god i love you so much go away


I love when you are on the last Tube and everybody is really drunk. There are people singing, people eating McDonald’s, people sleeping. I always forget that, and when I go back I am reminded. I love the energy. London is my home. I miss my family so much, it’s hard being away. And I miss salt and vinegar crisps. And Marmite. And good fudge. Oh my God. Clotted cream fudge…

Last week, something incredibly sad happened in our family. Our family dog, Wally, passed away. He was a Jack Russel Terrier with a big heart, and lots of love. He got so anxious whenever we had to go on long car rides, so I would play ukulele for him and he’d calm down. His absolute favorite song was Everything Stays from Adventure Time, so I thought I would do a rerecording of it in his honor. I already miss you so much, little buddy. God will take good care of you.

I had to do a few takes, as I kept tearing up and getting emotional, but I wanted to do this for him. He was my everything for 6 years, and I’m never going to stop loving him. 

Thank you so much for listening. 

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Okay, but that text message makes us understand Even so much better. He felt alone, always. And then there’s Isak, who makes him feel alive, makes the loneliness go away, and if any of you has ever felt like Even did, like no matter how many people are around you, you are still so terribly, terribly alone, then you know how terrifying it would be to lose the one person who makes that feeling disappear. God, I love him so much. Please, protect Even.

making out with Ethan would include....

requested: yes

anon: making out with ethan would include???? tysm

⇉ make out sessions with him would probably start with one quick kiss, and then turn into something more

⇉ lots of lip biting

⇉ him mumbling i love you between kisses

⇉ pulling on his hair

⇉ lots of giggles

⇉ butt squeezes

⇉ hickeys everywhere !!!

⇉ which would probably make you squeal

⇉ “god you’re so beautiful,”

⇉ tracing his jaw with kisses

⇉ running your hands over his abs

⇉ him squeezing your boobs

⇉ watching his face go red when you moan at first but then he’d get more confident knowing you were enjoying as much as he was.

⇉ make out sessions with ethan would probably be super fast pace

⇉ him eagerly slipping your shirt off to see you in your bra

⇉ him not being able to get enough of you

⇉ him pulling away for a second just to examine your face and call you beautiful for the millionth time

a/n – LOL this was requested forever ago. i hope it was good lmao i tried

I really want to say some things, I don’t know if this will come out right but for now I suppose I’ll just make do. Taehyung decided to share something very very personal with ARMY, and god it made my heart break. Tae revealed that his grandmother had passed away recently. For someone who’s so caring and family oriented, it must’ve torn him in two. I know he must’ve wanted to fly home right away, it must’ve been so hard to keep a happy face and continue going on with your life when you know that your loved one is about to pass away. I think we really need to thank Taehyung and the rest of bangtan. They really treat us with tremendous respect and sacrifice so much to make us happy. I hope that the other members are able to comfort one another in times like these. I hope Taehyung knows he’s supported by us 100%. I hope he knows it’s okay to be upset. No matter what we’re still cheering him on.

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Imagine the first time Percy winks at Vex after they get together. Whatever you imagine her reaction to be they're all pure gold.

okay SO

option one: it happens in public, during a round of ‘how much pda can we get away with?’ and keyleth actually has the biggest reaction, frantically tapping vex’s shoulder and going “that’s your wink!” and vex smiles real slow and pleased and goes “yep, that’s mine alright”

option two: it happens in an aside, when no one else is really looking, but vex can’t really make a big thing of it, she just gasps as if she’s offended and hisses “don’t you wink at me” and percy grins and vex wants to kiss him for being an insufferable ass and so damn happy and she can so she does

option three: it happens in private, and it’s a deliberate message that vex didn’t know she could read, but they’ve been orbiting and learning each other so closely she instantly knows what he means by taking her wink, that percy is also offering, asking if he can take the lead and vex very happily lets him, daring him to seduce her if he thinks he knows her tricks so well

Hey Lover Book Giveaway!!!

Okay. First of all. When I first posted about this book I was not ready and/or prepared for this response from you. Like oh my god!!! I love y’all so much <3

This was just meant to be a small present/surprise for wasterella (Like just one book) but apparently there are so many of you interested in actually buying a book?!?!?!?

What am I going to do with you.

Well… Ella already hated me for “throwing my money away” for just one book. But guess what I did. I did not print one book. But four. This means:

We are going to give three books away to those who are interested in actually owning a physical copy of wasterellas beautiful fanfiction “Hey Lover”.

