues to whisper in your ear over and over again until he feels your body relaxing and your arms go around his waist, hugging him back really tight. Since you still won’t stop crying, he caresses your hair, tightening his grip on you too. He senses tears menacing to roll down his cheeks but he brushes the awkward feeling away, because it’s not like him to show any weakness. Instead, he chooses to be The Joker and he has to admit to himself it really takes a lot of effort this time around:

“…Say, Princess, are we still divorced?”

“U-hum,” you manage to squeal, sobbing on his chest.

“That’s too bad, I was hoping to get some tonight,” and he kind of sadly smiles when you pinch his side.” Since I’m here and you’re here, can we at least have an affair?”

“Stop your stupid jokes,” you scold him, sniffling. He kisses your temple and helps you down, regaining his posture, but still holds your hand.

He seems surprised when you push yourself against his body and make him pay attention to what you have to say:

“You can lash out at me, but…” and your voice shakes ”…you can’t say anything mean about our poor baby, do you hear me?” There is so much pain and grief in your voice that he has no choice but to nod yes.

“Don’t ever say anything mean about Ellis… promise?” and you cup his face, waiting for the answer.

“I promise,” he agrees so fast he shocks himself.

“Good then, now you are allowed to drive me back to Gotham,” you announce and take your backpack off, going around the car to get in on the passenger’s side. “Did you lock the cabin?”

“I did,” J reports and can’t help bickering as he starts to drive away:

Allowed to drive you back, Pumpkin?! Like it’s what, a privilege??!!”

“Damn right it is!” you raise your voice and look out the window, ignoring the outburst.

“Pffttt, lucky me…” he grumbles but takes your hand and kisses it. You don’t object and scoot over towards him, silently leaning your head on his shoulder.

“Hey, Kitten, are we still divorced? Or do you want your ring back? I have it in my jacket.”

“I guess you’re allowed to give it back to me when we get home,” you decide with an indifferent tone.

Allowed to give it back??! Like it’s what, a privilege??!” he mocks, taking the turn towards the main road.

“Damn right it is!” you elbow him and he frowns, aggravated:

“Pffttt, lucky me…”

“You are lucky!” you cut him off, lifting your eyebrows with an attitude.

“Maybe just a little bit…” he admits and it makes you smirk, clenching to his arm even more.

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God’s Confession

gif is not mine

Title: God’s Confession

Pairing: God!Chuck x Reader

Word Count: 1,103

Warnings: angst/fluff

A/N: This was requested by an non! I hope you all enjoy this! I love you all so much! <3 <3

You stood in the hallway as Dean and Sam talked to God, or Chuck as he called himself.  How could Chuck turn out to be God?  You couldn’t grasp onto it.  You met Chuck such a long time ago and never once did you think he could be God.  

As Dean and Sam left the library, you exchanged glances with them, walking in after them.  His expression seemed to brighten at the mere sight of you, but that was about to change.  Chuck’s smile quickly faded as he averted his eyes from you.

“I was hoping you wouldn’t be upset with me, but I can see that’s not the case,” Chuck mumbled, exhaling heavily.  “I don’t understand why you’re upset with me [Y/N].  What did I do wrong?”

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Break ups and make ups - Jughead x Reader

Request: Hiya, wondering if you could write a Jug x Reader where you go through a hard breakup and Jug makes you feel better? Angst would be nice, as well!

Warnings: Angst, fights, swears, the usual for my stories to be honest

Word count: 

A/N: I loved writing this. AND Italics mean either thoughts or flashbacks x

Jughead was walking down Archie’s street, he had just spent hours at Pop’s writing his novel and now he was headed home (Archies), he knew Archie would have left the back door open so he didn’t have to wake anyone up.

He passed your house, as usual there was no car in the drive as your parents always left for ‘Vacations’ or ‘business trips’ he frowned as he remembered why he and the Y/C/H girl didn’t talk anymore you guys went from the best of friends to no contact whatsoever.

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Jealous [Stiles Stilinski x Reader]

Originally posted by sarcasticallystilinski

Requested : No

Summary : (Y/N) has had a crush on Stiles for ages but he likes Lydia, or so she thinks. She is asked out by someone but Stiles arrives feelings arise and the day ends in a way (Y/N) hadn’t expected.

