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Omg so I was rereading your spy au because I love it so much and !! I know you've already headcanoned how the paladins would find out about Lance's prosthetic spine,, but,,, hear me out,,, what if he keeps it a secret until Shiro or Allura or someone convinces him to start working on the team bond so like during a mind melding thing, his brain just switches to what happened? and they kind of have to watch him experience it?? Idk Idk. PS! I really love your writing,, like,, you're really talented

Omg omg omg thank you so much!!!!! It’s always great to know that someone really enjoys my work! It helps make the anxiety quiet down.

And as for your idea, I think it’s a really good idea! Although yes I have already explained how the others find out about this spine, having the team watch helpless as Lance is stuck reliving that memory is too good of langst to pass up!

I guess if this were to happen in the spy au, the others would have already known about his spine and what happened, but something during a mind meld exercise triggers him and he starts to relive that fight. The others are speechless at first, stuck watching helplessly as the feel the terror and the guilt that Lance is feeling fighting Keith. It’s Hunk who shakes himself out of it first, ripping off the head gear and shaking the others out of it as well.

But when Hunk goes to touch Lance to try and ground him, Lance starts to scream (I wonder???What part of his memory???Is he remembering??? >:)) and the others are trying to snap him out of it before he tries to do something rash and fueled by fear.

Once they do get Lance to claim down and get the head gear off of him, the others immediately try and give him a group hug, but Lance backs out and tells them that he still needs some time to truly cool down before he’s ready for any kind of touch.

It’s hard for them to not comfort him, but they let him be and give him space, letting him come to them when he’s ready.

Thank you so much! I’m so glad that you enjoy my spy au so much!

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Hi! Can i request an angsty fight between ignis and his s/o? also idk if you do nsfw or not but if you do feel free to include it! thanks so much!

Hey, anon! I’m so sorry for taking so long to get to your request, but I hope you still like what I’ve come up with so far.

This is going to have a few parts, probably (kind of like a mini fic). I’ll try to be more active from here on out! Again, sorry for being away for so long!

(also quick note: i don’t do nsfw. i’m trying my darndest to keep up a clean, safe blog for anyone who might be uncomfortable with nsfw stuff. god bless the talented writers who provide us with content for our thirst, though. what would we do without ‘em?)

(mini) fic: Ignis x reader
type: angst

word count: 274

day: 00 ; 01

Your favorite vase was on the floor.

“It’s never good enough for you, is it?”

Shards of painted glass cut into your toes.

“No matter what I do, I’ll never pass any of your little tests.”

You gripped the remains of your dignity in your fists, wincing as your fingernails dug into your flesh. Stray tears kissed your cheeks, and you turned away before he would get a chance to catch you crying again.

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root is def a sour candy kinda person, idk what shaw or reese would like though??

John stubbornly insisted that he didn’t eat decadent stuff like chocolate for the first 6 months of working with Harold, and then one night Harold got a chocolate crème brûlée for dessert and that was it John was 100% gone like you think John loves (Harold/Jessica/Carter/Shaw/Fusco/Root/whoever you’re shipping him with) the most in the world??? Well you’re wrong he loves the ridiculously smooth feel of chocolate custard melting in his mouth. (also Hershey’s Kisses he can’t help it they’re cute alright)

Harold has tried all of the most expensive (and to his dismay – bitter) chocolate from around the world but he will always have a soft spot for those little Cadbury Creme Eggs that you used to get in England (I think they discontinued those because the toys were hazardous to kids or something??). And as we’ve already established in previous posts, he has a newfound appreciation for Reese’s Pieces and Reese’s Nutrageous of course.

Shaw likes those nutty bars that have a gooey caramel center aka Snickers (because it’s a perfect reflection of her tbh… and now I really want to meta about the candy that best encapsulates each of our team dammit this is what the show has done to me I spend my nights comparing these idiots to fucking chocolate).

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0 // Yoongi // Bts

0: for 0 fucks given

gang/mafia au. 0-100 real fast.

“Boss, there’s a bit of cargo missing from our last shipment.”

Yoongi doesn’t even look up from the paperwork on his desk; the only acknowledgement the messenger receives is an ever-slight twitch of an eyebrow.

