god i loved this shoot so much

a selection of moments during mitski’s gig 2night when i teared up:
  • francis forever… bc it always makes me a bit teary and gay :””) yknow like um. ‘i look up at the gaps of sunlight / i miss u more than anything’ that part aahsjdfg
  • they played! the key change! in first love/late spring !! hjgfsdsghkj im a nerd but key changes just make me cry always lmao
  • i will… for like. the same reaosns as francis forever lmao it’s just i love that song yknow?
  • drunk walk home. ok let’s talk abt this ok yknow how she screams on the track? i didnt think she’d do that live but she did it and oh my god oh my god i love her and it was So Much yknow? that was the first time the tears left my eyes. that was the defining moment of the gig tbh
  • last words of a shooting star is like, same content point of ff/i will + same captivating performance as drunk walk home ie everyone stopped moving, tapping feet bobbing heads whatever, n we were all just staring at her. for both those songs
  • and finally…. oh my god. oh my god she did class of 2013 as the encore?? i was not expecting it n like. ahhhhh and she did that thing! where she holds the guitar right up 2 her face like in the npr tiny desk concert which ive watched god knows how many times but this!! was real!!!! it was live!!!! holy ufck i can’t believe i saw that yknow? so i was holding back sobs bc that wouldve been embarrassing ig but i was That emotional. oh my god it was incredible and i love live music

Me normally: I love Alphonse Elric! He’s the light of my life and I would die for him. It makes me sad when people are mean to him. I love Al so much
Me playing the FMA video games: Al you stupid fucking son of a bitch get your ASS over here. DO NOT JUMP DOWN THAT LEDGE. I SWEAR TO GOD AL, LADDERS ARE NOT A COMPLICATED CONCEPT. (Intentionally shoots Al with a cannon) (Hoards all healing items for myself and lets him die constantly) (Runs and hides while letting Al kill everything) I should feed you to the fucking chimeras you’re so unhelpful

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ever since i watched john wick a couple of weeks ago, i have watched nothing but keanu reeves movies these past few weeks. i was able to download a cam version of john wick 2 online and i'm so impressed on how he can move like that @ 52. he was sf dedicated as well like i found a video on youtube where he was in a shooting range and the guy who was training him was so impressed by his skills. right now i'm watching point break and god hes sf attractive. i love keanu

Obviously I’m not attracted to Keanu Reeves but I’m glad you’re having a good time, and I’m also extremely impressed, and also he’s my uncle now because I’ve adopted him as my uncle because I have so much respect for him now omg

Losing Jacob

@lunastarlux requested: Oh my god or a number 13. Sorry I got excited when I saw it 

This was so much fun to write! It’s more lighthearted than the other two but hopefully still enjoyable. If you like reading about dad!Newt than you should enjoy this. Also, it’s longer than the other two so that’s good! I have three requests lined up but I’d love some more so feel free to shoot me an ask or a message. Cheers, May.

Warnings: None (i don’t think)   


There was no doubt in anyone’s mind that Newt was a great mother to his creatures. They loved him, growing attachments to the unusual human who cared for them. That’s why you weren’t worried about Newt being a father to your baby. In fact, you were thrilled when you found out you were pregnant.

Newt was happy with the announcement too. The two of you had been married for around a year and having a child seemed to be the next step. But under his excitement was fear. He was going to be a father. He was going to have an actual child. A child of his own. He tried to hide his worry from you but you easily saw through his facade.

“You’re going to be a great dad,” you whispered into his ear as the two of you lay cuddled up to each other on your couch.

“Hmm,” he moaned soothingly, playing with a strand of your hair and twirling it in his fingers.

“I’m serious,” You sat up and Newt whined at the lack of closeness between the two of you. “You’ve already had practice with your creatures and you’ve done a wonderful job.”