Warnings : nope! Just some good ol’ fluff

A/N : This my first oneshots so some feedback and requests would be really nice. Thanks! hope you enjoy! Please don’t repost 

Lacrosse practice today, Stiles asked me to go, does that mean he likes me? Or was it just out of friendship? I know it’s probably the latter but here I am, writing about my obsession about this one guy. Anyways it’s not like he’s ever going to read this. It’s funny, I just wish he liked me back, but he’s always had eyes for Lydia Martin. I barely exist when she’s there. God! I wish, I just wish he would see me as more than a friend! But, that’s completely and utterly impossible. I guess I should try moving on? That kid, Jack Clayton is cute and nice to me plus, he seems to be into me. Yeah, step 1- get a date with Jack.

At lacrosse

“Come on Bilinski! Run faster!” Coach yelled at Stiles, you laughed at the mistake made at his last name, Lydia was talking to Kira while you were watching the practice; he probably invited her while Scott invited Kira, you thought.

The guys had been running around for an hour and a half, Lydia was talking to you because Kira had started training with the boys by coach’s order. Then, the whistle blew, practice was over, you left to go home but, something or rather someone caught your hand.

It was Jack, “Hey (Y/N), I was wondering if you would like to go bowling with me next Saturday?”

Well, that was easier than I planned, you thought. You were about to answer him yes when a hand wrapped itself around your waist and you heard a voice, *GIF* “Sorry Clayton, she’s busy.” He said roughly, it was Stiles, “Now scam” and he did just that.

After he left, you turned to face Stiles “What the hell was that Stiles?!” you exclaimed, “You had no right to do this!”

“I didn’t want you to get hurt!” he answered

“I can protect myself! You should know that with how I handled the supernatural events!”

“Yeah? Well he was going to use you!”

“How do you know that? I wanted to go out with him to get over my stupid crush on you!” you covered your mouth after you realized what you said, your eyes welling up while Stiles stood there shocked.

“There! I said it, I love you and I don’t care because you will never like me back!” That’s when he came back to reality,

“You could not be more wrong.” He said before smashing his lips against yours, it took a few seconds for you to realize what was happening. You melted into the kiss, your lips molding together perfectly, fireworks bursting in your stomach. The kiss seemed to last for hours when, finally, he pulled back to breathe.

“I love you so much more than as a friend so, (Y/N) (L/N), will you be my girlfriend?”

“Yes” you both smiled and connected your lips together again.

Thinking About the Disciples...

Okay, this is a super long post, so I’ll put most of it under a readmore.

But it really bugs me sometimes how much we let Jesus and his disciples fade into these two-dimensional painted icons, with no personality or emotion. I mean, I’m as guilty as anyone in this, but I think it’s important to remember that they were real people with real personalities and feelings and reactions?

It’s easiest to see in Peter, I guess. The loudmouth, the brash one, the confident guy who always spoke first and thought later… I relate to Peter so much.

But the rest of the twelve kind of get the short shift as far as characterization is concerned. Naturally, Judas usually gets the “smarmy, slimy bad guy” trope, and I think John was probably quieter, a bit more somber, and probably fairly well educated, considering the angle his writings come from. (The whole “in the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God” is just a beautiful piece of rhetorical writing, just saying. He pulls in Hebrew custom, Greek philosophy, a play on words, theological theory and more all in just one statement. The guy had brains.)

Anyway, I just kind of wish we had a better idea of how they interacted as a group. I mean, twelve dudes (plus some friends and wives and maybe even kids, and the ever-shifting group that followed Jesus around) living together in close quarters for three years is going to produce some really intense dynamics. I want to know who the pranksters were. Who always had a joke to lighten awkward silences. Who told the best stories while they walked, and who always wanted to get it back to politics even when everyone else groaned and said, “Man, we’ve already had this discussion ten times!” (My money’s on Simon the Zealot, I’m sure he had OpinionsTM). How often did Andrew clap his hand over Peter’s mouth and say “Don’t listen to him, my brother is an idiot” and then it devolves into a wrestling match while everyone laughs.

