god i loved this shoot so much


I’ve been exploring Junkertown and taking tons of screenshots, and here are some thoughts. I am so sorry for the massiveness of this post omg, please feel free to blacklist #long post if you need to!

  • The Queen of Junkertown is a BABE and I’m in love with her and also very gay. Also the flag of Junkertown is bomb, and I adore looking at all the various signage, it adds so much flavor to the map
  • Even a lawless society has to have a few rules, and those rules basically amount to: start shit, get hit
  • Junkrat and Roadhog really are hated by everyone, oh my god. Shoot them on sight. I love it.
  • “Watch your step!” Perhaps where Junkrat got his singsong line every time he lays a trap that someone triggers?
  • Base notes:
    • It looks like they’ve got a hatch in the floor there. (Edit: It’s been confirmed that it’s a pressure plate!! There’s two of them, if two people stand on them, it opens up a hidden treasure room!)
    • They have an entire fucking vending machine of pachimari, this is the most extra thing I’ve ever seen, I’m crying
    • Roadhog makes his own hogdrogen, and it looks like it starts out as a yellow sloshy liquid.
    • There’s a fish head in their kitchen area – I’ve always believed that Roadhog’s a vegetarian because of his anti-meat patches. Maybe he’s a pescatarian? Or maybe it’s just Junkrat who’s eating the fish?
    • Lots of chains hanging from the ceiling, probably to refill Roadhog’s chain hook
    • Everyone’s already pointed out that there’s only one bed in Junkrat and Roadhog’s base. Things Roadhog needs to sleep: an oxygen tank, a fan, and food. Look at all those dirty dishes. Someone pointed out that Junkrat has his own place to sleep and argued that this proves the base is only Roadhog’s house and thus they’re not sleeping together. Which is. Such a reach, why are you so vehemently against the implications that these two are together. Anyways, Junkrat does have a couch set up in his workshop with a blanket and a pillow and a fridge and a sink, but I don’t buy for a second that he actually lives there full time. He has too much of an established presence in the base for it to be just Roadhog’s house – he’s got those grenades and spray cans everywhere, and I’m pretty sure he’s the one chugging those soft drinks by the cooler. And these assholes eat their meals together like a married couple. Junkrat’s got the tiny bowl and the normal-ish chair and the entire pot of coffee, Roadhog’s got the big bowl and the tire-seat chair and the sensible single cup of coffee (Edit: I can’t believe I didn’t notice this until someone pointed it out – they stole Roadhog’s chair from the takeaway, look!). What domestic little shits. No, Junkrat’s workshop is just a workshop with some amenities, bc the man absolutely loses track of time when he’s tinkering and it’s easier to crash in his mad lab than go back to sleep with Roadhog, imo.
    • THE PLAN: Junkrat’s boundless enthusiasm makes me smile.
    • They have two chairs on their front porch with a cooler and some drinks in between them. Imagine these two just. Sitting on the porch together and sharing a drink. They’re so married, I’m l i v i n g for this domestic shit. 
  • On the subject of Junkrat’s workshop: he actually does play cricket! Or he at least owns a cricket paddle (okay, cricket BAT, you fucking animals, i know shit about sports, just humor me w my lack of sports knowledge here)
  • Junkrat has a safe that’s covered in DANGER, NO ENTRY, GO BACK signs and that’s hilarious to me. Also hilarious: his “NO TRESPASSING“ sign over a door that’s boarded up from the inside.
  • It looks like both Junkrat and Roadhog got their tattoos at Swagman’s Needlepoint! Roadhog’s Wild Hog Power design is marked as sold. Junkrat’s bicep tattoo is also up on the wall!
  • I guess there’s?? A thriving music scene in Junkertown?? Where is the Mad Max flamethrower guitarist
my thoughts on logan *spoilers*

-never in a million years did i think i would cry so many times during an xmen ~related~ film but bitch!!!
-this movie came after me so many times i am shook
-this was such an emotional experience
-it was so packed too i usually go on discount days but i had to see this and wow literally not a seat left open!!!
-first movie from the franchise to be rated r and damn!!! It really needed it, i can’t imagine the film being pg 13
-i really loved the r rating… the gore the cussing the darker and more mature tone was something i didn’t think i needed til i saw this film
-the darker tone made it so much more intense and made logan feel more human
-fight/action scenes were all pure gratuitous fun i enjoyed all of it
-laura is adorable and shes a bad bitch my daughter will be like that!!! like wow this girl got paid to deadass be silent for half the movie but when she talked i was shook af
-and the nurse gabriella being aleida from oitnb like hey girll!!
-the banter between professor x and logan ugh and when logan called charles his dad
-this side of wolverine/ logan was so raw and sad.
-he def was not the mutant hero ive grown up watching but that was also the refreshing part bc it made it seem more realistic to me
-heartbreaking to watch someone spiral downward especially with the drinking and self hatred and the suicidal thoughts ugh
-laura is a mini wolverine but gonna grow to be so much stronger i love her every time she fucked someone up i was screaming YAAS
-finding out shes his daughter ugh i knew it bur dang!!
-honestly pierce the bad guy was sexy af i was having dirty thoughts while hating him at the same time
-i’m not a box of avocados logan
-logan is really so broken and traumatized inside
-charles telling logan that this is what its like to be normal before he left with that mans to fix the water or whatever
-and its sad to see charles so weak and sick and trapped in his mind and broken as well after what he did in westchester
-losing control is so awful and seeing someone who was once so great be at this point hurts
-when charles woke up in that familys house and was talking about how he remembered things and that it was the best night of his life but he didnt deserve it I WAS CRYING
-then i was like OMFG LOGAN IS ABOUT TO KILL HIM??? Turns out it was his fuckass clone mutant but i was still shook
-hugh jackman is a daddy he can still get it
-logan coping with charles was so sad this father son relationship rly fucked me up it was so cute when they were joking abt the past at academy during dinner
-laura gives me life!!! W her docs and cute ass outfit in sunglasses but she still vicious yas queen
-her relationship w charles was so beautiful too
-her driving!!! Aha and finally speaking that was a funny cute lil scene i was expecting her to be a little sassier but that wouldnt fit the tone of the movie so its all good
-all the cute lil mutant kids!!!! omfg so adorable its really fcked up what they were doing at transigen i was heated ugh
-they were so sweet helping him and ugh the scenes just between logan and laura rlly fucked me up like when she held his hand after he buried charles…
-my god the development of these relationships really messed me up!!!
-honestly his self loathing and pity party was getting a little annoying and the whole im no good for you act etc etc but i understand i guess
-telling laura she and her friends reminded him of the xmen RIP
-“people hurt me” “were different i hurt people”
-ugh i literally love them so much when he told her he was gonna shoot himself w that bullet then she took it from him wow cryin
-him being like u dont need me everyone i care about gets hurt or killed then she roasted him with the “THEN I GUESS ILL BE FINE” like damn girl
-ugh him coming to the rescue and taking the green stuff ugh i just knew this wouldnt end well but the fight scenes and seeing some of the kids use their powers was nice
-also enjoyed all the bad guys gettjng absolutely destroyed
-literally FUCK clone logan so hard she was really goin at him but i knew logans fate was inevitable since it was hughs last hoorah but wow
-i was in fucking puddles then she held his hand and called him fucking daddy!!!! THAT RUINED ME WHEN SHE ACKNOWLEDGE HE WAS HER FATHER HOLY FRICK
-“so this is what it feels like” logans last words realizing what its like to care for someone again/what it feels like to die omg laura crying made me cry
-the end. thank u for sticking w me if u read this whole thing talk to me about it im emotionally unstable
-idk i prob left some stuff out but this is a lot already im lowkey so sad rn
-i cant wait for the next xmen movie with the other cast i need more this was all my childhood upto now i need it all please

