god i miss these two

  • me age 12: oh god i missed a two millimeter spot of hair when i shaved i guess i'll go to the beach in five layers of clothing so no one notices
  • me now: Hello friends it is i Bigfoot #confirmed

you know what? i want jake and amy to kiss just once in a casual way. like one of them does something cute and the other goes all heart eyes and just kiss them on the cheek/nose/forehead/lips, whatever. we’ve seen their kisses being driven by the first “i love you” and the reunion after 6 months and a dangerous situation and now i want casual kisses! give me casual kisses!!!


Kay so in Copycat Theo looks like Chat Noir, right?  And then Ladybug tricks him into using Cataclysm on the chains and his ring starts counting down.

But, like, what if they hadn’t purified the akuma in time?  I’d be willing to bet he wouldn’t be turning back into Theo.

I can just see the last beep going off and Ladybug and Chat being like “oh this is easy he’s not going to have powers now” and then the light flashes…

…and there’s Adrien.

And everyone is really confused.

Ladybug is like “I definitely thought this was Theo?  Chat, did you piss off Adrien too?  What the hell did Adrien get akumatized for?” while also freaking out because she’d just been flirting with Adrien and kicking his ass

Hawkmoth is freaking out because he’s finally learned one of their identities and why didn’t he think of this sooner with a possible additional holy crap I’ve been fighting my son.

Theo is freaking out because Chat Noir was Ladybug’s boyfriend and he was supposed to be Chat Noir not some random model Hawkmoth what is going on?

Chat’s freaking out because his identity’s been exposed even though no one’s really clued in on that yet save for Hawkmoth and he’s also freaking out because Ladybug seems to be going into a panic attack and this was definitely not how he was planning to spend his day.

So they purify the akuma and Adrien turns back into Theo and it finally clicks for Ladybug what that actually meant.  So now she’s freaking out even more and probably runs away because that’s usually how Marinette seems to deal with her feelings and Adrien’s sad and confused.

But then the next day Marinette shows up to school and gives him cookies and can actually talk to him and she tells him she’s Ladybug and they start making plans since chances are really high that Hawkmoth knows his secret identity.

Adrien’s really confused when he comes home from school and finds out about his dad’s new no-jewelry policy that’s been put into place for no discernible reason.  He manages to hide his ring, though, when Nathalie comes into his room to confiscate any jewelry.


Apparently I have an exam of the subject I am most screwed in like least tomorrow, and I missed the two classes with the exam’s subject, so here’s a fic I wrote this afternoon instead of studying.

Contains depression.

His name was Nico di Angelo. He was 19 years old. He was a student at New York University. His dad was called Hades and he had two sisters. He had friends who cared about him (Reyna and Jason, for example). He had a boyfriend. He had depression and took medication. He liked… he wanted…

Next question.

He didn’t like loud noises or college. He didn’t like the concerning early joy of morning people (with one outstanding exception). He didn’t like himself–

Oh. No, no. Bad direction. Let’s change the course.


(When would this end? When, when? He just wanted a date so he could mark it in a calendar and wait for time to do this job. Why was he… this? Why was his brain sick? He didn’t think it was very fair.

Well, many things weren’t fair. So, in the end, it made some sort of absurd sense that he had the shitty mental illness, he guessed.

Maybe he had done something bad in another life. Killed someone. Mistreated someone who needed him. And this life was his redeeming path.

Which was great, because when his mental illness acted up he could hardly do anything, let alone something bad. Ha!

The next life better give him a yacht and an endless vacation.)

“Babe? …Neeks? Neeks.” His boyfriend had been poking his arm. “You there? What are you doing?” 

Wallowing in self-pity and the pain of being here when he didn’t want to be and imagining how easier things would be if he was dead.

Nico puffed his cheeks out, closed his eyes, and didn’t answer.

“Ah.” Will mumbled. Nico silently agreed.

The worst part about it when he was like this was that nothing was the better option. Being alone was dangerous and sometimes it wasn’t what he wanted, while he never wanted other people to be forced to put up with this shit too.

“You took all your medication today?”

Nico nodded.

“Okay. Have you eaten anything?”

Nico shook his head, briefly wanting to make a face. He really didn’t want to eat anything right now. Open his mouth, chew, swallow. Taste nothing. Be more tired later.

Will didn’t ask whether there was anything he’d liked to eat.

In fact, his boyfriend didn’t say anything for a while.

“Is there anything I can do to help?” He asked at last.

Was there?

Nico couldn’t think of anything, so he shook his head.

“Okay.” Will said.

Then there was a sound of something being thrown on the floor, near the couch Nico was lying on. A zipper being opened, and the spiral of a notebook being dragged along it as it was taken out of the bag. Pens scattering on the floor. Will mumbling something under his breath. 

Nico focused on the sounds, even as Will tried to be as quiet as possible.

He – thankfully – must have fallen asleep not so long after that. When he woke up, the room was much darker, no sunlight to create long shadows he could follow with his eyes. The – lack of – color in the walls dimmed to a quiet gray that he thought he liked, for some reason.