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Drabble starters

-“You are not going to die on me. I did not kill forty people and a dog for you to die right now.”

-“Holy shit. Look at that. That’s some…goddamn. You’re so cute.”


-“Listen i know you’re mad at me but hear me out.” *Their bag rustles* “I bought you a cat.”

-“Oh my god im so high right now.” “Why did you say that out loud? We’re babysitting.”

-“Excuse me ma'am, I couldn’t help but notice that you’re extremely cute. Would you like to go to a monster truck derby with me?”

-“GO FUCK YOURSELF! THIS RELATIONSHIP IS OVER!” “It’s not my fault i got the blue shell!”

-“Fuck fuck fuck. No. No. Answer. Pick up the phone, please. Don’t fucking do this to me.”

-“Where the hell have you been?” “It’s noon.” “THREE DAYS LATER?”

-“I wish we had kids.” “Why?” “I can’t fit my hand inside this pringle can and a little kid would be able to.”

-“Oh my god. What the fuck happened to you?”

-“How long were you going to keep this from me?”

-“I hate you.”

-“It’s not that complicated!”

-“I’m so. Wasted. I want every food. I would eat a peice of chalk if you put marinara sauce on it.”

-“Fuck me.” “Is that consent? Because i have condoms in my purse.”

-“I cant handle this right now.”

-“Why are your hands shaking?”

-“I can’t move.”

-“I want to run naked through Wall Street.” “Why?” “Well if there’s a wall there then they couldn’t see me anyway.” “….what?”

listen… it’s 5 am and honestly? people really do say the dumbest shit to disabled people. literally the stupidest shit. in 7th grade a girl asked me if i slept in my wheelchair. when i was a kid, another girl (after i told her i had brittle bones) asked if i would get hurt if she threw a basketball at me. countless people have literally said to my face that they wish they were in a wheelchair. and recently at work, right after finishing a transaction, a woman leaned in uncomfortably close to me and said “WHY are you in a wheelchair?” like come ON… i don’t mind the questions. i really don’t. but some people really need to think before they speak…. fuckin god

alcohol poisoning | shelby family

reader is the youngest shelby, she ends up getting alcohol poisoning and polly blames the boys

Originally posted by donniefuckassdarko

As soon as your eyes had opened, you were met with the bright lights of the hospital. You closed them again, hoping that everyone round the hospital bed, hadn’t seen that you was awake. You could already imagine how Polly was going to react. You was preparing yourself for the harsh smack you would get. She would often express her hatred for people who drink a lot of alcohol and how she didn’t want you doing it. You had gone completely against her rules last night and ended up getting so drunk to the point you couldn’t walk or remember anything, including how you got to the hospital.  

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I'm a sucker for angst so how about #3?

It’s the kind of scene that Nico would expect to be loud. In the films - at least the ones Jason and Will and Piper keep making him watch - scenes like this always are. With warm lighting and red cheeks. The actors are always crying quite dramatically, but without the ugliness that real people get when they cry.

Nico guesses that this is the ugliness.

It’s kind of dark because neither of them have turned the light on, and it’s silent because they’re alone and the only sound is Will pacing and the sound of his shadow beating back from across the creaky floorboards as his shoes squeak. Outside there are campers yelling. They could be miles away.

And neither of them are crying but it is so quiet, and the only light is the faint strips of sunset that stream through the windows and cast streaks of gold. So in patches Will’s hair shines and then he moves to pace again, up and down, frustrated. He doesn’t look like himself: not in weird half-light, not with a frown etched upon his face like it’s been sewn there forever.

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Gvnnin' for my Heart

Lynn Gvnn x reader
​Warnings: language, smut

​A/N: while researching I realized I’ve been pronouncing the band name wrong this entire time, oops! ​​​​

It’s been four years since you’ve heard from her, since her music took off and she moved away in her old, broken down car to find her way to fame.
You missed her, but you wanted her to do well in the world, so you gave your best wishes and let her go, not about to hold her back when you care so much about her.

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anonymous asked:

first of all, nice blog :D secondly, would you do the companions reacting to a sole showing them an old photo album they had that survived the war and explaining the pictures? like vacation pics, when they were kids, wedding, ect?

