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hunk: i consider myself to be a pretty laid-back, easy-going, nice guy! i prefer making friends, not enemies, y’know? i don’t like stepping on people’s toes. i feel like everything would be better if everyone learned to chill out.

rolo: (does anything)



S3 doodles becaUse I loVed It sO MUCH. What lord did we pray to and who did we sacrifice to get such good content. Now waiting game until October 🙏❤️


so like,, are they gonna start calling her dia-chan from now on or

not to sound like a broken record but i fucking miss louis so much, and i hope he had a wonderful day, i’m sure he looked beautiful and cute, i hope someone cuddled him and told him how great he is cause that’s what he deserves every single day.

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We know Lance is super smart, but... Headcanon that sometimes in everyday situations (or what counts for everyday situations when you're fighting a space war) he just loses all common sense and says and does dumb things. It happens so much and it's so funny that the team starts calling these times Lance Moments. Even when someone else does a dumb thing, it is called having a Lance Moment.

dude sorry this was one of those asks i’ve been sitting on bc i just. love to think of not only lance moments. but a whole array of paladin moments.

  • lance moment: when you get too overconfident and embarrass yourself
    • origin: “wow that’s like 1000 plus 10″, and other greatest hits
    • example:
      shiro: hey guys be careful there’s a bunch of debris up ahead
      keith: whatever i can handle it [promptly crashes into space garbage]
  • keith moment: when you forget all social etiquette
    • origin: just when the other kids had finally acclimated him to Teenage Interactions, he tried to fistbump a diplomat and it was interpreted as an attack
    • example:
      alien host: and here is our most sacred animal
      pidge: eww
      lance: [slapping a hand over her mouth] what keith here meant to say was,
    • pidge almost has more keith moments than keith. but keith’s are always more disastrous so he holds the title.
  • pidge moment: when you completely forget that there’s something else you’re supposed to be doing
    • origin: pidge was supposed to be developing a virus or something so everyone left her alone but after a full day somebody checked on her and it turns out she got distracted and had actually been programming a game on her computer
    • example:
      coran: oh, hunk! did you finish recalibrating the teludav?
      hunk: [surrounded by books on taujeerian biology] did i what
      pidge: AHA!! IT WASN’T ME THIS TIME!!
  • hunk moment: when you get overemotional at inopportune times
    • origin: everyone pulled off an incredible maneuver in the middle of a battle and hunk started tearing up and talking about how much he loves everyone and “hunk, i love you too buddy, but maybe save this for later”
    • example:
      shiro: …and you’re such a smart and talented young lady and i’m so proud of everything you’ve accomplished–
      pidge: ok ok i know hunk thank you but i really need to be hacking into this server right now
  • shiro moment: when you accidentally let something really morbid slip out
    • origin: after two sleepless nights, allura asked shiro if there was anything he needed and he replied in a monotone “the sweet embrace of death”
    • example:
      coran: it’s a fascinating creature honestly! once it has completed growing, it only has ten quintants before its body begins destroying itself.
      lance: goals
      keith: …are you ok? that was a very shiro thing to say.


  • allura moment: when you surprise everyone with a previously unknown kickass ability
    • origin: the shapeshifting thing, and probably many others
    • example:
      pidge: [grabs a stick and knocks a bomb far into the distance]
      lance: what the heck
      pidge: what? matt and i used to play baseball all the time, i’m pretty good at it
      lance: god you’re such an allura
  • coran moment: when you pull a paladin moment, but play it off flawlessly
    • origin: anything he ever says. he’s making up half the nonsense that comes out of his mouth. nobody notices or calls him out on it.
    • example: there are none. coran is the only being known to pull off a coran moment.

You know, This is a fools errand. We’re not going to accomplish anything in this mess. I should be out there- Dodging an evil ghost who want’s you dead? No, you’re safe here. Safe and entirely ineffective. Your daughter needs you. My daughter needs The Hollow to be purged from this Earth! 