He nodded his head in agreement but only because he knew giving in would be the only way to bring your head back to his chest. You gave him a stern gaze before laying back down on him. He tried to believe what you said. He really did. But, to him, being the mother to his creatures was completely different than being a father to his actual child. For one thing, the creatures he cared for were independent. They knew how to care for themselves for the most part. Their lives didn’t depend on him to be a good parent. His child’s life would be completely and utterly dependant on the two of you. You were the ones who brought him into the world and you were in charge of protecting him until he could protect himself.

Newt managed to hide his fear from you for the rest of your pregnancy and one day in April, you welcomed your son, Jacob, into the world. Newt immediately fell in love with the little bundle. Everything about Jacob seemed perfect to Newt which didn’t help ease his fear.

Newt avoided being alone with Jacob as much as possible. He loved being around his son but it was much better when someone else was there too. Someone to make sure he didn’t mess anything up. The occasional times it was just father and son, things went by smoothly and without any mishaps though this didn’t calm Newt’s fear at all.

One day when Jacob was almost a year old, you had to go into the city for a meeting and Newt was left alone with your son. Things started off fine as they usually did. Newt read the child stories and watched as he played with his beast figurines, never daring to take his eyes off the precious creature.

Jacob was still too young to say anything comprehensible but Newt loved the little sounds and coos he made as he played. He sat on the floor next to Jacob, gazing in admiration at the little boy who had become the center of his life.

His thoughts were interrupted by the phone ringing in the kitchen. You were a muggleborn and had insisted on having a phone in your apartment so you could communicate with your family but it ended up being used a lot between you and Newt. Thinking it was you, he hurried into the kitchen answering the phone. It turned out to be Queenie, asking if they would be home the following week when she came to England for a visit.

After a quick confirmation, Newt hung up the phone and rushed back to where he had left Jacob. But Jacob wasn’t there. He felt panic rising in his chest and flooding his body as he frantically scanned the room for any sign of his son. He tore apart the room, looking behind furniture and calling Jacob’s name repeatedly. But Jacob simply wasn’t there. He searched the whole flat but there was still no sign of the child. The only place he didn’t bother checking was his case. It was locked up and Jacob was too young to know how to get it open.

“I’m home!” Newt heard you call from the front door and he froze at the thought of having to explain the situation. “Hey darling.” You pressed a kiss to his cheek before looking around the room. “Where’s Jacob?”

“Um…I lost our baby.” Newt blurted out and then the rest of the story followed quickly. He explained about the phone call and coming back to find Jacob gone. “I’ve searched the whole house. He’s not anywhere.”

“It’s going to be okay.” You placed a gentle hand on Newt’s arm. “We can’t panic. We know he can’t have left the house because all the doors and windows are locked. He’s got to be here somewhere.”

The two of you split up, each taking a portion of the house to search. Newt ran his hands through his hair in shame, heart pounding rapidly in his chest. You tried not to let your worry show. You knew Newt was tearing himself up over the situation and you knew your panic would make him feel worse.

You turned into the bedroom you shared with Newt and searched the room, looking under the bed and in the closet. That was when you noticed Newt’s case sitting next to your bed, the top slightly open. You felt hope soar through you as you opened the case all the way and descended into the room below.

“Jacob!” you called. You heard a faint giggling that sounded familiar. You knew immediately it was Jacob. You took off in that direction and breathed a sigh of relief when you saw him. He was sitting on the ground next to the bowtruckles’ home. They had gathered around the young boy and he laughed as they crawled around on him.

“Jacob,” you sighed breathlessly, scooping up the cause of your panic. “Thank god.” You pressed him tight to your body, kissing the top of his head. “Newt! I’ve found him! I’m in the case!”

You could hear stomping and frantic breathing and Newt came running towards you. His face broke into an expression of relief when he was your son securely held in your arms. He shakily moved to the two of you, engulfing you both in a hug.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered shamefully. “I failed as a father.”

“Don’t say that,” you said sharply. “You haven’t failed anything. You’re not the first father in the world to lose track of his son.”