Thank you so much, anon! 

Cait: “So not only did you get to spend time outside without the possibility of life-threatening consequences, you got to drink all day? Yer’ kidding me, right? Hell, ya’ gotta’ be messin’ with me, things couldn’t have been that great before the bombs fell!”

Curie: “Sir/Madame, oh what an extravagant event! This was customary for those who were in love, yes? How marvelous! I do wish that ‘weddings’ were still common, today. I would love to attend one!” 

Danse: “Soldier, that’s a good joke but that can’t possibly be you. Your hair is ridiculous and your attire is an absolute mess. And, what are those ghastly things on their teeth, some Pre-War torture device? My god, Sole that cannot be you, even if it is supposed to you at age 16.” 

Deacon: “Hold it right there, boss. There was a holiday where people did what I do every day and they got candy for it? Like, they dressed up and got free candy? That’s wild, Sole! We should bring it back, call it ‘Deaconween’.”

Hancock: “Oh man, is that really you? No offense, but you looked like an idiot. Like, a real hell of a chump. And you marched around and played a damn flute in that uniform? Jesus Sole, maybe things were worse before the bombs fell.” 

MacCready: “So you’re telling me that there were multiple places like Nuka World? And that some were bigger and had rides that were more dangerous than the ones at Nuka World? I mean, I guess you are. I’m staring right at the damn– darn pictures that prove it.” 

Nick: “It’s easy to forget just how easy things were before the bombs fell, even if you were alive then. Nothing was even close to how it is now…But hey, you were a damn cute kid Sole. What happened to change that?” 

Piper: “Sole, oh my god! Is that you? Oh man, you were adorable! I mean, look at those chubby cheeks. Hah, you we’re kind of a fat baby Sole. Not that it’s a bad thing, anyways.”

Preston: “General, these photos are amazing! I don’t even know what kind of animals these are. Well, not that I’d be able to recognize them much anymore after being mutated. And they just had these animals around for you to look at? That’s pretty crazy.”

X6-88: “Sir/Ma’am I fail to see how this is relevant to our current mission. I advise that we do not continue to engage in such frivolous activity. I however, do advise that we resume our prior duties.” 

Nick Robinson - Lovebirds

It felt so great to write one about Nick. He is just such a cutie.


I grew up with the cast of Melissa and Joey even though I wasn’t part of the production. My dad was a cameraman and I spent half of my teenage years with the cast on the filming. I became part of the family and I was so happy I could be there during all of the seasons.

This whole thing didn’t just give me an amazing experience, but some really important people. Taylor and I became so close, she was one of my best friends by the end of season one. We were so similar, we spent a lot of time together on set and out of set too.

And then there was Nick. We didn’t talk too much during the first season and it was mostly because I was so afraid to talk to him since I had a crush on him. He was so different from the guys in my school and he had this cute smile no one could resist, you can’t blame me for falling for him.

Taylor was the one who couldn’t put up with my behavior anymore and forced me to talk to Nick and it was better than I thought it would be. He was really nice so in addition to his cute appearance he had a great personality. How could I not fall for him? But I kept it as a secret, only Taylor knew about it and she always nagged me about it.

“You should just tell him!” she told me at least once a week.

“No, I’m good with just being friends,” I always replied rolling my eyes.

“But you could be more! I don’t get you, woman!” she growled and then let it go.

I was really okay with just being his friend, it was more than I would have imagined when I first saw him. He was in his pj’s and he was eating some icecream when I first walked on the set with my dad. He was fifteen then, I was almost fifteen, I had five more days until my birthday, and he wished me happy birthday five days later making me blush so hard my dad actually asked me if I was okay. Awkward.
I didn’t expect him to like me back, I was sure I wasn’t his type, so I got used to it, not big deal.

Now it was the last day of the entire shooting, the series was over and that meant I would meet these amazing people almost every day.

“I can’t believe we would have to arrange a meeting from now to see each other. It was so great that we knew we would meet here every day,” Taylor mumbled hugging me tightly before the last scene. You could feel the sadness in the air, everyone was saying goodbye all day, it was really depressing.

“But it won’t come between us!” I told her kissing her cheek.

