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。・゚゚1st April 2017 ・゚゚・。

I’ve never been a super religious person but I am doing my diploma in Islamic Studies and go to Quran reading twice a week. But what really solidifies my faith is when God makes miraculous things happen, like how just a few days ago I got accepted into a very competitive course in a top uni without any interviews whatsoever when my scores are barely average. I asked for a chance to prove myself and I received this wonderful opportunity. You could be a non-believer and say there were other reasons involved, but for me, it feels like a sign that God is always looking out for us ㅡ you just need a little faith.

Go forth bravely into the new season everyone! You never know until you try so be brave and try. Something amazing might happen.

I’m also going to be on instagram @konmaristudies to do the 100 Days of Productivity challenge! Follow me if you like :) Not everything is going to be studyblr but I promise I’ll put up good content. Have a nice day everyone~

Okayy so I recently ruined my life by watching like 14 years of a tv show in less than a month. So now, yes, I sold my soul to the one and only supernatural fandom (courtesy of @downworlderss)

I just got a couple of remarks for this show and none of it had any structure or order so here we go.


  • This show fucking ruined me, binge-watched seasons 1-12 in about 4 weeks, my pinterest board had over 700 pins in like a week afterwards
  • It started off genuinely creepy and then kinda digressed and idk if I just got desensitised or what
  • John Winchester is a terrible father
  • Bobby Singer is an amazing father
  • I was really confused when season 5 ended because I still had 6 more dvds (and season 12 on amazon prime cause I couldn’t get the freaking dvd because being British sucks sometimes) and I thought it was ending at season 5 because DEAN WAS FINALLY HAPPY DAMNIT
  • It was about season 7 when I got a new pair of glasses ‘cause my eyesight got worse and made the realisation that JENSEN ACKLES HAS FRECKLES WHAT
  • Called it that Chuck was God from the moment I saw him- he literally fucking told them he was a god come onnn
  • Dean’s contact name for Castiel in season 11 or 12 or whatever better be a fucking joke because it’s Cas not Cass
  • I thought I couldn’t hate Metatron more and then he goes and spells his name with a double S and I decided he needed to die
  • The subtitles also say Cass (on amazon anyway) and.. just no, okay? It’s CAS
  • Cried when Cas killed Balthazar
  • Kevin’s life went to absolute shit and idk if it was terrifying or hilarious
  • Naomi is actually the worst, why do more people not hate on her? She tortured Cas and I am not okay with that I was happier when she died than when Metatron did I’m not joking
  • Sam kinda breaks my heart
  • Gadreel was decent, okay? I think I genuinely liked him and I don’t care.
  • I mean I know he killed Kevin but still
  • Cas, honey, you’re a wonderful person/angel but mannn do you fuck up sometimes, I mean seriously
  • Misha Collins is a fucking incredible human being and his acting skills give me goosebumps I’m deadly serious. What with Cas and Crazy!Cas and Castifer and Godstiel and Levi!Cas and MetaMisha I have so much respect for this man and he is a national treasure.. of America.. damnit
  • I threw something when Charlie died
  • Lucifer is actually really cute (mainly just when he’s in Sam’s head though) but yeah, I think I love satan is this an issue
  • Okay but sometimes it hits me that Jared and Jensen and Misha are just three middle-aged dads running around pretending to stab things and smite demons I think that’s beautiful
  • I think I cried when the angels fell I can’t remember
  • Fuck Adam, I don’t care about him honestly- if he comes back he’s gonna be a crazy bitch- we should all just forget about him like the boys did
  • I’m pretty sure Mary Winchester is actually a terrible mother
  • Jody Mills is a fucking incredible mother, she’s like mum bobby
  • Season 12 made me hate my own nationality because THE BRITISH MEN OF LETTERS CAN GO FUCK THEMSELVES OKAY I was so happy when the freedomsquad rolled in with their whiskey and flannel and UGHH it was so good to see Britain fall, okay?
  • Apart from Mick, he was okay… before he died
  • Okay, but the season 12 finale
  • Dean’s reaction made me wanna throw myself off a bridge
  • I didn’t even care about the Nephilim by that point
  • Just Cas’s relationship w/ Dean (I am neutral ground between platonic and destiel atm) but whatever you think you cannot deny that these two fucking love each other and it’s just so damn beautiful
  • The Novak storyline just makes me cry
  • Lucifer Cas was genuinely disturbing at times but this fucking line is now my life

