god i was crying

Under appreciated moment in Always Sunny:

In “Charlie Kelly King of the Rats” when they’re trying to keep Charlie out of the bar so they say a keg exploded and hit Dennis in the dick and mangled it up and chanting “Dickless Dennis” and he just starts clapping and laughing sarcastically before yelling “yeah but it DOESNT APPLY” in an Iconic™ tone of voice. And then offers to show Charlie his perfectly fine dick


My Brother, My Brother, and Me (dir. J.D. Amato, 2017)

A strong woman.

Pairing : Dean x Reader, Sam x Jess
Word count : 2,754
Author : Mel
Warnings : AU-ish. Someone dies.

You smiled up at the screen. “It’s a boy.” The ultrasound tech informed you.

You grinned and turned to the blond next to you. “A boy.” You teared up, and so did she. “Jess, I’m giving Dean a son.”

“Look at him.. Oh god. Don’t make me cry, I’m next.” She chuckled.

After getting cleaned up, and off the chair, it was Jess’s turn. You took your pictures and smiled down at them as the tech took measurements and checked vitals. When it came time to find out, you looked up at Jess with a smile, then at the screen. “Ready to find out?” She nodded to the tech. You both had wanted boys, wanted them to grow up together, and close. Jess bit her lip and waited. “It’s a girl.”

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Oh my god, i hope rikyako is ok after this 😞

ok but can we talk about how iasip has heartfelt moments now that don’t lead to a joke or anything but just are meant to be feel good like ??
the whole ep where dennis mac and dee do the thing for charlie by trying to read his writing and get him a present he would really like, or for gods sake, the rocket launcher thing. I didn’t sign up for this man, I didn’t sign up to feel so many emotions over these assholes oh m y god

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Hi there I'm a huge hugeee fan of your Mafia AU and the way you drew Yurio looks so gorgeous I swear to God I'll cry a river just for him. Anyways I was wondering if you still accept uhmm commissions? I was wondering if you can do a mermaid AU of Yurio and Otabek? 😅 sorry if I'm asking too much. Anyways thank you so much for all the fanarts I literally feel alive after seeing them 🌹

OMG thank you so much!!! I’m really glad you like my art and the mafia au so much <3!!!! 

As for commissions, I am wanting to reopen them very soon but I need to redo my commission info and pricing list, as well as finish a private one I am doing for a friend first. Hopefully I can have the information up soon though and if you’d like to commission me to draw that then, please do because I would LOVE to do that for you! Thanks so much for asking :D

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i hate what this fucking website has become, he literally said "be civil" and suddenly "he's canceled" cause he's a man and white and every white man is a demon, whY does people need to be SO DUMB and extra? lmao i don'y know if i laught of them or cry for god to have mercy on their souls?

yeah, i don’t believe in forgiving people who are purposely being dumbasses because they need to find scapegoats for the anger they feel at their own lives, i just sit here and drink some water and smile at the fact they’ll have to grow up eventually

i remind myself that this website is composed of 80 - 85% of teenagers

however, that is not to say that grandpa of 25 over here doesn’t get sick of the bullshit some times

all these seventeen year old’s preaching tolerance yet jumping on the throats of anybody who makes (or who they perceive to have made) the slightest little mistake in the name of social justice? they’re quick to put chris evans and anyone else they don’t like in the same boat as donald fucking trump for literally nothing. however, they still feel they need to have ANYTHING to justify their hatred so they can post and still feel good about it with all the other adolescents agreeing with them here at tumblr dot com, so they’ll nut when they find anything they can use as ammunition

i’m too old for tumblr’s weak black-or-white discourse and, frankly? i try to stay away from the bullshit most of the time, but sometimes it will still slip from behind me and onto my dashboard

do you know my favorite thing about being in my 20’s? realizing that i know shit, but have become conscious and self-aware enough to understand that i know shit. so when i see these 15 year old’s trying to shame other 15 year old’s (that shit will probably not work on you once you’re old enough to drink in the US) with the whole Your Fave Is Problematic talk, i have to laugh a little and remember that boy, oh boy, will they have a sobering dose of reality once they enter the real world


Wuuuuuut I never thought you would like it that much <XD my god thanks


CRY IN SPANISH - my cool god I have to make a special soon

And also one shit post,  oh i forgot ,  tomorrow i’ll draw more afterdeath! (sorry the delay TwT)