Wish You Were Here (Tom Holland Smut)

request: i think it was kinda? someone wanted phone sex w tom so here we are i’m too lazy to find it but anon one’s for u babe <3

short summary: tom was a little shit this whole week about the fresh cut and it got u all hot and bothered when he finally posted a pic so u know seeing as u can’t see him phone sex will have to do

length: 1.6k words

warnings: smut

A/N: i’m sorry i know i said i was working on 2 angsty peter fics but i knew i needed to write this as soon as he finally stopped being a snake and showed us that dope cut bc goddamn it looks fucking NICE i’m so s o r r y 
pls forgive me

You toyed with yourself as you paced around your bedroom. Not knowing what exactly to do, you were at a loss. You didn’t want to cave, but at the same time you were beyond caring. The reward would be too great if you would just succumb to your wants.

Tom hadn’t only been messing with his fans all week, but you too. What started as a simple joke tweet had amassed into hysteria in his fandom. He’d initially planned on only waiting a day before showing the world a simple selfie of his new hair cut, but after seeing everyone freak out he decided to take it a step further and mess with everyone for a few days.

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“There was one kid Jack Grazer who plays Eddie in the movie, and it was my first day of shooting and we’ve kind of kept me separated from the kids. They’d never really seen the clown, they’d never really met me and this is one scene– it’s one scene in the movie that’s very intense. And it was my first day so I needed to kind of get into character you know and I was like “oh hey there, Jack, how are you?” looking like that and the scene I walk out and I approach him and it’s a really intense scene. And I’m sort of right in his face, I’m drooling all over him, and he’s crying and we sort of block it briefly without really doing emotion into it and they yell “action” and I do it and I’m doing this clown thing and I’m screaming and I’m like– cause part of Pennywise is that he hates the kids and there’s so much anger. And then I approach him and I scream in his face and we’re doing the scene and he’s crying and gagging and doing this whole thing and I’m like, in the back of my head as we’re shooting it, “oh my god, I’m traumatising this child, what am I doing?” And then they yelled “cut” and I go “are you okay, Jack?” And he goes, “love what you’re doing, love what you’re doing with the character. Love what you’re doing with the character.” And I was like “I love what you’re doing with the character? Thank you, Jack.”

Do not edit, do not crop, do not add to gif hunts, do not redistribute, do not claim as your own

We Are Young: Chapter 14

Throne of Glass High School AU

Summary: Senior Rowan Whitethorn is new to town. It doesn’t take him long to get use to a new school, make new friends, even join the local hockey team. But it also doesn’t take him long to meet sophomore and figure skater Aelin Galathynius. And it doesn’t take him long to realize one thing; he can’t stand her.

Warning: NSFW

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“Can you hurry up and pick a movie already?”

“Well. Maybe if you just told me what you wanted to watch instead of shooting down all my suggestions-”

“I picked last time. It’s your turn now.”

“You can’t say that and then complain about the movies I pick.”

“Fine.” Aelin leaned back against the couch. She crossed her arms and legs, a dramatic sigh escaping her lips. “Take your time. Besides, I’m enjoying the view anyways.”

Aelin smiled to herself as her eyes drifted to Rowan’s ass. Yeah, she was definitely enjoying the view. She’d actually be fine with spending the night staring at Rowan’s ass instead of watching a movie.

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if you think about it tho, Diana had just finished her training and finally defeated Antiope when she left Themyscira.

Yes she has her powers now, but think about how badass all those Amazons are with thousands of years of training.  Training under Antiope.

Imagine some of their best warriors adapting to the modern world, but still retaining thousands of years of being a trained warrior.  By Antiope.  

I can’t stress this enough.  





like imagine this.  

and they may not have god powers like Diana but they’re canonically stronger, faster, and have more endurance than humans.

Smooth - Johnny [6] (M)

•Suggestion: Virgin reader x Johnny

A/N: Omg guys it’s finally here, the last chapter of Smooth! Ahhhhh I’m sorry it took so long. I needed a little break to try to make this last chapter gooood. I hope you guys like it. I’m actually like rlly sad that it’s over ;-; mehh

-Admin Kay

PS OMG ALSO THANKS FOR 5K!!! 🎉You guys are the best 💕

Pt 1   Pt 2   Pt 3   Pt 4   Pt 5   Pt 6

Chapter 6 - I Love You

Genre: Smut, Fluff

Rating R

(sexual content, slight language)

Word Count: 3,352

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BTS Dirty Scenarios | #Daddy

Warnings: 18+!

Hoseok - There’s no harm to give your stepbrother a boobjob, right? 

“Holy shit, Y/n! Oh, fuck! We shouldn’t be doing this!”, Hoseok, your stepbrother whimperes while you rub his cock between your tits.

“Oh, yeah? You want me to stop, brother?”

“Ohoh”, Hoseok shoves a fist into his mouth and leans forward propping his free hand on the wall behind you. “No, no! It’s okay! Just this once! Oooh!”

“You like it?”

“Oh, God, baby, yes!”, he swallows loudly.                                                                                                      
“Your brother loves it so fucking much!” You can swear he has tears in his eyes.
“I’m gonna come, now, baby!”

Hoseok’s cock suddenly swells between your breasts and then begins to shoot cum all over your chest while he whimpers.

“Oooh, ohh, oooooo! Baby girl, your tits are awesome!”, Hoseok sighes when his cock finally stops ejaculating.

“I know!”, you say. “Now, let’s talk money, brother!”

“Fuck, baby! After this amazing boobjob, I’ll give you whatever you want.”

Namjoon - Daddy just wants to play a little!

You’re asleep on the bed completly naked. When your boyfriend Namjoon walks into your shared bedroom and sees your hot body on the bed, he gets hard like a fucking rock in seconds. He groans, pulling his cock and rubs himself while walking towards you.
Initally Namjoon wants to watch you masturbate but then the hormones got to his head and he gets desperate.

“Aaaahhhh, shiiiit!”, he can’t help to groan as he begins to fuck your mouth. “Oh, oh, oh!”

Namjoon leans over your head, propping his hands on the bed and countinues to move his hips.

“Fuck, this is good! MMM, yeah! Suck Daddy’s cock little whore!”, he whispers watching his cock sliding in and out, in and out. “Oooh, Daddy loves your mouth, little whore!”

This is way more better than masturbating.
Since you are asleep and he can’t control your saliva, it pours all over his cock and balls.
Too bad that he hadn’t had a pussy in a while and he was soon getting close to exploding.