“Guys, let’s get over with it!” the director shouted so everyone had to take their places. I stood next to dad as they did the last scene.

I couldn’t take my eyes off Nick, he looked so great in his sailor suit. Unlike Ryder, he was really an intelligent guy, it was something I always adored him for. I almost cried when they all hugged at the end of the scene. The director shouted “cut” but they didn’t let go of each other, so suddenly everyone joined into the group hug. I was stuck between my dad and Melissa, and my face was only millimeters away from Nick’s. For a brief minute we looked into each other’s eyes and I swear, his gaze moved down to my lips for a second. But then the group split and the moment was over.

“I saw it,” Taylor snapped at me grabbing my wrist as everyone started to pack their things after our goodbye.

“You saw what?” I asked in confusion.

“How you and Nick were looking at each other.” She couldn’t hide her smile and it was catchy, she made me smile too.

“I don’t know what you are talking about,” I told her shaking my head and avoided her eyes.

“Oh you know! Jesus, the way he was looking at you!”

“Taylor, don’t even start, okay? I have to go and pack my stuff. Talk to you later,” I told her trying to get out of this conversation.

“Argh, you are such a pussy,” she rolled her eyes before walking away.

I walked to the place I always put my staff since I didn’t have a dressing room there and started to pack my and my dad’s stuff while he was taking care of his camera. When I was done I stood up and turning around I was about to find my dad but I bumped into someone. It was Nick.

“Oh, sorry, I didn’t know you were here,” I awkwardly laughed fixing my hair.

“No, I’m sorry for standing in your personal area,” he chuckled. “So, this is the last time we meet here.”

“Yeah, it’s crazy to think about it. We were like, kids when we first met here,” I nodded smiling at the thought of that day.

“Yes, it was before your birthday!”

“You remember it?” I asked with wide eyes. I wasn’t expecting him to remember the shy and quiet girl who was there with her dad.

“Of course I do, and I also remember how you blushed when I wished you happy birthday.”

“Oh my God,” I said closing my eyes. Why did he have such a great memory?

“Don’t worry, it was cute. I liked it.”

“You did? What could you like about it? I was so awkward,” I laughed shaking my head.

“I found it really satisfying that a girl was affected by me,” he told me with a proud smile. “I didn’t have much success at the age of fifteen,” he shrugged.

“But now you have,” I said a bit sadly because I knew he must have had someone in his sight and it probably wasn’t me.

“I guess we could say that, but I’m still stuck with the same girl I made blush five years ago.”

“What?” I asked immediately with wide eyes. I must have scared him because his head snapped up looking at me in confusion.

“What? Uh, I mean… Fuck,” he muttered and I was starting to feel like it was some kind of twisted joke Taylor planned out to tease me.

“Are you saying that you…”

“That I have a crush on you since we first talked? No, that would be silly,” he laughed sarcastically. “Only if you are okay with it,” he said with a sudden serious tone.

I was taken aback by the happenings. In just a few seconds my inner teenage self started to do backflips through my mind repeating Nick’s words.

I didn’t reply for a few minutes because my brain was blank I had no idea what I should say, and I guess Nick took it as an answer.

“Sorry I unloaded this on you, I don’t know what I was thinking,” he laughed awkwardly and was about to walk away but I grabbed his wrist.

“No, Nick, sorry, I just… You have no idea how long I have been waiting for you to say this.”

“Really?” he asked raising his eyebrows. “Because I thought that you only saw me as… like a brother or something.”

“Oh, no. I was crushing on you, really badly, just ask Taylor.”

He chuckled and I got lost in his beautiful smile.

“Now I regret that I didn’t make a move earlier, but… if you want to, we can go somewhere, sometime, I’m free next week.”

“What about now?” I asked arching an eyebrow at him. I didn’t want to wake up and realize it was all a dream, or give him the chance to change his mind until the next day.
He smiled at me nodding, making my heart beat faster.

“Okay. Just let me get my stuff quickly.”

He turned around and took about two steps before turning back.

“What’s wrong?” I asked seeing his furrowed eyebrows.

“I just forgot something.”


Before I could finish my sentence he pressed his lips to mine.