  • Actually so many things Castifer says and just the way Misha portrays all of the alter egos. It’s just amazing.
  • When we’re introduced to Levi!Cas Misha freaking Collins wtf how do you do that crazy thing with your eyes that makes you look like a completely different person
  • When Dean calls Cas his brother and says ‘i want you to know that’ is so fucking important to me because this wonderful being has been hunted by his angel brothers and sisters and Dean Winchester does not idly throw around a word like brother this scene was so special
  • Assbutt
  • Castiel’s wings scorched onto the ground just hit me so fucking hard and goddamnit it I can’t deal with that because he’s actually dead
  • Just… Castiel

-I’ll probably think of a load more this show man…


  • The car scene with Gabe and Cas and the parallels between them and the Winchester boys
  • I don’t think I stressed Balthazar enough because his death and the fact that Cas did it killed me.. and him
  • Crowley crowley crowley crowley
  • These boys are frustrating as fuck sometimes get your damn feelings sorted out you are brothers for fucks sake love each other always
  • It’s just when they’re like ‘oh we can’t be brothers anymore how could you do that to me’ and I’m sat there thinking ‘YOU LITERALLY DID THE SAME EXACT THING TO HIM LAST FUCKING SEASON COME ON’
  • Alsooo when Cas is Castifer everyone just seems to forget that, hello, CAS IS BEING POSSESSED BY LUCFIER DO YOU WANNA KEEP HIM SAFE IS HE YOUR FRIEND OR WHAT. And then Dean goes ‘what about Cas’ and I’m marginally satisfied
  • This scene
  • I always love Lucifer until he goes after Cas and then I hate Lucifer and when he’s doing something else I love him again
  • This is not devil worship
  • Sam’s exasperation and the bitch face is honestly so funny to me I have no idea
  • The fact that Cas thinks so little of himself that the only way he believes he can be ‘of use’ to the boys is BY ENDLESSLY SACRIFICING HIMSELF
  • Also the way Dean screams Cas’s name and how Sam has to drag him back through the portal to their side in the season 12 finale PFFFH don’t even get me started
  • So is Gabe alive or what?
  • So is Cas alive or what?


  • The storyline with Hannah and Cas was SO uncomfortable
  • Like, they’re literally siblings and the whole weird half-romantic subplot was just… ergh
  • I’m so fucking hyped for season 13, give me scooby-doo spn and I sure hope it’s Gabriel because, honestly, who else would put them in scooby-doo, pleaseeee give me richard speight jr
  • I’ve been reading a ton of fanfic, this has ruined me. There’s this wonderful author on fanfic.net called 29pieces who does amazing fics and they’re my life now
  • Cas’s eyes yes please give me the sky
  • Spn is creepy ass monsters and traumatizing characters and heartbreaking scenes
  • But sometimes they just throw in a crack episode and they keep me sane, honestly. I would be in a limitless pool of tears if not for the crack eps and the gag reels
  • Back to sadness
  • CAS’S FACE AFTER METATRON SAYS ‘he’s dead too’
  • And he sees dean’s blood on the angel blade
  • I’m so sad about Cas being homeless because Misha and oh my god
  • Future!Cas also makes me sad because I know it’s funny and all to see Cas high but thinking about the road that led him there is not
  • Thinking about Cas’s depression that led him to drug abuse keeps me up at night
  • My angel feels inadequate and I cannot handle that today 
  • Everything about Cas just makes me sad

everyone’s acting like kane adopted harper for the first time in 4x07 as if she and miller weren’t already his kids in s3 when they helped him spy on pike?? WAKEY WAKEY GUYS she’s been his daughter for A WHILE now :’)

So I recently marathoned Camp Camp [SPOILERS]

And of course, just like everyone else, the season 2 finale had me in tears, but I actually wanna talk, or rather ramble, about something else

The season 1 finale

I watched all of Camp Camp in one night not all too long ago, and since then I keep going back and watching one particular scene of that episode: the scene where David finally admits that Max is right and that times have changed

Now, it was super interesting to see our beloved David for once not being so happy-go-lucky, but the specific moment I keep going back to is actually right after that

Max’s reaction

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What I say: I’m fine.