Will was still there, and Nico could barely see the dark wood of the floor around him, seeing as it was covered with opened thick books, papers, the laptop Will always had with him, currently showing a skeleton and the names of its bones.

Nico vaguely hoped Will wouldn’t have to memorize all those names. Poor boyfriend.

Said boyfriend was lying on the floor, one hand above his chest, holding a small piece of paper, and mouth slightly opened. His snoring wasn’t too loud.

Nico kind of wanted to take a picture of that so he could look at it when he was in a shitty mood.

But he didn’t remember where his phone was (it probably had no battery anyway), and didn’t feel like looking for it.

Thank goodness his boyfriend’s phone was right there near the couch.

He extended his arm and got it, then managed to record a small video of his boyfriend nearly drooling over his papers, snoring in high definition sound.

Future good mood: guaranteed.

But he wasn’t cruel and heartless, so after a couple of minutes of convincing himself to do it, he stood up, involving himself in the blanket he’d brought, and walked to the man on the floor.

He poked him until he woke up with a start.

“What? Neeks? Everything alright? What– Oh.” He mumbled when he saw the mess of the floor.

“Let’s go to bed.” Nico mumbled. He vaguely noticed the taste in his mouth was bad and that he didn’t smell great either.

“But I have to learn Latin.”

Will, what?

“Nap.” Nico insisted, and Will looked conflicted for about two seconds before his shoulders slumped and he nodded, rubbing his face.


His boyfriend stood up. The piece of paper he’d been holding fell, and it took a moment in which they both just stared at it before Will crouched down and got it.

“Oh! Right.” Will said with renewed excitement. “Neeks, look what I learned. See this paper in my hands–”

He made a gesture too fast for Nico to completely follow – his mind was still hazy – but the paper seemed to disappear from his hands for a moment, before Will pretended to take it from behind Nico’s ear.

Nico blinked at him.

“Ta-da! I’m a magician now!” Will beamed. “Now please open it?”

Nico didn’t really want to – he wanted to be asleep; things didn’t hurt when he was asleep. But this seemed to be important to Will, for whatever reason, so he took the paper.

And opened it.

You are awesome and worth it and I love you! =D – Your bff bf’, it said.

Below the words, two hearts had been drawn holding hands – one painted with blue ink, the other seemingly blank, empty.

Truth be told, the words made the corner of his lips lift a little, but the smile on Will’s face was what made his entire being warmer, brighter.

“I thought BFF boyfriend was particularly clever.” Will informed him.

“You’re a genius.” Nico murmured. “Now come down here, please. You sappy Houdini.”

Will leaned down to kiss him – too fast, since the idiot felt the need to pull back and say, “This is my favorite nickname ever, by the way”.

Nico gave him a pointed look and stuck his tongue out at him.

“I’m offended. And there I thought you loved me. Hmpf!” Will acted upset for a second, crossing his arms and everything. Then he dropped his act and his smile became softer, more attentive. “Okay, enough of being dorks. Sleep?”

“Sleep.” Nico agreed, and they both walked silently toward his room, the only sound being that of the blanket being dragged through the floor. Will’s hand was warm in his, and Nico held the paper close to his chest.

Femslash February, day 10: Sunlight.

I wanted them to look like they’re glowing in bright daylight, protected. I really, really love Usagi and Seiya together, the pairing hit me like a sack of bricks ever since I read the Stars arc in the manga for the first time (and yes, I always depict Seiya as a woman, as she is in the manga and in her Senshi form). I just always loved their chemistry, it was so sweet, if unrequited.

Strange Magic FanFic – “Redamancy”

Redamancy (n.) – The act of loving the one who loves you; a love returned in full.

Love covers a strange and magical spectrum, and Bog and Marianne discuss being different. A sequel of sorts to Spectrum.

Dedicated to @dainesanddaffodils and @sophaoat, my bestest besties and who helped me out immensely with their thoughtful and frank discussions with me on such subjects. You girls are the best, and I love you both dearly <3

This is one of those fanfics I’ve been wanting to do for a while now, I won’t lie. It seems all too appropriate to finally write it for Valentine’s Day, a day where we celebrate love in all its delight and diversity.

Given my own sexuality and experience with romance and attraction, this story is very close to my heart, and I dearly hope it provides even the merest inch of the same comfort it gives to me. Not all of us have security of a society that accepts or even understands us, but please know this – you are loved, and I am one of the many who loves you. And in the words of this beautiful movie, everyone deserves to be loved…

All my lofe to you, my darlings. Happy Valentine’s Day <3


Bog rolled over, the mossy spread of his bed making the crackle of scales that usually accompanied such a movement muffled to an almost plush pitch, and raised a brow heavy with contentment at the Fairy Princess beside him, her elegant lean against the headboard of his bed a stark contrast to the sprawling tangle of limbs he currently was. “What is it? More inane comments from dusty old fools?”

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