“Mmm, yes! Yes, yes, yes! Oooh, Daddy’s gonna give you some milk, baby whore. Ungh, ungh! Ooh, fuck, yes! Yeeeaaaaaaah!”, Namjoon moans as his cock begins to shoot long threads of cum into your mouth. “Here you go, whore! Ungh, ungh, unghhhh! Swallow Daddy’s milk!”

When he’s done ejaculating, he pulls his pulsing cock out and hurries to close your mouth so his cum that didn’t slide down your throat, spills out.
Namjoon keeps rubbing his semi hard on while leaving the bedroom and walks to the bathroom where he masturbates and comes again, thinking about how to seduce you into sucking his cock fully awake.

Jungkook - Don’t ever tease your Daddy!

Lately, you’ve been teasing your boyfriend Jungkook, showing him your tits and pussy even when your mother was only a few feet away. So Jungkook have decided to teach you a lesson and today he has followed you when you said you where going out for a walk in the woods.
He cachts up with you, ties you up and undresses you.

“You fucking slut!”, he growls, raising your skirt up your hips with one hand while he uses the free one to free his raging cock. “You’re not getting enough cock? Huh? Is that why you’re teasing your Daddy? Well, here, slut! Have some Daddy cock!”, Jungkook says, shoving himself deep inside your pussy.

“Oh, my God!”, you scream.

“Ungh, ungh, ungh! Damn, this pussy is thight! And-thrust-so-thrust-fucking-thrust-wet! Did you get wet teasing your Daddy, slut? Ungh, unnghhhh! Huh? You like knowing you’re making Daddy hard?”


“Well, I hope you like feeling how hard Daddy is inside you!”, he growls again, wrapping his fingers around your throat. He loves the sounds you make.

“Yeeeeaaahh!”, he let’s out a low deep groan, his head flying back and he closes his eyes. “ Daddy’s gonna fuck you until you can’t walk straight! Unch, ungh!”
Jungkook fills your pussy for the second time today in the woods and then he takes you home where he locks you and himself inside your bedroom and fucks you three more times.

I would like to see you teasing me again after this. Stupid slut!

Taehyung - Daddy is eager!

“Look at this bald pussy! Mmm, Daddy loves it, baby girl.”

“Really, daddy?”, you ask.

My baby, always so eager to please daddy.

“Oh, yes!”, Taehyung say, positioning his cock at your entrance and then pushes in slowly.

“Mmm, feels good!”

“Yes!, you look up at your boyfriend, your face, your eyes just begging for a good , hard fuck.Taehyung grins.

"Daddy’s gonna give you what you need, baby! Mmmm”, he groans starting to move in and out of you.


He speeds up. “Just relax, baby! Ungh, ungh! Let Daddy take care of everything!”

Taehyung pumps you in earnest, enjoying the slapping sound his balls makes against your ass and the sloshes of your wetness around him. You are thight as fuck! You squeeze his cock with desperation that makes him seethe with the need to breed you. Oh, he fully intends to unload his balls deep into you, but only after making you come on his cock.


The first warning.

“Yeah! Daddy’s little girl! Ungh, unghh!”, he spats shoving himself deeper in your pussy.

This cunt is gonna be the death of me!

"Oh, oh, oh!”, you pulls in a deep breath, your eyes rolling back.

“Fuck, yeah!”, Taehyung growls loving you, spasming walls around his cock. “Ooh, right on daddy’s cock!”

You flai your arms and legs while the orgasm shooks you. Watching you couples with the contracting muscles around his cock is his undoing.

“Shit!”, Taehyung swors. “Shit, Daddy’s gonna come now!”, he growls again.

“Yeeeaah!”, he thrust a few more times then let himself erupt you in your cunt. “Fuck, this is good!”

He came and came and came until he thought he was gonna faint and you milks him so thoroughly like you wants to absorb his nuts inside your womb too.
When he’s done, he pulls out and watches through hooded eyes the cum pouring out of you.

Yoongi - Sleeping with your stepbrother is perfectly normal, isn’t?

“Ohhh, I can’t believe it fits!”, you scream in awe as your stepbrother pumps his cock deep inside your pussy.

“Mm, ungh, yeah! Of course it fits, baby! Ungh, ungh! Your dirty cunt knows when it needs to be breed so it stretches out for your brother. Ungh, ungh! Hot as fuck this little cunt of yours!”

“Oh, Yoongi!” The pleasure in your voice can’t be missed. You love his cock.
"Isn’t this wrong?”

“ Of course it is, baby! That’s why you like it so much! Unghhh, ungh! Such good little girl you are for your brother!”

“ What’s… your dad.. and… my mom… gonna… say?”, you ask through small moans of delight.

“They doesn’t have to… unghh… know!”

That relaxes you.

“Oh, Yoongi! Can you do it harder?”

Yoongi grins. “Whatever my little girl needs, baby!”, he say speeding up.

Jimin - Daddy’s baby girl is horny!

“Jimin, I wanna play!”, you whine as you rub yourself on his clad cock. He can feel the warmth of your cunny event through your panties and his pants. It makes his eyes roll back in his head and his cock starts to grow harder and harder by every second.

“Baby girl, we just played last night!”

“Yeah, but I want more!”

Jimin grunts under your sexual assault.
He groans once more as his cock throbbs in his pants. If you really want this, then why should he suffer from blue balls all fucking day?

Jimin walks you to your shared bedroom and lays you down on your stomach. He pulls his cock out through his pants and slide your panties to the side and then he pushes inside of you, groaning like a beast.

“You want Daddy to play with you, little girl!”

He givs a deep thrust. “Huh?” Another thrust. “You want Daddy to put his cock inside your little cunny and play with it?” Few more deep thrusts. “Well, here baby girl, have it!”, Jimin groans.

He proceeds to fuck three orgasmes out of you and then breed you propoply.
When his balls is empty, he draw his cock out and put it back in his pants and then arrange your panties and sends you to school with his cum deep inside your pussy. He rubs himself two more times at work thinking about it.

Jin - Acting innocent wont get you far!

Your bestfriend Jin is sitting on your couch in your apartment, completly frozen like he’s been struck by lightening, with his mouth agape. You’re horny and wants to play a little game with him. After all, you’ve seen him taking glaces at you for quiet some time now, so this will be easy, or wont it?

Holy mother of all fucks! Look at that pussy! Look at that juicy little pussy!
Jin swallows, wanting to slide his tongue through your plump labia very badly.


Guiltily, he guickly moves his gaze from your cunt to your face.
“Huh?” You pull your panties even more to the side and Jin’s cock immediately gives a brusque throb in his pants. “S-sorry, Y/n.”, his voice sounding meek and desperate so he clear his throat. “What did you say?”

“I asked if I did it right?”

“Did what? Did what right?”

You giggles. “Shave!”

“Uh… Yeah, that looks okay.”

Jin licks his lips and swallows again because of the sight that fills his mouth with saliva.

“Arw you sure?”

“Um… Yeah, I’m pretty sure, Y/n.”

In his pants his cock approves too by oozing a huge drop of precum.

“You like it?”

“Oh, yeah. I like it!”, he nods vigorously, not being able to withholds a wanton grin.