What I mean: It’s the season finale of Wynonna Earp today and I have been desperately trying not to have a breakdown since yesterday bc I don’t know what to do with my life after this??? A week long wait for a new episode is unbearable enough and now I need to wait a year for S3 and I’m not sure if I could survive w/o seeing these precious, amazing characters! And oh God a year w/o any wayhaught??? What do I do??? How do I even??? I’m scared. Someone send help pls!

Fingers crossed

Okay guys, I need to write more wishes for shadowhunters season three down in case the gods of freeform are listening

- Alec dressing up and Magnus losing his shit (preferably in a blue tanktop. A girl can dream.)
- Alec talking about Magnus looking fabulous 
- Magnus putting Makeup on Alec (I mean… ??????!!!!!!!!!)
- Alec putting his arm around Magnus
- Magnus and Izzy hugs
- Jace seeing Alec’s new flexibility rune
- Alec kissing Magnus on the cheek
- And for some Angst: Alec leaving the flat in a hurry because whatever shit is happening shouting “See you, bye” and Magnus whispering “I love you.” when the door slams shut behind him
- Magnus saying “I love you” on his own and not just “I love you, too” as a reaction to Alec’s “I love you”
- Magnus initiating kisses
- Magnus sitting on Alec’s lap
- Alec laying his head on Magnus’ lap during a meetup with their friends
- Alec tucking Magnus in after he fell asleep because he was so exhausted from whatever that he just fell on the bed
- Alec playing with Magnus’ cats
- Alec giggling on a mission because Magnus texted him something and Clary being like “WHAT THE FUCK you just laughed I’ve never seen you laugh” and Alec instantly schooling his face back into a scowl
- Magnus kissing Alec’s nose (fuck, I want this so badly)
- Alec playing with Magnus’ hair
- Magnus opening the door without makeup on in a huge baggy T-shirt he stole from Alec and shorts
- Magnus painting his toe-nails
- domestic epicness
- Alec carrying Magnus bridal style
- Someone insulting Alec, or hurting him or something, and Magnus flipping his shit and Alec being flustered
- Alec treating Magnus’ wounds after a battle
- Them talking about marriage like A: “When we marry, we won’t do it in the institute, too many bad memories” M: “WHEN WE MARRY??” A: “um. forget I said anything.” M: “NO WTF NOBODY’S EVER EVEN CONSIDERED MARRYING ME”
- Magnus watching Alec sleep with a fond smile (and Alec snoring while sleeping)
- Alec taking Magnus’ hand while walking

Arrow Moves To Thursdays

Woke up to this article today and my TL looked like:

Arrow is moving to Thursday nights at 9 pm next fall for their sixth season. Reactions varied from chill to… not. Do I think this is a bad thing? No, I don’t. 

Allow me to preface this post by saying this: I’ve been talking about Arrow’s ratings and The CW network since I started this blog. Long before there was ever a ratings drop, my opinion was that The CW has a different business model than the other networks. If you cannot accept that The CW’s profitability is not based on live ratings, then this is not the blog for you. You don’t have to take my word for it. Stephen Amell confirmed it at HVFF Chicago. Mark Pedowitz has spoken about it.  I’ve done my research on this folks. They are structured differently than the Big Four. It’s just facts. (X) 

Yes, I was surprised by the move mostly because I had grown complacent about Arrow on Wednesday night. Wasn’t expecting it. I am no expert, but I’m happy to share my thoughts. I’ll talk about what I like about the move. Then we’ll shift to concerns.

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Predictions for season 7

-Like World Twinkle, there will be fewer episodes than previous seasons. 

-More Nekotalia.

-Moe Roman emperors dicking around for more episodes than needed.

-One or more tear inducing episodes, possibly surrounding Germany and/or Prussia.

-BeNeLux siblings get their own episode.

-A new fandom meme comes up, although it won’t be able to top disco pogo

-Macau’s anime debut (god I hope so)

-Portugal’s anime debut (GOD I HOPE SO)

-Moe Roman emperors.

i’ve been inactive for about a year (thank god for queues) and in that time half the people i follow have deactivated or changed blog styles so it’s time for me to make a comeback and to do that i need some new blogs to follow!

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Hawaii 5-0 Season 8 Wishlist

Here it comes again.  Another season.  Another set of hopes and dreams.  Last season was so much better than Season 6 I have to say.  And although this upcoming season is already tainted by the loss of Chin and Kono, I am going to remain optimistic.

