god i missed the updates

sjdslhjk my Christmas break has finally started and I am so exCITED to just…rest omg _(:3」∠)_ 

I’m exhausted. Too many social engagements, working like crazy to wrap up everything at the office for the year, getting SICK, having to stay in London for three nights because of goddamn train strikes Southern can go suck a dick i am sO ANGRY ABOUT TRAINS 

hnnng ANYWAY. 

I’ve got two more commissions to finish this year, which I hope to get done by the end of the weekend, AND THEN ALL OF THE PERSONAL ART. I’ve been feeling so itchy and creative recently so not being able to draw anything has been AWFUL :< I want to properly relax with self-indulgent art during my break, and FYI I will be streaming as normal this Saturday!


Long story short: I’M BACK, WOOP WOOP. 


music like glass/songs to ‘chill’ to

3 playlists by mood; the 2010′s of malayalam cinema
part 2 of this
requested by arjunkapoors

1; H A P P Y (af)

track list/listen

2; S M O O T H  (af)

track list/listen

3; S A D  (af) -includes 2000s as well

track list/listen

decided to start reading the ERASED manga after the third episode of the series, just wanted to see how the anime was adapting the novel, BUT I WAS NOT PLANNING ON READING ALL 35 CHAPTERS IN ONE GO ;_____; god this is easily one of the best mangas i’ve ever come across

  • Me: *finds out that the server is back up*
  • Me: *gross sobbing* God Seven, defender of justice, thank you for answering our prayers
Bye, Homestuck.

Those of you who know me know how emotionally invested I am in Homestuck.

So this is to those of you that have listened to me gush endlessly about the innovations in the webcomic format re:Homestuck, the people who’ve watched me slam my face into the computer at the mere mention of an update – to the people who I’ve met and dated and loved and cosplayed and drank and partied and lived with, the people who have stayed up to the bleakest part of the night in a caffeine fueled pre-con cosplay fury - Thanks. I am so very ready to end this era with you.

I miss all of you who I met though this fandom - I barely see you guys now. This was such an important time in our lives, I can’t imagine what I would have filled those days with. The days of drunk dave and cardboard cosplay and waiting - oh my god the waiting. I miss scrubbing grey paint off of myself. I miss update culture. I miss the tumblr community. We’ve lost people and I miss them too.

I don’t know if I’ll ever love a fandom the way I loved this one. Garbage tier hellspawn of a community that is is. The creativity that this goddamn webcomic inspired was absolutely INSANE. The sheer volume of quality art and music feels like it powered this fandom, but where would we be without spit buckets and sharpie-dye? It was truly a screeching paint-smeared renaissance of shittiness. Lets not even get into the REAL art of Homestuck that perfectly straddles the line between pièce de résistance and fantastical webcomic abortion - where would we be without The Baby Is You? Nowhere good, I assure you.

We grew with this comic, and it with us. I guess what I’m trying to say is that no matter how much of a colossal waste of time you think this has been, you’re Homestuck trash forever. We’re motherfucking entrenched in this bitch. You and me.

And for those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about -

Let me tell you about Homestuck.