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So you like bad boys? (Jungkook)

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The clock ticked by slowly, only making it seem like the day wasn’t ever going to end at all. The teacher stood at the front of the class, switching between both her notebook and the white board, looking up once again again to make sure everyone’s attention was engaged on her. Jungkook however, had his head in his hand, eyes towards his book that he found himself doodling on because of boredom. He was soon stopped after hearing his name being called out by the teacher, “Jungkook, can you repeat what I just said please?”. Soon after being picked on, he sunk low in his chair, going the deepest shade of red, stumbling and had troubles finding his words, even so that the teacher had to repeat herself instead, “Pay attention, Mr Jeon”. Jungkook was an easy target to make so awkward, being terribly shy and wouldn’t talk to no one in his class, he kept to himself, none of his 6 best friends were in any of his classes which was worse for him. Despite being the way he was in class, and just in general if he’s without his friends, he seemed to be attracted to girls who were the complete opposite to him.

Everyday, Jungkook would try and avoid anything that could put him in his awkward modes as he didn’t want to be noticed that way by his crush that was in all of his classes, so when he does get picked on by the teachers, he gets so embarrassed and would want to just leave the class to save being seen by her the way he was. You were his ultimate crush who he had liked since he joined the school a year ago. However, you were the toughest girl in the school, you never noticed anyone else apart from your best friends. 

Later on in the current lesson he was in, Jungkook had his head around his art work that he had recently been working on until his ears twitched to pick up the conversation that yourself and one of your friends were having from the table behind him. He didn’t mean to eves-drop but the mention of ‘My ideal guy is…’ made him thought he needed to know, he leaned back on his chair, bringing his art closer to him as he mainly concentrated on what was being said. “So, Y/N. Have you got an eye on anyone right now, like any guy at all?” Your friend asked, in a teasing tone as you giggled, “Not yet, however I really like bad boys.” That was enough for Jungkook to hear as he smirked to himself slightly, god knows what then went through that boy’s head after that.

Jungkook spent a whole three hours after college had finished, sorting out his wardrobe, getting his hair styled the way that would give off a bad boy impression and planned the next day ahead, crossed fingers in hope to get the girl he wants for this. Jungkook knew he shouldn’t change himself for anyone but he loved his sudden style change.

The day after, Jungkook pulled up in the college car park, jumping out of his car and locked it before heading around to the front of college and to the main double doors. People stopped in their tracks as Jungkook strutted through the corridors, confused but surprised and his over-night transformation, even then they weren’t sure or not if it was actually Jungkook walking through and not some new student. The buzzer rung, signalling it was time to make your way to your classes, Jungkook however, decided to make a start of his ‘bad-boy’ actions as he stayed up on the library stairs, headphones in while blasting his music before heading to class 15 minutes later so he was late for the beginning of his science class. He reached the door, turned to handle and walked in, looking around the room first, headphones still hanging from his ears, then very slowly walking towards his seat at the back of the class. At the other side of the back of the class, was yourself and your friends, laughing, before you got side-tracked by the sudden appearance of Jungkook who was ignoring the teacher’s lecture of not being late. He was wearing all black, and leathers, his hair styled, which his fingers ran through before putting back perfectly into place. You couldn’t get your eyes off him and found yourself staring at him more than you should be as a smirk grew bigger and bigger on your face, leaning on your hand. Jungkook didn’t sit in his original seat, no, instead he strolled over the the seat next on the table next to you, managing to threaten someone who was already sitting there to move seats so he could sit there. 

