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Ancient Egyptian God AU

So, I’ve told people on twitter (and a few people on tumblr) about this really silly idea I got while touring the “Mummies of the World” exhibit at the Cincinnati Museum Center. I wanted to make masterlist of ideas centered around this AU, and I decided to sort of share this post with the rest of the hidashi tag in case any of you were interested in reading this really weird au. 

Tadashi and Hiro’s love story starts in Ancient Egypt. Hiro is the son of the main priest and priestess of the jackal-headed god, Tesh’Ket (completely made up). Tesh’ket is the son of Min (not made up) and his wife Repyt (also not made up). His dominion is virility of both the mind and body. He is the patron god of inventors and surgeons. Being that his father is a fertility god, he also has the added perk of being really good in the sack.

Hiro is a lonely boy. He’s so smart, but that genius isolates him. No one really understands his inventions or machines. He isn’t bullied for it, no, but he can’t really talk to anyone about them. So, he sneaks off to speak to Tesh’Ket’s statue, since the god of engineering would definitely understand. Over time, Hiro starts to revere Tesh’Ket as an older brother, the person he can go to speak to about his triumphs or troubles. After some more time, he even starts to fall in love; his heart pounds and his stomach flutters when he thinks about seeing Tesh’ket when he dies. 

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