god i miss tommy so much

“You’re so cute when you’re half asleep like this...”

summary: Visiting Tom and just being cute and tired. FLUFF

A/N: had some trouble finding any Tom Holland imagines lately, hope you like it!

also please feel free to request any marvel/avengers imagines! :)

masterlist | request

Security helped you get into the hotel where you were given directions how to get to Tom’s room. You thanked them with a nod of your head and grabbed the hand of your suitcase, walking in the direction of an elevator. After pressing the button to call it you checked your phone for any missed calls or texts while you were on the plane but saw only a few unimportand emails and social media notifications. As the door opened you placed the phone in the back pocket of your jeans and stepped inside, pressing the button with number five on it. The ride to the fifth floor was slow and was accompanied by the soft sounds of a typical elevator music. Walking ahead and then taking the first turn left made you feel slightly nervous, you haven’t seen Tom in a good few months and felt anxious to visit him by surprise. It was getting late so you were hoping he would be in his hotel room, already done with the shooting for the day. You stopped as you saw the number 503 on the door and took a breath. You knocked on the door a couple of times, hoping to see your boyfriend soon. You heard a few laughs and then the door opened was opened by smiley Tom. His eyes widened at the sight of you.

“Wait wh-I thought it was room se-what are you doing here, oh my God!!” His confused expression changed into a very excited one and he quickly pulled you into his arms and hugged tightly, with your head noozled into his neck while lightly standing on your tiptoes. He kissed the top of your head, “I missed you so much, baby.” 

“Hey! Where’s the food?” You heard some shouts coming from the room, “Yeah, where’s my pizza, man?”

“I missed you to, Tommy,” you say with a tired voice and place a kiss on his lips. You let go of him and turned to grab your suitcase but Tom was faster and with his other hand he grabbed yours and walked you inside, closing the door with his foot. 

“That’s not my food,” Anthony made a face before standing up and giving you a hug, “Sup, kid?”

“Nice to see you too, Mackie,” you smiled at him and then hugged Chris and Sebastian that were also in the room. The trio was definitely up to no good and they probably wanted to make Tom take part in their plan.

“Did I interupt something? Were you guys working? I-I can leave if you need me to-”

“It’s alright, don’t worry!” Chris laughed, “We were just discussing some stuff and ordered food.”

“Yeah! We wanted to make your boyfriend go ot with us tonight, have some fun, feel like joining us?” Mackie added. You sat on the couch next to him and after Tom left your suitcase in the other part of the room, he sat beside you. His arm found its way around your waist and he pulled you a little bit closer to him, “I never said I was going out with you guys!” Tom defended himself, now having another big reason not to go out and spend some time with you before you have to leave him.

“Dude, come on!” Sebastian whined  with Anthony following him a second later and Chris shushed them both. “It’s alright, he has his lady here now, let’s just wait for the food and leave them, yeah?” 

It was almost midnight by now, you and Tom were cuddled up on the couch watching a movie on the big TV screen. The both of you were quiet, enjoying each others company and being in each others arms while sharing a few passionte but sweet kisses here and there. The bright screen from the TV made the dark room look lighter and made it feel somehow cosy. 

After the amazing trio left you and Tom alone you changed your clothes to some shorts and a top. Later you felt chilly so you grabbed Tom’s hoodie that was laying on the chair and pulled it over your head to make you feel less cold. 

You turned around in your boyfriend’s arms and placed a kiss on his warm neck before closing your eyes, “Mmm.. you’re warm.”

He laughed gently, giving you a quick peck on the lips, “You’re so cute when you’re half asleep like this…”

“Love you, Tommy. ‘Night.”

“Goodnight, baby. I love you too.”