I literally melted into his soft lips. He was such a great kisser, I always envied the girls who played his girlfriends on the show, and now I was the one who he was kissing and it wasn’t even in the script.

He was so tall, I had to tiptoe to be able to hug his neck, but I couldn’t care less. The kiss turned into a make out session and I just couldn’t get enough of him. But then we were interrupted by none other than Taylor.

“Aw, look at the lovebirds! I knew it!” she yelled excited making us pull away. I felt myself blushing and I hid my face in Nick’s chest not wanting to see Taylor’s satisfied face.

“Okay, okay, there is nothing to see here,” Nick told her chuckling as he had his arms around me.

I heard her sneer in happiness before she walked away and I was able to look up at Nick.

“Sorry about that, she could be really annoying sometimes,” I mumbled rolling my eyes.

“It’s okay. I’ll go and get my stuff. Stay here, I want to do this again.”

“Do what?” I asked in confusion.

“This,” he said and kissed me again.

anonymous asked:

Adjacent stands at the farmer’s market AU with Klaroline trying to out do each other please :) Love your fan fics btw

Hello, lovely anon, Sorry it took me so long to come up with this… But I hope you enjoy this… :)


Caroline Forbes was the bane of his existence, a thorn in his side, a pain in his bloody arse and the one who would always have his heart. Klaus Mikaelson grunted angrily when he saw her already set with her stall ready. She was absolutely stunning in her sunshine yellow top and blue jeans with her hair bundled messily on top her head. A few golden tresses kissed her cheeks. He felt a bit jealous of those tresses.

For years growing up in the same neighborhood with adjacent family farms they had, had this silent competition between them.

Even as kids they always did stuff to outdo each other. When she would ride her bike he would also bring out his own and a silent race that who would go faster would ensue between them.

When Thomas had first kissed her in eighth grade he had ended up sleeping with some random girl from his art class the same day.

When he had worked his arse off to get A grade in the Essay contest she had participated in both Essay and debate competitions and had gotten an A++ in the essay and a first prize in the debate. Then had bragged about it the neighborhood lunch.

When she had decided she would take Maths major in high school he had went onto take Advanced Math classes even though he hated Math more than anything else and had ended up failing it miserably.

When time had come for them to choose a college they had both decided that they wouldn’t go to one. They would rather stay home and run the family farm. For him at the time, four years ago, it had been about showing her that he could also do the right thing by his family but he had later realized that it had actually been the right decision.

And even though their fathers were bosom friends, Klaus and Caroline never saw eye to eye.

He wasn’t late rather Miss Always On Time was freaking early. He knew she had shown up early at the Farmer’s Market so she could out-sell him like last season. This season would be his. They even competed at the Farmer’s Market that who would sell more vegetables and fruits.

Hee would at no cost let Forbes win. He set the crates he had been holding, down and she sauntered over to his side.

“Always so tardy. You know early bird catches the first worm, they teach that in middle school.” her tone haughty as she crossed her arms over her chest with a smug smile.

“I’m not late. You came early Forbes. Always so over efficient. I’m not here to catch worms by the way.” he replied and winked at her.

Then opened the folded table and Caroline swiftly moved away to avoid being hit by its edge. She hated the way he addressed her like she was a pesky kid. Too bad he had lousy manners and was well endowed in looks only with his translucent blue eyes and those dimples in a ruggedly handsome face. Dimples which her friend Sally said made a woman’s knickers wetter than monsoon rain.

She hated that she had always felt that Sally was right but she would rather drown herself in acid than admit it. Shoving back that annoying flicker of attraction for him she bit out, “You moron. You could’ve hurt me with that.”

“But I didn’t. Did I?” he asked and tried his damndest to ignore her scent which was a little floral and a little tangy today. It was something different everytime and it always left him turned on

“Nice. Real mature of you. Anyway this year like the last two years I’m gonna win.”

“You only won the last two times because you got your pet Tyler to help you. He and his group of frat boys bought stuff from you just so you couldn’t lose to me. But he isn’t here this season. I heard you two broke up.” Klaus answered with a self-satisfied smile of his own. Upon hearing about her break up Klaus had felt so happy. He hated Tyler so much, that buffoon didn’t deserve her.