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I just wanted to make a bunch of doodles of people’s cupsonas that i know and I love them so much and i’m sad there’s not more of these lovely cupsonas on my blog! I love ya’ll so much and don’t think i forgot about you @young-creative-pixels I love you too baby I just ran out of time to doodle more sorry!!! Sweets and Fizzy aren’t on here cuz they’re all over my blog with the applebees trio but I STILL LOVE YOU TWO SO MUCH <33333 Also sorry if your cupsona isn’t on here!! Time is a bitch that doesn’t slow down for anyone. Also lizzy said something about wanting to bite chubbles so there ya go babe <3 I ALSO RECENTLY HIT 200 FOLLOWERS SO CONSIDER THIS A GIFT?????? Sorry this post is everywhere it’s like 1am and I need to finish my homework…anyway I love you guys so much and thank you for welcoming me with open arms when I first started this blog. It’s crazy that I have so many followers already when this blog isn’t even a month old!!! Y’all are too precious!!! (also my school blocked the wifi for tumblr so i gotta wait like all day to look at my blog which sucks)

EXO as K-dramas

Xiumin: Cinderella and the Four Knights~

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He kinda reminds me of the main character bc she’s so cute and small and loveable, yet can body slam you into the ground if you test her.

Suho: Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo~

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Ahhh everything about this show is so light and airy and beautiful, it reminds me of his personality. He’s also very sarcastic and sassy, much like all the main characters in it (cough cough Joo Hyuk)

Lay: Legend of the Blue Sea~

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This show is so beautiful and extravagant, just like him. Also it may just be me but he totally looks like Lee Minho and I’m in love with them both, so win win.

Baekhyun: Scarlet Heart Goryeo~

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Not only bc he was one of the princes in it, it really matches his personality. It’s light and comical at times, but it really captures your heart when you get deeper into the story and get to know the characters more.

Chen: Cheese in the Trap~

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This drama was really witty and beautifully written, it was just really fun to watch. He also reminded me of the main character bc they’re both so cheesy (can yall tell I really love Nam Joo Hyuk?????)

Chanyeol: Strong Woman Do Bong Soon~

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The characters were so funny and cheesy to the point of them almost being annoying, much like yours truly.

D.O: Suspicious Partner~

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Though I haven’t finished watching it, the plot is mysterious and the characters are all smart and have a strong personality, which I love.

Kai: the Heirs~

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A classic, and it’s soooo jongin style. I can totally see him being that mysterious kid in school with them, with millionaire parents and designer uniforms and everything.

Sehun: Goblin: the Great and Lonely God~

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This show had every single genre wrapped up in one beautiful show. The deeper you get into the show, the more you start getting attached and emo…basically me and Sehun.

things we are NOT gonna do:
1. ask for the other member when someone is doing a solo vlive
2. spamming ship name when OT7 does vlive together (we don’t want to make them uncomfortable. please. for the love of god.)
3. mention / spamming other ship name when OT2 is on vlive together. e.g: commenting “AxB IS REAL!” on BxC’s vlice. (let’s not go there. don’t be a childish fans. goddamit please!)

We don’t want to hurt them. Don’t do these kind of things! Love them equally!!! I won’t generalize the age of the fans who does these things! All I’m going to say is yall who does this are brainless and heartless fans and doesn’t deserve them. AT ALL.

The least we can do for them is appreciating the vlive they give for us, because they’ve done so much; letting us enjoy high quality music with high quality choreography, feeding us with selca, they’re also never stop thinking about us! IF you’re here only for the ship, only here to be an uglyass solo stan and disrespecting OT6, not to enjoy and appreciate their music and all the things they did for us, Please. Get. The. FUCK. OUT.