Yeah, that’s one hot pussy!

“Can you show me yours?”

Jin snaps out of his horny state and moves his gaze to your face again, frowning a little. “Wha-what?”

With a innocent chin jerk, you motiones to his cock and the bastard approves again.

Could I? He looks at your cunt once more. Such a juicy little cunt! And he hasn’t had sex in months. Oh, hell, yes, he could!
Hands trembling, he unzips himself, letting his hard cock to spring free through the pouch of his briefs.

“Oh, wow, Jin! That’s so big!”

He nods a little embarrassed. “It’s not that big.”

You immediately wrap your fingers around his girth and a chocked moan escapes him as his eyes crossed.

“Feels nice, too!”, you say moving your hand up and down his long cock.
With another guiltily glance at you, Jin quickly takes of his pants, pushing them down his legs and let his balls free as well. Then he turns back to you with a sweet voice and says, “Give it a kiss, won’t you? That’s a good little girl!” He pats your head as you bends to touch your lips to the head of his cock. “Ooh, yeah!” A shiver rans through him. “Now use your tongue, yes!”

You swerl your wet tongue around him and then kisses him and alternates like that until he goes completly crazy. He dosen’t but he loses all his control and he grabs a fistful of your hair and shoves himself down your throat.

“Ooooohhh, fuck!”, Jin shivers again.

"Mmmmmm!”, you try to push him away as you chokes and gags on his cock, but he is too strong for you.

“Ah, shit, this is so good!”, he groans low as you gag again and saliva spills all over his desperate balls. “Take it, yeah!” Moving slowly at first, he starts to fuck your mouth. “Ooh, you shoudn’t tease your Daddy like that, baby!”

“Mmm, mmm!”

“Sh, sh, shh, Daddy’s almost done!”
And sure enough, a few thrusts later he begins to tremble with the impending orgasm as his cock swells into your mouth.

“Oh, fuck, yeah!”, he cries as the sperm eruptes out of him in long threads. It slides down your throat and makes you choke, but as he rides his pleasure he couldn’t care less. “Swallow! Yeah, that’s it!”, he patts you head again as you gulps around his dickhead. “Mmm, baby, you made me so fucking happy!” Jin pulls out of your mouth and you coughs out saliva and cum. “Now I’m gonna make you happy!” He grins as he walks you to your bedroom and pushes you down on your bed.

End note: I’m so sorry! Or am I??? ;)

Kyungsoo has come so far.

He’s no longer that shy guy hiding in the corner, seeming almost expressionless and off putting. He interjects in conversations now, adding flavor with his humor and quick wit. He’s no longer just a singer. His vocal range and stability has well surpassed his “What Is Love” days. He models well. His photo shoots are filled with breath catching expressions of his beautiful face. He dances well. He not only keeps up with the main dancers of Exo but adds his own touch to every move, every technical tick. His acting is amazing. His range is wide and only growing, and he was awarded for it multiple times. He’s opening up to us and growing and expanding with each and every passing day.

I’m so proud of him, and so very greatful I get to see every new side of Do Kyungsoo.

anonymous asked:

I'm a photographer so is it ok if I ask you to do hc for the losers club modelling for the reader???

ofc lovely!

- the losers happily wanting to model in your lil’ photo shoots

- stan isn’t really into the whole being in a picture thing but does it anyway because you asked him to

- and holy guacamole, he’s so photogenic

- usually photographing him in garden or a meadow cos him being in a field of flowers is such an aesthetic 

- ahhh he’s so beautiful

- he actually ends up loving all your photographs and decides to have his picture taken more often

- richie wanting to be in every. single. photo. (mostly pulling a stupid face)

- “comE ON Y/N LET ME! IM BEAUTIFUL”. he’s not wrong tho. you love photographing richie. even if he’s doing something stupid with his face

- he’s not in every single photo. but he’s in most

- capturing a moment is the best ever. especially when richie makes a stupid comment and everyone loses their shit and starts laughing. just capturing that happiness is evERYTHING

- doing a lot of close ups with bev

- you love taking photos up close. her eyes and freckles are everything ahhh she’s so gorgeous !!!

- mike being such a model and having no idea how great he looks in a photo. he’s just like ‘oh yeah i look pretty good’ no mICHAEL YOU LOOK FANTASTIC GOD DAMN IT

- he just sits there in good lighting, a good camera angle and boom. 11/10 photo

- eddie loves having his picture taken and he looks so freakin’ cute

- wanting to get the best out of every photo

- “should i put my hand like this? oh- should i like, look out to the distance and look like i’m having deep thoughts or something? actually hold on, i’m gonna stand up and pose”

- ngl eddie looks great in all his photos. (your favorites are the ones with him and richie bc you capture his “wtf” look every time richie says something fucking stupid during a photo shoot

- ben is amazing on camera

- you love taking photos of ben bc he’s so natural and he loves being in your photos!!! he loves how good he looks

- bill just looks good any time

- like just take a pick thEN BOOM WHAT A MODEL

- he loves your work so much and asks to take photos sometimes

- god the losers love every photo you take

- richie always asking to keep a copy of his photos 

- “holy shit, y/n. these are fucking amazing”, “you guys make them amazing”, “no, I think its just your photography skills”.

- well, it’s both

Guess who’s back - Montgomery de la Cruz

Request: Can I get a Monty imagine? Where they had a short fling then didn’t see each other all summer. Back at school they see each other again and can’t help but have feelings for each other. Ending fluffy plz

Word count: 1173

Pairing: Montgomery de la Cruz x reader


Originally posted by knightlley

You were finally back home after two months of travelling through Europe. You had seen the most amazing places like Lisbon and Switzerland. Europe was so much cooler than America, they were more laid back and the cities were more beautiful. You were distracted by all the messaged on your phone when you were unpacking. Everybody wanted to know how your trip wen. You decided to answer them another time. You were tired and went to sleep very early. School started again tomorrow and you couldn’t skip class on day one.

Walking in school felt better than you expected. You were so happy to see everybody again. You had to catch up on so much that happened during the summer and everyone wanted to catch up about your Europe trip.

It was lunch time, when you walked in the cafeteria you saw your group of friends sitting together.

“Y/N! here!” Sheri shouted at you. You smiled and walked towards her. With her were Jess and Justin.

After a couple of minutes more people joined your table including Montgomery de la Cruz.

Before you left you had a one night stand with him after a party. Your ride home bailed on you and you didn’t want to wake your parents so you slept at Montgomery’s house. The one led to the other and before you knew it sex happened. Even tho you were a little drunk it was a night you would never want to forget. The things Monty could with his body were thing you’ve never experienced before. You always thought Montgomery was very hot and you thought he was a really nice guy but since you were leaving you decided to let it be. You left not very long after and didn’t hear from him during your trip. You had to admit you missed him more than your other friends but you didn’t give meaning to the feeling.

Montgomery sat next to you. “Well that’s been a long time!” he says while a smile appears on his face. You had to admit you were weak for Montgomery, even more after what happened. You started to blush.

“You look cute like that.” Montgomery whispers in your ear. You smile even more when suddenly you’re interrupted by Jess.

“Come one y/n tell us everything about Europe!”