Although, your little trans was interrupted by your friend who pulled your hand away from your head as you almost smacked your head on the table, but quickly snapping it to face her as she tried her best to keep back the laughs she wanted to let out.”Y/N, that’s Jungkook… The guy that always got embarrassed and shy as hell.” She whispered in your ear as a shrug came from your shoulders. You grabbed your stuff, stood up and signaled the student sitting next to Jungkook to move somewhere else, dumping you stuff onto the floor and books on the desk, slouching down into the chair. Jungkook’s smirk was glued to his smug face as he turned to face you, took out his headphones, you smiling at him before going to do work. After finding the confidence, he tried anything he could to impress you, but his sweet smile that flashed a few times melted your heart, knowing he’s still going to be that shy boy underneath it all but for now, your enjoying the way he was. Even then, you knew you were going to like him one way or another. Though after the lesson, he walked with you down the corridor to the canteen, knowing this was his change, he picked up the courage to mention and ask you, “Y/N, will you go on a date with me?” He smiled, asking in a deep-ish voice and your eyes widened just a little, but you nodded your head, “Great, tonight meet me outside the college gates at five!” He excitedly side, straightening himself back to the bad boy he was after loosing it then for a split second, walking away, proud of himself.


Housemate(s) Part 8 - Requested (All)

Requested by Anon (Housemates where the guys help you get ready for a date?? And the whole time some of them are trying to make you not go because they don’t like the guy you’re going on a date with) ENJOY!!!

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‘IM HOME!’ you yell through the house as you step in, you drop your bag and pull off your shoes throwing them into the cupboard, ‘KITCHEN’ Luke yells back, you shrug off your coat and hang it on the banister of the stairs as you head through to the kitchen. You smile seeing Ashton and Luke, the pair of them chatting, Luke is sitting on his laptop at the island while Ashton is sitting on the counter on his phone. ‘Drink?’ he asks glancing up, you nod, ‘Please, so what you two being doing?’ you asks sitting next to Luke on the island.

‘Not much, we went to get Calum a birthday present’ Luke tells you, you groan, ‘I still have nothing, what did you guys get him?’ you question, pulling your phone from your pocket. ‘Nothing, we got distracted’ Ashton tells you, sliding a can of Pepsi across the island. ‘Okkkkkkay, well what are you gonna get him?’ you asks. ‘Thanks’ you add and Ash nods jumping back onto the side. ‘Not sure, but we have something for you’ Ashton tells you, you look up from your phone interested, ‘Owww what?’ you clap excited.

‘A date’ Luke tells you seeming just as excited as he pushes his laptop away slightly, you turn to look at him eyebrows raised, ‘What?’ you ask, he is still wearing a huge smile, ‘Well we thought you might like to go out with a guy that we like’ he explain, you shake your head turning to Ashton for a better answer.

‘Look’ he tells you jumping off the counter and moving forward to lean on the island looking at you, ‘We know blind dates aren’t really your thing but there is this guy we know from the studio’ he explain.

‘We bumped into him today’ Luke add and Ash nod, ‘He is really nice and he was saying how his girlfriend left him a couple months ago and he needs a nice girl to take him mind off her’ Ashton explains. ‘So I’m the rebound?’ you asks, Ashton shrugs. ‘Technically, but we think he will actually really like you’ Luke agrees, you shake your head. ‘Nope, I’m not going’ you shake your head. ‘Come on, he is really nice, please’ Luke begs, pushing out his bottom lip, you shake your head, ‘We kinda already agreed’ Ashton smiles sheepishly and you groan, ‘Fine’ you sigh. ‘I’m going for a bath’ you tell them sliding off your seat and picking up your can.

‘No worried you have a few hours’ Luke calls behind you, you spin in the door way, ‘Tonight?’ you ask and they both nod, ‘Guys, fuck sake’ you whine, ‘Shut up and go bath’ Ashton tells you, ushering you away with a wave of his hand.


‘IM COMING IN’ you hear Michael from outside the bathroom, you huff sitting up and pulling the shower curtain around the bath, ‘OKAY’ you call back, the door opens and you hear him come in. ‘You’re not going on a date with Lenny’ he tells you, you hear the clock on the toilet seat being put down. ‘If Lenny is the blind date then why not?’ you ask, ‘Because he is a weirdo, me and Calum h…’

‘Are you peeing?’ You interrupt him, ‘No’ he tell you, ‘But seriously, you can’t go, he is weird’ he continues, you open the curtain a little at your head so you can see Michael while you’re talking. ‘What do you mean? Luke and Ash said you all like him?’ you ask.

