god i wish i could have more days like today

Sooooo apparently today is International Kissing Day (why this is a actual thing I have NO IDEA) and the only way to properly celebrate is with this prompt suggested by @shippingisprettyodd! Here’s some Lams + International Kissing Day for you! 

Alexander and Laurens had been friends for a few months now. Alex had often thought of, or, more accurately, dreamed of, dating John Laurens, but every time he thought of asking the freckled boy out, a pesky voice in his head always stopped him.

You’re lucky he’s even your friend. Don’t push your luck. 

So he never did. 

He’d resigned himself to the fact that he and Laurens would remain friends and he would watch his best friend marry some better looking and more emotionally stable boy, and he would be left to feign happiness for him because he wanted Laurens to be happy. He just wished it could be with him. 

But he didn’t have to think too much about all of that just yet. They were only sixteen, after all. Marriage was still a ways off. He had time to prepare himself for the inevitable loss. 

But it was hard to prepare himself for a loss like that when Laurens was walking beside him, shirtless, the freckles scattered across his chest distracting beyond belief. The two boys were walking down the street to the public swimming pool, where they planned to meet Eliza and Angelica, on a warm July day.

“Hey,” Laurens said, breaking Alex’s spiraling thoughts. “You know what today is?”

“Um… July sixth?” Alex said with a shrug.

“It’s International Kissing Day,” Laurens said, making a kissy face at Alexander.

Alex giggled and swatted Laurens with his folded up towel. “No way! That’s a thing?”

Laurens pulled out his phone and opened up snapchat. He pulled Alex close and took a quick picture of the two of them, which looked more like a blur than anything else, just so he could show him the filters. Sure enough, there it was. A filter for International Kissing Day. 

“Well,” Laurens smirked, one eyebrow cocked, “don’t you want to honor it correctly?”

“Honor what?” Alex said too quickly. He swore he could feel his hands beginning to sweat already. Laurens couldn’t possibly mean…

“You know what I mean,” Laurens insisted.

“B-but, um, since when do you even want to kiss me?” Alex blurted out, a deep red blooming across his tan face.

Laurens stopped and grabbed Alex by the shoulder, turning the smaller boy to face him. “Alexander Hamilton, I have wanted to kiss you since the day we met. But the more important question is, do you want to kiss me?”

“O-of course,” Alex stammered. He wanted to pinch himself to be sure this wasn’t a dream. It just had to be a dream. 

Laurens’ face lit up in a grin. His hand moved from Alex’s shoulder to his cheek, caressing the smaller boy’s face gently. As Laurens got closer, his eyes shut, but Alex’s stayed open. He wanted to see Laurens’ freckles up close. He wanted to be sure this was actually happening.

Laurens sighed a little when their lips finally touched, and Alexander, much to his surprise, moaned. This only made Laurens kiss him harder. Alex let his hands find their way into Laurens loose brown curls, absolutely loving how soft they were to touch.

Alexander finally shut his eyes, letting himself get lost in Laurens. More than ever before, he hoped to never be found.