So you started to tell about the beaches, the cute cities, the delicious food and the sweet people. You felt Montgomery’s eyes burn into your cheeks but you were too shy to look at him.

“And how were the boys?” Sheri asks. You didn’t know how to answer this question. All this time in Europe you didn’t even look at one guy. They weren’t your type and you didn’t feel the need to look at them? You missed someone else way harder there.

“Meh nothing special.” you say.

“Really? No steamy one night stands?” Jess asks

In the corner of your eye you see Montgomery’s jaw clench. Was he getting jealous?

“I’ll have to disappoint you girls, but no no one night stands.”

Before you knew it the bell rang and you had to get back to class. You had biology, not one of your favourites so you decided so sit at the back of the class. Suddenly you felt your phone vibrate. It was a text from Montgomery.

“Can I see you tonight? 8 pm at my place? –M”

“Why? – y/n”

“Don’t ask so much questions, yes or no? –M”

“Well yess, I guess? –y/n”

“Great! –M”

You lightened up completely even tho it was a little weird. What was he planning and why were you feeling so happy? It was just Montgomery, but maybe that was just the thing.


“I’m leaving mom! I’ll be home before 11!” you shout while walking out the door and heading over to Monty’s.

You rang when his mom opened the door. you weren’t expecting that.

“Oh hello miss. I’m y/n. I’m here for Montgomery?”

“Of course! Come in, I think he’s still doing some homework but you can go upstairs if you like? He’s room is the second door on your right.”

Montgomery and homework? That’s a strange combination you thought by yourself but you decided to ignore it and just go upstairs.

When you came at the second door you knocked.

“I’m busy mom!” you heard Montgomery scream

“Well it’s not your mom, can I come in?”

Suddenly a wild Monty appears with a big smile.  “Sorry! Come in.”

“So now tell me, why did you want to see me? I’ve been thinking about the whole day” you ask.

“I really need to tell you something important y/n..” Monty says quietly.

“So shoot?” you say while getting a little nervous. You were wondering about it all day and every time you send him a question about it he just said he would explain it later.

“Well.. so… here it goes..” Monty stutters out.

“God damn it just say it Mont.”

“Okay okay calm down. So what I was trying to say is.. I love you y/n. Everything that happened that night, it meant so much to me. I felt so good with you but since you left I thought I could forget you but seeing you today everything just came back and-“

You didn’t even listen anymore you just crashed your lips against his. Everything he said described perfectly how you felt the entire time. You missed Montgomery but as more as a friend. He was the reason you didn’t look at other guys in Europe.

“I love you too Montgomery.” You whisper your forehead still touching his.

His face lights up and he picks you up while you wrap your legs around his waist and spins you around..

“I’m so happy you feel the same. At lunch when they asked about other boys I started to feel so jealous. The thought of someone else having you made me crazy so I knew I had to tell you.”

“And I’m happy you did.” You smile at Montgomery before you pull him in for a deep passionate kiss.

After, you laid in bed with him cuddling and watching your favourite series. His grip was strong around your waist. It felt like he would never let go of you. He constantly gave you kisses going from your forehead to your neck. You felt so safe in his arms. this was everything you’ve been wanting for the couple months you just didn’t accept the feelings because you thought he had long forgot about you. You texted your mom letting her know you were sleeping somewhere else because you were slowly falling asleep in Montgomery’s arms when suddenly Montgomery started to whisper in your ear.



“Will you be my girlfriend?”

“There is nothing I want more in the world right now Montgomery.”

Let me know what you think! 

PS I read the requests, but I’m going to answer after I start working on it! xx

Never Again (Evan Hansen X Reader)

TW; Suicide attempt, suicide note, a lot of angst

WC; 1,667

A/N; Forgive me in advance for this sad fic. I almost cried. Please don’t read this if you’re in a bad state of mind where you could do something dangerous to yourself from reading this. Love y’all. Message me if you need someone to talk to, please. <3

Your chest was heavy and tears fell from your eyes as you walked through the forest. You had choose the longest hiking trail to walk alone, and the silence was killing you. Stumbling over tree roots and rocks, your eyes were focused at the top of the trees.

‘Maybe the the world is different from up there’  You thought to yourself, heading to the largest tree nearby. You wiped the tears from your swollen eyes and took a deep breath. Shaking, you placed your hands on a tree branch and hoisted yourself up as best as you could. Your hands somehow found the next branch and pulled you up again, and again. You took a deep breath and sat down carefully, your whole body shaking as you looked down.

‘Even from the highest branch,’ You thought, your sobs slicing the silence. ‘The world isn’t different.’

Your father frowned, hugging you again. “I’ll be home late again, tonight, okay? There is some money on the table for you to order pizza.” He placed a kiss on your forehead, clearly worried about how quiet you were.

“Okay, dad. Thanks. Love you.” You muttered, looking at your computer. Your dad sighed and closed the door, leaving for work. He barley had time for you, since you were all low on money. He loved you and tried his best, but he knew it was never enough.

You held onto the branch tightly, thinking about the days events. How you screwed everything up. The one person you relied on had been too busy, but that was okay. It wasn’t his fault.


‘Are you there?’

You read over the messages you had sent to your cousin, worried you were being needy. He was probably at Summer camp, anyways. He was the only one who knew you struggled. He probably wouldn’t call you when he saw your messages. You two got into a huge fight the week before. He only hung out with you because he was your cousin, and his parents offered to pay for his car insurance if he hung out with you. You shook your head and stared at the contact “Evan H.” on your phone. You considered texting him but decided against it when you remembered how you freaked him out by telling him you liked him. Tears gathered in your eyes as dark thoughts swarmed your mind and actions once again. You reached for your coat and stopped, quickly writing a note on a napkin before leaving.

You swung your legs over the tree branch and looked down, your tears falling to the ground.

‘Just let go.’ You shook your head, your eyes glazed and blurred with tears. ‘Nobody would even notice you were dead.’

“Nobody would care.” You said aloud, trying to convince yourself. “Nobody would care.”

You started panting and panicking, looking all around to see if anybody was even here. You didn’t want to do this. But you had to.

You looked up at the sky and slowly slid off of the branch until you couldn’t hold on any longer.

The fall felt so good, it felt like you were flying. It was peaceful, but you swear you could hear voices screaming.  You closed your eyes as the world went slow-mo and your body went limp. You crashed into the ground and felt a burning pain everywhere. You had somehow landed on your back, with your arms spread out. Your whole body shook as you sobbed, and the shaking hurt.

“Oh my god, oh my god!” A voice screamed, diving next to you.You turned your head as best as you could.

“Hey, Evan.” You smiled, tears running down the side of your face.

“I’ll-We’ll get you to the hospital,” Evan started crying. “Jared! Connor! I-I found her!”

Twigs crunched as you heard people running towards you, more than just two. Evan gently slid you into his arms, which made you wince.

“Oh my, oh my god.” Jared started panicking as he bent down to try and help Evan pick you up.

“Oh goodness, I’m-I’m calling an ambulance!” Alana pulled out her phone while Zoe stood next to her crying and traumatized.

