god i need season 3 now

one of my favorite things about noragami is the fact that yato (aka god of calamity) can go from registered badass “Lay a finger on hiyori and official god or not i will end your life as you know it” who has kiLLED MORE PEOPLE THAN HE CAN COUNT 

to next thing you know literal sunshine baby who the only thing he is king of is king of the DORKS


yukine is tired of his master’s never-ending shit show 

I just realized something.

In episode 1 of season 1, Keith found Shiro then in the last episode he nearly lost him again (when they all go separated after the wormhole got destabilized by Haggar).

So in episode 1 of season 2, Keith literally had to go find Shiro again (thankfully they got separated together this time) and then in the last episode he actually did lose him…again.

Starcrossed lovers much? They seem destined to always find each other only for life to rip them apart. Keith is almost like the dashing Prince always coming to Princess Shiro’s distress–and I am totally okay with this cuz now I have Mario and Zelda Sheith AU ideas.

And I swear, if season 3 starts off with Keith somehow finding Shiro (or at least his general location) in episode 1 only to follow the pattern of losing him all over again in the last episode imma freaking cry outta frustration and angst.

It’s like Mario’s plot all over again:

“Good job defeating Zarkon/Sendak/Lotor/etc! But I’m so sorry Keith, your Shiro is in another heavily secured fortress…”

“…God-fucking-Quiznak Shiro.”


after 3.5 seasons of waiting, i get this magnificent gem :“’))

For real though, I’m proud of how wonderfully his character developed from Season 1. He is, by no means, the ideal partner, but he damn well tries. Also, I really appreciate the fact that he and MC, of all pairings, decided to break the one-sided "I’ll protect you” trope and chose to stand on equal footing. He’s probably the most “oresama” out of all the Voltage characters, and yet they break out of that trope!! Talk about refreshing.

Additionally, in his POV stories, he never really viewed MC as weak per se; to him, she was just someone he needed to protect because he couldn’t stand the thought of seeing her hurt. But in Season 3, he starts to acknowledge that she can protect both herself AND him. That’s when he begins to respect and admire her, aside from him just cherishing and protecting her.

Overall thoughts on the finale

I believe my feelings can be summed up in one gif:

  • Just watching the ‘previously on’ segment has me nervous.
  • Oh, god, we’re starting in the hospital with flickering lights. That’s probably not a good sign.
  • And we’re staring with Liam. Definitely not a good sign. And did his hair actually get worse? I think it got worse.
  • …what: 

Okay, so, they’re actually in nowheresville/alternate dimension? But why does nowheresville now have a replica hospital instead of just being a train station? 

  • Still not over the fact that they named a town Boneville:
  • …so…wait…Liam is still actually in Beacon Hills? Why are the signs there? I’m less than 2 minutes in and already confused as fuck haha.
  • “LYDIA” Stiles!”
  • “SHERIFF: Give the boy some room!” So the ghost riders just let people come with their weapons lmao? And sheriff is dumb enough to shoot up into a crowd? And can people actually get hurt here in nowheresville? Like, if sheriff just straight up started shooting right now, what would even happen? The people were already erased from reality, can they even get hurt? 
  • Also, how long was sheriff in there? Because, like, back in 6x05 when new people got dropped off, the ghost riders legitimately dropped them off right in front of everyone else, they didn’t just inconspicuously materialize. So, given that logic, sheriff’s been there at least a hot minute and, yet, he didn’t automatically go to Stiles? It’s not like Stiles was hard to find, he was standing off to the side all by himself? Or why didn’t Stiles notice him arrive? Maybe this was explained in another episode, but I kinda doubt it, so:
  • As  much as I love Stilinski family moments, I’m still bitter as fuck over the fact that Stiles wasn’t worrying about his father this whole damn time. 
  • Well, that nice moment lasted all of 2 seconds before getting shot down by stydia baiting.
  • “SHERIFF: We’ll find each other again.” What the fuck even? Can’t let Stiles relationship with his own fucking father encroach on the stydia? 
  • “SHERIFF: I’ll hold them back.” literally how the fuck? True alpha scott and his pack couldn’t do that, but human sheriff can? How? We already know guns don’t work against them? 
  • Okay this is all ridiculous and I’m in pain, but damn Dylan looks good
  • “LYDIA: When I kissed you!” …did they kiss again? Somehow? Like through a mirror portal or some shit? Did I fucking miss it? Or are they talking about when she slammed her mouth on his back in 3a? Because I swear  to fucking god if they’re suddenly playing that her stopping his panic attack was because she has feelings for him….
  • Look how awkward her hand is:

