god i miss those days don't u

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I read the SCM where MCs in a coma can u do a next part where MC wakes up and they spend the time they missed together, smut plz. If you don't wanna its alright

I would love to write that. I like to have a happy ending for that too. For those who like to read the previous version, the link is below.


It has been a year since you are in coma. One day, the King ask for the god and told him that your suffering will be ending soon without giving any details.

“If anything happen to her, I will destroy the whole universal.” Leon shouted before running back to his secret garden as fast he could. The moment he open the door, he panics when he saw that the bed is empty.

“Leon”, a familiar voice called out from behind him. He turns around and saw you standing there. He ran over and embraces you. “It’s really are you. I was so terrified of losing you when the stupid King told me your suffering is ending.” His voice is breaking with tears flowing down.

“Yes, it is me. Thanks for waiting.” You embrace him back tightly.

He immediately carries you to the bed and starts undress you, before stripping himself naked. “I don’t want exhaust you, but I need to feel you. I need to ensure this is not a dream.” He said and starts placing kisses on your lips, your ears, your cheeks and slowly moves down to your chest. He penetrated deeply into you starts oscillating his hips. Every thrust is deep into your womb and you moan for his name. He misses that voice so much and before long, he blow his seeds inside you.

He rolls you on top of him and whisper into your ear,“ I don’t want to pull it out. I want to be connected to you.” Then he hugged you tightly feeling your body warm against his.

He dashed back into his room after hearing what the King said. He can’t imagine what he has done to you. A cold sweat spread over his body.

The moment he push the door open, he saw you sitting up on the bed. For a moment he can’t react and then he ran forward and embraces you. “You finally awake. That stupid King tricks me.” He muttered softly.

“So are you going to keep your promise to me by not being mean to me anymore?” You smile while trying to break the tension.

“Yes, but first I need to hear you moan my name. I miss your voice.” He pushes you down on the bed. He slips his hand under your clothes and caress your naked skin. He then removes your clothing while you move your hands on his shirt buttons. He then locks both your lips in a passionate kiss, and penetrate his hard member inside you. He starts off slowly as he is afraid that he will break you. However, the moments he hears you moans his name, he can’t control anymore. He fasten his speed and cum deep inside your womb.

“I miss that voice so much. I so glad you are awake.” He whispered as he hug you tightly throughout the whole night.

Teorus hate himself by letting the rest of the gods for dragging him out of the room to see the King and hear his unbelievable saying. He keeps muttering to himself that nothing will happen to you.

The moment he throw open the door, he heard you calling his name. He rushed over to your side and saw you slowly open your eyes.

“_____, if this is a dream, I will stop the time now to ensure the dream won’t end.” He sobbed as he embraces you. You move your hands over his cheeks and give a soft kiss on his lips, telling him that it is not a dream.

He returns your kisses and it slowly get deeper. He then pushes you down on the bed and hovering over you. He snaps his fingers for both of your clothes to remove. He can’t wait anymore. He penetrates into you and move his hips gently. His kisses move and marking stars all over your body, while you moan his name loudly. He blows his seed inside you and lay on top on you.

“After cumming inside you, I realized it is not a dream. I miss you so much. Don’t you ever do this to me again.” He sobbed and hugged you tightly.

Dui mind went blank after hearing what the King said. He then ran back to his room as soon as possible. He keep telling himself that it is all a lie. The moment he pushes the door open, he saw you about to get up from the bed.

He ran over and embraces you. “You finally awake.” He sobbed as he tightens his grips on you.

“How can I not, when I heard you whispered into my mind every night.” You start to sob too.

“I am sorry, but I need you now. I can’t wait anymore. I need to feel you again.” He muttered softly while kissing your earlobe. He then pushes you down on the bed and undresses you. He immediately penetrated inside you, letting your womb adjust his size of his member before moving his hips. You wrap around his back and kiss him on his lips. Soon you feel the hot liquid flowing inside you.

“I wanted more of you, but I don’t want to overwork you as well. So will you let me just hold you tightly. I want to feel your body heat against mine.” He whispered into your ear. All you can do is to return his embrace.

“Why did you have to take her away from me again” Huedhaut shouted at the King before running back to my room. The moment he pushes the door open, he saw you sitting at the pool side of his room. You are soaking your legs in the water.

“Can you warm up the pool? I need to take a bath.” You smile sweetly at him.

He walked towards you and embrace you tightly, “I thought I lost you again.” He muttered softly into your ear.

“I won’t leave you behind when I can feel you every night. Sorry for making you worry.” You smiles.

He strips both of you naked and lead you into the water. You sat on his lap with your back facing him. He kisses along the nape of your neck and move his hand to your clitoris. He rubbed softly while his other caresses your body. After a while, you feel his member penetrated from behind into your virginal. He moves your hips against him and both your moaning can be heard throughout the room.

He soon cum inside you and embrace you again. “Please don’t do this to me anymore. I can’t live without you.” He whispered softly into your ear.