Connor shook his head and spoke with a shaky voice. “Guys, put her down. She’s obviously in pain. We-we can’t carry her out, this is a two mile hiking trail!”

“He’s-He’s right, oh gosh, what do we do?!” Zoe shouted, sobs erupting from her mouth.

You coughed, a bit of blood coming up. Evan held you in his arms while Jared was kneeling next to you. Evan’s face was red and blotchy, and he was holding back sobs. Jared had silent tears running down his face, and even Connor was teary eyed.

“Y-You’ll be alright, I promise. We’ll be alright.” Evan whispered, letting his head hang by your shoulder.

You smiled, your eyes flickering opened and closed.

“Love you, Evan,” You whispered. “All of you,”

You faded out of consciousness, only hearing the sound of a helicopter and people begging you not to close your eyes.

      ‘Dear person who finds this,

 I’m sorry I’m not good enough. I’m sorry I can’t do much right, and that I hide away from the world. I’m sorry I’m alone. I’m sorry I told Evan I love him, and that I ruined our friendship. I’m sorry I can never hug or help Connor again. I’m sorry I can never joke around with Jared again. I’m sorry Zoe, Alana and myself will never have a sleepover again. I’m sorry dad, for not talking to you about this. I’m sorry for being a screw up. This was my choice. It was nobodies fault except for mine.

  With much love, (Y/n) (L/n)’

Evan read the letter over and over. He would glance up at you, hooked up to the machines in the hospital. He tried not to blame himself, but he had known he was the last straw when you had told him you loved him and he just walked away. You told him because he was the last person you thought you had left, and you needed him to hold you and kiss you and tell you everything will be alright.

He knew you hadn’t seen your father all week. He knew you had fought with Jared and Connor that week, and that Zoe was ignoring you. He knew Alana was too busy with school to even speak to you. He just let himself walk away from you, even when you were in such a fragile state.

Your father had been in the hospital only two times in the four months you were in a coma. He had taken extra work hours to pay off the medical bills you needed. He was angry, and he thought you were selfish. He hadn’t read the note.

Evan took it when he called the others to search for you. Evan didn’t know how he knew where you were, but he thought about how over the summer he had tried the same thing in a much smaller tree.

He was going to your house to tell you he loved you back when he found the note taped to the door.

“Evan?” A raspy voice whispered in the early morning light, making Evan shoot up,

“(Y/n)?! Oh my, oh my god, you’re-you’re okay!” Evan shouted, hugging you as best as he could without hurting you.

“I’m sorry,” You whispered, tears falling from your eyes.

Evan quickly shot the group chat a text, not caring it was only 6am on a Sunday.

‘She’s awake.’

He got a various responses of ‘OMW’, ‘I’m coming’, and ‘See u in 10′ from everyone. “I love you, I love you so much. Please, please, don’t apologize. I love you.” Evan whispered, crying into your shoulder. You let out a small whimper and hugged Evan. "I love you, Evan, I love you too.” You and Evan stayed there in each others arms for about 10 minutes when there was a knock on the door. A face peeked around the door and Evan waved them in. "I’m so, so glad you’re okay, (Y/n), I-I don’t know what I would’ve done if..” Jared sighed, his eyes gathering tears. Evan backed up and let the others get a look at you. ”“I’m sorry, we’re all sorry.” Zoe whispered, a smile on her face and tears dripping down her face. Alana nodded and quickly hugged you, as well as Zoe. Connor took one look at you and bursted into tears, dropping onto his knees next to your bed. He held your hand and cried silently into it, his actions speaking louder than his words could. Evan pushed your hair behind your ear and you noticed the cast on your left arm. You raised your eyebrows and saw that all your friends had written their names with little messages and hearts. Connor had wrote his name the largest, just like on Evan’s old cast. ”“I-I love you guys, I’m so sorry I tried that.” "We’re sorry we let you feel so alone, and like that was the only way out.” Alana whispered, wiping tears from her eyes. "Never again.” Evan whispered, sighing quietly. "Never again.” The rest of you promised, one after the other. And never again did any of you feel alone. There was a happy ending for you, for once and for all.
he accidentally hurt you when he supposed to shot another man

Anonymous said: Bts mafia reaction to he accidentally hurting you (like trying to shot one man of the rival gang and shooting u instead) and u end up dying in his arms :(

This probably sucks, sorryyyy!! I was in hospital while doing this..

Kim Namjoon : 

One of the rivals caught you and Namjoon couldn’t think straight because he’s scared for hurting you. You were reassuring him by giving him your soft smile and tender eyes. 

“It’s okay, look, I won’t die that easily okay?” 

“N-No, y/n, you know I can’t do this. Dude, tell me what do you want and leave her alone. You can take me instead.” His hands were trembling. “Shoot him. Well, it’s okay if you got me, if I die, just…you know, listen to Jin oppa well and something. Oh, forget about me. Okay?” You smiled even though you were holding your tears. You don’t want to make him feel guilty.

It’s not his fault. 

When he pulled the trigger you stumbled because the bullet got you, as you fell down he shot the man and ran towards you. He cried silently as he saw you lifeless. He remembered when you said to forget about you, Namjoon shook your head, “how can I forget you when I’m the one who shot you?” 

Kim Seok Jin : 

It was a chaos. The rivals attacked Jin’s office you were there and Jin’s priority was protect you at all cost. He grabbed your arm and pulled his gun to the rivals. You trembled because you hate to see blood and any kinds of violence. 

Jin also noticed that your expression get darkened. “Hun, re-” Someone beat him up and Jin accidentally pulled the trigger and shot you. He widened his eyes as he saw you cried. His eyes wandering your body and found that he shot your heart. “N-No, No, y/n, I’m so sorry. No, please. It was an accident.” 

You stared at him softly, “you shot me,” you said softly. 

It was the last words he heard from your mouth, obviously he would in a big trauma which make him crazy. He won’t replace you with anyone because the nightmares you being shot by him was haunting him. He feel guilty all day all night and missed you. He would cried as he left alone in his room. 

Min Yoongi : 

You were told to betrayed him so he would live peacefully. You were the one who makes Yoongi’s company in mess so no one trust you. Yoongi would never think that you were behind all of this because you disguised with all black outfit, hat, gloves, and shoes. You also tied your hair and put it inside your head and wear black mask. 

“You did this!” He yelled to you. Now, he cornered you in a warehouse as a guy. You didn’t answer him and keep your mouth shut. He pointed his gun to you. “Do you know how much my people killed because of you!? What do you want?!” You didin’t answer him. 

At that moment, you thought you deserved to die. In his hand. You didn’t move you didn’t say anything, just stood still. Yoongi scoffed, “what a coward.” Yup, he shot you. You smirked as you felt the pain on your stomach, you deserved this. But then, your hat accidetally fell and showed you long and brown colored hair. 

Yoong iwidened his eyes, didn’t believe for what he saw. “y-y/n?” He trembled and ran to you. He took off your mask and cried as he saw you. “But why?” He cried. You smiled, “he told me to or he will kill you…” He scoffed, “you didn’t tell me you were threatened? Holy shit, y/n. I shot you.” You nodded your head slowly and closed your eyes. “I deserved this.” 