‘No they like him’ he rolls his eyes, ‘You shouldn’t go with him’ he tells you again, ‘MICHAEL, shut the fuck up, she already agreed’ Luke bursts into the bathroom and you groan, ‘Yes Luke come in’ you tell his sarcastically but he doesn’t listen, ‘ASHTON, MICHAEL IS TALKING HER OUT OF IT’ Luke yells making you pull a face as his loud voice booms in the small bathroom.

‘Dude what the fuck, she already said yes’ Ashton rushes in, ‘Mother meeting in the bathroom’ you mutter making Michael smirk a little, ‘You could always open the curtain a little more, if you can see us all’ he wink, you shake your head.

‘She shouldn’t go with him, me and Calum hate him, he is weird, and coming from us that means a lot’ Michael explains to Luke and Ashton, ‘Wait Calum doesn’t like him? You said you all liked him’ you challenge Luke and Ashton looking up to them. ‘Yeah well..’

‘My ears are burning, what we talking about?’ Calum asks wondering in, ‘This pair of dumb fucks are sending (Y/N) on a blind date with Lenny from the studio’ Michael tells Calum standing up from the toilet. ‘Fucking hell, well you gonna have to be blind to enjoy that date’ Calum laughs looking to you and you smile shaking your head. ‘Is he that’s bad?’ you as in a slightly whiny voice. ‘YES’ ‘NO’ you sigh, rinsing yourself off as you let the boys argue between themselves.

‘Can someone pass me my towel?’ you asks through their bickering, but they don’t hear, you stand in the bath making sure your still covered with the shower curtain, ‘CAN SOMEONE PASS ME MY TOWEL?’ you yell frustrated. The bathroom silences and a towel is passed around the curtain, you take it, wrapping it around yourself and sighing in the peaceful silence. You open the curtain, ‘I’m gonna get dry, you guys argue in here’ you tell them climbing out, Calum’s hand comes out to help and you take it with a grateful smile. ‘Away from me’ you add as you leave the bathroom.


After arguing for a further ten minutes while you changed into a pair of leggings and a shirt that was on your floor Ashton had come in to make sure you would still go and you agreed, not wanting to back out and making him and Luke look like idiots. He told you that you had a couple hours until Lenny would pick you up and then left you to chill. And hour later and there is a knock on the door, ‘Come in’ you call, you open your eyes sitting up a little to see Luke coming in your room. ‘You’re not ready?’ he asks, you shrug lying back down. ‘I have like an hour’ you tell him.

‘But won’t it take you ages to get ready?’ he asks, ‘Luke’ you chuckle ‘Since when has it took me ages to get ready? You ask and he doesn’t reply. ‘I could help’ he offers, you sit up fully now, looking him over with narrowed eyes to see if he was serious, you shrug, pushing your arm out towards the wardrobe, ‘Go ahead’ you tell him, he smiles stepping to it and opening the door.

‘So how are things with Lucy?’ you asks, ‘Do you take my advice?’, nods looking through your clothes, ‘Not spoke to her in months, and I did, it worked, she got pissed that I wasn’t putting in the effort and then accused me of fucking that slut bitch I live with’ he tells you, glancing over his shoulder smirking, you open your mouth a little surprised.

‘Like bitch, I never liked her…just saying’ you shrug making him laugh, ‘hey, you getting ready?’ you look up to see Ashton coming in, his eye wide when he seeing you sitting on your bed. ‘What wrong with you two, you know it only take me fifteen minutes to get ready, if that’ you tell him shaking your head and looking down at you phone screen. ‘This is a date, a first date, a blind date, you could make an effort’ he argues. ‘Ashton do you want me to go on this fucking date?’ you ask slightly annoyed, he nods, ‘Of course’ he tells you a little quitter now, ‘Then shut up , I will get ready when I want’ you tell him, he nods, sitting on the end of your bed. ‘What you doing?’ Ashton ask Luke, ‘Picking her outfit’ Luke tells him, not looking away from the wardrobe, Ashton jumps up rushing to his side, ‘Let me help’ you roll your eyes.