It’s okay to have ship, I do have ships among BTS members. But remember, ship is only for fun. Be mature! Do it without crossing the line. Do it without shoving all of these to their faces. It’s really ugly.

have fun stanning them bc you’ll have a constant headache and an inexplicable amount of love for these dorks 💖💖💖

Okay so meet: BTOB aka **snap** Born to Beat

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  • a 7 member group that debuted under Cube Ent. on 2012 w/ their hecka catchy and upbeat track, ‘Insane’
  • they have many ballad songs that are overlooked by their pop singles and they will make you cry 11/10 times, ‘it’s okay’ is my favorite and the MV alone makes me wanna reenact a kdrama
  • they’ll make ugly faces and inhumane noises @ everything and everyone……….you’re their next target
  • probably the shortest kpop group atm, they’re literally elfs (besides Sungjae ofc)

Meet: Eunkwang aka grandpa wang

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  • such a supportive grandparent / leader
  • he’s a sunshine and just being around him makes everyone smile
  • he might be the person who’s teased the most but tbh he should’ve seen it coming wth is that bug impersonation eunkwang
  • smiles and laughs at everything and it’s impossible to make anything awkward to him
  • V O C A L S snatched my wig and I have yet to recover from all those high notes excuse me while I go cri

Meet: Minhyuk aka the mom

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  • aegyo KING
  • hella competitive and sporty and gotdamn he’s got one of the best bodies in any male kpop group rn ngl
  • is married to Hakyeon from Vixx and Ilhoon is their lovechild
  • a rapper??? a vocalist???? what can’t this legend do tbfh (ummm imma need yall 2 look up videos of him singing if u want ur day 2 be blessed thanks)
  • he loves melodies so much and he gives us the best fanservice god bless

Meet: Changsub aka the one who’s gonna give u nightmares

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  • (don’t let that gif fool u he’s a weird one) if it ever gets awkward, count on subbie to make ugly faces and confuse you
  • loves Peniel so much I can’t believe we get to witness true love at this day and age 
  • V O C A L S pt.2 fucc!!!!!! his husky voice makes me cry esp when it cracks just a lil during performances I’m a changsub stan and I didn’t even know it
  • actually despite him being really weird overall he’s a sweetheart……….he cares a lot for the other members
  • king of throwing shade @ the maknae line

Meet: Hyunsik aka eye smiles!!!!

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  • chocolate abbbbbbbbs I mean damn boi is thicc and he knows it
  • writes the majority of their songs so ofc he’s a soft boi who doesn’t know how to stop giving us heart palpitations
  • he does that thing where he smiles and his eyes crinkle so tightly at the sides and it’s the CUTEST thing ever you won’t survive
  • kinda chill compared to the other members but he still laughs at everyone and encourages them lmao why
  •  sungjae’s cat loves him more than sungjae is2g

Meet: Peniel aka Amber’s bestie

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  • everyone loves to rub his head bc duh it’s peniel and it’s good luck
  • nah but fr I love this boy so much……….he was diagnosed w/ a condition that made him lose his hair and it was mostly due to stress………so now he shaves it and he looks hella badass like how can someone look so cute yet threatening at the same time
  • he’s from Chicago so he isn’t fluent in Korean…..which means lots of rapping in English ayyyy!!!
  • spoiled by all the members and everyone loves him
  • broke a whole watermelon w/ his head one time, and the other time w/ just his fist……get u a man who can do it all

Meet: Ilhoon aka our British kingsman 

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  • the devil himself disguised as whatever tf that kid is
  • has worked lots w/ label-mate Hyuna aka my wife, I swear he’s such a fanboy and he loves her 
  • one of the best rappers in the kpop community tbfh………
  • don’t catch me being n*ce to ilhoon but he’s got a unique style of writing lyrics and rapping wow
  • the REAL maknae 

Meet: Sungjae aka Goblin’s best actor 

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  • his smile can cure depression and save lives
  • he was on We Got Married w/ Joy from Red Velvet and tbfh it’s the only time I’ll ever watch that show bc hashtag goals af I love my parents 
  • he might be the youngest but he’s sure as heck not the maknae lmao ????
  • has a love/hate relationship w/ changsubbie but they’re low key actually married
  • acts like a mom towards peniel only bc he wants to be taught English lmfaoooo