“Could you be anymore insensitive and say that with a bigger smile.”

“I really could but I don’t have time to discuss your love life.”

“At least I have a love life.” she sneered.

Klaus placed a sheet over the table and looked back at her. Those loose tresses fluttered over face with the light breeze. He had the urge to pull her closer and taste those pink lips. His desires always in a turmoil when close to her.

Two ladies approached him and asked about apples. He set a few fruit baskets on the table and replied, “And I have customers.”

The women began flirting with him. It irritated the heck out of Caroline. She left in a huff and went to her own stall that was set adjacent to his.


By midday Caroline had already sold a variety of fruits but she saw Klaus was outselling her. For the third time he had blocked one of her customers. She sat the water bottle down she had been drinking from and stormed to his side.

“You cheat. Stop stealing my customers.”

“I am not stealing them.”

“You were.”

“I wasn’t.”


“Bill. Look they are fighting again. I think I angered God when I wished I wanted us to be family. I wanted our kids to fall in love and marry and instead they became enemies.” Mikael sighed as he saw Klaus block the tomato Caroline threw at him.

“Oooh. That’s my girl. Your son needs a good rap on his ears. He is wasting precious time he needs to ask her out already. You know I bet this is the year it finally happens.” Bill responded and chuckled when he saw Klaus threw a large lettuce leaf at her.

“You must be turning blind. Look they are still fighting.” Mikael observed.

“Maybe they need a bit of a nudge.” Caroline’s father Bill rubbed his chin.


“You swine. You immoral asshole. How dare you tell that customer that my tomatoes are tasteless and overpriced.” the fight had now accelerated. They had begun luring customers from each other by telling them how the other was selling low quality stuff.

“My tomatoes are fresh, juicy and delicious.” she yelled through barely controlled fury as she crossed her arms over her chest.

Klaus gave her a very suggestive once over and smirked.

“I wouldn’t know. I never sampled them.”

Fire flashed in her gaze angering her even more.

“You’re disgusting.”

“What did I say?”

“You know fairly well what you meant to say. My tomatoes are fine in fact it’s your …. your carrot that’s flabby and shrivelled.” Caroline smiled haughtily. An attractive woman who was lurking around Klaus’s stall making moony eyes at him earlier gave him a wide berth and left in a rush.

“Wait a second. My carrot..”

“I’ve seen it.”

“Come on. We were ten at the time and the water of the pond was freezing.”

“Really? Is that the story you are going with?” Caroline chuckled.

“Yes. Because that’s what happ..”

Just then Caroline’s cell phone rang. She gestured at Klaus to hold on and stepped aside to take the call.

“Daddy. Where are you? I thought you were coming here today?” she asked her father on the phone.

“Sweets. I was going to but we have a huge problem.”

“What? Is everything okay? Are you okay? Do you have chest pain?” concerned she immediately asked about her father’s health.

“Oh no. Nothing like that. I am healthy as a horse. Our truck the one that was carrying the produce to the city market got into an accident. Thankfully the driver is okay but we lost all of it. And we’ve taken the advance from them. You would really have to sell all of the stuff at the market because we need money to refund them.”

“Oh god. But thank god the driver is fine. What about the money we had in the bank?”

“Ahh.” Bill had forgotten that his daughter might ask about their savings. He hadn’t thought this through he cursed himself. Then quickly improvised. “I had to loan it to a friend.”

“Okay Daddy. You take care of yourself. I’ll do my best.” she replied and gave out a sigh. She rubbed her forehead feeling tired all at once. Caroline was anxious now. How will they come up with so much money? Unless she sold everything she won’t be able to make enough. She walked back to her stall worried and stressed.

Klaus saw her walk back. Caroline Forbes never walked away from a fight especially one with him so when she didn’t come to him directly to finish off where she had left he was a bit surprised. She seemed sad and lost in thought. The sassy smile on her face was now replaced with distress and he didn’t like it.

He went to her. “Is everything okay?”

She jolted out of her troubled thoughts, “Uh. Yeah. Everything is fine.”

“Caroline you don’t look fine.”