Jung Hoseok : 

He was drunk. The man from the rivals put some drugs to him and you were with him, in a room. He became crazy while yelling to the man and shot him. Well, he thought he shot him. He passed out for a several hours. 

“What the hell…” He opened his eyes and tried to get up, he glanced at the gun on his right hand and sighed. “y/n, let’s go home,” he said. But you didn’t answer, “y/n?” He turned around and saw you lying on the floor lifelessly. He walked slowly towards you and found a note, you killed her. You shot her, Hoseok, You missed. 

He fell on his knees and hug your lifeless body, “I-I’m so sorry, oh Lord. Why did I kill you?” He cried and stroking your hair. 

Park Jimin : 

It was a trap, you told him many times but he won’t listen to you. He mad because the rivals were messing around with his business. You knew this is a bad idea because you heard from the rivals that there was a bomb. 

“Jimin, this isn’t a good idea.”

“Stop being coward, y/n! Let’s go inside!” You know a lot about bombs because you always make one for Jimin if he needs it. This time, you realized it’s very dangerous because it used a sensor detector. There was an LED around the building. Jimin didn’t notice that so you pulled him and he pushed you out of reflex. 

You stared at him, “okay, Jimin, listen to me. I’m stuck in this LED and I cannot move at all.” He looked at you confused, “what? Why?” He asked. You banned him to walked more further. “Don’t touch the LED. It’s a bomb detector.” He widened his eyes and tried to pulled your hand but you denied it. “Don’t. I cannot go outside, okay? There are a lot of sensor here.” He trembled, “what?”

“I need to blew it up, Jimin. Go outside.” He shook his head furiously, “no, no, I’m staying here.” You shook your head, “get out from here, Jimin. It’s dangerous.” He scoffed, “dangerous? For me? You’re risking yourself right now!” 

“It’s because you didn’t listen to me, Jimin,” you said, “now, go. Forget me,” you said.” 

Jimin put his earpiece, “I’ll tell you once I get out from the building.” You nodded and and turned on your earpiece. He walked outside and you cried. 

‘I-I’m sorry, I just want you to know how much I love you and I’m so sorry,’ he cried, ‘this is all my fault,I should be the one who in your position,” he cried.

“Jimin,” you said through your earpiece, “this isn’t your fault. I love you so much, Jimin, don’t forget that. Okay? Don’t forget to be nice with your hyungs and Jungkook also Taehyung. Help them, and…”

You could hear that he’s outside. You chuckled, “I love you.” And the building blew up. Jimin cried as he fell on his knees. 

Kim Taehyung : 

You walked beside Taehyung, he got his gun on his hands. Both of you were on a mission. A dangerous one. You also had a gun on your hand and turned your head if you see anything suspicious. 

“Oh, they sent you?” The lights suddenly turned off and both of you couldn’t see anything. Someone pulled you, “Taehyung!” You yelled. He also panicked because he was separated by you. 

“Taehyung, and y/n, let’s do something about you, alright?”

“Don’t touch her or I’ll shoot you.” You squeaked as you felt knife on your neck. Taehyung turned his head to your direction, prepare to shoot. The man laughed, “let’s see how Joker saved his Harley Quinn.” 

“y/n, get down!” He yelled. But the man pushed you as Taehyung pulled the trigger, you stepped back as you felt pain in your chest. The man laughed and walked away from the scene. The lights on for several minutes later, Taehyung eyes widened as he saw you lying on the floor with blood everywhere. You coughed in blood and stared at him. “N-No, this is a mistake, no, no, y/n, I-I’m so sorry. Shit, I just shot you.”

“It-It’s okay, Taehyung.”

“Yah, this is my fault. Oh my God, you’re bleeding a lot,” he tried to covered your wound but you stopped him. “It’s okay, as long you’re the one who shot me.” He hugged you and stroked your head, “I really am sorry, please, I love you so much.” 

You smiled and caressed his cheek, “I love you too. This isn’t your fault, okay? It was an accident.” 

Jeon Jungkook : 

Yoongi assigned him as the sniper, he waited for signal from Jimin downstairs. They told Jungkook to shoot anything suspicious. He kept his eyes on the target until he glanced at another building and found someone in full-black and looked very suspicious. 

“Is there any people beside us, hyung?” Jungkook asked. 

‘I don’t think so,’ Jin answered. Jungkook prepared to shot the person and he did. There you were, dropping the food all of the sudden and fell on the floor. Yoongi ran to Jungkook’s place, “what the hell, Jeon Jungkook!” He screamed.

“What?” Jungkook asked. 

“You shot your girlfriend!” He widened his eyes and ran to your place, “she was supposed to be our con and you ruined it!” Jungkook trembled as he saw you bleeding and breath heavily. “I’m so sorry, oh my God, y/n.”

You turned your head to Jungkook, “y-you shot..me?” He dropped his gun and fell on his knees, “I din’t know it was you, I’m so sorry.” You frowned in pain, “it’s okay, but….” you chuckled, “you shot on the right place Jungkook.” He didn’t laugh at all. 

Jin gasped and moved Jungkook, “bring her to the car.” You shook your head and coughed with blood, “I don’t think I could make it.” Jungkook cried while his head down. He caressed you hand, “I’m so sorry,” he cried. 

“I love you, Jungkook. This is not your fault, it’s a pure accident. Okay?” 

He nodded his head and hugged you until your last breathe. 

anonymous asked:

Yay! You're accepting requests I love your writing 💖Can I please have some post fall poly!reaper76? Where the reader accidentally let's it slip that she's in love with them both. (Fluff and possible nsfw maybe???)

WHOO BOI! This is mostly smut but I tried on the fluff, ask me to write another one if it isn’t what you wanted. Please send me another request if you have one, I’d love to write it. The reader is written as female but if that’s a problem let me know. 

I’m glad you like my writing! That’s a huge compliment so thank you very much!

Also! I imagined the reader being someone who they trust implicitly, someone who has proven themselves worthy to both men and has earned their highest respect. Kinda like a romantic version of Ana I suppose.

Warnings: Smut, swearing, threesome, all that jazz. 

“I swear to god if you two don’t stop I’m going to kill you myself!” You shout over your shoulder as you shoot at the gang members surrounding you.

“It’s not my fault boy scout can’t share the spotlight.” Reaper growls, dissipating across the alley only to reappear by your side. His shotguns gleam in the streetlights and you make a note to ask him how he reloads his weapons later.

“It’s not my fault you’re an imbecile, always were.” 76 fires off a helix rocket, bringing nearly all the action to a stop. There’s a few of them sprinting away from the three of you but you take them out fairly quickly before turning to the men.

“You’re both so annoying, how anyone puts up with either of you is beyond me.” Sliding your gun into its holster you shake your head.

“I’ll kill you again, think I won’t.” 76 hisses at Reaper, who flashes his claws.

“It didn’t take the first time, why do you think the second will be any different?”

“Third time’s the charm then.” The barrel of his rifle presses against Reaper’s mask. After a moment of staring each other down they lunge, grappling with each other on the dusty ground as they throw punches and attempt to really hurt each other. When Reaper slams Jack’s head against the brick wall of the alley you decide it’s probably time to step in. You accidentally get clocked in the face before they finally break apart, yelling at each other over who hit you.