Newt smiled gratefully at you. What had he done to deserve such a forgiving and loving wife? He was constantly amazed that you had even agreed to marry him. You saw the look of love on his face and pressed a tender, lingering kiss to his lips. He responded, softly moving his mouth against yours. The moment was ruined when Jacob began to squirm in your arms. You both turned your attention to him to see him pointing at the bowtruckles. “Twuckles!” he giggled.

“Very good!” Newt smiled encouragingly. “Those are bowtruckles.”

“Like father like son.” You rolled your eyes and Newt shot you a grin. “You should take him down here more often!”

“Only if his mother joins us,” he responded cheekily and you smiled despite yourself.

“Someone’s got to keep you two in line.”

God made man, man made drugs, drugs made me the man I am so tell me who’s to blame?
This life Is just a game, Between him and the Devil,
Which one of them is the best and deserves the medal,

We’re the pawns and when we’re gone the game dosent actually end,
Check mate  but the game just starts back at the beginning again,
Neither one ever wins, I think they’re working together,
The Devil does whatever , wrong or right and and we call it “part of this life” or whatever

Murder, suicide, an overdose,
Mass shooting, another day, oh you know.
And we let it go because it’s “gods will”
 he loves us so much he allows murders, rape and kids being killed,

but still were told to have faith that it’s work of Satan,
but if God made all why not take his  life over millions being taken,
but again maybe I just misunderstood, but take away all the evil then all you have left is the good, right?

But what do I know I’m only just one man among many other things in this world for its all part of your plan.
Not mine my father,
but everyday that passes by this life gets  harder.

And I know I’m selfish when I pray for myself,
when I know the whole world could really use your help.
Sometimes I feel like I’m already in hell. Sometimes it’s really hard for me to tell,

So let me try this, Dear father Lord hear my words,
I’m tired of feeling pain and always getting hurt,
I want better for this life I want better for the world,
I want better for my ex because she’s an amazing girl.

I pray for the homeless because I share their pain,
 I pray for my family because they hate to see me this way,
I pray this changes and never happens again,
I pray for greater things my father  so in your name -


—  Lyrics - “Amen”
a letter in neil's kevin binder
  • Andrew: Did you write a love letter to Kevin Day?
  • Neil: In a lot of ways, yes, I do love him, but that is not a love letter in the way that you're thinking of! Okay? There's nothing sexual or...
  • Andrew: Okay, sounds good. I'm going to read it.
  • Neil: Yeah! Read it!
  • Andrew: "Dear Kevin," Oh, shit! There's stickers! My God...
  • Neil: Yeah, you gotta jazz it up.
  • Andrew: You sure do. Okay, "Dear Kevin, I feel like I can call you Kevin because you and me are so much alike. I'd like to meet you one day, it would be great to have a match. I know I can't shoot as good as you, but I think you'd be impressed with my speed. I love your hair, you run fast. Did you have a good relationship with your father? me neither. These are all things we can talk about and more. I know you have not been getting my letters because I know you would write back if you did. I hope you write back this time, and we can become good friends. I am sure our relationship would be a real home run!"
  • Neil: Yup!

“—Don’t get me wrong, I love Seattle. In fact, I’d argue that no one loves this city more than I do.” Summer began to ramble, turning to the person who stood beside her. “But why does it always have to be raining? God, I miss the sun so much. I honestly can’t remember the last time I wore sunglasses. Actually, I can’t even remember where I put them… shoot.” 


Here’s the outcome of the shooting for my modern Fenris cosplay. I loved this outfit and being this character so much; I had a real hard time choosing the shots to actually upload here.

Photos by @azahedarts


‘…and through fusion, we make lavender chalcedony! Prepare yourself for the Spear Spitting Star Shooting Big Giant Ass Harpoon Gun… of Doom!!

