god i really love this show

I’m just gonna say, that being a long time Zelda fan (been playing them since I was only 5 years old), Breath of the Wild just stole my heart. I mean, I’m not even done with the entire plot and it’s become my favorite Zelda game - something I didn’t think would ever happen. The way I see it, it’s not just a game, it’s an experience. It does such a amazing job immersing you into the world, using the incredible soundtrack and paying attention to every last little detail, and I absolutely love it. Six years of waiting was most definitely worth it, and I’m just head over heels for it. 

Looking at spoilers for the next​ upcoming episode pissed me off. Please for the love of God, DO NOT LET DANNY GET BACK TOGETHER WITH RACHEL. That is a no no. This woman has tried to keep his child away from him, moved away to another state thousands of miles away from home, LIED ABOUT FATHERING CHARLIE FOR 3 YEARS. What really blows me is some people want them together. I’m like WTF man. Why would anyone want a toxic ass relationship like that? It’s worst than Steve and Catherine getting back together. Either let McDanno happen(I wish), show the guys working on their current relationships, or cast women that has some chemistry with the 2 leads. Why are PL and the writers trying to force these toxic ass relationships is beyond me.

Catching on jetwolf’s manga liveblogs and jesus, I’d forgotten how kind of shitty Crystal’s adaptation of the first arc was.

(I never watched the second and I think they did a pretty decent job with third, after the staff change, so going purely by first arc only here).

What I wanted: the manga finally adapted into an anime, with some fleshing out. A little more development and time with the girls, slow down the pacing, really build up the story.

What I got: the anime ripping out any kind of heart and soul out of the manga. Anyone who wasn’t Usagi and Mamoru pretty much losing any kind of unique character traits. SENSHI/SHITTENOU ROMANCE, THE THING NO ONE ASKED FOR. Animation that went from ‘well, their eyes are soulless and dead but at least Usagi’s hair looks pretty’ to ‘jesus fucking christ, did you have $5 to spend on this entire episode’.

I just. Man. I’m actually too tired tonight even really vent properly, but First Season Crystal was the biggest disappointment for me since the TRC anime series. About the same levels of ‘fucking awful’, really.

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While we're on the topic... I'd say Carl is well cherished. He is admired for his courage and strength, his loyalty and capacity to love and give of himself. He is a classic personification of a rock god on stage and will then happily and openly show his vulnerabilities and his gentleness. Kind and accepting of differences, he really is a beautiful role model of manhood. Peter is lucky to have his unconditional love and Carl deserves every bit of it. And yes we love them best together!

Awww I can’t really add anything to that, that’s lovely X

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For the love of god, I'M white and I was annoyed she was wearing brownface. "She's just tan," oh give me a break. I'm sorry these people are being assholes to you, you are amazing.

meh it’s fine; it’s a bit irritating but frankly i don’t really care?? like, how sad is it that you’re here more than a year after you said you were gonna ‘stop watching and supporting the show’ picking fights and….. still watching and supporting the show. which you hate.

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I hate that there’s a limit to the Gay™ I can reasonably expect from modern media. Even though there are millions of books, movies, and tv shows with purely straight characters I could never hope for a show with more than a few or, god forbid, only queer characters. It’s like there’s an unspoken rule that I can’t hope for more than one, maybe two non-straight characters or relationships because any more would be ‘unrealistic’ or 'pandering’. Fucking pander to me man, to all the other queer people invested in the worlds you create, because it’s not fair that because there’s a lesbian couple there’s an invisible cap and now I’ll never see a bi main character, or that having a trans side character is “enough activism” and that trans character will never have another friend on the show like them. Why do you have to maroon all your gays in this heterosexual world? Why can’t you let us find each other??

i am confident i am over you. so much that some mornings i wake up with a smile on my face and my hands pressed together thanking the universe for pulling you out of me. thank god i cry. thank god you left. i would not be the empire i am today if you had stayed. 

but then. 

there are some nights i imagine what i might do if you showed up. how if you walked into the room this very second every awful thing you’ve ever done would be tossed out the closest window and all the love would rise up again. it would pour through my eyes as if it never really left in the first place. as if it’s been practicing how to stay silent so long only so it could be this loud on your arrival. can someone explain that. how even when the love leaves. it doesn’t leave. how even when i am so past you. i am so helplessly brought back to you.

—  one of my favoruite poems from Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur

i really fucking love that ngozi treats shitty/lardo the same way that writers of predominantly het pairings treat their background implied gay pairings. she HINTS at it, shows minimal but suggestive buildup, never answers in a straight way when confronted about it, you BASICALLY know it’s happening but you don’t get real confirmation until the absolute last minute. it’s such a powerful and fun way to subvert the typical creators’ treatment of their lgbt fans. god bless ngozi.

Stranger Things… God, I really, really fell in love with this show and i had to make a little drawing of it.

Its story kept me on the edge of my chair on many occasions and the songs, costumes, places and characters they really make you travel in time to the eighties. I love it and the cast is amazing. These children are the cutest thing in this world!

They have a great future and I can’t wait for see them in the second season! ✨🔦

i love the fact that all of the mythology series Riordan has written take place in the same universe. like, the Norse gods have just been chillin for thousands of years and then all of a sudden the world almost ends once a year for 6-7 years straight cause of the Greeks/Romans and the Egyptians are pretty much just like wtf guys, but the Norse haven’t really been paying attention (cause, hello 9 worlds to look after) and just sort of show up one day like

Isn’t Jesus so great? He really is such a loving Father. He’s the perfect combination of conviction and Grace. He will lovingly convict us, and show us what areas of our life need fixing. At the same time, He does it in a way that reminds us that He loves us unconditionally. He’s such a God of balance. I struggle trying to love people even through their flaws, and as much as I want to stay consistent, I fall short all the time. He never does. He can do it all. He holds all things together with perfect peace. He knows what He is doing and He holds my whole  world together. I’m in great hands!

what’s interesting about the song Bring Him Home from Les Mis (which I was listening to for the 509348th time don’t judge me) is that essentially…. it’s all about Cosette?

which is weird to think about?? but this is Jean Valjean PRAYING, with every fiber of his being, for Marius to be safe and survive the war. It’s such an intense emotional song but it’s for… this boy he doesn’t really know?

all he knows about Marius is that Cosette loves him, more than anything in this world. The only reason Jean Valjean even goes to the barricades in the first place is to find this boy and bring him home to Cosette because Cosette means more to him than the entire world

he wants God to protect Marius, even at the cost of his own life, so that Cosette will be happy

so like when I say that Cosette is the heart of Les Mis I’m being so literal you guys. she IS the show. there’s a reason she’s on the poster. Fantine gives up her whole life, quite literally, for her daughter. Fantine’s sacrifice affects Valjean so much that he HAS to find this little girl, and oh boy, little Cosette completely changes Valjean’s life. From the moment he takes her away from the Thenardiers she becomes his joy.

The bishop gave Valjean his soul back, and Cosette gave him back his heart

And that is why Bring Him Home holds so much emotional weight. Valjean knows he’s growing old. He knows he may not survive this. But Cosette is his heart, his everything, and he needs Marius to survive for her. Even though it’s never spoken in the song, that’s what it means to him. 


In this show [Stranger Things], I realized I didn’t have to speak with my mouth, I had to speak with my face. Instead of actually saying I’m angry, I’m sad, I’m confused, I had to do it with my face, and that was challenging. But I really enjoy playing a challenging role. I love playing Eleven.