She gave him a blank stare, “Klaus I am fine.” she tried to walk around him to pick up a new crate but he blocked her path.

“What’s wrong? And do not say everything is fine. I’m not stupid I can see it isn’t.”

When she just looked away he spat, “Do you hate me that much that you won’t even share what’s bothering you? Our fathers are best friends. We are neighbors. I’m not…”

“I don’t hate you, Klaus. I’m just a little upset. I’ll be fine in a bit. ”

“No you do hate me. You would rather ask Rebekah to help you with sixth grade art class but not me even though I was better than her. You would take Jesse your ex-boyfriend’s help with fixing your bike, who by the way cheated on you in eighth grade but not me. You would ask Tyler to help you find a new car but you won’t ask me even though my friend happens to deal in cars.” It always gutted him when she would go to freaking everybody with her problems and not come to him. True they both were extremely competitive towards each other but he had always respected her, heck she was the only one for him. So it tormented him when she never looked at him they way he was always looking at her.

She looked at him. Some unrecognized emotion swirling in his beautiful eyes. She swallowed once and then replied, “Our produce truck got into an accident. We have to sell all of this,” she gestured towards the crates, “Or we won’t be able to refund the people at the city market.”

Klaus went over to his stall and started bringing his vegetables and fruits on her’s.

“Klaus what are you doing?” she asked going after him.

“You are going to sell all of this and give them the money back. Mikaelsons won’t be selling this season.”

“But I can’t take this. This is yours.”

He put down a basket and faced her, “You said you didn’t hate me.”

“I don’t.”

“Good. Then this is all yours.” then he pushed his table and placed it right next to hers turning it into one large stall.

“Wait. Stop.” Caroline went to stand in front of him.

“Even if you don’t sell. There are still many other vegetable stalls.”

“Yeah but people know Mikaelsons and Forbes are the only two farms with the best quality. If I take my stall out they’ll only buy it from you.”

Caroline was profoundly touched by his gesture.“Why are you doing this?” she asked. They were standing very close now. His eyes fixed on hers.

“Answer this first. Why didn’t you ever come to me when you needed help? We might have been rivals but we were friends too.” her scent was teasing him. He tucked her hair behind her ear.

“I don’t know.” she couldn’t look away.

“Why?” he persisted and leaned closer.

“I didn’t want you to think that I was weak. I just… it didn’t matter what others thought about me but it mattered… it matters what you think.”

“You know what I think when I look at you.”

She shook her head and he proceeded, “I think that Caroline Forbes is the strongest, most beautiful and annoyingly perfect woman I could ever know. I think if she didn’t hate me and wanted me I would spend an eternity loving her like no other. And I think I am an idiot for telling how I feel about you like this but I have to before someone else comes into your life and I have to suffer through it.”

Klaus waited for her to break his heart. He knew he would never be so lucky as to have her as his own.

She moved even closer. Their noses brushed lightly, “But you pushed me off of a swing when we were four.”

“Haven’t you heard he pulls her pigtails because he has a crush on her.” he lightly tugged her strands.

She laughed, “You would have been my first kiss if I hadn’t seen that bitch Genevieve kiss you. I got angry and kissed this other guy.”

“Thomas. And I didn’t kiss her. She kissed me. And then when I heard you and Thomas were an item I slept with this random chick…”

“Amanda.” Caroline supplied.

“Wow.” they both laughed. Klaus then grabbed her face and kissed her laughing mouth. She wound her arms around his neck. Pulling back he rested his forehead on hers. “So you were jealous of Amanda?”


“Why?” he needed her to say it.

“Because she stole you from me. Even though we weren’t together. Even though we were supposed to be just friends you were more to me. You were supposed to be my first.”

“I may not have been your first Caroline. But I intend to be your last. However long it takes.” he kissed her again.


Bill and Mikael saw their children embracing. Then they began selling the fruit and vegetables items together. Klaus then pulled her closer, whispered something in her ear and kissed her again. She smacked him and said something about patience since there were people around them.

“So should we tell them that the produce truck is fine and it was your surprisingly successful idea so you could fix them up together.” Mikael asked.

“No. I think we should wait until they get married. It would be a great story for their wedding day.” Bill remarked and his friend shook his head.