What do you have to do to participate in this giveaway? Nothing much. Just show us that you are interested!!! Favourite, reblog or comment on THIS post. The books are supposed to arrive at the end of this week. This means you have time until the end of the 15th to participate.

After the 15th Ella and I will randomly choose (I still don’t know how bu there must be stuff on the internet to do this. Pff) three people that will be anounced the following week.

I will message you privately afterwards so you can give me your adress and that’s it! The shipping may begin. 

Thank you again for the nice response on the last post. You can’t even imagine how happy that made us.

See you next week~ 

Prayer Request

One of my friends has fallen away from God it seems. Says his conscience is very dull and sin doesn’t bother him anymore. Says it doesn’t scare him anymore which is scary. He used to be a very good friend in Christ when I needed someone he encouraged me with Gods word and talked to me on the phone when I needed someone. He was very kind and showed the love of Christ and great knowledge of Him and His word.. it’s heartbreaking to find out that while I was growing stronger in Christ through the time we stopped talking to each other he’s fallen away since going off to college which can happen with some.. so please keep him in your prayers. Thank you and much love to you all. God bless.

I’m jesy going “Sick! You absolutely smashed it!” to leigh anne after her solo in touch acoustic and jade hugging her and embarrassing her I love them so much just the fact that they cant even get through an acoustic performance without laughing because they still cant believe how well they fit together after all these years ughh little mix

GOT7 reaction - Coming home for christmas


The boys had talked to you before you came to the dorm. They wanted to surprise Jackson since they all knew how depressed he had been knowing that you guys could not spend christmas together. 

You: ‘Merry Christmas babe..’

Him:  ‘Wha.. Oh god i love you so much’

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“And you told me that you would not be home, i was almost about to cancel christmas!’

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‘Mark go away i’m trying to sle… Y/N YOU’RE HOME”

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“I knew that you would not miss out on christmas! Welcome home honey”

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“Y/N is home! Christmas can finally start! No i was not able to start christmas without you, cause the christmas tree always need the star”

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“And i was just told that my y/n is on her way home to spend christmas with me! I’m keeping my eyes on her after this”

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“Christmas without you was like a nightmare, never scare me like that again!” He tried to look mad, but failed to keep a straight face and just smiled like an idiot.

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I admit it.
I have forgotten how to be happy.
Everytime I try to smile my lips crack and hurt so much.
I haven’t seen the light since you went away.
I haven’t feel the sun since you walked away.
I have forgotten how to love.
I have forgotten how to finish things.
God I don’t even know how to finish this.
Baby give me some light
give me something
or just let me go
Please baby
—  k.m
Change in scenery

(A/N): you guys I love Sam Wilson so much

Warnings: none

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   This was most definitely not what you thought you were going to be doing with your Friday night, locked away in some prison cell with your teammates while Team Ironman were free men. Wanda was chained and shackled like some animal and the rest of you were locked up in these cells for god knows how long. 

   “Well,” You can hear Sam through the glass in the front of your cell. “At least it’s a nice change in scenery,” You merely crack a smile, rolling your eyes at Sam’s attempt to make everyone feel better. 

   “You do realize we’re in prison, right?” You cock your head to the side, awaiting Sam’s response. 

   “God, you’re even denser than Bucky,” Sam chuckles, no doubt with that stupid smirk on his face. “I was being sarcastic (Y/N),” You open your mouth to retaliate when Scott, the new guy, interrupts you. 

   “Are you guys like married or something? ‘Cuz you two sure as hell act like it,” 

   “Nah,” You hear Clint say, “Not yet, we’re all awaiting the news though,” You groan, throwing your head back against the wall in exasperation. 

   “I don’t think I can handle being stuck in here with all you losers,” You joke, smiling when you hear Sam gasp in mock horror. 

   “This is the best your life is gonna get (Y/N), what’s better than being stuck on a boat prison with your best buddies?” 

   “Try not being stuck on a boat prison with my ‘best buddies’,” Sam only chuckles, shaking his head as he stared through the glass, hoping to catch a glimpse of at least one of his teammates. 

   “You know you love us,” Sam mutters, not really expecting (Y/N) to hear it, unfortunately that kid had the ears of a dog or some shit. 

   “Yeah, I guess I do, except you, you’re annoying,” Sam can only laugh, smiling softly at (Y/N)’s joke. 

   “I guess you’re annoying too,” 

  “Is this a confession I hear?” Clint perked up from his seat on the bed, smiling softly as he does so. “Will I have the pleasure of telling the story of how (Y/N) and Sam came to be?” Sam opens his mouth to retaliate when he gets cut off by none other than (Y/N). 