I was heartbroken when word came out all those months ago about Grace Park and Daniel Dae Kim’s departures.  And I was afraid that I would hold a grudge about the new cast members coming to fill the void. (Think Corin Nemic when Daniel was killed off of Stargate in Season 5. Poor guy never got a chance)

But I have to say from everything I’ve seen on the new cast members I am excited about their addition.  Especially Meaghan Rath/Tani Rey.  And that really surprises me.  Being such a huge Kono/Grace Park fan I wasn’t keen on just anybody filling that spot on the team.

Tani seems like a very capable and kick ass lady from what I’ve seen.  Meagan Rath is beautiful (though I still think Grace Park outshines her but still…) and as long as they give her character some substance I will be happy.  I just don’t want her to become nothing more than a pretty face to fill the screen. 

Anyway, onto my wishlist…

1.  This has carried over from previous seasons and I still have to declare it.  I want Danny to take Steve to New Jersey!  I NEED this!

2.  I want the restaurant storyline to be handled properly.  Not just some throw away, on the side thing.  But something substantial.  I know it’s a side project but still give us something more.

3.  Danny needs to break up with Melissa, ASAP!  I have said it before and I say it again.  Please, for the love of god.  It’s unfair to her and she deserves better.  So does Danny.  And speaking of….

3a.  Please don’t let Danny get back together with Rachel!  Ugh!

4.  Give us more about Will and Grace dating. 

5.  Give us good and convincing explanations about Kono and Chin’s departure. More concerned about Kono.  Chin’s exit was pretty much set up but Kono is still a bit up in the air. 

5a.  To add to that, don’t have Kono sitting at home popping out babies as an excuse for her not to be on the team.  Fuck that.  She can work!

6.  If Adam is going to be a consultant for 5-0 now, I think he should also be the business manager for Danny and Steve’s restaurant.  He can take care of all the business logistics while Danny makes up the recipes and Steve can handle PR and relations.

7.  Steve needs to break up with Lynn.  There is zero chemistry there.  He can’t even call her his girlfriend.  She’s his lady friend.  No, just stop.

7a.  There’s been several mentions of potential love interests from Lenkov now.  From Catherine’s return, a nurse that helps him with his illness, to Alicia Brown.  I don’t know if this is just Lenkov stirring the pot or if he can’t make out a plan but stop messing with the man’s heart!

8.  Don’t ignore Steve’s radiation sickness.  He is not Superman.  I don’t care how strong you are, the man is sick. He is already immunocompromised from the liver transplant and now this.  Don’t sideline it like he’s superhuman.  Let us see him cope with his limitations AND see the team support him through it.

9.  Give us more McDanno!

and finally……


anonymous asked:

he /thought/ he was in love, but instead actually obsessed... so did ishim think cas was obsessed with dean but hes actually in love 🤔

ask n. 2   “ishim is a monster incapable of healthy love” That’s why I don’t really like that comparison. They got compared to something that wasn’t really love, but more like a stalker obsessed with a poor woman. 

(This turned way too long, so here’s a recap: I discuss the comparison between Ishim and Cas /and respective relationships with humans/, which tells us who Cas is by contrast; I also draw a parallel between Ishim and Godstiel, aka Cas’ darkest side – that Cas still managed to overcome on his own, because despite everything he’s always had a good heart and good intentions; also, are we supposed to reconsider the nature - platonic or potentially romantic - of Dean and Cas’ relationship in s6?)

Hello there, my friends! Unfortunately, you have just opened a can of worms, since I was writing some meta on the parallel between Ishim and Cas. 
To answer the first question, well, yes. Ishim (like many angels) doesn’t understand human feelings and emotions. Not only he’s a manipulative and abusive douchebag, he also lacks the experience to understand what love is (Cas, on the other hand, has been human..). 
So, when he sees the bond between Dean and Cas, he compares it to what he knows. And what does he know? The love he knows is obsession, rotten to the core; the human he wanted never loved him back; he thinks she made him weaker (and this is just textbook abusive behavior). So when he sees how far Cas has fallen (subtext: for a human), of course he thinks Cas is in his same situation. 

You know why we’re meant to stay away from them humans? Hmm? It’s not because we’re a danger to them. They’re a danger to us.