She looks like ET

  • And seriously I’m seeing nothing but:
  • Posey is me while watching this:
  • “MALIA: We didn’t see anyone.” Okay, so, one I’m really over this whole ‘only Lydia has any connection with Stiles shit’ as if Scott wouldn’t and the credits haven’t even rolled yet.  Like, unless it’s because she’s a banshee, they can miss me with this bullshit. Two, why does Malia answer for other people? Like how could she know what Scott saw? Three, get out of here with this scalia. I can feel it coming. 
  • LMFAO: 

So Stiles canonically has a stronger bond with his jeep than he does with Lydia, Scott, or Malia? I’m here for it. #stoscoe

  • Question: how the fuck did Stiles make it through without being burned to death? 
  •  …how are the credits just now rolling? I feel like I just sat through a half hour of bullshit and it hasn’t even been 5 minutes.
  • Whoa, his hair did get worse:

He looks like a wet dog. I guess that’s fitting. 

  • Seriously? They just wrote Scott out of that scene because Liam doesn’t know how to use his words? So they could go full throttle with the stydia bullshit with a stalia love triangle that is literally seasons too late? 
  • Aw, but Stiles still goes to Scott’s house first. That’s how it should always be. Why they gotta play at this dumbass ship baiting when they could focus on their friendship instead?      
  • Still not over the fact that they change what the McCall house looks like in every season haha. 
  • Why would Stiles even go to the station? He knows his dad is missing? Who is he looking for? It’s  not like Beacon Hills Sheriff’s Department has ever been any help to him lmao
  • And a radio? Why is he not just, y’know, getting a fucking phone and calling people? 
  • And if the whole town is gone, why didn’t we see any of those people in the station when we saw sheriff?
  • Okay, how do they know Stiles actually made it out into the real world? Like, I get that Lydia says she saw him, but when he didn’t just walk through that tunnel thingy, why would they assume that this means he made it into their world? Wouldn’t the logical conclusion be that it didn’t work and he’s still stuck in nowheresville?
  • “MALIA: Stiles isn’t coming here. If he was, he would have. And he hasn’t, so he’s not.” First of all, what the fuck kind of logic? How long has it even been? 20 minutes? Chill the fuck out. Second, if they all think Stiles is out running around, why the fuck wouldn’t they automatically all split up and go to the places they think he would go? Like, y’know, his home, or Scott’s home, or the sheriff’s station? Third, I hate when this show makes it to where Lydia has-an-IQ-of-170 Martin is dumb as a fucking rock while Malia spent-the-better-part-of-a-decade-licking-her-own-ass-in-the-woods Tate is somehow the only with a goddamn brain.
  • Okay, so the two worlds are converging…what’s the point of this?
  • Oh god, not this fuck again:
  • Oh sweet baby jesus:

I got a whole list for this one:

  1. Stop trying to put these two together, Teen Wolf. They ain’t friends and Lydia doesn’t deserve this. 
  2. Why are they staring at the tread marks when obviously the JEEP IS FUCKING GONE. LIKE, IS THAT NOT A BIG ENOUGH CLUE? 
  3. And wouldn’t they have been keeping tabs on the jeep during this whole ordeal? So they should know it had to have been moved recently?
  4. Is Lydia fucking Scooby Doo? She gonna sniff that tire mark? The fuck she doing on the ground like that?
  5. I am not fucking here for a Malia and Lydia scene to be paralleling Stiles and Derek:  
  • And how can Malia suddenly not smell him?
  • And what in the absolute fuck is Malia wearing: 

Why is that shirt so fucking long? And look at those boots. Why does wardrobe hate her    

  • “MALIA: Well, half the time he got it started with a screwdriver.”

I get so mad when they act like Malia would be the only one to know this and not Lydia. Lydia’s been around Stiles and that damn jeep way before Malia was even a thing. 

  • Hahahaha:
  • A+ cinematography:
  • Parrish is evil now? Or just controlled? Boy, they’ll literally do anything to force stydia in this episode, won’t they lmao?
  • “NAZI: And I’ll have a true alpha by my side.” Lmao as if that’s a selling point by now. Scott never does shit because they’re too busy trying to make Malia and Liam special. 
  • All I’m getting from this scene is that even after spending fuck knows how long in nowheresville, Stiles is still the only competent one and he accomplishes more in the short time he’s been back than all of them have in months lmao. Like, did he essentially save himself? And then he found them? And then he’s probably gonna be the one to save the town
  • Watching that sciles hug, man, I started out like:

…then came the weird back patting…

…and then they completely destroyed it with Liam and a cheap attempt at getting a laugh


  • Oh my good god: 
  • I cannot: 
  • “MALIA: Why is there a train station in the middle of the library?” Is this line supposed to be funny? Teen Wolf, making the character you just tried to play off as intelligent suddenly mentally challenged is just confusing, not amusing. ·
  • “MALIA: Any chance they’re connected?” What the fuck. No one is that goddamn stupid
  • “MALIA: ITS’ BAD WE HAVE TO GO!” Literally what I am saying to myself as I watch Shelley’s attempt at acting in this scene. 
  • “LYDIA: Maybe there’s someone who can.” It  better not be…
  • Aw fuck I managed to get forget about Mason and Hayden until this point.
  • Look at Mason in that shirt:

The transformation into Stiles 2.0 is complete, I see.

  • Now there are 57 rooms in the train station? What the fuck
  • Is that Randall on the train’s pa system? Why?
  • And how does Mason always know where Randall is? Is Mason supernatural or is this show just stupid? I’m guessing stupid.
  • “STILES: Okay, if they don’t let me graduate, I swear to god!” Oh, I’m sure they will. Makes as much sense as anything else in this damn show. I foresee a painful scene with Natalie in this episode’s future. And I guess we know how they’re writing Stiles/Dylan off. Love how the dropped this just 11 minutes into the finale. Do I even need to keep watching now? He’s clearly gonna graduate and go off to college or maybe the academy· 
  • And, wait, he was gone for 3 months? Like, I know they’re doing that so graduation can happen, but there was a 3 month time jump since season 5 which put us at January. Now it’s been another three months so they’re at March, maybe April if the show wants to push it. But they’re acting like graduation is happening right away? So either Teen Wolf fucked up their timeline again which would not be a surprise or there’s going to be a time jump of at least a month in this episode? I don’t know which option is worse…
  • How can they just grab Parrish when he’s on fire? Werewolves aren’t fire proof? At all? Like the show is pretty heavily based in werewolves not being fire resistant *cough * the Hales *cough* I mean, how many fucking time have they burned Peter now?
  • And Liam screaming? Is this supposed to be funny because I’m too distracted by the fact that they are completely unharmed and their clothes aren’t even singed to remember to laugh. 
  • I’m still not over Parrish’s magical modesty shorts lmao
  • “STILES: Buddy, I love you, but we’re way past that.” 
  • He wants the supernatural army in their world? Okay, but, like, wasn’t it already?
  • You can divert it? They’re just gonna be like, ‘well, fuck the town to the left of us’ lmao?
  • So now there’s a complete other world? Fuck this plot, man haha. 
  • “LIAM: We can’t move between worlds, but Corey can!” 

Deus ex Randall strikes again. And I swear to fucking god they straight up yanked his plot right out of monster’s inc. I’m predicting that someone is gonna end up banished in the Himalayas at the end of this episode.

  • Why can’t anyone run like a normal fucking person on this show?
  • “STILES: Were we like that?” “SCOTT: Worse.” I love when this show tries to play that angle and make it seem like the newbies are how the originals were. No. Nobody in the first three seasons was ever that terribly written and illogical. 
  • “SCOTT: You wanna split up?” “STILES: Never again.” All right, you know I’m a sucker for some sciles, but does Scott never learn? 
  • If they’re going to insist on all having all of these shots of Liam running I am going to have to insist that someone teaches Sprayberry how to run without looking like he just shit himself and is trying to hobble to a bathroom. 
  • “LIAM: I hate horses.” 

Next season they’re bringing in a chick that’s part horse and Liam’s gonna fuck it, calling it now. 

  • Aw fuck what happened to Theo’s hair: 

Why is Liam’s bad hair contagious?

  • He just jumped off a balcony onto a horse. His poor dick. 
  • “MALIA: Dad.” 

Seriously, Lydia has a stronger connection to Peter in canon than Malia does or ever realistically can at this point. 