   “Maybe Barton, maybe,” 

I’ve had the time to go through all the life phases with my parents, from being a bratty teenager, pushing them away, to saying later on, ‘Oh my God, I can’t believe what you did for me - thank you. I love you so much.’
—  Marcia Cross

You know, people say:
“You can’t love someone else, till you love yourself first.”

Well I disagree,
and I want to call out everyone,
on this goddamn phrase.

I had never once loved myself,
never understood how or why I could be great.
I liked myself from time to time,
I saw myself and glanced as what other people might just have found…


But loving myself was never in my sights.
A waste of space, a disgrace, a jack of few trades and a master of not even one.
Pretty hard to fall in love with,
harder when fighting with a flood.

And then I met you.

Oh God, God above you were so much more than I could imagine,
I fell fast and I fell hard,
and loving you, well.

Loving you was rain in the Sahara,
the peeking lights of safety on the fringe of the woods,
of Home.

Loving you was like hope,
but then, like a tidal wave pulling me down,
and I was eager to go.

Loving you was fresh, it was new.
Loving you opened a door, hidden away deep in the back of me.

I loved you so much.
So much, that the saying is certainly wrong.
The phrase should be, and be know by all, as:

“When you fall in love with someone else, then you’ll fall in love with yourself.”

I went into my room and just stood there.
So many memories that I cannot forget.
Especially when I’m in HERE.
I am suffocating in sadness,
it’s filling my lungs.
I go to the box and take out the note.
That I’ve been too afraid to look at.
“I love you so much. Im so happy I met you. I can’t wait for the day when we start a family.”
Tears spilling down my face,
I throw the note on the floor.
I start knocking all my books off the table.
I scream.
I start throwing things at the wall.
I am broken,
but angry.
I lay on my bed and stare at the ceiling.
“Dear GOD, please take this pain away.” I whisper
—  Chapters from my life

God made man, man made drugs, drugs made me the man I am so tell me who’s to blame?
This life Is just a game, Between him and the Devil,
Which one of them is the best and deserves the medal,

We’re the pawns and when we’re gone the game dosent actually end,
Check mate  but the game just starts back at the beginning again,
Neither one ever wins, I think they’re working together,
The Devil does whatever , wrong or right and and we call it “part of this life” or whatever

Murder, suicide, an overdose,
Mass shooting, another day, oh you know.
And we let it go because it’s “gods will”
 he loves us so much he allows murders, rape and kids being killed,

but still were told to have faith that it’s work of Satan,
but if God made all why not take his  life over millions being taken,
but again maybe I just misunderstood, but take away all the evil then all you have left is the good, right?

But what do I know I’m only just one man among many other things in this world for its all part of your plan.
Not mine my father,
but everyday that passes by this life gets  harder.

And I know I’m selfish when I pray for myself,
when I know the whole world could really use your help.
Sometimes I feel like I’m already in hell. Sometimes it’s really hard for me to tell,

So let me try this, Dear father Lord hear my words,
I’m tired of feeling pain and always getting hurt,
I want better for this life I want better for the world,
I want better for my ex because she’s an amazing girl.

I pray for the homeless because I share their pain,
 I pray for my family because they hate to see me this way,
I pray this changes and never happens again,
I pray for greater things my father  so in your name -


—  Lyrics - “Amen”

they are both papyrus tbh

Can’t Sleep

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Abraham Ford x Reader Fluff 

A/N: Hey guys :) This is my first one shot in months so go easy on me, as I’m feeling pretty rusty right now lol 

Credit to the owner of this GIF 

You quietly walked away from the guard platform and made your way through Alexandria towards home. It was the middle of the night so there was no one around, it was peaceful. You could feel the exhaustion weighing you down as you sluggishly drew nearer to the house, no lights were on inside which didn’t surprise you. As you moved closer you could make out a lone figure sat out on the porch, smoke billowing out into the air. Without even having to think about it a smile graced your lips and your pace increased.

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Love & Coffee (Part 5)

Summary: You’re a barista at a regular ol’ coffee shop. That is until a handsome customer comes in and things start to change.

Word Count: 528

Warnings: None.

“Love & Coffee” Masterlist

A/N: Okay, things are moving kind of slowly but I kinda want to take my time haha. I am loving this fic too much. Let me know what you think!

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Steve let a few seconds pass by before he nodded his head. “Yes, I am Captain America.”

“Oh, my God!” you exclaimed, turning away from him to look at Bucky. “You didn’t tell me you were friends with Captain freakin’ America, Bucky!”

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