Cinnamon Roll Ratings: Leigh Goes to NYC Edition

Thayne Jasperson

20/10 best most greatest cinnamon roll, hugged me not once, but T WO times! A giggly adorable child

Jonathan Groff

17/10 heck yeah dude, super chill and shy and nice. What a babe??? anyways he liked my shirt and was a total sweetheart

Jeremy Jordan

10/10 He was a bit shy and quiet but nice dude!! He ( sortve ) liked my art ??? he thought the blue paint was dirt though lmao

Lucas Steele

16/10 kind dude, put my art backstage so he wouldn’t lose it, and pointed at the shirt after realizing it was a shirt he actually wore and was kinda like ???? But liked it none the less, also signed an egg shaker and took a pic with me

Nick Choksi

15/10 nICE so kinda and funny like a little scruffy dog tbh. Anyways told me his eyeliner was guy liner and apon telling him Preparations was my favorite he told me that he wouldn’t tell the other bc they would get “jealous”

Tommy Bracco

18/10 !!!!!! FUCK YEAH !!! We kept on saying thank you to eachother bc he would compliment my art and say thanks and I would say thanks for the compliment and that went on for a little while. Plus he trusted me and my shaky ass hands to hold his tea??? Like thanks???? And he liked my tweets and retweeted my art that one time!!

Adam Kaplan

12/10 super kind and patient, was genuinely concerned when I told him I was missing school, his face got all sad an was like “high school is important…..”

Aaron J Albano

11/10 super nice, didn’t talk to him much tho, I asked him what his favorite Disney movie was and he was like"I C AN T CHOOSE" ( he did choose, said it was Moana )

Tommy Martinez

11/10 super nice too, I asked him where he got his heels and I completely forgot what he said bc he was being so kind to

Jack Scott

12/10 Also super nice!! We told him about the Barney Peanuts fan page and he was so?? Happy???

David Guzman

13/10 so nice?? Tbh I thought he would be a total Bro but like he was so kind my man. Liked my insta photo and my tweet :,)

Brittain Ashford

16/10 LET ME TELL YOU SHE IS SO NICE AND FUCK like I told her her voice makes me cry and she was like “yeah I have that effect on people haha” ( like she was joking that she was bad ) so I was like “Wait! I mean in a good way! I messed up!” And she reached out and touched my shoulder while saying “Hey, it’s okay!” She smiles “You’re doing great” and I think my heart stopped

Gelsey Bell

12/10 smiley happy, genuinely kind my dudes

Blaine Krauss

13/10 okay I didn’t MEET him, but he did reply to my tweet and he seems like a goofy, kind guy, plus he’s from HOUSTON

Paul Pinto

15/10 so so super nice omg, I told him it must be exhausting to do the show bc he has to run around a ton and he was like “Yeah well after the 300 th show you got used to it ” and I DIED

Scott Stangland

12/10 I met him twice and he’s super kind and heckin awesome Pierre! He totally didn’t recognize me but I was like “I’m back!” And he said “Welcome Back!” So yep!

Sumayya Ali

14/10 I told her I loved her dress and she looked so fuckin happy and was like “Oh my god thank you so much!! ”

Gregory Haney

16/10 totally wasn’t expecting anyone to see him leave the stagedoor before the show got out, but I was there early and saw him and was like “!! Hey! I follow your Snapchat !! Can I get a pic?” And he was like ????????? “Sure!” So yeah kind and awesome dude

( okay these ratings are shit but I miss all these beautiful people someone please take me back to NYC )

anonymous asked:

i requested a tom riddle x reader imagine where the reader was a girl at the orphanage who was friends with tom, but then she got adopted and had to leave. a couple years later, they meet again at hogwarts.

Hope you like it!

=Reunited ❀ Tom Riddle imagine=

Originally posted by hogwartsfansite

You always kept a low profile at Hogwarts. You were a 4th Slytherin who would do her work, stay quiet, and follow the rules. Hardly anyone knew you; most of them called you “that weird girl who never talks.”

You had no friends at Hogwarts. But, one day, that changed.

As you were walking in the hall, someone bumped shoulders with you. As you turned to see who it was, your eyes locked on a pair of familiar ones.

You had seen that person before, but never at Hogwarts. And he seemed to know you as well. You wanted to follow him and ask him who he was, but he was gone before you could utter a single word.

He was wearing a Slytherin tie. How have you not seen him before?


