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Can you recommend some sns fics that are dark, sad, angst, and that will break your heart into tiny little pieces? I feel like crying my eyes out with some good sns.

You’ve come to the right place anon. I consider my list of favourite dark/sad/angst filled sns fics  disturbingly long for it to be healthy. God knows I would love to share. Not that many one shots but lots of loooong fics. (Don’t forget that you asked for it so I’m not to blame for any harm all this might, and trust me it WILL, cause on your emotional health.) Enjoy your reading!!!

Vertigo by aurrai (Sasuke is your only warning, GO READ ASAP)

Hopeless Wanderer series by dawnstruck (you wanted dark? how about depraved)

Flesh and Bone by dawnstruck (angst with a happy ending)

Cultivate Your Hunger by dawnstruck (angst with happy ending, 700 fix it)

A Grave in the Sky by elveljung (I think this is exactly what you’re looking for)

Predators by KizuKatana (all the dark elements of Naruto’s and Sasuke’s character and double-down on them like 1000x) 

Sasuke Says by FastForward (Stolckhom syndrome AND Lima syndrome)

Sharingan Rising series by weialala (Sasuke angsting 24/7)

Of Harrowed Hearts by Sable_Scribe (the angst is all over the place and the author regrets nothing apparently)

Gray-Colored Happiness bymylilchickadee (Sasuke angsting even MORE)

Healing the Broken by KizuKatana (just read it)

From Which We’ll Rise by UchihanoChidori (you wanted sad? have a ton of it)

Unleashed Fantasies by UchihanoChidori (sns with completely different fetishes that though missmatched combine perfectly in practice smut)

white, surge red by Sugahlei (it says unfinished but the last chapter actually works for an ending, only the “epilogue is missing)

Lugeo by Kutsu (I’m not spoiling, one shot)

Two Face by The Raven And The Fox (go. just go. you would be surprised)

The thin line between love and hate by KizuKatana (angst. pure angst)

Sin by Kiya Sama (just go read it)

The Makeweight by extremelybadjuju (you will either hate this or you’ll love it, there’s no in between)

Beautiful Things by Lotus_Fantasy (ao3) (demons, mutualy possessive sns)

Butterfly by Lotus_Fantasy (fanfictionnet) (physical abuse)

we kill our way to heaven by ovicati  (mafia basically)

SlackerxHacker by VioletWylde (not sure how to summary this, but it’s GOOD)

Amatores by VioletWylde (prostitution)

Torrid by KageKitsune (cheating)

Trilogy in 3 parts Tangency, Expectancy, Infancy by dmnq8 and pretty much ALL OF dmnq8′s works really

Be My Hero, Damaged, Save me, What Lies Between, The Price of  Salvation, Irresistible, I’m with Sasuke and it’s sequel I’m with Naruto, Until You and it’s sequel Always You  (yes there are that many and all of them very long and beutifully dark enough to turn your soul pitch black)

Bonded and it’s sequel New Bonds by dmnq8 (YES they deserve to be mentioned seperately)

A Requiem for Dawn by CreepE (dark and the angst gets worse as it goes)

Trilogy Roomates, Blood and Tears, Follow The Leader by FastForward (it just gets darker as it goes) 

Enough by IvvyMoon (blue_jack) (bdsm, smut with feelings) 

Kitsunetsuki by CanineKitten (kinda non con, possessed Naruto)

Because you’re you by blahruto (Sasuke angsting)

The Sky by Hic iacet Mori (sad ending that’s all I’ll say, read at your own risk)

In A Moment Of Weakness by SagittaLuminis (get tissues)

Paint Me A Story by UchihaBloodline (eating disorder)

You’re in my veins (I cannot get you out) by UchihaBloodline (angst with happy ending one shot)

Something New by shherie (eating disorder AND trauma AND depression AND mental heath issues)

Intoxicate Me by narusasunaruheadcanons (internalised homophobia)

Hush by nolotica (kindlesprite) (damn)

Beyond the Eternal by KiyaSama

Choose me by bevino (short but dark enough)

Long lost by CanineKitten (not that dark, angst with lots of mutual pining)

In A Darker Universe by Daydreamer 

Kit Kat

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 1,508

Summary: Before the 1st season of Supernatural airs, Jensen meets the reader at his talent agency in LA.