  • “MASON: I know his smile, I know his touch, and I know that that’s his voice.” Lmao I know they’re trying to do some progressive ‘look at our adorable gay romance’ moment here, but a voice is way more distinguishable than anything he just said. 
  • Oh and now Mason is having the same wires/PA system moment that Stiles had in 6x05. You’re so fucking sly, Teen Wolf.
  • And now a slow motion kiss. 
  • “HAYDEN: When’d you learn how to ride a horse?” “LIAM: Just now.” These lines aren’t funny, Teen Wolf. And is that really the first fucking question Hayden is gonna ask? Not ‘what the fuck are you doing here?’ Or ‘are you fucking crazy?’ Or ‘Did you stop the ghost riders?’ 
  • As if Stiles is the one who would ever think something could be that easy. That’s Scott’s M.O. 
  • “PETER: Where do you get this implausible optimism?” “MALIA: Definitely not from my father.” “LYDIA: We don’t have time for this!” No, we really fucking don’t and yet you continue to waste it on this bullshit daddy/daughter relationship that is apropos of nothing. Knock it the fuck off. 
  • “STILES: I finally saw the girl’s locker room. It’s not that different. It’s kind of disappointing.” All right, I’ll give you that one, Teen Wolf. That line was actually pretty funny….except you really telling me all those nights spent in the school and he never went in the girls locker room?
  • Ugh:

How many times have they done this shot this season? 

  • How are Peter’s claws going through the ghost riders now? Like now they suddenly don’t have a corporeal form? 
  • Seriously, Teen Wolf: 
  • *Malia gets hurt* ..me:
  • And now Peter is screaming for Malia because he’s oh so concerned about what should realistically be a minor injury. This seems like a good place to stop. 

I’ll get to the second half soon. 


scream .¸¸.*♡* (((like if u save any)


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like se pegarem algo, obg sz/like if u save any, thx

anonymous asked:

not meant to be rude but it kinda feels like a large part of the fandom is REALLY young/never had a relationship before when you look at the responses to that 3 seconds clip. 1) every couple fights now and then 2) WE DON'T KNOW WHAT HAPPENED i wish people would stop attacking either alec or magnus it's ridiculous (god i feel old writing this 😂😂)

You might definitely have a point, Anon!

But even if a lot of the fans are quite young and have no/or rarely any experience what being in a relationship feels like… I don’t think you really need to be a genius to get that the Freeform marketing team is trying to get us all really excited for the new season. (Yes, the way they are doing this and all is debatable at a certain level, but you get my point!) So showing us bits of upcoming Malec drama is—sorry—more exciting to see than them just kissing and all. Because when you look at it, the kiss happened. So it means that all is good. But with this trailer f.e. we have absolutely no clue what is really going on. Meaning: We will tune in. It is really that simple.

I mean come on, this feels like 2x01 all over again. Sure, Freeform apparently has found its chill this time (thank God!) and that’s why we barely know anything what is happening in 2b—but remember when we all freaked out over the angst/drama they showed us before 2x01 really happened? We all imagined the worst case scenario. And in the end… it was nothing. They talked and we got a beautiful reconcilation scene on the balcony instead. And imo it was worth any kind of “angst”.

What I am trying to say: Making people anxious for the new season so that they tune in is common for a network. I am not saying that there will never be drama or angst for Malec. Otherwise, it would probably get boring at one point although I would watch Malec being domestic af for 10 seasons. But right now, with having NO FUCKING CONTEXT OF THAT SCENE, it is ridiculous to freak out over nothing and attack and blame each other and/or the characters. Just wait and see!

I know this is just a first impression but sometimes it’s what it really counts. I’m not gonna lie, I’m pretty mad. What the hell did we just watched? I was expecting a flashback not a flash forward. I’m also expecting lots and lots of flashbacks next season I’m not even kidding.

Martin Gero, let me tell you something: I don’t consider this a satisfying series finale !! Thank god we’re getting a season 3 because if I’m quite mad now, imagine how would I be if it were the end.

I need to watch the episode again, which I’ll do tomorrow, because right now I should try and go to sleep because I have to get up early for work (I don’t think I’ll be able to tbh), and hopefully will watch this from another perspective and feel better about that ending…or I probably won’t. Who knows.

On the other hand, Jeller. Oh god. I’m dead because of them (don’t get me started on the flash forward) Ugh they were perfect and I may or may not have screamed with the ‘I love you’ thing.

Touken Ranbu Hanamaru

Things to notice in this picture:

-the blue bird that teased the yaris (what a little shit lol)

-manba and his dancing plant

-nihongu carrying gokotai (awww)

-and he has the net to catch the bird oh my god

-tsuru and his glasses (gosh he loves them ;D)

-mitsu-bou has a hand on mister not interested (jk its ookurikara)

-nikkari and gold (i feel compelled to give him gold troops everytime now)

-sayo on kousetsu’s laps (so cute)

-akashi hugging hotaru

-urashima dropping his turtle in the middle of the shot (bruh)

-midare clinging on a stiffened dounut-kun (sry its doudanuki lol)

-the awatagushi swords are either being carried or in friend poses

-honebami holding the laughing bag

I need a 2nd season soon, these swords are adorable I’ll miss them~

anonymous asked:

We knew Even was the first boy Isak ever kissed and was with but now we know it was all the same for Even too. Isak's firsts with a boy were also Even's firsts. Wow. They were each other's firsts in so many ways.

god i know :(((((( and now i need to rewatch season 3 again and just cry even more over every scene because their story just became even more beautiful :( 

Oh my god I only just got around to watching the clip!