As you laid in bed, all you could think about is the mystery boy you briefly met in the hallway. Something about him was so familiar, and it bothered you that you couldn’t think of where you’ve seen him.

Frustrated and unable to sleep, you headed down into the common room.

You settled yourself in front of the fire, bringing your knees up to your chest. You sat there for a while by yourself. Around twenty minutes later, you heard footsteps.

You quickly turned your attention to the source of the sound, and locked eyes with the same familiar pair you saw in the hallway.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to disturb you,” he said, starting to turn back.

“No! Wait! I-It’s okay.” You walked over to him.

“I know you,” you said once you were in front of him.

He was silent for a second. He was staring at your features with a confused look on his face.

“I know you,” he responded, squinting his eyes.

The two of you quietly stared at each other. It started to get awkward. Then, it hit you.

It was him. Your friend from the orphanage. Tom Riddle.


“It’s time to go, (Y/N),” the lady said to you, holding out her hand for you to take.

“Can I say goodbye to Tom?” 9-year-old you asked.

The lady shared a look with her husband. “Don’t be too long.”

You nodded and went to find him.

You eventually found Tom sitting on the edge of his bed, staring at the floor.

“You’re leaving?” He mumbled, not looking at you.

“Yeah,” you said sadly, sitting next to him.

“I’ll have no one. You’re the only one who doesn’t hate me, (Y/N).”

“That’s not true, Tommy-”

“Don’t call me that!” He shouted angrily, tightening his fists.

Startled, your heart leapt.

“You are my only friend, (Y/N)…” he started to cry.

You immediately threw your arms around him, wrapping him in a tight hug. You began to cry as well.

“Maybe w-we’ll meet again someday,” you sobbed.

Tom was about to speak, but the couple who had adopted you stood at the doorway.

“It’s time to go now, (Y/N),” the wife said, holding out her hand once more. You let go of Tom, wiped away your tears, and slowly walked towards your new parents.

She took your tiny hand in hers. You looked back at Tom one final time.

“Bye, Tom…” you waved sadly.


You gaped at your childhood friend. You didn’t recognize him. He was taller than you.

Tom was your best friend. The two of you both had magic, and everyone was afraid of the two of you for being different. It was just you and Tom.

“Oh my god… Tom?” You searched his face for an answer.

(Y/N)?” He stammered.

You felt tears starting to fill your eyes and let out a small laugh. You quickly flung your arms around his neck, hugging him tightly as he wrapped his arms around you.

“I’ve missed you so much, Tommy,” you cried happily.

He smiled to himself. “I missed you too, (Y/N).” He held you close to his chest. You could hear his heartbeat.


The two of you sat for what seemed like hours catching up. You missed talking to him.

“I can’t believe you’ve been here all this time and I didn’t see you,” you sighed, resting your head on his shoulder.

“I know. You look so different. I hardly recognize you,” he smiled down at you.

“It’s good to see you, Tom.” You gazed into his eyes.

The two of you were sat in front of the fire, watching the flames dance, but you couldn’t stop staring at him.

You always had a tiny crush on Tom. The fact that the two of you were always there for each other at the orphanage was a huge factor. He was the only one who understood you.

And there was no doubt that he felt the same way. Having you leave the orphanage was heartbreaking for him. There was no one he could talk to. You were the only friend he had.

Now that you were back in his life, he wanted to confess his feelings before it would be too late.



He turned his head to face you. He then gently brought his hand to your cheek, causing your face to turn red.

“This might sound weird, but…” he began. He stared longingly at your lips.

“Yes?” You squeaked.

“I love you.” He stated, looking back into your eyes.

“You… What?”

“I-I know, it’s been years, but… My feelings haven’t changed. You’re my best friend. You always have been, even when we were apart… I love you.”

You stared at him, completely speechless. Your eyes flickered down to his lips.

You couldn’t stop yourself.

Your grabbed him by his shirt color and crashed your lips into his. The kiss was long and intense, almost like you both had just fed a craving. Hands were roaming everywhere, your fingers were running through his hair.