Yeah, he’s talking about both Dean and Sam, but casually Sam is never called Cas’ human weakness (context: we’re talking romantic love, throwback to Metatron saying Cas was in love with… humanity, just to point out one episode later that Cas’ goal was all about saving one human), nor he is in the climatic scene where Ishim goes after humani– erm, Dean (hint: Sam wasn’t supposed to be there because Cas loves Sam, but he’s not in love with Sam). 

Now, on to question #2. Too much exposition is deadly to a story. A great way to show who a character is or what they’ve become is… to contrast them with who they’re not (same goes for relationships).

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Can we list all the wonderful things we have in store for Season 4?

* Iris leading Team Flash like a BOSS
* Iris/Wally(/Cisco?) crime fighting unit for the win!
* A new kind of villain (thank god!)
* Cisco getting a little love from Cynthia
* And probably a little terror from her dad, Danny Trejo, a man with whom you should not fuck
* Speaking of love…Joecile getting closer. I dare hope that means we get more Cecile on the show and it’s not just Joe talking about her feelings because we do not need to ever relive season 2 in any way, thank you so much
* And, of course, no discussion of love on the Flash would be complete without mentioning the CORE SHIP AND EMOTIONAL CONNECTION OF THE SHOW: WESTALLEN
* Iris wrecked over losing Barry
* Barry a mess and Iris bringing him back - both out of the speed force and back to himself upon his return?
* Westallen emotional reunion
* Westallen lightheartedness in episode 2
* Westallen fun/sexy/sweet coupley things (probably)!
* Barry and Iris kicking ass together
* Iris continuing to take charge, with Iris/Barry/Wally/Cisco team up?
* Bachelorette/bachelor party?
* All-girl team-up? (Wish Linda were there, though. Just saying.)
* First Christmas as married couple
* Bart hints? Maybe his intro to the show? Maybe? Possibly?

What else, guys? We have a month and a half to go and I am PSYCHED!

dreamknightjaebum  asked:

I want to get into BTS, but don't know how? Like I know who Jimin and Namjoon is but the rest I'm like what?????? And the only song I know is Blood Sweat and Tears. I need your help!

oh, damn. OKAY. *rubs hands together*

Let me start member by member, yes? Oldest to youngest.

Originally posted by jjilljj

Kim Seokjin, stage name Jin. ‘92 line, vocal. The mom of the group, basically because he can cook. LOL but also is just so loveable. Mood maker, always positive and loves to be that cringe-y, borderline embarrassing person who LOVES everyone SO MUCH. Always giving kisses and hearts. Always making dad jokes. Was discovered on a college campus by Big Hit, simply because he was so attractive. Fun fact: turned down a scout from SM because he thought it was a joke.

Originally posted by sugakookie

Min Yoongi, stage name Suga. ‘93 line, rapper. Ugh, not to get emotional but Yoongi’s background. From Daegu, his parents didn’t support his dream of becoming a rapper. Went through a lot of hardship to get to Big Hit, was part of the underground rap scene previously (along with Namjoon.) Produces many of their songs. He works A LOT (think: tremendous work ethic) and stays up super late because of this, infamous for sleeping anywhere and any place he can. His mix tape Agust D is lit af, that’s just fact. Although he seems serious and is very driven, he’s actually incredibly silly and adorable. Min Marshmallow.

Originally posted by bangthebae

Kim Namjoon, stage name Rap Monster or rapmon. ‘94 line, rapper, leader of BTS. Incredibly intelligent. So smart, his IQ his second year of high school was 148. Always learning and adapting to everything around him, taught himself English and is now basically fluent. Is really the glue that holds BTS together. He shoulders a lot of their problems as a band but also has struggled with personal issues which he’s been fairly open about in his raps. Him and Seokjin are shall we say, not the lead dancers - but HE PUTS HIS SOUL INTO IT, OKAY.

Originally posted by jaayhope

Jung Hoseok, stage name J-Hope. ‘94 line, rapper, lead dancer. Was part of a street dance crew before BTS, won awards for his dancing. Is the sunshine, mood maker of the group but also dependable and strong. Is THE MOST EXTRA. CAN PULL OFF GIRL GROUP DANCES LIKE NO OTHER. ALTHOUGH, when he puts on a ball cap and dances… like GTFO.