The name of their gun is a work in progress and it really doesn’t look all that doom like,,, but g o d I loved these two designs so I drew them and got carried away and drew the fusion too. Oops?

one thing that really tickles me about the canon Yung Venuz twitter are the occasional educational Sonic Says-esque “HEY KIDS” tweets he sometimes does:

like you have to put this in context, this is a badass and violent alien gun god who loves money and loves shooting up and killing people, and yet, somehow, he finds the time to just sit down and make tweets telling “kidz” his very badly misspelled advice. like, why would he do that, WHY DOES HE CARE SO MUCH ABOUT BEING AN INSPIRATION TO KIDS, WHAT DOES HE GET OUT OF THIS, WHY IS THIS KIND OF…CUTE…

taytayize123-blog  asked:

Is it bad that I wanna do a nude photo shoot with Harry?! 🙈 I just know that he's always into taking pictures it's like a hobby for him and while I'm not super confident with my body (very curvy, think hour glass! that he'd be so sweet about it all 😍💗

Ohhh my god he would love it so much. Artistic and tasteful photos that he’d keep with him always. Some smutty, some fluffy… but all beautiful

Bungo Stray Dogs Cosplay Shooting

Osamu Dazai -> Majin

Nakahara Chuuya -> Kayleigh

Photo taken and edited by the lovely @rythme  <3 Thank you very much dear! It turned out AWESOME!

Costumes are selfmade :D

Can I just shriek about The Flash for a second?

Mayor Snart oh mY GOD


Also Hal and Bruce on the phone? Yessss

Joe as a singer!? Uh hell yeah. If, when Barry gets back, he doesn’t ask Joe to sing I will be so incredibly disappointed

Deadshot as a detective who can’t shoot worth a damn? Sign me right the fuck up.

Barry’s mom being alive? I almost cried as much as Barry. Ow. 3

Barry saying that no matter the universe, Joe and Iris are his family? All the yes. I don’t have to ship WestAllen to love their dynamic

Badass Evil!Caitlin & Ronnie are amazing and I love them and yes.


Evil!Cisco is great, even if he has the samurai thing going on, and I wish he’d been around longer.

Okay, now that that’s out of the way, here are some things I want from part 2: even the slightest glimpse or recognition that Eddie is alive in this universe; Some Mayor Snart please; Barry2 being a massive dork; Barry & Jesse bonding?; Jay maybe getting his speed fully back?; An answer as to why Wally was at the station?; Barry coming back and hugging Joe ridiculously hard (bonus points if he says something to the effect of “Don’t ever hate me, okay”)

There’s probably more but I’m tried and this is all my brain will come up with at the moment.


Sirius Black x Reader

Request: hey could you do a Sirius x reader Fic where the reader is an American exchange student who gets injured from the side lines during the marauders antics and Sirius feels guilty and takes care of her? Much love for your blog ❤❤ 

A/N: god this is so bad I hope you don’t hate me for mangling this request

Originally posted by thebloodyshakespearewomandragon

“Ready, mate?” James whispers as he preps the materials for their latest prank. Sirius grins at him, then gives the other boys a signal from across the crowded corridor.


With a quick tap of his wand, James detonates the firework. It shoots into the air, squealing as it goes, and spirals above the crowd. In unison, all the students in the hall stare up in awe as the object starts shooting sparks and circling above them. It starts to fall – in slow motion, it seems – to one of the only students in the corridor not paying attention to what is happening. With a sickening smack, it falls straight onto her head, making the girl cry out and fall to the ground.

Jumping up in shock, the marauders run over to the girl. Sirius manages to get to her first, and quickly kneels down next to where she is lying on the floor with a hand on the nasty growing bump on her head.

“What the hell was that?” Sirius jerks back, startled at the sound of her American accent, but leans forward again to take a look at the injury. Wincing, he attempts his signature panty-dropping smile.

“Just a little prank, love,” he says, but is only met with a glare. Sighing, he lifts her up effortlessly and starts walking with her in his arms.

“Let me down! What are you doing?” Looking down at her face incredulously, Sirius responds in a guilty tone.