You mumbled against his lips. “I love you too.”

You felt him grin against the kiss.


Tommy's Girl [7/?]

Tommy Shelby x OC (Alfie’s sister).

Warning(s): language.

Part Seven. Part Six. Part One.

Emily awoke slowly, her eyes focusing as she wondered why the bed was empty other than her. She rolled over and checked the other side, but Tommy was nowhere to be found. She thought nothing of it and let her head fall back to the pillow.

Tommy suddenly marched into the room, the corners of his mouth curving upwards into the ghost of a smile when he noticed Emily rubbing her face sleepily.

“Up and at ‘em, sunshine, you’ve got a busy day ahead of you today.” Tommy chirped brightly. Emily groaned in response. “Come on, I expect you downstairs in half an hour.”

Emily waited until Tommy had left the room to get out of bed. She bathed in record time and dressed in a navy blue dress down to her knees, the neckline partially exposing her cleavage, the long sleeves warming her arms.  She brushed her shoulder-length hair into a neat updo and clipped a pendant carefully around her neck; it had been a present from Alfie. Emily rolled on her stockings, clipping her holster to her thigh (“Just in case,” she thought), and shoved her boots onto her feet promptly afterwards.

She took her time strolling downstairs, trailing after the sound of Tommy’s voice drifting from the dining room.

Emily walked in to see Tommy sat at the head of the table, feeding porridge to a small boy, no younger than three. Tommy turned when he heard her footsteps.

“Emily, this is Charlie, my boy.” Emily walked hesitantly towards the dining table. “Come and sit down, love.” Tommy ordered, admiring Emily’s figure as she slowly approached them.

“Hi, Charlie.” Emily greeted the child  tentatively, quickly glancing at Tommy afterwards as she sat down opposite to Charlie, where there was a bowl of porridge awaiting her. She began to eat gingerly. “You never told me you had a son.” She remarked, studying Tommy’s hands as he continued to spoon porridge into Charlie’s mouth.

“I haven’t told you a lot of things. He was sleeping when we got back yesterday. Anyway, I thought we could go for a picnic today, have some time to get to know one another.”

“That sounds lovely.” Emily smiled. Tommy nodded, turning to gaze at Emily’s face in contemplation.

“You’re very pretty. Did you know that?” Tommy traced a long, elegant finger over Emily’s jawline, meeting her green eyes with his baby blues.

“I suppose.” Emily replied. Charlie looked at the pair and laughed. Emily looked at the porridge in front of her in distaste, “Can I use your phone? I need to call Alfie.” She requested, forgetting her manners briefly. “Please?” She added, blushing.

“Yeah, you can use the one in the office.” Tommy agreed. Emily rose from the table and walked in the direction of the office. “You look lovely in that dress, Emily.” Tommy called from behind her, causing a soft blush to appear on her cheeks.

Emily entered the office and ambled in the direction of the phone on Tommy’s desk. She quickly dialled the number for the bakery.

“Solomons’ bakery. Who’s this?” Alfie’s gruff voice filled her ears.

“Al? Alfie, it’s me.” Emily replied, tears springing to her eyes. She heard the door open and close behind her.

“Em? Are y'okay? He hasn’t done anythin’ to-”.

“Alfie, I’m fine. I just - God. I miss you so much.” A tear sprang free and left a glistening trail down her cheek.

“I know, Em. I miss you too. It’s not the same withou’ you around ‘ere doin’ my fuckin’ head in.”

“We’re goin’ for a picnic today. Can I ring you later? I’ll ‘ave to go, I just wanted you to know I’m all right.”

“Yeah… Yeah, give me a ring as soon as you get back. I love ya, kid.”

“I love you too, Alfred. I’ll see you-”. She was about to say 'I’ll see you soon’ but she couldn’t be sure of that.

“Yeah, I’ll see you.” Alfie sniffed, holding back tears as he hung up the phone.

Emily put the phone down, breathing deeply, and furiously wiped at her face in frustration.