M&M’s. Snickers. Butterfingers. Reese Peanut Butter Cups. You name it. If it’s fucking chocolate, you’ll eat it. You’re a stress eater. You’re stressed. And there’s not one God damn piece of candy left in your bag.

“Y/N! Get in here!” You hear your boss Eileen yell from inside her office.

You stand up quickly and smooth out your dress. You don’t know why you bother, you’re just a measly intern. But your mom said to dress for the job you want instead of the job you have. So here you are. Ugh. Thanks, mom.

“Yes?” You try to say as confidently as possible.

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Here’s a small thing I wrote last year.. Never wanted to put this up bc I was embarrassed and I was a little drowsy writing it but a friend of mine (she helped me with spellings and grammar lol) wanted this up here so bad so Rowenia, I hope you’re having fun

So I was sort of inspired by the movie ‘Jackie’ starring Natalie Portman (I personally loved it! You should see it asap if you haven’t) and there’s this little scene where Jackie tells the kids that their father (JFK) isn’t coming home and it just breaks my heart and I thought I’d just make something out of that idk..

“Gods, how do I do this?” Jon murmured to himself, but loud enough for Bran and Arya to hear.
“It doesn’t matter what you say, Jon, just hug them and tell them everything’s going to be all right.” Bran said to his cousin as he cradled his baby niece Mercy in his arms.

Jon took a deep breath as he glanced at his sleeping newborn child his wife had given her life for. Wiping away the trails of his tears, he opened the doors to the family chambers, where the children usually play when it rains outside. He looked down at his ten children, all gathered near the fireplace. The older ones seemed alerted as they held onto their younger siblings.

“Father… Why are you dressed so funny?” Ethel Snow asked, her auburn northern braid had been loosened, the fires reflecting in her soft cobalt blue eyes. Jon’s eyes twitched, the five year old was his only child who had adopted Sansa’s full colours. “Something very sad has happened.” Jon answered, settling down just in front of his children. “This is how we dress when something sad happens.”

“Father, where is mother?” Adrian asked, the youngest in the room, smoothing his wolf plush Sansa had made for him. “Mother won’t be coming home.” Jon said quietly, shaking his head.

“Why not?” Jon-Jon asked, his innocent voice light in the thinning air, confusion and curiosity taking over him.

“Mother had to see baby Eileen,” Jon said, struggling. “In Heaven.”

Lyanna began to sob loudly. At the age of ten, she understood death very well. She’d heard the whispers from the septas in Winterfell about the Mad King Aerys Targaryen’s assassination and the weddings in Westeros, of what happened to grandfather Eddard, grandmother Catelyn, and Uncle Robb.

Robb Snow immediately looked up to the ceiling. He was keeping his tears from falling down Jon realized. He felt thankful for it somehow. With Lyanna sobbing, he needed someone to look tough. The fifteen year old started trembling. It was little baby Eileen Robb had cried for. His sister was only two days old when the Gods took her.

He looked down at his brothers beside him. They were quietly humming prayers Robb noticed. Ned and Alford had always been visiting their mother in the Godswood every morning. Sansa had spent most of her time praying since she lost little Eileen.

“Why?” Calton blinked, moving away from his twin, Roland, who had been holding onto his shoulder.
“Because I’m here with you,” Jon said slowly. “Mother’s hurt. We don’t want baby Eileen to get lonely, do we?”

“But what about us?” Ethel asked again, holding hands with her brother, Aegon.

“Ethel,” Jon spoke, locking eyes with his daughter, brown eyes meeting blue eyes. “I need you to be a big girl. You can be brave, right? That’s what we wolves are.”

Ethel stayed silent. Some understanding was beginning to build.

“Can I say goodbye?” Ethel asked once more.

Jon breathed sharply. “Aye, of course you can, sweetling.” He nodded.

Have we talked enough about the name of the latest update? WAG?


“What’s a WAG? WAG stands for Wives And Girlfriends. It seems to be a term used more in sports fan culture than by actual athletes. Often, WAGS are TV personalities, models, athletes, actresses, musicians, or regular persons that people want to know about.” - quote from the latest notes from N.

I mean, first: Bitty, once they are out, will slowly and methodically take over. He’s going to plan a coup and it will all be because the current head of the WAG told him to bring cookies instead of pie, because those are, you know, something people actually like.

