god i never thought id say that

an older woman verbally assaulted me on my way to class this morning and shouted “oh my god what is wrong with people today?! what are you wearing!!!” i was already late to class though and i could feel her and the women with her staring at me the second i stepped into their line of vision.. it wasnt until i got to class that i realized what has just happened and i was sort of taken aback. for a moment i felt really low. and then i realized how insane it was that some random woman id never seen before felt so inclined, and felt so entitled and disturbed by my appearance that she thought she was in the right to say such a thing to me, a passing stranger.

Alright scrubs this is my first follow forever. Thought Id do one cause I’ve never done one before and I’m bored LOL. Id like to say thank you for making my dash what it is (a meme mess). nO but really! y’all make my dash alive! keep doing you, it makes meh happy (✿´‿`) ill probably forget a lot of ppl so don’t shoot me im soRR-

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I just literally melted into the floor….like someone bring me a mop because this seriously….dear god….thank you. thank you julie plec. thank you. (I never thought id say that)

also she seemed so comfortable checking him out…do you think they already kissed??? Or maybe its just because she was so surprised to see him there…looking as godly sexy as he did.

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its always so weird to me that because i was godtier i was technically a god? i just felt like an average guy stuck in a pretty comfortable knight outfit. not to say i dont want to be godtier and i never felt powerful, id die all over again if it meant getting my strength and time powers back, its just the whole thought of "im a god and in this new universe im time itself" never occured to me and was never a big deal like it probably shouldve been.