“Hey. It’s okay.” Tommy held Emily to his chest as she broke down. “You miss him, I know.”

“We haven’ been apart since the war.” Emily explained, pulling away from Tommy and wiping hurriedly at her tears in embarrassment.

“I understand. I do.” Tommy rubbed Emily’s back gently, guiding her towards the door. “Run upstairs and wash your face quick. We’ll have to go in a minute.”

Emily did as she was bid and trudged back downstairs. She had put a coat on after she’d washed her face, and she was glad of it as she travelled to the car with Tommy and Charlie.

Turn Around (Tom Holland Imagine)

Summary: Tom has been away with promotions for Spider-Man: Homecoming and you haven’t seen him in months with the holidays passing and you preparing for your upcoming tour. And Tom misses you. Like, a lot.

A/N: This is really short but cute so I hope you guys like it. Also if you haven’t picked up on it yet, I quite enjoy making Harrison a fun side character 😂😂😂

Warnings: none


Tom stared at his phone in awe. You had just posted a video on Instagram of your choreography to one of your songs. Your tour started in less than a week and you were constantly rehearsing. It’s your first tour and you were incredibly nervous of messing up. And that meant you had little to no time for Tom.

Not that Tom could talk to you, anyway. He was in and out of interviews all day every day. Constantly trying to focus on not spoiling anything from the movie, which he had already done too many times. Tom was pretty sure they’d kill him if he spilled one more thing.

But today, today was Tom’s day off. He had a couple days off while he was in New York and that left him bored out of his mind. Sure, he had Harrison, Jacob, Laura and Zendaya, but the one person he wanted to be with was you. And you were in LA working your ass off.

So now, Tom was scrolling through your Instagram watching all the videos of covers that you posted, and looking at all the adorable pictures you would post of the two of them. He came across one of you snuggled up in his arms in his bed was Tessa. Harrison had taken it when he came over one morning and found you two still asleep in bed looking adorable as ever.

Tom groaned and pressed the call button next to your name once again. He knew it would go to voicemail but he didn’t care. He would do anything to hear your voice. Even if it was just you saying to leave a messages after the beep. It was still better than nothing.

“Hey, Tom. We’re heading out to lunch. Wanna come?” Harrison asked.

Tom only groaned and rolled over so that his face was in the pillow.

Harrison sighed and walked over to his lovesick best friend.

“Mate, you’re going to see her in like 1 week. Her first show is here in New York and you’re gonna go and see her. Can you try and stay alive until then?”


“I have no idea what you just said.”


“Okay that’s enough.”

Harrison walked to the end of the bed and grabbed Tom by his legs and began to pull him off the bed. But Tom being the stubborn asshole that we all know he is, grabbed onto the head board so that Harrison couldn’t pull him out of his misery just yet.

“Tom! Get up, mate! You look and sound ridiculous.”

“I miss her.”

It was the first words Harrison was actually able to understand.

“I know you do. But, if you lay around here all day, it will make the time go by slower. So let’s go have some fun and before you know it, she’ll be in your arms again.”


Tom let go of the headboard so that Harrison could finally pull him out of the bed.

“Get dressed, you bum. We’re leaving in 15 minutes.”

Tom groaned and pushed himself off the floor and walked over to his closet.

After he finished getting dressed, he walked out into the apartment to see Harrison and Jacob waiting for him.

“About damn time.” Jacob groaned.

Tom gave him thenmiddle finger and sluggishly followed his best friends.

They arrived at the restaurant to see Zendaya and Laura waiting of them already.

“Awww, there’s the lovesick puppy!” Zendaya said when Tom sat down.

Tom shot her a death glare and picked up his menu. But there was something weird about his menu. Certain letters were underlined in marker.

Tom pulled out a pen and wrote down the letters.


“Turn around?” He whispered to himself.

Tom looked over his shoulder and saw you waiting at entrance to the restaurant.

“Y/N!” He yelled, causing everyone to stop what they were doing and watch as the young couple embraced each other after a hard 4 months apart.

“Hey, Tommy!”

