god i missed making gifs of your face

Imagine Shannon having alone time.
Drummers get lonely too 😉

How long has it been? Three weeks, five days and eighteen hours. Not that I’ve been keeping track or anything. The one time that my brother decided it would be a good idea to shoot a video right after the tour finished.

I can’t sleep. The RV in the middle of nowhere without you is torture. I miss your lips. Your good night kisses and the way you… God damn.

I turn over on to my side and face the wall trying hard to ignore the growing bulge beneath my pajama pants.

Flipping through the selfies you sent me, makes it even worse. I can literally feel myself pulsing in my hand now when I start stroking my dripping prick.

Looking at the way your eyes sparkle, seeing the glow on your face after you got yourself off just for me makes me ache for you.

I let my hips do the work now, mimicking the movements you like. Small little circles that coat your walls. The parts that make you scream out my name and dig your nails in to my flesh.

“Oh… God.”

I’m silently thankful that everyone is asleep and remind myself to keep it down. Just a few more hours now and I’ll be home. In our bed. Inside you. Watching you squirm beneath me.

For now, I let myself go tilting my head back and cumming over my hand and belly.

Can’t wait to see you darlin’.

Lazy, lazy morning sex. - Michael Clifford (submitted by Eleanor)

Your eyes slowly open up to the eyes you fell in love with. He looks at you with confusion and you try to turn around but he stops you.
“We’re you dreaming of us?” He quietly asks you and you slightly nod your head.
“Scoot over baby.” He says and your heart skips a beat. You’ve missed his cute baby names he gives you. You listen to him and roll over on the other side and he lays by you on his side starring into your eyes. He places his hand on your cheek and sighs.
“I’ve missed being able to touch you.” He says in a whisper and you close your eyes and lay into his hand and hum. The feeling of his warmth brought butterflies to your stomach. You turn your face and kiss the inside of his hand.
“I miss this Michael,” you look up at him and he gives you a small smile “I miss just feeling the slightest touch from you. I miss the feeling of your lips on mine and how my stomach erupts with butterflies whenever you hold me.” You say and you get closer to him. He stares at you lips as he leans into you.
“I’ve missed this too.” He says before he gently applies his soft lips onto yours. You smile in the kiss as you begin to climb on top of him. You pull away and adjust your self and begin to rub your hands over his chest and bite your lip.
“Fuck your so beautiful.” Michael says as he pulls you down and connects your lips with his. You grab his hands and place them on your butt and he squeezes and makes you grind onto him. You could feel his member begin rubbing against you. You both moan as the kiss begins to get sloppy. Michael grabs you by the waist and rolls you around so he could be on top and begins to start kissing down your face to your neck. As he sucks your sweet spot you moan and begin to pull on his hair knowing how much he loved it. He bites every time you pull and you loved the feeling of his teeth sinking into your skin and knowing that there will be a mark tomorrow morning.
“I need you now.” You moan in Mikey’s ear and he disconnects his lips from your neck and rips your shirt off.
“Sorry.” He says his voice being corse. You roll your eyes and giggle and he smirks and starts at your neck and slowly goes down your body. Kissing every spot on your body making you arch your back. You feel his hand get closer to your wetness in your panties. You moan loudly as you feel a finger rub over your panties and he begins to lock down your stomach as he rubs faster.
Your hands clinch the sheets as his tongue gets lower and lower. You feel him slowly pull down your panties and the warmness of his breath fan over your throbbing clit begging for him.
“Fuck.” You whisper as your back arches. Michaels tongue runs over your clit slowly and his lips attach onto it and he pulls and makes a popping noise. He sucks and shakes his head making you clit move all over. This makes you go crazy. You wanted no needed more. You wanted to fuck you so hard that you scream so loud that the neighbors freak out.
You feel something enter inside you and mikey begins pumping two fingers in and out of you making you moan. You feel your walls begin to close but he stops before you got to far. He licks up your body all the way to your lips and kisses you sweetly. He stops and takes off his underwear and you watch as his long fat member pops out. Before he got back on top of you you sit up.
“Lay down.” You demand and he arches his eyebrow but does as he’s told. He lays down and places his arms behind his neck and watches you closely as you get on top of him. You kiss his chest and slide down his body and wrap your hand around his member. He takes in a sharp breath. The feeling of your hand on his member excited him and left him wanting more. You lock your eyes on his as you slowly pump and go down. You kitten lick his head and he moans as his hand finds its way in your hair. He pushes you down making you take him in. You go with it and go up and down choking every once in a while.
“Fuck I’m gonna cum.” You hear mikey say and you stop. You get up and kiss him as you line up with him. He grabs you by the hips and guides you down. As you feel him enter inside you you moan. You feel your pussy stretch as you go all the way down. You begin hoping up and down. The pain of his huge member slamming into you felt amazing and you grind against him. He moans loudly as he pushes you against him even more.
“Fuck.” He whispers as you place your hands on his chest and pick up your speed. You both begin to get sloppy and you feel warmth enter inside of you as you both scream.
You hop off him and lay down. He looks over at you and smiles hugely. You laugh and lightly hit his chest.
“God I’ve missed the sex the most.” He says as he pulls you into his arms and you laugh even more.
“Fuck you.” You say.
“Okay well do round two in an hour let me rest baby. I love you.” He whispers making butterflies that you’ve missed. You begin to fall asleep with a smile on your face. Being in his arms again made you happy and feeling his touch made you go crazy but you loved it.