god i loved this scene so much for so many reasons

i’ve been staring at the wayhaught scene for hours someone help me

look. the reason i love that whole scene so much (beyond the obvious) is bc it’s just so… wlw. so fundamentally, softly, warmly a wlw scene.

starting with nicole’s line, “I scare you” – it’s not delivered as a question, not at all. it’s understanding. (holy voice inflection, batman.) it’s the moment when it clicks – everything about what waverly has said and done this ep just falls into place and she realizes, oh, oh, this is a babybi working on figuring out what the fuck is happening with her sexuality. SO many of us have been there, sis, and nicole just goes – oh. oh, babe, of course, oh my god.

like, she just melts, immediately. and she’s so warm and soft for the whole rest of the scene!! the freaking heart eyes, obviously, and the dialogue, good lord. before this she didn’t know what was going on, she’s questioning, unsure, breaky voice – but from here on, she’s confident and in control and totally focused on making waverly comfortable because she knows, she knows what that’s like and she knows how to help.

when waverly gets through “the thing I want to do most in the world… it’s you” she smiles, sure, but it’s not a *waggles eyebrows smirky smirk* grin, it’s just – gosh, kid, darling, it’s just so warm and understanding and yes, you can want to do me, yes, that’s great and beautiful.

“I really, really don’t know how to do this” / “oh sure you do”: it’s ok, you’re doing this perfectly, there is no right way to this, you already know how to do it. it’s so, smooth, yeah, but also just SO FUCKING GAY and reassuring and ashdfasdkfja;sdjfas;djf

“maybe I should just stop talking” / “see? you’re getting better at this already” again, not teasing or mocking, just – open! encouraging! light and smiley and pulling her in but still letting waverly set the pace as she’s exploring herself oh my goodness I’m going to set my phone on fire

“maybe you should stop talking too” / “maybe you should make me :D” THIS LITTLE SHIT GIVES A SMOOTH-ASS PICKUP LINE LIKE THAT and then just BEAMS LIKE A PUPPY she’s just. so warm. like, what an opening, again letting waverly set the pace and see that hey, it’s okay, you can do this, this is a fun and happy thing to do, go for it. and she DOOOOOOES, and then nicole takes the lead physically, so. fucking. soft. and. smiley. i’m yELLING

look. i’m just - gay as fuck soft gentle ((service top)) nicole haught of my dreams is canon. I literally don’t care where canon goes after this I am ALIVE this scene is beautiful and hot and whatever and also SO. SOFT. AND. IMPORTANT.

5 Reasons Why We Love Dylan O’Brien So Much

Dylan O’Brien has stolen scenes in so many great TV shows and movies, from ‘The First Time’ to ‘Teen Wolf’, ‘New Girl’ to the ‘Maze Runner’ franchise. But his charisma-packed performances aren’t the only reason to adore the young actor, here’s five more things we love about the star.

He’s a huge geek

Dylan’s essentially one of us - someone who loves getting geeky about their favourite stuff. A self-proclaimed comic-book nerd, O’Brien has many passions - and some of them might surprise you. “Oh my god, so many geeky things about me. Genuinely geeky, I mean I geek out about baseball. My two favorite things are baseball and The X-Factor. I don’t know. I’m a huge Star Wars geek, I’m a huge everything geek.”

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