“Oh my god, I’ve missed you so much! What are you doing here!? Don’t you have to be getting ready for tour!?”

“I am, I just decided that the dance studios in New York are much better than the ones in LA.”

“God, I love you so much.”

“I love you too, Tom.”

Tom pressed his lips to yours and everyone in the restaurant started cheering, but no one was louder than Harrison. He was finally free of having to drag a moping Tom everywhere.

The Man Who Remained to France || Thomas Shelby

GIF/Photo is not mine, credit goes to the creator(s)

“… Cut out the tongues of those who talk, a three headed beast. The Peaky Blinders. It is my job to decapitate each one. By God I will do it! God help those who stand in our way.” I and John mimiced the inspector Chester Campbells speech loudly, standing by the dinner table with stupid smirks on our faces - until Aunt Polly pulled us both to sit down to our seats. The room seemed to be full of discussion and small laughs, until the heavy doors of the dining area opened and the room fell silent, Tommy was back.

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Fic: Hey Jealousy

A Chris Evans Oneshot

Summary: Chris has a new puppy thanks to Natalia. But now Natalia faces the tragedy of having to share her man with…another man.

Prompt by kryka83 - “Natalia gets Chris a new puppy aka “that moment when Chris forgoes sexy times with the wife to play with their new puppy. ;) Natalia never lets him forget it either.”

Warning: sexual content and language

Thank you for reading!! xx


Natalia sat on the couch with her legs tucked underneath her, lightly scratching her nails on the back of Chris’s neck – right on the spot where his hairline began to fade. The action was her way of indirectly letting him know she was in the mood. Usually, the sensation would form goosebumps on his skin as a shiver rushed through him, sparking desire straight to his lower regions.

This time, it didn’t.

Natalia frowned. She watched Chris continue to chuckle with the new puppy that sat on his lap, carrying a deep conversation that didn’t include her.

“You know you’re really freakin’ cute. I think I’m going to call you Tommy. What do you think?” Natalia opened her mouth to answer him, but quickly shut it when he continued to speak – not to her. “Do you like that, buddy? Tommy Brady Evans. Oh my god, fucking perfect!”

Natalia rolled her eyes with a small chuckle. Meatball.

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Please come home part 2

Please come home 2

It’s finally today, the day that swazz comes home, I’m so excited, i couldn’t sleep the night before and I just want to see him. He kept his promise of staying in touch, we face timed almost every night, there was one instant when he’s gone and partied, but still her fact ones me the next morning. And now he was coming home.

I was so excited I kept calling skate to se where they were, I wanted to surprise swazz by being there right when the bus got here. Skate had said he would help me, and told me where they would be showing up. So that’s where i found myself, waiting to see my bestfriend.

When he got off the bus, he immediately got on his phone before putting it up to his ear. I smiled looking down at my phone and answering it.

“Hey swazz, what’s up?” I ask nonchalantly.

“The bus just arrived where are you?”

“The bus, oh gosh today’s the day you come home right?” I ask stifling a smile when I see him frown.

He looks at his phone before placing it back to his ear.

“You forgot?” He asks puzzled.

“Of course not!” I yell, this time running towards him, when he sees me he drops his bags and opens his arms.

I launch myself into them, wrapping my legs around his waist and burrowing my face into his neck, breathing in deeply.

“I missed you so much” I whimper as he holds me tighter.

“God I missed you too baby girl” he whispers back.

“Awe you guys are so cute” we hear Derek squeal as I pull my face away from swazz’s neck.

“Shut up” I growl flipping him off.

Which in all just causes him to laugh harder before blowing me a kiss and getting back on his phone.

Swazz still holds me, though he releases me, only to pick up his bags before his arms are wrapped around me again.

“Where’s the car?”

“Um it should be waiting for us since Tommy come to pick you up as well” I whisper.

“Okay princess” he laughs before he starts walking towards the way I’d came.

~ ~ ~

“Are you guys ever going to come out of there?! Swazz you’re my best friend what the hell” I hear my brother whining through my door.