Originally posted by kimthehyung

Park Jimin, stage name Jimin. ‘95 line, vocal, lead dancer. Was a contemporary dancer in a performing arts school in Seoul before being found by Big Hit. Is outgoing but more soft spoken than some of the other personalities. Is often called mochi by fans because he’s freaking adorable - but then holy hell, when he flips the switch. Park Jimin can sit tf down because his body rolls are out of control. (also his voice is that of an angel, try and tell me otherwise). He’s also just very kind and thoughtful to his members, gets shipped with everyone.

Originally posted by jimiyoong

Kim Taehyung, stage name V. ‘95 line, vocal. I love his voice. Just …. love it. Also from Daegu, like Yoongi. Taehyung seriously marches to his own drum. Oftentimes called eccentric and charming by the other members, Namjoon says he’s enviable because everyone likes him after meeting him. Taehyung and Jimin are really close friends. Taehyung has the ability to go from adorable and precious to fucking sinful at the drop of the hat. Dead. Also an ~actor~! Was in the drama, Hwarang: The Beginning, in 2016, along with SHINee’s Minho.

Originally posted by jeonsshi

Jeon Jungkook, stage name Jungkook. ‘97 line, vocal, dancer. The devil. Honestly - how to describe? The golden maknae, so called because he’s freaking good at everything. Sports, singing, dancing, games. You name it, Jungkook’s got it. He’s also incredibly humble and down to earth, never boasting about himself. Was so intimidated by the rest of BTS that he barely spoke during debut. After finally coming out of his shell, he’s a damn meme. Always doing random dances or faces - runs when girls appear. 


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An issue that needs to be talked about in the ㄴㅇㅅㅌ fandom

And this is the use of images out of context, misinterpretation of events and new loves not listening to older ones when we try to correct their false info. This is mainly on Twitter and most the new love blogs are doing great (keep up the good work).

HOWEVER, if this isn’t talked about, it could turn into a big issue. Some new loves overreact about little things-

  For example, fans are crying over SNS that from now on NU’EST won’t be using stage names cos Ren called himself Mingi, like they are exaggerating so much? People read the caption of “Ren called himself Mingi” WITHOUT EVEN WATCHING THE ATTACHED VIDEO, in which he said “NU’EST Ren Choi Mingi”, people love to jump to conclusions without thinking critically or looking for info at all!!

Basically people spread false info (new fans) BUT they get mad when old loves try to correct them? and accuse of creating a love hierarchy?? WTF?

ALL OF US OLD LOVES HAVE BEEN BEGGING PLL TO STAN NU’EST FOR YEARS, I look back at posts from 2 years ago and cringe at how desperate I am for people to stan NU’EST and buy their albums! (ofc it didn’t work cos they needed to go pd101)


And for gods I respect 2012 loves so fucking much it isn't easy staying in a fandom which was dying right in front of your own eyes! So at least listen when they try to guide you. We need new fans for NU’EST to live, and the new loves need to look at what our fandom name names- we need to spread love to heal all the pain we’ve been through. The NU’EST members are some of the most humble and genuine people in the industry, we need to reflect that. 

Divination: Symbolism


Acorn: youth; strength; man; small start for a large accomplishment
Airplane: travel; new projects
Anchor: voyage; rest; problem solved
Arrow: news; disagreements; direct action


Baby: new interests; security; new beginnings
Basket: gift; security; comfort
Bees [hive, comb]: fertility; industry; community; self-sacrifice
Bell: celebrations; news (good or bad depending on other indicators)
Bird: psychic power; flight; luck; friendship end; communication
Boat: discoveries; travel; companionship
Book: wisdom; learning
Bottle: celebration; success
Bridge: crossing to new endeavors; transition; partnership; travel
Broom: Goddess; purification; healing; end of a problem; changes
Butterfly: the soul; spiritual contact; frivolity; insincerity