‘Do either of you want a drink?’ you asks, both of them say no and you jog down the stairs, grabbing three cans and heading into the living room where Michael and Calum are playing on the Xbox, you flop in the middle of them, placing a can on each of their laps. ‘Thanks’ Calum tells you engrossed in the game, ‘Right, right, on the right’ you shout getting impatient as a guy comes up on Calum, he panics spinning on the screen and you groan when he dies, ‘I said the right dick cheese, give me ago’ you tell him snatching the control.

‘Why exactly do we live with her?’ Calum mutter, ‘Technically, I let you dweebs live with me’ you tell him making Michael chuckle, ‘She called you a dweeb to idiot’ Calum grumbles, ‘hey, no fair, I’m nice’ Michael whines making you laugh. ‘So, you’re going out with Lenny?’ Calum asks and you nod concentrating on the game. ‘Yep, Ashton and Luke are picking an outfit’ you nod slightly, you’re about to shoot a group ahead when the games goes on pause, ‘MICHAEL’ you shout, looking to him.

‘Ashton and Luke are picking your clothes?’ he asks and you nod, ‘I probably won’t wear what they pick’ you shrug, Calum and Michael are both off the sofa before you can stop them and running up the stairs, you roll your eyes throwing the control on the sofa and switch off the TV before chasing after them, you fine Calum and Michael lounging on your bed watching Ashton and Luke trying to put outfits together, while giving comment on each.

‘I’m not wearing that dress’ you comment seeing Luke holding the red dress your friends bought you a couple of months ago, ‘Why? It’s hot, plus isn’t he only dress you own’ he argues pouting slightly. ‘She doesn’t have to wear fancy shit to look hot, next to Lenny she will look like a fucking sex god.’ Calum tell them, you smile, ‘Thanks…I think’ you frown looking to Michael and he winks.

‘Look this whole date thing it mad as it is, if I’m going, I’m going in what I want’ you tell the boys, ‘Fine what do you wanna go in?’ Ashton asks, you wonder over to your wardrobe pulling out your denim super skinny jeans, you move over and open a draw riffling through until you see your black chiffon wrap back vest. You smile looking to the boys.

‘Fine, go change’ Luke ushers you out of the room, ‘Why do I have to leave, it’s my room’ you argue, he rolls his eye, placing your small make-up bag on top of your clothes and with his hands on your shoulder turning you to face the door, ‘Juts change in the hall’ he tells you, closing the door behind you. You sigh starting to change.

‘YOU SHOULDN’T GO’ Michael calls, ‘LENNY’S ODD’ he adds.

‘BREATH STINKS’ Calum calls, ‘GREASY HAIR’ Michael adds, ‘I DON’T THINK HE HAS SHOWERED IN LIKE A YEAR’ Calum continues, making you chuckle slightly.

‘IGNORE THEM, HE DOESN’T HAVE GREASY HAIR, HE IS SUPER NICE’ Luke shouts to you, ‘HE’S RELIABLE’ Ashton adds, ‘AND HE WONT USE YOU’ Luke calls and you hear Michael laughing. ‘She can do better than Lenny, for fuck sake’ Michael argues them.

‘He is a nice guy, why don’t you like him?’ Ashton asks, ‘They don’t even have a reason, they are just being arse holes’ Luke speaks. ‘Don’t talk about us like we aren’t here’ Calum growls, you open the door then.

‘Okay, all of you shut up, I’m ready’ you tell them, they all look to you, Ashton and Luke smiling, ‘You look great’ Luke complement, ‘Spin’ Michael tells you, you glaring ‘You just wanna see my ass’ you comment and he nods, ‘Yeah so spin’ he agrees making you laugh about you spin any way. He hums whey u look back to him, ‘Too hot for Lenny’ he mutters making you laugh, ‘Too hot for you’ you wink before flopping onto the bed, the other three sniggering at Michael’s shocked face.

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