“Taking care of you, of course… it was our fault, after all.” The girl’s eyes widen as she realizes who’s carrying her for the first time – Sirius Black, heartthrob of Hogwarts. Sirius doesn’t notice her suddenly blushing face as he beelines for the hospital wing.

“Didn’t catch your name, love,” he says, starting to huff slightly as he struggles to get her medical attention as fast as possible.


The next day, Y/N wakes up with a throbbing headache from her injury and an awful taste in her mouth – both from the incidents of last night and from the disgusting medicine that Madam Pomfrey made her drink.

“Feeling better, love?” She jolts upright at the voice, looking around wildly until her gaze lands on none other than the boy from last night. She gapes at him, opening and closing her mouth a couple times before she is finally able to make words come out.

“What are you doing here?”

Sirius looks at her in confusion as if his purpose should be obvious to her. “Like I said… to take care of you.” Y/N’s mouth drops open again, and he chuckles before grabbing a bottle of medicine up from her nightstand. “Pomfrey says you need to take this at least 8 times a day for pain. Is it hurting right now?” Y/N nods slightly, still staring at Sirius as he bustles around her hospital bed and grabs a spoon. “Right, love… now open up.”

A week later, Y/N is being discharged from the hospital wing. As she gathers her things that have accumulated around her bed throughout her time there, she hears the door open. Glancing up, she takes in the form of her new friend.

“Hi, Sirius,” she says, grinning at the boy as he nears her bed. He smiles back at her and grabs one of her book piles. Then, offering her his other arm, he gives her his heart stopping smirk and speaks.

“Ready to go, love?” Y/N giggles, threading her arm through his. The two walk out of the hospital wing together and Y/N smiles, excited for what the future might bring.


Damn. I look at him and all I can see is his perfect face. Everything is so fucking perfect. His messy hair, his brown eyes with those cute green sprinkles in it. His scar above his left eye. His smile. Just everything. But it’s not only his looks. It was something about his personality that made me fall. Pretty hard. He’s supportive and kind. He’s mature but still a kid at heart. He always comments something goofy but it’s so cute. Oh god, his personality is even better than his looks. I’m just so in love and I can’t help but fall even harder. I can’t stop thinking about him. He’s constantly in my thoughts.
Every time I see a shooting star I wish for him. Again and again even though he’s already mine.
I have never loved someone this much and I don’t think that that’d be possible ever again.
I love him and that’s something that’ll never change.

  • me: I just want to dedicate my entire life to art wow I love art so much. art is my religion. fuck God, fuck Jesus. I worship art. I want nothing to exist except for art. I'm a nihilist except with art. I no longer want to talk to people, I want to talk to art. is it legal to get married to art??
  • me while doing art: I fucking hate art. pls shoot me.
EXO Reaction to their girlfriend modeling in a Victoria’s Secret shoot/walking on the runway

Here you gooo~  (✿◠‿◠) I’m sorry it kinda looked more like their reaction to their girlfriend walking on Victoria’s Secret Runway lol. Because that’s what I imagine more haha.

GIFs not mine, credits to the owner  ^o^
GIF I created: D.O’s GIF & Lay’s GIF


Suho: *Cheering* *GIF* 

Baekhyun: *Clapping* I’m so proud of my girlfriend.


D.O: Wait is that-? *GIF* (LMAO I LOVE HIM SO MUCH)

Kai: *Shocked and proud at the same time* *GIF*

Sehun: *Suddenly sees Miranda Kerr out of nowhere* Must. Not. Look.


Xiumin: Omo! Daebak! (Proud boyfriend is proud)

Luhan: *Jawdrops* (It’s the first time he sees you like this)

Kris: Nope. It’s not her. My girlfriend is crazy. That’s not her.

Lay: Y/N? Okay… Wait what!?

Chen: Holy sh8%. I can’t believe it is her.

Tao: *Cheering* *GIF* THAT IS MY GIRLFRIEND! (Oh my gawd he’s so freakin’ adorable  ∩(︶ ︿ ︶)∩)