Keep reading

“In the Kutte”

Happy Lowman x Reader
(GIF isn’t mine)

Being Happy Lowman’s girlfriend was probably the hardest job in SAMCRO - greatest risk, littlest reward - but you cherished that mean old fool with every ounce of your being.

Your story was almost a fairytale, if Prince Charming had a snake tattoo on his head and kept his body count tatted on him as a reminder of how deadly he was, rode a Harley, was in an MC, rarely smiled, and fucked much harder than ever necessary.

Technically you guessed the similarities ended with him rescuing you. He had done so from a would-be rapist and brought you to the Sons of Anarchy clubhouse until he could ‘handle’ the problem. The night he saved you was the same night you learned about his tattoos and what they meant.

When he took you to his room at the club, innocently enough just to show you where you could sleep for the night, your gratitude had been shown in the form of a kiss, which turned into a grope, which turned into sex.

It had been 4 months since he found out you had nowhere to go and offered you a place in his home. Although nobody around his MC seemed to believe it was possible for anyone to be in a relationship with Happy Lowman, the two of you made it work and somewhere along the way you had fallen secretly in love with the man people referred to as The Tacoma Killer.

You woke up like any other morning, without Happy beside you because he was already up for the day, and probably had been for hours. You walked into the kitchen, pouring a cup of coffee before realizing that Happy’s wallet and keys were still on the table. Peeking out the into the garage, you found your lover sitting in the middle of the garage, his back to you, the reaper on his vest staring into your eyes while it’s wearer was tinkering with his bike. He must’ve been messing with the brakes from what you could tell. You stepped out onto the cold concrete floor, barefooted and still wearing your pajama shorts and tank top that you had slept in last night.

“Good morning handsome,” you cooed and Happy looked over his shoulder at you and grunted his good morning to you.

“Want some more coffee? Anything to eat?” you asked as his hands worked meticulously on the front wheel of his bike.

“I’m fine babe,” he rasped, not looking up from his job.

“Oh… Okay…” you spoke with mild defeat in your voice. You had wished for a little more attention from your old man than you were getting, “Well I’ll leave you alone then,” you sighed turning to walk back into the kitchen.

“Hey,” his voice called and you froze, your hand on the doorknob and your back to him.

“Come here,” he demanded and you obliged, turning around and stepping to his now standing frame which was facing you. He lifted a hand to your chin, lifting your face so he could lean down and press a kiss into your lips.

“I gotta make a trip up to Tacoma today,” he spoke once he pulled away from you, “I’m leaving soon. Be back in a couple days.”

Since Happy had ties in Tacoma, he was always Clay’s first choice to send North when he needed something done. You hated being left behind, but since you were an old lady you weren’t involved in club business much, and it wasn’t allowed for you to tag along.

“I’ll miss you,” you gave him a half smile, looking up into his deep brown eyes, so dark you couldn’t see his pupils without focusing.

The shadow of a smile ghosted across his face as he leaned back into you, his lips landing on yours again as he wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling your body flush against his. Happy wasn’t the sweetest or most romantic in the world but he was definitely the best kisser in the world, you would bet anything on that.

He picked you up, turning around and placing you on the seat of his bike, sideways so your legs both hung off the left side, as he settled between them. He placed his palms on the gas tank and fender as he moved his lips to your neck and you held his shoulders to steady yourself.

He moved his hands to tug at the hem of your tank top, sliding it up over your head to expose your bare breasts which he quickly attended to with his mouth. You moaned at the stimulation and he tugged your bottoms off as you pulled at his belt, unbuckling it and letting his jeans drop to the floor. He stood straight, looking down at you as he stepped out of his jeans completely, pulling them over his boots and tossing them aside before reaching to take off his kutte and the grey shirt underneath.

“No!” you whined and he looked down at you with a frown, “Leave the kutte on,” you sucked in your bottom lip and bit it with a shy grin, something that drove Happy wild as he growled, leaving his kutte on and dropping to his knees in front of you, spreading your legs.

You moaned and tossed your head back when his tongue met your core, licking long flat-tongued stripes through your folds as his fingers kept your legs open and dug into your thighs. He wrapped his lips around your clit and sucked, flicking his tongue against it from inside his mouth and pushing a finger inside you, eating you out until you came hard and fast, grabbing his head and pulling it into your core as your body shook.

Happy pulled his face back and spit, his saliva dripping down you as he stood and pulled his dick from his boxers, returning to his position between your legs and grabbing the back of your neck to hold you forward. As he was staring in your eyes, he ran the tip of his cock up and down your slit, spreading the mixture of your juices and his spit at your entrance. He lined himself up and pushed inside you with a groan which was matched by your sharp intake of breath as he stretched you open.

You reached your hand up to hold onto his wrist that was holding onto your neck for support and you caught a flicker of his devilish grin right before you closed your eyes. It didn’t matter how many times the two of you had sex, him entering you and filling you completely was a feeling you would always enjoy. He began to stroke into you as his free hand secured itself to your hip, gripping tighter as he thrusted into you with urgency and your hand left his wrist to grip the handlebar of his bike.
You used your other hand to hook a finger in the collar of his shirt and pull him down to you. Biting his bottom lip gently, his panting breaths danced across your face and he kissed you again, his hand on your neck sliding down and wrapping around your back as he leaned down to bury his face in your neck and pound into you as roughly as always.

You remembered how some of the croweaters had complained in the past, before you became his girl of course, about how sore they would be after a night with him…as if it was an inconvenience.
You, on the other hand, loved it, the way he made you feel as his dick punched into you, hitting spots you didn’t even know existed until he found them.

You attached your lips to his ear, biting and licking as he held onto you tightly and moved in and out of you. His breathing was getting more ragged with each thrust and you knew he would reach his orgasm soon so you whispered and moaned into his ear a series of compliments, “Oh baby you make me feel so good.”
“I love this dick so much Hap.”
“You’re so fucking sexy when you fuck me,” until he reached up and grabbed you by the hair, pulling out of you and pushing your face to his dick as he huffed and you wrapped your lips around his shaft, sucking him in and out until you felt him brace himself against the tank of his bike and his release found him, his cock throbbing and shooting his cum onto your tongue as he watched you swallow it all and suck him off some more for good measure.

“God damn,” he sighed as you finally released his member and stood up to face him, wiping your mouth with your hand as you grinned up at him. He pulled his boxers back up and kissed your forehead, reaching down to grab his jeans as you grabbed your pajamas and slipped them back on.

“I’m gonna miss you too, you know,” his voice was still deep and growling, but there was a hint of softness in his tone that made you look back up at him to catch a smile on his face. He didn’t smile often, so when he did it sent tingles up your spine.

You threw yourself into his arms again and buried your face in his chest as you giggled, and he held you closely.

“I love you, (Y/N),” he whispered and your eyes shot open with surprise, he had never said that before.

“I love you too Happy,” you squeaked as the excitement of your first ‘I love yous’ overcame your emotions and he placed a kiss into the top of you head, swaying you back and forth in the garage beside the blacked out Harley the two of you had just defiled.