Seriously, Yoongi thinks, people should know better than to disturb him when he’s this deep in work. Or in general, really. Where the hell was his damned secretary when he needed them? He’s really starting to regret giving them a vacation–for two weeks, which, in his line of work, is a lot–because Yoongi would very much like someone redirecting these miserable underlings to the right people and keeping pests out of his office. Like, for example, this one right now.

“I don’t care,” Yoongi nearly growls out, continue to read the papers in front of him. “Tell that to J-Hope. Now get out.”

Dutifully, the man backs out of the office, shutting the door meekly. Yoongi lets out a huff.

Unfortunately for him, the rest of the day is not any better. One annoyance after another appears before him in his office, pulling Yoongi from his ever-precious concentration.

“Boss, how do you load this gun again?”

“Boss, there’s been a scuffle in District 3…”

“Boss, where’s the location of our downtown rendezvous spot?”

On the verge of a meltdown, Yoongi harshly dismisses the person from his office and promptly takes out a Rice Krispie treat. He’s hungry. Needs sustenance. Something to bite and tear apart that isn’t a human.

And, because the universe officially hates him, his door busts open again. Fuck that door and its broken lock.

“Yoon–I mean, Boss, are you in a Rice Krispie mood today?”

Yoongi gives an utterly unamused look at the intruder. Two, actually. Jungkook and his mentor, Taehyung.

Taehyung makes a disatisfied noise and pushes Jungkook slightly back. “No, no. You gotta say: ’sup Boss, what’s crisp?”


“You gotta communicate in memes,” Taehyung says, seriously. “You can’t just ask him directly.”

“Oh,” Jungkook says, nodding. His hand twitches and Yoongi knows that he’s just dying to whip out a notepad and jot down notes.

“Get out.” Yoongi discards the shiny foil wrapper in the almost-full wastebasket next to his desk.

“Aw, that’s so mean,” Taehyung says, almost cooing. Yoongi wrinkles his nose in disgust. “You’re kicking us out before you even hear what we have to say!”

“Whatever it is, I don’t care.”

“I think you will,” Jungkook says. Yoongi narrows his eyes.

“Listen up, kid,” he says. “You nee–”

“_______ has gone missing.”

“–What?” Yoongi jolts up and stares, wide-eyed, at the mention of your name. His earlier annoyance is immediately replaced with panic and rage. “What do you mean missing? I swear to fucking god, I literally had an entire team of people watching out for her! How can she go missing? There’s no fucking way–where? Any leads?” He is met with blank stares. Taehyung tentatively holds his hands up in surrender.

“Um, we’re just uh, the messengers. Know about as much as you do.”

Yoongi lets out a frustrated noise. He loosens his tie, gets up out of his chair. “Call in the team,” he barks, already beginning to pace across his office feverishly. “We need to investigate this now.”

“On it, Boss.”

And the duo leave, with Taehyung smirking just as he slips out the door. Yoongi doesn’t notice and Taehyung’s fine with that; he’s content with the utter amusement of how fast Yoongi can go from 0-100 at the mention of a single person.

drabble game: numbers | closed

a/n: i’m sorry i originally started on this and then saved it in my drafts AND THEN FORGOT I HAD STUFF IN MY DRAFTS FML

when you know you are on a roll and know you killed it in your game and are so proud of yourself and can’t wait to get your xp and see your medals 

and then the server crashes

I’m currently still out of town and just chilling inside our room in Las Vegas atm. I decided to draw tamarinfrog / searching-for-bananaflies precious Blue Team Inklings on my 3DS Colors app, since I didn’t bring any drawing materials with me. I think my favorite Blue Inkling is Logan. I tend have a soft spot for the weapon/tech nerds… Might do Orange’s team next. :3

Masquerade! Seething shadows breathing lies.
Masquerade! You can fool any friend who ever knew you. (x)

I miss playoffs. I miss triple overtime games and staying up until 1 AM praying to the Hockey Gods for my team to score. I miss hearing the national anthem sung and getting chills. I miss the handshakes, hip checks, and high sticks. I miss hockey.