True to his word, John hasn’t left my side, and has allowed me to lock him up in my room, and we are currently binge watching leverage.

I’m laying on his chest and his arms are wrapped loosely around me,his cheek resting against the top of my head. At this moment one of his hands has crept under my shirt and he’s drawing might gentle designs against my skin. I pray he doesn’t feel or hear my increased heart rate.

“Tommy, there’s a bro out tonight, we’ll hang then.” Swazz laughs.

“Yeah you guys can hang then for now leave us alone” I yell.

I hear him grumble before not saying anything, just the sound of his footsteps as he walks away from my room.

I play with swazz’s shirt, fiddling with it as he continues to draw patterns on my skin.

“You know I was really worried about you, I still can’t believe those security people from Webster hall.”

“Aye I’m fine lil ma, I’m glad you didn’t come with, it would’ve been dangerous for you” he sighs pulling me closer.

“I’m just glad you’re home” I whisper back snuggling into him while giving him a slow kiss on his neck.

Before looking up into his eyes, he’s already looking down at me, when I bite my bottom lip, looking at his kissable lips. He throws his head back groaning.

“You’re killing me ma”

Hope you enjoyed 💕 lol

anonymous asked:

I wonder if the feeling I get when I see a new TSOIP chapter is similar to what heroin addicts feel when they finally get their next hit. The end of TLH is going to hurt.

There will be at least O&U chapter after TLH is finished because my girlfriend has threatened to hurt me if I don’t write the wedding, so, ya know XD I figure I’ll do an O&U flash-forward chapter

which led to me writing this:

Tom knows his son’s penchant for drama runs deep, and he insists that his wedding to Melissa is going to be a small, private affair. “We don’t want to make a big deal out of it,” he says approximately a hundred times. “Yes, we’ll have a party afterwards, that’s fine, but the ceremony itself is going to be small. We’re not even taking a honeymoon, for crying out loud.”

Stiles grumps but says fine, and so the ceremony is immediate family only – Tom’s parents and Melissa’s mother, Stiles and Derek, Scott and Allison – and then the party has about a hundred people there, mostly owing to the fact that all the pack’s families are in attendance. Tom and Melissa are popular amongst the pack parents, since they were always the ones with a listening ear, advice, or a drink when it became necessary.

After the party, Stiles says, “Okay, here’s your present from the pack!” and hands over a bulky envelope.

Tom sighs and pulls out the papers inside. A faint frown crosses his face. “Plane tickets?”

“To … Seattle?” Melissa is peering over his shoulder.

Stiles nods happily as Tom finds the next set of tickets, for the cruise ship. “It’s an Alaskan cruise! The alpha pack was up there last summer and they told me it was super gorgeous, and you couldn’t just not have a honeymoon, geez, Dad – ”

Tom groans. “Stiles, I told you – ”

“I know, Dad.” Stiles’ expression softens. “I know that you and Mom didn’t have one because you were broke and you had just finally gotten a job. And I know that you feel like you shouldn’t give Melissa something that you couldn’t give Mom. That’s why we’re giving it to both of you. Because you two deserve a vacation. For real.”

“Can’t argue that,” Melissa says, chuckling.

“And I’ve talked to the station and the hospital and you both have a week of vacation, so go! Have fun! Because remember, we have confirmation of the afterlife, and you know Mom is up there and that she’s been rooting for you and she would really want you to do this.”

Tom looks at Melissa, then at his son. “Yeah, yeah, okay,” he says, and hugs Stiles so hard that his feet leave the floor for a minute.

“An Alaskan cruise, it sounds so exciting,” Milena says, leafing through the brochure. “Przemyslaw told me all about it, of course, and Tomasz and I read about and it looks so beautiful, we decided that we would go, too!”

Tom stares at his mother in an expression of undisguised horror.

Milena blinks at him, then laughs merrily and pats his cheek. “Next month, Tommy, next month. We’re not going with you on your honeymoon, for goodness sake.”

“Oh thank God,” Tom says, and Stiles laughs so hard his stomach hurts.