Cage: isolation; restriction; imprisonment; containment
Camel: long journey; need to conserve energy or goods; relocation
Car: local travel; movement in business affairs; overcome obstacles
Castle: financial gain; security; inheritance; life of bounty
Cat: wisdom; spiritual access; female friend; domestic strife
Cauldron: Goddess; transformation; endings/new beginnings; vitality
Candle: illumination; innovation; inspiration
Chair: relaxation; pause; comfort; entertainment
Clock: time indicated for a spell’s completion; change
Clouds: mental activity; thoughtfulness; problems; hidden obstacles
Clover: good fortune; success; rural location
Coffin: end of a matter; lengthy but not serious illness
Cornucopia: Goddess; abundance; fertility; prosperity; protection
Cow: money; property; comfort; tranquility
Cradle: newcomers; beginning of a new idea or project
Crescent: Goddess; wish granted; newness; freshness
Cross: [Solar] God; nature works with power [Roman]; suffering; conflict
Cup: love; harmony; close friendship; gift


Dagger: complications, dangers, power, skill
Death / Dying: birth; marriage; long life; prosperity
Distaff: creativity; changes; sexuality
Dog: fidelity; friendship; companionship; faithfulness
Duck: plenty; wealth; success


Egg: increase; fertility; luck; creativity; new start; hoarding
Elephant: advice needed; obstacles overcome; good luck
Eye: introspection; awareness; evaluation; spirit


Fan: indiscretion; disloyalty; things hidden; inflammations
Fish: riches; luck; sexuality; productivity
Flag:  warning; defensiveness; identification w/ group / ideals
Flame / Fire: purification; change; domination of the will
Flower: marriage; unhappy love affair; passing joy


Gate: opportunity; advancements; change; new directions
Glove: protection; luck; aloofness; nobility; challenge
Gun [any type]: power to gain goals; discord; slander; infidelity


Hammer: hard work rewarded; building; creativity; fortitude
Hat: honors; rivalry; independence; self-assertion
Harp: contentment; spirituality
Heart: love; pleasure; confidence; strength of will
Horns: God; fertility; spirituality; forces of nature
Horse: travel; strength; work; grace; power; success; prosperity
Horseshoe: protection; luck; start of a new enterprise
Hound: advice; help given; companionship; trust
Hourglass: caution; passage of time
House: security; authority; success; comfort


Key: understanding; mysteries; opportunity; gain; security
Kite: warning for caution; new ideas; plans made public
Knife: duplicity; misunderstanding; direct action
Knot: restrictions; marriage; bindings


Ladder: initiation; rise or fall in status; connections
Lion: power; strength; influence; ferocity; pride; domination
Lock: protection; concealment; security; obstacles; sealed


Man: visitor; helpful stranger
Mirror: reversal; knowledge; Karma
Moon: Goddess; intuitive wisdom; guidance
Mountain: hindrance; challenge; obstacle; journey; steadfastness
Mouse: poverty; theft; frugality; inconspicuousness
Mushroom: shelter; food; business complications; Fairy contact


Nail: labor; construction; pain; unity


Owl: wisdom; spiritual communication


Palm Tree: respite; relief; security; protection; blessings
Parrot: gossip; ostentatiousness
Peacock: [all with little foundation] luxury; vanity; arrogance
Pineapple: hospitality; good things hidden by harsh exterior
Pipe: truth obscured; concentration; comfort; ease
Purse: monetary gain; possessions kept close


Ring: eternity; containment; wheel of life / year; wedding
Rose: love; lost or past love; fullness of life; healing; caring


Salt: purity; stability; cleansing; grounding
Scales: balance; justice; careful evaluation
Scissors: duplicity; arguments; separation; division; strife
Shell: Goddess; emotional stability; luck; artistic ability
Ship: travel; news; material gains; romance
Skull: consolation; comfort; personal hurts; endings and a new life
Snake: God and Goddess; wisdom; immortality; knowledge; prophecy
Spider: good luck; industry; entrapment; secrecy; cunning
Spoon: luck; sustenance; the basic needs of life secured
Star: good luck; divine protection; opportunity; success; destiny
Sun: God; success; energy; power
Swan: good luck; love; evolving beauty; noble spirit
Sword: power; strife; conflict; overcoming adversity


Tree: blessings of Nature; good fortune; stability; power; security
Turtle: fertility; security; defense against obstacles; slow gains


Umbrella: temporary shelter; limited protection
Unicorn: purity; nature; Fairy blessings; Otherworld intervention


Well: blessing from the Goddess; inspiration; spirituality; health
Wheel: completion; eternity; season / life cycles; rebirth; gains
Windmill: business dealings; factors workings together for one goal

Let me know if I miss anything or there are any errors!