Kendra pray to your Gods, he’s coming for you.

Second, once they are out that name has to change.

WAGAB? Wives and Girlfriends and Boyfriends?
WAGASO? Wives and Girlfriends and Significant Others?
WHAG? Wives Husband and Girlfriends?

Let’s get out best people working on this ASAP.

Third, what if they find out Jack has a “girlfriend”. They will wanna meet her/have her number, so they can include and get her involved etc.

At first Jack’s excuse of ‘it’s very new’ flies by pretty fine. Then after a few months it’s ‘we are not ready for the media scrutiny that would come from that’ then ‘they are still in college and wouldn’t have the time to get involved anyways’ 'oh yes they came to see the game, anyways this is Eric.’

(Can’t call him Bitty since that’s what everybody knows his mysterious girl by and Bittle’s a bit too close).

WAG start thinking the girl it’s either playing with Jack or simply doesn’t wanna meet them. They start forming a terrible opinion of her. I mean, she wasn’t even here to take care of him after that time he got checked a bit too hard. Eric on the other hand is a delight and is more than happy to help out.

Did you see those wonderful mini pies he sent? And how much money he raised for their charity of the month? He came to the last game despite having a sprained ankle! Oh did you like the gorgeous banner he got a friend of his to paint?

Poor boy is so clearly in love with Jack…

WAG starts to lowkey ship them.

'Oh, they would be so cute together!’ 'yeah it’s such a shame’ 'Eric would make such a good addition to the club’ 'it must be so painful to see your crush in a bad relationship’ 'I think I’m gonna introduce him to my cousin’ 'what? No! I wanted to set him up with my brother in law’

Jack is not pleased about how the WAGs keep trying to set up Bitty, and want him to 'move on’ from Jack.

This is absolutely not why he decides they should come out. Absolutely not… Ok maybe it was a tiny tiny factor.

WAG team takes it very well. Except for Kendra, but we don’t like Kendra and her days are numbered anyways.

i bet maxwell and jacobi come out to each other completely by accident like they’ve known each other for a couple months and clicked instantly from the moment they met and are closer friends than they thought was possible and maxwell’s like oh god he’s going to get the wrong idea better shut this down asap so one night when jacobi looks her in the eye and starts “alana, do you want to go–” she yells “I’M GAY” and jacobi is so startled he just blurts out “ME TOO”

(he was going to ask her if she wanted to go to in n out for dinner)

Kamigami no Asobi InFinite - Review

Decided to get this out first. Kamigami no Asobi InFinite is the long awaited fandisc for Kamiaso. Originally announced for the PSP, Broccoli later decided it’ll also be released for the Vita. For those who’ve played the first game, interface and gameplay wise it will be very familiar. There will be spoilers in this review so if you want to avoid them just read the following paragraph and ignore the rest.

One thing I really feel strongly about is, don’t play this game without playing the first game. If you do that you’ll find yourself having to choose routes without knowing much about the characters and finding certain parts of the story VERY rushed. I think Broccoli quite clearly did not intend this game for first time kamiaso players. If you love the characters in the first game and just want more silliness from the gods and enjoy their quirks then you might enjoy this game. If you are looking for stellar storytelling and depth then probably not. Some parts of this game are very repetitive.

Now, back to the hakoniwa we go~

*spoilers after the cut*

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It’s totally Sembene who’s going to knock some sense into Ethan’s thick skull, isn’t it?

On episode 7, after Ethan turned in front of him, Sembene said:

“I have seen this. The shamans in my mountains call it Uchawi Mabadiliko… the changing from one skin into another. The ones so cursed do not always fully remember it, this… becoming. Is it a sickness… or is it something else? Is it a blessing, the purpose of which we cannot yet see? I say this is what it is. For I know you, my friend, Ethan Chandler. I see inside you, past the crocodile… and the leopard… and the monkey.”

And last episode, when Mr. Lyle concluded the translation of the Devil’s narrative, Sembene showed particular interest in the “Hound” part.

And then Sir Malcolm came with the last part of the puzzle:

Sembene is the only one who knows Ethan turns into a werewolf. He’s already put 2 + 2 together. My guess is that when they get to Evelyn’s mansion to save Vanessa, Evelyn will throw some enchanted type of frenzy on everyone, including Ethan, who’ll try to off himself

And Sembene will be like