1. Even 💔 so much of season 3 makes sense now and I’m sure we’ll get a scene of Isak finding out and I don’t think I can handle that.

2. Yousef and Sana are my new favourite ship (behind Evak of course) but omg the whole time I was watching all I kept saying to myself was how cute they were 😂 Yousef so wanted to kiss her you could tell if only Sana’s mum didn’t call her name! Dear god I need them to be together ❤️

anonymous asked:

What's Noora's news about?? Are we supposed to assume it's about Yousef and that's the reason Sana will probably use her Noora's email to send out the messages but it turns out to be about something completely different?? Or are we supposed to have a false sense of security and think it's not about Yousef and then BAM it's about Yousef?? This season is getting to me, love. Are the season 3 parallels over?


sorry I needed to scream for a sec because this is wild right?

I originally thought we were just meant to assume it was Yousef but Julie would just end up surprising us by making it about something else…

but now I am thinking maybe it is about Yousef

or Sana jumps to conclusions somehow and assumes it is….does something bad before she can be corrected and then boom


ahhh my god I sure hope so

please be time for the parallels to end 


I think it’s over 

i’m actually thinking that the real reference… the pretty woman of season 4 may be the 90′s pop war that my beautiful angels @darker-sooner @newlevelofdesperate and @chickenparmaskam wrote about here 

and it’s only now beginning to reveal itself so yep parallels should be over now <3

dramaticalsquirrel  asked:

I can't wait for you to do the 4x10 recap and throw some humour into this madness <3 Do you think Bellarke will be canon this season?

Oh my god, I have no idea how I’m going to pull off the recap I’M LITERALLY A BALL OF ANXIETY RIGHT NOW. I’m going to need one more day to digest the episode before I start … making fun of it.

No, I don’t think Bellarke will be canon this season. It looks like next episode they will clash a lot, and I don’t think it will last more than one episode or that they’ll resent each other (quite the contrary actually), but considering what we know of episodes 12 and 13, I highly doubt that the writers will have time to get them together. If that’s what they’re planning to do at any point in the show, btw. I’m still not convinced they’ll ever enter a romantic relationship. It’s a “could go either way” kind of thing in my opinion. 

anonymous asked:

Top 5 animes?

i kinda already answered this hee bt since one of them was a kdrama ill just

1. noragami - getting my cousin to read the manga and get invested in the series is the best thing ive ever made. N THE VOICE ACTING!!!! kaji yukis there. n kamiya hiroshi. n sawashiro miyuki. and fukuyama jun. god i wanna rewatch the amusement park ova now.

2. gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun - IF IM EVER SAD THIS ANIME IS ALWAYS THERE FOR ME

3. akatsuki no yona - god those 25 episodes fucking wreck me i need season 2

4. www.working - i actually enjoy this anime lmao its 12 episodes of stupid lighthearted fun 

5. puella magi madoka magica - this anime changed my life. for the better or worst ill ever know

Oh my god I only just got around to watching the clip!

1. Even 💔 so much of season 3 makes sense now and I’m sure we’ll get a scene of Isak finding out and I don’t think I can handle that.

2. Yousef and Sana are my new favourite ship (behind Evak of course) but omg the whole time I was watching all I kept saying to myself was how cute they were 😂 Yousef so wanted to kiss her you could tell if only Sana’s mum didn’t call her name! Dear god I need them to be together ❤️

Angry at Jashi

Though Jack is technically in his 70s I don’t necessarily hold that against them. No, all the Tumblr softies triggered by the existence of straight people aren’t validated. There’s nothing inherently (God I hate using this word…) problematic about their relationship, it’s just… this season has been so smart, the storytelling has been so masterful, it felt so above the cliche but now took a nose dive and forcefully inserted a romance into a dynamic that didn’t at all call for it. If them being together is what Genndy always planned, he certainly didn’t write the first 7 episodes like it. What’s more, there are only 3 left, did they really need to spend the whole thing on this? We’ve been waiting 13 goddamn years to see Jack go back to the past and with 3 episodes to go we’re sitting through cheesy awkward silences. Sigh…. the soundtrack was lit though